Ravens interested in Shawne Merriman at the right price

Any team that claims former Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman off waivers owes him the prorated remainder of his $3.269 million contract.

The Ravens won’t be that team.

Merriman reportedly would love to land in Baltimore, but they would only take him at a reduced cost, if he clears waivers.

“He’s a guy we talked about,” coach John Harbaugh said on his WBAL radio show Tuesday via the Baltimore Sun. “[G.M.] Ozzie [Newsome] and I had a long discussion today. We’ll see if he gets through waivers.”

It says a lot about Merriman’s value that the Ravens may have interest, but don’t think he’s worth roughly $1.7 million for the rest of the season.  Unlike Randy Moss, we doubt a boatload of teams will put in a waiver claim on Merriman.

San Francisco sounds like the most likely destination to us.  If he passes waivers, it sure sounds like Merriman may have a chance to join a Super Bowl contender back near his hometown.

50 responses to “Ravens interested in Shawne Merriman at the right price

  1. Id like to see Buffalo think about him. Buddy Nix drafted him and they need a pass rush from that spot ( maybin isnt even activated) anything could help.

  2. In Ozzie we trust…
    Makes sense to let him clear the waivers since we are 3rd to last or so…
    Let him clear, SD pays him the remaining 3.2mil and ravens sign him for the veteran min like TJ.
    GO RAVENS!!!

  3. Once you decide that it’s OK if your players are murderers… then a junkie is no stretch at all.

  4. wait…what?!?! Did 3G just say San Francisco is a Super Bowl contender? Ok then tell Florio it’s time to start drug testing his employees.

  5. I think any team would be smart to take a stab at Merriman. I know he has been down ever since his suspension, but he has playmaking skills. Add him to an already strong defense and he could have an impact like Clay Mathroids in GB. Might be a real game changer again

  6. Maybe it’s shallow of me, but I’m just so glad I don’t have to watch that goofy sack dance of his on the highlights anymore.

  7. that would be a good move for the Ravens, but something tells me he will go for the biggest paycheck

  8. While having an arrest record isn’t an absolute requirement to play for the Ravhens, it sure seems to help.

  9. Why would any team divulge this information if they really wanted to sign Merriman?
    This news is begging any of the other 31 other teams to sign him off waivers just so the Ravens don’t get him.
    I mean, all teams could still pass on him. But if I was the Ravens, and had as weak of a pass rush as the Ravens do, I wouldn’t risk giving other teams this information before I was able to sign him.
    Merriman would definitely be the shot in the arm that the Ravens pass rush needs. Their defensive line definitely eats up blocks. And the Ravens also have Brendan Ayanbadejo coming back. He was really progressing as a full-time linebacker before his injury last season.

  10. If he’s smart he’ll come to Baltimore, help win the SB, boost his value and move along with a good contract.
    If he is dumb he goes to a shat-tastic team with a poor defense for a big pay check, has no chance at being an impact player, then has a snowballs chance in hell at obtaining a relatively decent contract after this year.
    All we need is a better pass rush and there you have it folks!

  11. RexR#1…. merriman was born in D.C so he’s not talking bout the 49ers he’s talking about the ravens.

  12. Is this guy really any good or was it the roids that were doing it for him ? Since being suspended and tested more he hasnt done squat… reminds me of Manny for the Dodgers. I wouldnt want him on my team.. seems like a waste

  13. I hope the Ravens pick him up… Look at all the other players that left San Diego, i.e Cromartie, Tomlinson…. He could rejuvinate our pass rush…
    In Ozzie we trust!!!!!!
    Go Ravens!!!!!

  14. He wasn’t referring to the 49ers as SB Contenders you thickheaded fools. He was talking about the Ravens. Merriman was born in DC, grew up in MD. You guys need to learn how to comprehend basic English. May I suggest Hooked on Phonics?

  15. 49ers sb contenders –
    You jack-offs responding obviously can’t read – he was referring to Merriman picking the Ravens if he passes waivers. Get it – close to his home town.

  16. 49ers sb contenders –
    You jack-offs responding obviously can’t read – he was referring to Merriman picking the Ravens if he passes waivers. Get it – close to his home town.

  17. 49ers sb contenders –
    You jack-offs responding obviously can’t read – he was referring to Merriman picking the Ravens if he passes waivers. Get it – close to his home town.

  18. What is it with these desperate teams trying to pick up washed up players to win championships. ravens….jets…vikqueens…cowgirls…i mean get a grip. Merriman is washed up…unless they plan on pumping that guy with steriods..he is usless. Try winning with coaching and as a team.

  19. Super Bowl contender?
    PLAYYYYOFFFFFFFFFFFS…Don’t talk about playoffs……P-P-PLAYOFFS?!

  20. As far as I’m concerned the Ravens make a valuable point, his cost isn’t worth it. I want to believe that a team would claim him, however the more I think about it, it doesn’t make since to. With the CBA he isn’t considered a Veteran so you can pay him a leagues minimum. If teams don’t believe he is worth a 1.7mil, you would have to think they would only want to pay him maybe 1/3 of that with there only being 8 games in a season left.
    My question to Raven Fans though: If he couldn’t get through a weak style in play coming from the AFC worst, to IMO the toughest division in the AFC North do you think he will be able to play and handle the physicality?

  21. Wow, there are 2 morons on here who fail at reading comprehension.
    San Francisco is not the city near his hometown.
    I sure as hell hope the niners don’t pick up this steroid ravaged has-been.

  22. Even as an outspoken Ravens fan, I’m certain Ozzie will do what should be done. He’s more than earned our trust when it comes to putting together a solid, tough, team oriented defense.
    With my complete faith in Ozzie now broadcast, I’ll say my less sophisticated opinion is not to over-reach on Merriman. The Chargers dumped him despite the low salary and, since he got off the ‘roids, he’s not close to the player he was. There’s no guarantee we can ever get his 30+ self to be close to the player he was … especially drug free. But, if Ozzie thinks he’s worth the risk …

  23. Ravens are the Jets South ??????????? Signing all the former has beens and never was ????

  24. AGAIN all of you monkeys, you forget the Bunguls are the team in the NFL who has a laundry list of criminal activity, not the Ravens!
    Ray Lewis- charges dropped, what has it been 10 years now?
    Stallworth- I’ll give you that one.
    and then…?
    Wow, 2 players! Maybe you can add Jamal from 8 years ago too! Wow impressive!
    And all Harbs did was say what everyone already knew. Hmm… do you think the Ravens with a weak pass rush would be interested in a guy who could help? I don’t know… sounds iffy… not sure I’d want to make our team better… come on folks.

  25. Not the same player since he got off the juice. Also, keep the Tequila away from him.

  26. Rosie:
    You mentioned the Niners and Super Bowl in the same sentence.
    As for MerryMan, the guy just can’t run anymore, he’s done.

  27. joetoronto says: November 3, 2010 7:41 AM
    You mentioned the Niners and Super Bowl in the same sentence.”
    No he didn’t…

  28. Are all of you idiots, he means if San Fran doesn’t claim him, the superbowl contender he would go to is Baltimore, near his home town, DC.

  29. Merriman was born outside of Baltimore, so if Merriman signs with the Ravens, he will be close to his hometown and Yes, the Ravens are Super Bowl Contenders.
    Ouch, that hurts just saying that…cause I’m a Steeler fan. IMO, Merriman will sign with either the Patriots or Ravens.
    Patriots: Need playmakers on the outside, and seeing what he has left could only do good for the Pats.
    Ravens: All I can say is Hometown Discount.

  30. It’ll be interesting to see if the Jets put a claim in on him..they really don’t have much of a pass rush from their front 7..
    @steeltownpride that doesn’t even make sense. if anything, the jets are the “Ravens North.” Tons of ex Ravens on the Jets..

  31. If you’re a fan of an NFL team, you root for a “criminal” pot meet kettle and get some new smack.
    I know it’s tough when trying to rag on a Super Bowl contending 5-2 team.
    If Merriman clears waivers and Oz signs him for the right price then we’ll see if he still has anything left.
    You say he’s done, they said the same thing about Trevor Pryce and Randy Moss.
    LOW RISK/HIGH REWARD it’s what makes a GM like Ozzie the best in the biz.

  32. He only makes sense in a 3-4. the Ravens play a hybrid and are only in a real 3-4 on like first downs etc. Pas rush has been abysmal this year. Merriman would only make sense after he cleared the waivers at the league minimum. He would only play in specialyzed pass rush packages and maybe 40% of the snaps.
    As a Ravens fan I don’t want him on my team, don’t need him on my team.
    As for the Steeler cry babies, check the standings, the Steelers suck in second place. Ravens have the tie breaker, so you HAVE to come to Baltimore AND win. Oh and better win against the Bengals this week or you will stay in second for the rest of this season.

  33. DOH! Ok I read that wrong. My apologies to 3G. I’m going to have to remember not to comment on here until after I drink my coffee from now on.

  34. ” Katmanduu says: November 3, 2010 12:15 AM
    Let the Ravens have him: a second rate player on a second rate team.”
    @ kittykat – if the Ravens are a second rate team but are in 1st place in the AFCN, what does that make the Stoolers?

  35. He’ll never be the same. The Chargers got the best years out of him and Ray Lewis would have to carry his weight around the field with his consistantly injured knee. Naaaaa! Ravens are out of the question.

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