Some Vikings players on board with dumping Moss

Though initial reports suggests that Vikings players generally disagreed with the decision to cut Randy Moss, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that, when coach Brad Childress explained the situation to the team, “several” nodded approval.

Though Randy’s bizarre post-game press conference on Sunday was likely the catalyst for change, Silver reports that “Moss had alienated some of his teammates with his brash, entitled
behavior, most glaringly in an incident that occurred in the team’s
locker room last Friday afternoon.”

Moss, per Silver, berated workers from a local restaurant that catered the team’s Friday afternoon meal.

“What the [expletive]?” Moss reportedly said.  “Who ordered this crap?  I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”

Here’s how an eyewitness explained the situation to Silver:  “It was brutal.  The truth is, he deserved to be cut after that.  It
was such an uncomfortable moment.  You know that feeling where you just
can tell someone feels so small?  That’s what it was like being there.

“This wasn’t a chain — it was a mom-and-pop restaurant, and you could
tell it was their best stuff.  They had a special carving station set
up, and there were players and other support staff lining up to eat it.  
And [Moss] is at his locker saying, ‘You know, I used to have to eat
that crap — but now I’ve got money.’  You just felt so sad for them.  I
had never seen anyone treated like that.

“And by the way, the food was actually really good.”

This kind of stuff is old hat for Moss, when his true nature isn’t otherwise suppressed by playing on a team that is chasing a championship.  The Vikings experienced the behavior during his first stint with the team, when he berated key sponsors on a team bus. 

That’s why, even though Childress may have made the right call, Childress should be blamed for bringing Moss to town in the first place.  They knew or should have known that the guy is/was/always will be trouble.  And now they’ve handed to the Patriots a third-round draft pick for the privilege of re-learning in a month something that the organization previously had seven seasons to figure out.

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  1. Now throw in the fact that he quit on passes thrown to him this past Sunday.
    Dude is just not worth it.

  2. you don’t say those kind of things even if your thinking them. That’s just rude.
    Kudos to the player speaking about this.

  3. That’s just another stupid example of a reason to get rid of a guy. He yelled at the caterer? Please!
    Sorry to the caterer, but people yell at food servers every day. If you don’t like criticism, you might want to choose a new career.
    Tell me something he did wrong on the field

  4. I’m not going to condone behavior like this, but as a Pat’s fan all I can say is that in three years with Moss, we never heard a peep about things like this … not a single time.
    Still, if Moss was that unhappy that quickly, he didn’t need to step all over “common folks” to drive home his disatisfaction.
    Poor job, Randy, very disappointing.
    Still, how bad must it suck in Minnesota that in four weeks it goes from being his dream job to something he can’t get away from fast enough??
    Look for Childress to be fired today. I have “sources” (lol).

  5. When he was berating the food servers, did anyone on the team have the balls to tell him to STFU? Sadly it sounds like NO.
    They only grew a pair after the fact when they could speak out anonomously. (That looks wrong Anonimously….Hmmmm)

  6. Say what you want, he’s still one of the best almost-3-catch-a-game wideouts in the NFC North that wears purple.

  7. what’s to be expected of a millionaire 10x over? still very immature of him though. im not cutting Moss over catering personally.

  8. Chilly really had no choice but to cut him, after Moss’ public love/hate rant. Chilly did have a choice to let Management know about it, however.
    I’m starting to wonder if Chilly wants to be cut lose, now, to escape the sinking titanic.

  9. Classic! Couldn’t happen to a better franchise. Things can only get worse too…the team will not look the same next season (if there is one)…the Vikes last best chance for a Superbowl win evaporated with Favre’s NFC Championship pick in New Orleans.

  10. Hey vikes fans, enjoy the season! How many SUPER BOWLS have you won?? I don’t think the answer to that question is changing this year!!!!!

  11. And this is the guy that Brett Favre had to have in Green Bay? Glad Brett wasnt the GM. Wonder what Brett thinks now about having/had Randy as a teammate and if he still dislikes Ted Thompson for not bringing him to TITLETOWN.
    SKOL? yeah right. more like laughingstock in Minnesota.
    GO Pack GO

  12. Even Vikings fans across the pond are pissed. Go youtube Hitler meltdown over Moss release.
    Funny stuff.

  13. I worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years as a bartender… me, those nice folks are used to people acting like jackasses. As long as he was the only person acting that way, I’m sure mom and pop didn’t think twice about it.
    As for Moss, I’m sure he was just pissed that he’s on a team that is imploding. It doesn’t give him the right to treat people wrong.
    I like this thread though….it gives you some insight into the mentality of this guy. This is especially good info when he is still unclaimed by waivers. Maybe Pittsburgh will take him.

  14. Always will be trouble?.. Wow Florio.. werent YOU the one using MOSS as an example when you were putting down T.O. in your discussion with Rodney Harrison about the H.O.F. I have been a long viewer of this site but some times you talk about of both sides of your mouth and lose the same credibility you get on ESPN about no longer having. You cant have it both ways..and even though the Bengals are sucking and the Bills sucked last year you didnt ONCE hear T.O acting like this. In fact when you look back on things he looks more right about his past actions..
    McNabb- T.O wins that argument now doesnt he?
    Cowboys – Their offense really hasnt been as good without him (i.e. Witten’s production fall off and a running game that vanished) So I guess it wasnt him and they arent better.. maybe it will be Moss waiting while T.O. goes in if they retire the same time..

  15. True character of a person is how they treat people that are supposedly “beneath” them. What a scumbag. I hope those people spit in his food.

  16. that may be, but the execution of the move from a professional standpoint was flat out embarrassing.
    every bit as childish as anything randy could have said, seeing as how it came from the higher ups.
    i’m pretty sure that the rift started when randy realized that childress couldn’t coach a contender. it’s obviously been brewing for a few weeks.

  17. Yes, surely whining about food (though the manner in which he did it is very wrong) is far worse than sending your junk via cell phone.
    Certainly, we can clearly see the double standard in Minnesota. Cut one guy for attitudes toward food and a local caterer and send a plane for a guy with a history of bad behavior including sending pictures of lil’ Lorenzo via his cell.
    Can’t wait to hear what Brett has to say about Chilly taking away his mancrush WR after finally getting to play with him.

  18. Childress’ job is to put a winning football team on the field. If he cut every player that was a d-bag he’d be suiting up a team of 4th graders.
    I’m not saying what Moss did here was okay, but if this played any role in Moss being cut it is as moronic as pretty much everything else I’ve come to expect from Chili.

  19. There is never an excuse to treat people like that. It doesnt matter if you have all the money in the world. Ive said it before on this site. When the Patriots call you about making a trade, just hang up the phone. It means your about to get fleeced

  20. Gotta give Childress some props here for putting his foot down against this type of behavior. Grown men in their 30s acting like this is beyond embarrassing and I wouldn’t want that A-hole on my team.

  21. Does anybody know where the food was from? I live in Minnesota, work by Winter Park and wouldn’t mind giving the place in question some buisness.

  22. Where oh where is “Farve to Moss”…the brain who was bragging about the vikes tandem???? Crow doesn’t taste real good any way it’s sliced.

  23. He’s on my fantasy team. Feed the man food befitting his stature in my lineup, dammit.

  24. It is amusing how so many peopole (and the Miami Dolphins) believe that the Patriots want to bring him back. Belichick gave him up for a 3rd round pick. That is not a lot for a wide receiver who commands double teams and opens up the offense for others. If Belichick was willing to take pennies on the dollar, he understands that Moss is too big of a risk to take NOW. When they originally brough Moss in, the team had no tight ends who were good receivers and Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney as the starting wide receivers. They are okay now. Of course, Welker has still not fully recovered from his surgery and Branch seems to be injured every odd (and even) week of the season.

  25. “That’s why, even though Childress may have made the right call, Childress should be blamed for bringing Moss to town in the first place. They knew or should have known that the guy is/was/always will be trouble. And now they’ve handed to the Patriots a third-round draft pick for the privilege of re-learning in a month something that the organization previously had seven seasons to figure out.”
    That’s like putting spoiled milk back in the fridge and expecting it to get better. Chilly is rapidly proving himself to be completely incompetent at running a football team. Even if they made the playoffs this season, he’s done nothing to actually build a team that would be able to compete in the future. Favre almost certainly will not be back next year (crossing my fingers), and they have made no effort to develop a QB for the future.

  26. Maybe they were all nodding as if to say, “O.K. Chilly, so you’re getting fired this week, too.”

  27. I almost feel bad enjoying this circus… Almost.
    I just can’t wait to see what else comes out of that clown car. Is there a Jared Allen DUI in there? Maybe a rash of AP fumbles? Will Tarvaris Jackson let loose with his honest opinion of Favre and Childress?
    It’s like a soap opera, only funny instead of tragic and boring.

  28. I’ll play Satan’s advocate here & say that Moss’ comment towards the catering staff ain’t all that, people in that biz are accustomed to seeing drunks and A-holes at weddings and other events with mouths that run like a broken faucet so anyone with a tad of that customer service experience should be able to shrug it off. It certainly wasn’t something you deserved to be cut for straight out, unlike raping incapacitated ho-bags in your free time.

  29. After reading this, you really hope he ends up with a non-playoff team going nowhere playing in awful weather. Go get him Buffalo. Please.

  30. Remember Dave Barry quote: Someone who is nice to you bit mean to the waiter is not a good person

  31. If what has been described is true, I am glad to see Childress take the initiative and send this guy packing. My respect for Childress just went up a notch. Why didn’t somebody get in Moss’s face (or maybe somebody did?)

  32. Many more stories like this will come out. He is done on the field and a fool off it.
    Perhaps if the Vikings had the first couple of games, things might have gone differently. Though he was winning and getting paid in New England and talked his way out of there.
    The Vikings will win a Super Bowl before Moss does.

  33. and obviously none of the other players or coaches said a word to Moss about his comments.
    how sad is that? Dog food was to good for Moss anyway.

  34. Great piece, Mike! And nice observation about the foolishness of the Vikes.
    Thanks for the third round pick!

  35. Again ….character counts.
    And with “Phavre The Philanderer” and “Moss The Malcontent” Zygi Wilf & Co. have sold their souls — not so much for a title, but for a sweetheart new stadium deal — whether it be in Minneapolis or LA.
    Whores all.

    As a truly gifted athlete and a member of an elite group of people priveleged to play in the NFL, a player has an obligation to represent his team and the NFL with HONOR and PROFESSIONALISM to us mere mortals….who happen to be the one’s who ultimetely ending up paying his salary by going to games, watching on TV(watching commercials), buying the merchendise, etc. etc. Without the support of fans like us he would be NOTHING!!!!!
    Despite Moss being an aging, but still good athlete (when he wants to be) I would never want him anywhere near my Browns (despite their desperate need for good receivers). Players like him are truly CANCERS on any team and he would CONTAMINATE the entire Browns organization with his NEGATIVETY.
    Bravo to Childress for FIRING his sorry a**!

  37. You do realize that there are 53 players on a team, if everyone is unanimously in agreement on every decision then I would be pretty shocked.

  38. He can buy better food when you have money, but he’ll never have enough money to buy any class.
    Another super talented thug.

  39. Oh please, I’m not buying this drivel. This story is almost as lame as the “Brady and Moss fought over Brady’s hair” nonsense. This sounds beyond made up.

  40. # jimmySee says: November 2, 2010 9:53 AM
    Brett Favre’s silence through all of this has been deafening.
    I think Brent’s jaw may be wired shut after last weeks game.

  41. You’ve got be kidding me. Please tell me you’re kidding.
    If this is true, and I doubt it is, we have two examples where the ego maniacal power trips of coaches are helping to destroy their teams.
    In Washington, Shanahan throws away a chance to win a game by benching his only decent QB to send a message about poor practice habits.
    In Minny, we have a coach who cuts a first ballot hall of fame player for yelling at a caterer.
    BTW- nodding heads in a locker room means squat. That could mean anything:
    -Yup, I was right this morning when I told teamate X that our coach had lost his mind
    – Yup, our season really is over
    -Yup, we are all finally going to get what we want. A new coach.

  42. gregjennings says:
    November 2, 2010 9:37 AM
    you don’t say those kind of things even if your thinking them. That’s just rude.
    Kudos to the player speaking about this.
    Are you serious? If this player wants to speak up, put your name to it. This “player” is a punk too.

  43. So nobody in the locker room spoke up to say anything? It’s funny how everyone comes out the closet to talk bad about someone when that person is gone…but no one has the balls to stand up to them and tell them when you are wrong…ie telling Favre to quit being a bitch and play if you are going to and stay home if you are not…instead of secretly sending players to beg and plead with him….seems to me Coaching should have told him to stfu and go hungry.

  44. # andyprough says: November 2, 2010 9:41 AM
    That’s just another stupid example of a reason to get rid of a guy. He yelled at the caterer? Please!
    Sorry to the caterer, but people yell at food servers every day. If you don’t like criticism, you might want to choose a new career.
    Tell me something he did wrong on the field
    OJ didn’t do anything wrong on the field but would you have him on your team?
    Outside of obv serious personal problems Moss quit on the play against the Pats. that’s just one example and it happened less than a week ago.

  45. So, no actual players said they are ok with Moss being cut. Florio references a story in which several, unnamed players nodded in approval. Secondly, since Moss is not as big of a tool as the media makes him out to be, Florio brings up a story in which Moss berates caterers, but did not seem to do so personally. Is this really the best you can do to assail Moss’ character? It just makes you wonder, who did Florio bang to get this job.

  46. Reading Silver’s article made me realize that Matt Birk and Moss never got along in Moss’s first stint with the vikes and now seeing it was a favorite restaraunt of Birks, I believe Moss new this and did it for that reason alone. Birk is why Moss got traded to the raiders. I am surprised Mike Florio didn’t remember this.

  47. Moss was wrong to insult the caterers. That’s just classless. But, it’s obvious he hated being back in Minnesota. Childress did the right thing cutting him, but they did the wrong thing trading for him in the first place.

  48. I can’t believe some people on here. Are you honestly happy that your team cut a player because he yelled at a caterer?
    I was in the catering business for a few years. Just about every event we did, no matter how well it went, would feature one jackass, usually drunk, always stupid, who would have a problem with something.
    It rolled off of our backs. Trust me, these poor souls are just fine. For the money they are getting from the team, I am sure they would gladly put up with far worse.
    Meanwhile, all the advantages Moss brought despite all of his issues- ask Percy Harvin how happy he is to be the focus of the opposing secondary again- are gone, and your coach is a lunatic.
    Have fun with that.

  49. Randy maybe dissed a caterer and gets cut? Sounds like Minny spin to me. Seems to me that Randy saw Chilly for what he was…incompetent and decided he wanted out. Don’t blame him one bit. He was the only one in the lockerroom with the gonads to do it.

  50. I’ve been a Viking fan since the Norm VanBrocklin days and have never seen such a train wreck as the current team. Randy Moss was a negative the first time around and hasn’t changed a bit. You all say that the Favre drama is all about Favre, well Randy Moss is all about Randy Moss. When I think about RM, I think Dennis Rodman…another jerk. I’m glad Childress developed enough testicular fortitude to get rid of him. Now if Coach C could only develop a little more and sit Favre I’d be happy…but then maybe he should let Brett play ….for a better draft position.

  51. # andyprough says: November 2, 2010 9:41 AM
    That’s just another stupid example of a reason to get rid of a guy. He yelled at the caterer? Please!
    Sorry to the caterer, but people yell at food servers every day. If you don’t like criticism, you might want to choose a new career.
    Tell me something he did wrong on the field
    OK, how about this…he quit on play prior to Favre getting his bell rung. He watched that ball drop three feet away from him. Millions of $$ for that? Please.
    As a Packers fan it’s been fun watching this team implode, but after a season of head scratching decisions (including trading a 3rd round pick for Moss) they finally made a good one.

  52. lol Florio, come on
    The title of your post is “some Vikings players on board with dumping Moss” …..then you site as your example – “Some players nodded their heads when Childress explained it”
    I’m sure the Players have the “Chilly – Nod your head and smile” knee jerk reaction down pat by this time. Half of them probably had their headphones on while he was talking.
    I have been in countless meetings with my boss and company executives, where they are explaining a foolish decision, process or protocol…..and I have nodded my head in agreement – Simply for the sake that it will merely increase my standing with them and doing otherwise wouldn’t have changed anything anyway.
    This is a non-story (though I agree….if true…the caterer dress-down was out of line)

  53. Thats all you got, he didnt like the catering? Bring Moss to Miami we will set him up at Shula’s Steakhouse.

  54. This story is made up to make it look like Moss was the problem. I don’t believe this sh.. Childress is the problem.

  55. Say what you want about Moss, but I call BS on this one. Never heard of anything like this before, and you can’t tell me there are not players in that locker room who would’nt have said anything to him. Maybe not the special teams guys, but the starters. C’mon man. What is pretty apparent is Moss is a smart player and can’t handle stupid coaching (his little speach said as much). How would you feel if your coaches would’nt listen to you all week long and you were right? This the same reason he wanted out of Oakland. It was’nt Al it was having to play for the moron Art Shell (srry Art hell of a lineman, terrible coach). Chilly gets the axe today for being a moron. If by some miracle Moss does hit the waiver don’t think for a second Al Davis won’t give Randy a call.

  56. Nobody has more unnamed sources when it comes to bashing Moss than Silver. Moss is a douche for sure but Silver continues to target him exclusively with unnamed sources. Maybe his source is Charlie Casserly, and vice-versa??

  57. Didn’t the Vikes hand Dallas something like two championships and multiple winning seasons when they traded a championship team in draft choices for Hershel Walker? Hershel was a nice player, but……I don’t know how to play poker, but I would like to play against Childress.

  58. And yet Moss isn’t getting anywhere near the sort of bad press he should be getting unlike T.O. would have if he did this press conference and played like that.
    Now if this was T.O. you guys would have crucified him and drawn and quartered him already.
    You all might not like T.O. but he plays hard and gives it his all every game and on the practice field..and he stays out of trouble on the side. T.O. would never say something like this to a family business.
    And FYI, T.O. is looking more and more correct about the Cowboys, and McNabb after all. Maybe it just might be….

  59. “That’s why, even though Childress may have made the right call, Childress should be blamed for bringing Moss to town in the first place.”
    And, Bingo was his name – oh!
    That was my point last nite about holding Chilly’s feet to the fire over this debacle. He is the one that instigated the trade and made it. Suddenly, he wants us to accept his dismissal of Moss after a few weeks – which includes a loss of a third round pick.
    I’m sorry, but that type of managerial prowess could deep-six many a business. Chilly needs a serious, serious reprimand, and they need to re-do his contract so that he doesn’t make the same horrendous mistake again. Personally, I’d fire his ass. We’ve seen his best, and it ain’t good enough.

  60. Why do you idiots beleive this food story has anything to do with Moss be bounced? Why is this even a story? Moss plays when he wants to play. Even a fool can see that. Only Belichick could get the man to 80% of the time. Thats why anyone that picks up Moss is in for a sorry 9 games …….except the Patriots

  61. For all those rushing to Moss’s defense, Silver’s article definitely gives the impression that this wasn’t an isolated incident, but a series of events where he acted like a selfish ass.
    It’s no secret that his behavior extends onto the football field on game day any time he feels like having a pout.
    That said, the Vikings organization knew what they were buying when they brought him in. It’s not like he’s been a model citizen, suddenly gone rogue. You’re going to get lazy routes, lazy blocking, and the occasional traffic cop hit with his car. Plenty of successful NFL organization would NOT be using a waiver claim on Moss, whatever Jeff Fisher says. His talent comes at a price.

  62. I wonder how much Favre offered Moss to do this?
    Haven’t heard about the sexting in at least three days.

  63. How could ANYONE ( Childress ) , after suffering the first 7 weeks with Brett Favre, think it would be a great Idea to have another player ( Moss ) abuse him as well. All I can think is that Childress went along with the Leaders of the Vikes ( Favre & Wilf ) and the rest is history…a short one at that.

  64. He seemed to quit on a pass where PI was called. Ball landed two feet away from his feet and he looked indifferently.
    If the Vikes would have won a few games and Moss had some big catches this probably wouldn’t have been a problem and everyone would be geniuses. It has always been this way with him. Team is winning and he’s the greatest teammate ever. Things aren’t going good and he turns into a total prick.
    The Vikings run, contrary to what PFT posters would have you think, an extremely classy and tight organization. You hear it from reporters that spend time in their camps and facilities. You see it from how few (Moss notwithstanding) players are acting out and making big stinks. This is a very solid and classy organization. Media obsession over Favre gives it an undeserved reputation.
    This is the type of organization that when a player berates good people that serve lunch, that player is done. Sure they let Favre get by without going to camp but he wasn’t out making the janitor cry for being poor either.

  65. I think Childress is a horrible coach. Great Coordinator, horrible coach. With that being said, Moss is a headcase and I understand why you just dump him. I’ve watched this guy all year loaf on routes, either for New England and last Sunday for the Vikings. This guy has just lost interest in football. I wouldn’t be surprised if after football Randy Moss becomes a huge bum in a ditch or something.
    Brad Childress didn’t deserve the extension he got and the Vikings over pursued on a quarterback who appears to just have had one year left on his golden arm

  66. Not good, even this loyal dog can’t side with Randy on this one… He really needs to learn how to control himself, it’s not easy though…

  67. For all those thinking this was some isolated incident, he did a similar thing here at a CHARITY event this fall that Robert Kraft puts on every year at the beginning of the season.
    He sat by himself with headphones on while Vince Wilfork was receiving an award for his community service and was a total jerk to the people in attendance.
    The story was in all of the Boston papers.

  68. Has anybody noticed the fact that Percy is actually open once in a while now? Imagine that…I’d rather have Moss running down the sideline not trying and drawing double coverage than watch B Twice.

  69. This isn’t a Detroit food desert! Why do you even ponder a mom and pops buffet-style catering service?! You can call Manny’s steakhouse and get a 5 course meal!

  70. Moss is no dummy, he went to college didn’t he? He’s just one of the rats jumping off of this sinking Viking’s ship.

  71. Little does Randy realize that the pop of that local catering business slipped in a lot of ex-lax into that burger especially for him.

  72. If he couldn’t win wit the ’07 Patriots, he’ll never be a major contributor on a winner. He doesn’t have what it takes to be part of that kind of effort. how anyone still doubts that after failing to win in New England or the more deplorable actions of actually quitting on a team while still drawing a paycheck in Oakland is beyond me.

  73. andyprough says:
    November 2, 2010 9:41 AM
    That’s just another stupid example of a reason to get rid of a guy. He yelled at the caterer? Please!
    Sorry to the caterer, but people yell at food servers every day. If you don’t like criticism, you might want to choose a new career.
    Tell me something he did wrong on the field
    Really andy ? What did he do ‘wrong’ on the field? how bout NOT PLAYING the way he is capable of .
    We are talking about Mr. “I playz whenz I wantz to playz” Randy Moss.
    He has a BIG TIME attitude problem dating back to the days at Marshall, when he embarrassed that university and all of college football by wearing sunglasses during the Heisman Trophy award show.
    What did Moss do wrong on the field? How bout cheat the game, cheat his team, cheat his teammates and cheat himself.. BY NOT playing up to the level that his god given talents carry him to.
    Numbers alone will get that bum into the hall of fame someday, but he will NEVER be in the same breath of true hall of famers like Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice etc…
    MOSS, simply put… is an A$$ !!!

  74. Let me get this straight. A millionaire football player insulted a caterer, and also made some comments about how he disagreed with his Head Coach (which most everybody disagrees with). Is this what we’re arguing about? Oh, and by the way, he also made the offense better on the field. You know, on the field, where the games are played.
    Tell me the names of the players that are happy Moss was cut. Just one. I don’t give a crap that he’s a jerk. I just know that the team was better with him, which is a lot more than I can say about Childress, who is also a jerk.

  75. As a mental health professional, I ask the question, “Who puts the athletes in the position where they are allowed to act any way they choose as long as they perform on the field?” It starts from the time they are labeled as athletically gifted. They are catered to and allowed to take every advantage offered. Some athletes can handle the label (Matt Birk, Randall McDaniel) and some can’t (Randy Moss and Brett Favre). Every day folks and others (KFAN Morning Show/Paul Allen) slobber mercilessly over these athletes as if their athletic prowess is drool-worthy and/or valuable in some way. I work with kids and their parents every day to help instill appropriate values – kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, respect, healthy competition (yes, there are winners and losers and everybody doesn’t get a trophy). Parents – you are the role models. There is a place for professional athletes and it isn’t on a pedestal. Randy Moss is just a football player. Albeit a professional football player who looks like he could use some kind of mental health intervention.

  76. Our hotel hosted all the Bears visiting teams in Champaign during Soldier Stadium remodel. By far the biggest jerk, out of all ten teams, to the staff was Moss. Nicest person was Donovan McNabb’s mom who cooked up some of her own food in our kitchen for the team. Brett Favre-never saw him; he had room service cheeseburger ,didn’t join in on team meals-never saw him leave room. Favre didn’t even ride team bus, had hotel van drive him and security to the stadium

  77. I pray to god that the statement is not true?
    C’mon man? Really?
    If your unhappy – mind yourself and keep a humble attitude and work with the coaches about what you are unhappy about.
    But if that’s true – then you got more problems that just finding a team?

  78. Randy Moss makes Terrell Owens look like Strawberry Shortcake. Moss is the type of person that everybody had one of while growing up… the type of guy that acted like nothing was ever good enough, made people feel 1 inch tall, disrespected his friends and elders, layed his hands on women and thought he was gods gift. I knew a few of those type of people while I was in my teens. I never had it in me to do or say anything to them but, I felt like grabbing them by the face, hard, really hard and spitting in their face while telling them that they aren’t sh-t, nobody likes you, ever will. Letting them know that if they are caught disrespecting another person, I would knock the living sh-t out of them. Thats what somebody needs to do to this LOSER. I hope Moss gets whats coming to him.

  79. Randy Moss got cut because he sucked. He’s a quitter. If I hear one more announcer say “future hall of famer” in reference to this loser, i’m going to vomit.
    He disrespects the game. He disrespects people who he considers beneath him (that would be everybody). Yet it’s all about respect with him.
    He gets exactly as much respect as he deserves – ZERO.

  80. I’ve been a huge Moss fan ever since he entered the league, but this type of behavior is down right pathetic! You just don’t talk to people like that, if it’s that big of a deal call up one of your “yes” boys and have them go grab you something!

  81. WOW – say it ain’t so!!! An athlete with a huge ego and sense of entitlement throwing a tantrum, a greedy as hell football league that rewards behavior like this by continuing to throw money at them, and a group of teammates that sit silently by and not step in to confront their outbursts. Shocking!!!

  82. There’s nothing wrong with Moss that a good old fashioned garden variety ass kicking wouldn’t fix.

  83. He’s not worth, even, a third round pick. He’s no better than your average arena player. That’s where he should be playing then he’ll see what life is really like. ASSHOLE

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