Redskins will meet with JaMarcus Russell

The Shanahan-McNabb feud has gone to a new level.

Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston reports that JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, will meet with the Redskins.

The move comes during the Redskins’ bye week, two days after starting quarterback Donovan McNabb was yanked during crunch time of a loss to the lowly Lions.

The Redskins are the first team to consider Russell since he was cut by the Raiders earlier this year.  The fact that the Raiders — the franchise Shanahan surely despises unlike no other — swung and missed on Russell likely makes him inclined to try to reclaim one of the biggest draft busts of all time.

Russell learned last week that he would not be indicted on charges related to possession of codeine.  He has been working out in Houston in the hopes of trying to get back to the NFL.

67 responses to “Redskins will meet with JaMarcus Russell

  1. This is getting surreal. Shanahan won’t be able to turn his back to any players after this.
    This isn’t motivational, it is more humiliation. Why would any player on that team trust him at all? Does Shanahan not still have Bubby Brister’s phone number on speed dial?
    It isn’t easy to turn Haynesworth and McNabb into sympathetic figures.

  2. Just when I pine for the glory days of Shanny as coach of my Donks, he offers a quick reminder how arrogant and delusional he was.
    Yes, 2-6 hurts. BADLY. And it is due to coaching. But i do not want *anybody* on the Broncos’ staff that thinks JR would be a good addition. Thanks gawd he is gone.

  3. Wait – didn’t they bench Donovan McNabb for being out of shape? WTF – are they the only people in the football world who didn’t see how HUGE JaMarcus was at his court appearance the other day? This is a joke right? He made Nate Newton look like Wayne Chrebet.

  4. Ok, I’m done with the Redskins and Mike “Little Ceasar” Shanahan. Jarmarcus Russell is a consideration? For what? QB? His resume’ sucks more than your offensive line and wide receivers. That was a great move by putting Rex Grossman in for the 2minute drill…..he really showed DM how to get the job done!
    Shananan Jr. doesn’t believe in DM….his play calling sucks because the entire offensive team is not getting the job done….but he blames DM for being out of shape, but you are considering JR?
    If I’m DM, I would go home to Phoenix and spend more time with my children…..!

  5. Worse trade Vikes give 3rd for Moss or Skins give 2nd for McNabb?
    I’d be more concerned about Russell being your starting QB than the lost draft pick…

  6. Shanahan is doing this when he has McNabb? Sorry, but Al Davis’ assessment that Jamar-sucks reminded him of Elway is wrong. But shanahan wants to kick the tires of the crappiest football player ever? Hope he gets signed and stink it up so shanahan gets fired. Can’t wait for this to happen. Skin fans start complaining!

  7. Makes sense:
    If you can say one thing about Jamarcus Russell, it’s that he is always in peak physical condition.

  8. I’m pretty sure Shanny’s totally gone off the deep end. This would fit with his pattern of atrocious post-Elway QBs, though.
    As a local resident who’s not a fan of the ‘Skins, this crap is hilarious. Feels sort of like the good old days when I lived in Cincinnati.

  9. This is so good it must be fattening- the only possible way to embarass McNabb any further, any they do it. McNabb is too out of shape to play, so what do you do- the only sensible thing, try out the most physically unfit QB in league history besides Jared Lorenzen. Shanahan perhaps has literally lost his marbles.

  10. I hope I’m the first to post this, but I will say it anyway. If they’re questioning McNabb’s fitness to run a 2 minute offense, why would they bring in JaMarcus Russell who is clearly not fit enough to run a regular offense?

  11. This is a more shocking development than if Shanahan had made a waiver claim on Randy Moss.
    Hopefully this is just one of those bye week “Let’s bring this guy in for a look” moves, you know, just in case they have a QB injury down the road. If it’s for any reason other than that, it’s a real head scratcher.
    Just to understand, teams bring in guys for looks all the time, just to have someone to call on when injuries do occur. Any Redskin fan has to be hoping that’s what this is.

  12. Shanahan backers, still think he’s not out of his mind? Criticizing McNabb’s practice habits is laughable when your bringing in the laziest player in recent memory as any kind of option, lol. Yet he’s concerned with setting the tone in the locker room…looks more like what he’s always been known for, engaging in penis measuring contests with any other male in his vicinity.
    However, spin away Shanahan drones, maybe one day you’ll realize that he’s never been a good coach (Elway and Davis were just that good) and is an even worse judge of talent.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen I am Shanahan the Great. ill attempt to bring back the life of a overrated fat slob and make him a NFL quarterback….(2 months into the season)…Ladies and Gentlemen…I will try again to bring life back to a overrated fat slob and make him a NFL QB….SMH….You already have 1 QB thats “not in shape” yet your going to get the “Shamu” of quarterbacks….Hail To The Foreskins

  14. this is hilarious. Shanahan just ripped McNabb for being out of shape and having poor practice habits. So what does the Washington braintrust do? Have a sit down with the eptiome of laziness and poor practice habits for a quarterback in Russell. The intelligence of football coaches baffle me on a daily basis.

  15. Ok, this confirms “Shanny’s” trip to Crazyville. I realize he was a great, Super Bowl winning coach at one time. After the Haynesworth debacle and now the McNabb stuff, this guy is seriously off the rails, acting more like a psychotic Phil Spector than a football coach. Jamarcus Russell? Really?

  16. This totally makes sense.
    I mean, you already have one QB who doesnt give 100% during practice, only makes complete and utter sense to bring in another who doesnt give 100% at all

  17. Are we gonna bring back Heath Shuler too? He’s gotta be board working in gov’t. And we need some wide receiver help too…why not bring back Michael Westbrook.

  18. Wait, so the Redskins trade for McNabb. Then they trade Campbell to the Raiders. The Raiders release Jabustus. If Jafatass joins the Redskins it will be will some weird football circle of life. How insane would it be seeing McNabb pulled for Jasyzurp? How must Grossman or the 3rd string guy feel knowing that Jawalrus is brought in to replace them.

  19. Wow. They dont like McNabb’s work ethic. So they bring in the laziest player in NFL history to potentially replace him. lol. Stay classy D.C.

  20. …and we thought Vinny Cerratto was nuts.
    Who knows, by the end of the day we might sign Russell, Merriman, and Moss…a finer trio of has-beens and never-weres has never been assembled.
    How long until the Gus Frerrotte try-out?

  21. And to think McNabb didn’t want to be traded to Oakland or Buffalo.Be careful Donnie Mac you just might get what you wish for.

  22. Jamarcus Russell is in prestine shape. He’s a professional athlete that is always at the top of his game!! — Albert Heynsworth

  23. If Shanahan thinks McNabb has a bad work ethic wait until he gets a load of Russell’s.
    But if Ryan Leaf can get a second chance, why not Russell?
    While he will never be John Elway (or Donovan McNabb for that matter) he might end up being on par with Rex Grossman (scary huh).

  24. Wow… Shano is willing to go to the ends of the earth to prove Undead Al wrong.
    Unless they franchise him after this season, McNabb is long gone.

  25. It makes no sense to bring in Jemarcus “Purple drink” Russel, but the Skins are actually working out 19 free agents, some receivers some QBs during the bye week.

  26. I just remembered, Jalazy beat the Broncos last year in the final drive of the game (Frye went out with a injury). Maybe Shanny really liked that he beat his old team and thinks he can run the 2 minute drill better than McNabb

  27. Man….I’m a loyal fan…but if they do this, I’m gonna have to root for another team…like the Cowbo……oh crap never mind. I’ll just start watching Soccer.

  28. This is like the family guy episode where peter fought to get his high school teacher re-hired, but once he was, everyone realized that he was crazy and there was a reason he was fired in the first place.
    Mike Shananan is Peter’s high school science teacher.

  29. Calling the Lions “lowly” is manifestly mistaken. They had a game stolen from them by the refs, and have been fairly tough opponents throughout the first half, far more so than, say, the mighty Cowboys who you pundits assured us would be playing the SB in their new home at Arrogance Stadium. I saw the Lions play the Giants and realized quickly that this is a different team from last year’s Detroit Kittens. Teams in their second half schedule will overlook them at their own peril.

  30. So your going to replace one out of shape, over rated QB with the MOSTout of shape, over hyped QB of all time????
    Where do they get these people??any of us could do a better job than Shanahan at evaluating talent

  31. Jerry Jones needs to fire Wade , the Cowboys have not been talked about in the past 48 hours.
    Next PFT investigative report. “Are the Head Coach hours causing Demntia”
    The stress is leading these old men to flashbacks of their youth and not a taking into consideration that the NFL is a multi- billion dollar industry. Lots of Union issues here, Shanahan is walking down a path of hurting Mcnabbs future earnings by saying he is not in shape when he has passed all of the coaches physicals. He is saying this guy is out of shape, by what standards? If he were out of shape, why has he not been pulled up until this point?
    Just cut ties with the guy if you don’t want him. There is no reason to humiliate McNabb at this point of his career. He has been a model citizen for the league with all of the troubled characters they have let represent the shield during his time. Not all guys fit into a scheme, that is sports , let him go out and help another franchise who thinks he has talent.

  32. If Shannahan is upset about Haynesworth and McNabb’s conditioning, Jamarcus might be running the conditioning test every day until next training camp before he passes.

  33. Wow! Everyone seems really quick to assume Russel will be a Redskin. He is one of 20 players working out for the Skins today. Calm down people!

  34. This gets more and more bizarre by the hour. McMartyr must be burning the phone lines to Sam and Wilma.

  35. Maybe theyre bringing him in to play on the O-line…..
    Sorry Redskins fans but your time has officialy fallen behind Oakland and ranks slightly ahead of only Minnesota on the pathetic front office scale lol

  36. You bench Mcnabb becuase his practice tempo sucks/he’s not in shape but you are going to bring in Jamarcus Russell who has some of the best practice habits??? Skins management or Viking management? Lose lose situation.

  37. I can’t think of a better person then Jamarcus Russell to speed up the tempo.
    They will only have to wait for Jamarcus Russell to finish his snack between each play.

  38. Shanahan is just doing his part to make his boss look like a genious. I’ll bet Skins fans are wishing for the days when Snyder was making the personnel decisions in DC. Now that’s saying something.

  39. Didn’t you see how bad the Offensive Line looked?
    Obviously, they are looking for a new Guard.

  40. Now trade that out of shape Donovan to the Raiders for a can of soup, we’ll take him.
    Go Raiders

  41. Because when you hear the phrase “up tempo practice,” the first player that comes to mind is obviously JaMarcus Russell.
    Meet the new Skins, same as the old Skins. I would not be surprised if these nincompoops try to pick up Randy Moss.

  42. Skins fan here. I just started laughing when I read this headline. My first thought was that maybe they were bringing him in for LG.
    But seriously speaking, how on Earth would they even consider this guy? You really can’t make this shi# up. If for some reason he actually “works out,” Shanahan will be asked by the government to solve all the world’s problems.

  43. This is utterly ridiculous! Why humiliate McNabb when it’s evident that you and your son (aka- the “boy genius”) CANNOT coach?! You’d consider bringing in a fat, lazy drug addict instead of installing a better offensive scheme? Really?! Unless Jamarcus is going to play on the offensive line, this is a complete joke! When are we going to start questioning Shanahan’s coach ability and mental stability?! He’s a complete ego-maniac whose suffering from a Napolean complex.
    Just waive McNabb and move on. He deserves better than this and quite frankly so do Redskins fans.
    Run, Donovan, run! DC is not the place for you!!!
    BTW– Since when is Tim Hasselback an expert on anything?! Just because he held the starting (and 2nd string) QB’s jock for some short period of time does not make him on expert!

  44. lol McNabb benched for being out of shape and wack at practicing…
    so they sign a guy twice his size, 1/3 of his speed and double the arm strength and not even 1/10 of the practicing ability

  45. Really? Jamarcus Russell? First McNabb not knowing how to run the 2 minute drill was the issue, then he wasn’t conditioned for it and then his work ethic wasn’t good enough? So you bring in the biggest bust in NFL history who is known for nothing but being lazy, to do what? Play QB? Come on now. How could anything they said about Mcnabb’s conditioning and/or work habits be valid if they are working out this guy. Instead of using all those excuses, just say “For whatever reason, it’s not working with McNabb”. You don’t make those statements and then back them up with JaMarcus Russell. What does this say about Shanahan? What does this say about Grossman?

  46. Apparently, Shanahan didn’t like anything in DC. He forced out a defense that was a good one to bring in Haslett and his awesome (see not awesome) 3-4 scheme that should go back to the UFL. Then you get on the best defensive player the entire offseason, rag on the old running backs you signed and then the starting QB you brought in who without him (even though he’s not played well) you would be 2-6 at best. Dude is a whack job for real and his son’s awful system (if that’s what you want to call it).

  47. All B.S. aside – I know you got your Russell haters out there.
    But you can’t deny his arm or his size – when he’s in shape he is still a big target to take down.
    He is 6′ 6 1/2″ @ 265lbs. – with a cannon for a arm! He reads defenses so/so.
    However, his work ethic is shot and his coaches at LSU never questioned it, simply because he did what they wanted him to do in the games plain and simple!
    However, his tangibles are off the charts – if he can receive the proper coaching and he responds to it.
    Period! You can’t teach size and arm strength – ain’t that right Roethliesberger!

  48. Everyone here is a critic. Perhaps he is looking for a new backup QB. Grossman has not impressed anyone with his play…ever. That was a big shocker to me–that HE made it on to the Redskins’ roster.
    JaMarcus said that he has learned from his mistakes. Clearly he was a very talented QB in college, and let’s face it, Oakland is not exactly nirvana for a QB. Who was his QB coach in Oakland? John DeFilippo? He was a QC coach with the Giants who was promoted to QB coach in Oakland, was fired, made asst. QB coach with the Jets and was released again. Not what you need to develop an overall #1 pick. And all of this under LANE KIFFIN? I’m not surprised that Russell was a bust in Oakland. He had no support. No coaches. No line. No receivers.
    So, to criticize Shanahan–a bit better at developing a QB–for trying to reclaim a guy who was once very talented and is not that old, is not giving a good coach his due. He’ll work the weight off of Russell. Just look at what he did to Haynesworth.

  49. First lets give Jamarcus a third of fourth/fifth chance or until we can have another success story of a black man coming back from the depts of dispare.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeease. This guy had all the tools. Fails first drug tests in NFL, sure right after signing that huge contract, then lays a bomb on raiders that will stink 50 years from now.
    Why anyone would waste there time on this loser is beyond me. His ass is wider than my wifes car.
    The Shanahans have it in for McNabb. Something is going on here and its almost like there looking for a reason to get rid of him.

  50. You guys have it all wrong, I heard that they are looking at JaMarcus Russell for an offensive line position. He’s bigger tham any of the OL guys now and Shanny just wants to see if he can work with his god awful slow feet.
    On a brighter note, if anyone had any doubt that DMac would be gone at year end, you can forget it now. He’ll be a new bird next season, Cardinal’s here he comes.

  51. Looks like they are using him as a drone to throw to a bunch of recievers….if PFT bothered to lift the rest of the WP article, it goes on to say that it is not unusual for teams to work out a bunch of players the Tuesday of their bye week – and the Redskins are working out lots of wide receivers….so they need some throwers.
    So, it doesn’t hurt to have JR’s big arm there. If they find something it will be a happy accident. Otherwise, I’d expect him on a flight back to Houston by Friday.
    Just goes to show, some on this board are bigger drama queens than Shanny with their over-reactions…

  52. I thought all the recent attention being given to “blows to the head” were centered around players. Perhaps the scope was a little too narrow. Maybe head coaches should be included as well?

  53. @georgeanderson:
    You must not have seen Charles Barkley’s Nike ad, “I am not a role model”. McPukey might just be, as you say, a model citizen, but, and pay attention now, he literally gagged, choked in the Super Bowl!, forever known now as McPukey. Who cares that you still consider him model citizen?
    Firing Bubby Brister for Brian Greasy was the first sign of this kind of arrogance.
    JR? Really?

  54. The move comes during the Redskins’ bye week, two days after starting quarterback Donovan McNabb was yanked during crunch time of a loss to the lowly Lions.
    Up yours Florio! The Lions beat Chicago week #1 (ya, I know…) and have been in every game this year. This is not the same Lions team as in years past.
    Benching McNabb may have had something to do with the Lion’s D line…

  55. # rkell21 says: November 2, 2010 12:23 PM
    This is like the family guy episode where peter fought to get his high school teacher re-hired, but once he was, everyone realized that he was crazy and there was a reason he was fired in the first place.
    Mike Shananan is Peter’s high school science teacher.
    Yeah, its exactly like that, only you had the description of the episode completely wrong, but other than that, yup, you nailed it…..
    Mr Fargas was the teacher, and he was taking pills to keep him “balanced”. Peter didnt want him taking chill pills anymore, because the old Fargas was fun, the chill pill Fargas was boring….after he stopped taking the pills, he was on the roof with his students throwing bird eggs off the roof. The bird eggs happened to be an endangered species. Then Fargas got fired….

  56. All you Jamarcus Russell haters will be committed to asylums once he’s sent McNabb to the bench. I for one have kept the faith all this time that he was just hitting his stride when the Raiders suddenly backstabbed him. A little coaching and better playcalling and he’ll be putting Peyton Manning to shame.
    I mean, let he who doesn’t like to sample a little Purple Drank from time to time cast the first stone.

  57. This one I really don’t get. One minute Shanhan is stiffing McNabb’s conditioning. And the next minute he is prasing JaBlimpus! WOW!
    How fast can McNabb say HELLO PHOENIX! That’s where he lives. And it is where he wanted to go all along. Go ahead Shanhan. get some stones and just make the call. Send McNabb to phoenix for Derek Anderson right now. Good move for both teams. The Skins are going nowhere now after fatally compromising its QB. They need to finish low for a Lottery QB pick. Grossman and Anderson will insure they will do that. And McNabb will thrive in the quick route system in Phoenix.

  58. “The fact that the Raiders — the franchise Shanahan surely despises unlike no other — swung and missed on Russell likely makes him inclined to try to reclaim one of the biggest draft busts of all time.”
    And that, my friend, is why Shanarat will fail once again. Russell = a bad Brian Greise.
    Besides, seems to me like he would hate Denver more now since he was fired for no reason except not having Elway and Terrell Davis to run the show for him.

  59. C’mon now….it’s a bye week and Da Rat needs to explore all the possibilities., including the fat bastard that beat a rap for way too much cough syrup or whatever the hell. It’s immaterial, at this moment. However, if Shanahan decides to sign JaMarcus we should all consider cashing in our 401Ks or our favors with Satan, as this will either tell the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it, or Da Rat is onto something, or the cheese has totally slipped off his cracker.

  60. This has to be a cruel joke towards Skins fans. I, for one, do not find it funny. My 70 year old father could run a better offence than Russell…

  61. Man seems like its been a while for the Russel jokes. Funny stuff. Think everybody thought Washington was on to some shit till this meltdown. FU Shanny Al laughs at you.

  62. oh please let the stars align today, and the skins sign J-Bust, and randy moss. I can see randy now telling Shanny that he has to take every other play off because he is not in shape, but to be sure to deposit my check, right after alberts, and McNabb……..who knows maybe then Haynesworth, McNabb, Moss, and J-Bust could all be deactivated for game time, and could play poker instead. HAIL SKINS!

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