The same old Texans don't look like a playoff team

After Monday night’s decisive 30-17 victory by the Colts over Houston, ESPN analyst Steve Young felt like he was watching the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals.

No matter how hard the Texans try, they can’t seem to win big games.   That may be unfair considering Houston’s Week One win over the Colts, but I understood his point.  No matter how many injuries the Colts have, no matter what’s different about the Texans, they can’t seem to win the game you don’t expect.

There’s no crime losing in Lucas Oil Sield or splitting with the Colts of course.  But there’s no rule that says the Texans can’t sweep them.  Those are the types of wins the Texans need to break out of the 8-8 or 9-7 rut they are in.  The game wasn’t even that competitive.

Matt Schaub was let down by leaky protection, but he averaged 5.3 yards-per-attempt against a Colts defense missing two of their best three cornerbacks.  The offense didn’t show up for the first half of their “biggest game of the year.”  Schaub’s YPA and completion percentage are down sharply this year. 

The Houston defense — which all season has looked like the worst of the Gary Kubiak era — actually gave a terrific first half performance.  And they were still down 17-3 at the break.  The running game is vastly improved this year, but add it all up and ultimately this Texans team doesn’t look any better than their teams the last three years.

The Texans have a huge game this week against a dangerous San Diego team that could light their secondary up.  Then Houston faces Jacksonville and a very tough stretch of games.

Last year, it felt like the Texans were “better” than their record and were a bit unlucky to not make the playoffs.  This season, it feels like they are lucky to be 4-3.  

There’s little reason to think they won’t just wind up 8-8 or 9-7, on the doorsteps of the playoffs again.

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  1. that was extremely poor game planning by the Texans. the aggressive play by the defensive front worked at home for the first matchup against Manning earlier this season but Peyton is no fool. he went to the film room and took them to school. I cant believe the Texans coaching staff did not adapt and tone down the pursuit and try to control the line, disrupt the timing of the receivers. the Texans got ripped underneath over and over and over again by delayed releases by the runs and catches. i dont know the YAC in this game by the Colts but it must have been huge. Give the Texans D coordinator an “F” on this one.

  2. How but running the ball more than 8 times in the first half when your playing one of the worst run defenses in the league. Why is your “plan” to pass the ball against the Colts against the best pass rushing D-Line in the league. Foster averaged 8.5 ypc. He should have had 15 carries in the first. Maybe the problem is coaching!

  3. I’m a diehard Texans’ fan and it gets real irritating to hear all the negatives about this game. I’m not happy that they lost, but who was really expecting them to walk into Lucas Field and beat the Colts at home? Really? The Texans put a whoopin on them in week 1. Did you really think Peyton was gonna let them do it again? The truth is that the Texans have been very inconsistent, especially Schaub. He has the capabilities of being one of the top QB’s in the league, but he just doesn’t play good in the 1st half. The defense is horrific, especially the secondary. The rookie, Kareem Jackson is getting schooled and picked on week in and week out. Demeco Ryans is out for the season, who happens to be the captain of the defense and the motivator. Mario Williams hasn’t done much since the 1st few weeks. I don’t see the Texans takin the AFC South now that they are chasing the Colts, AGAIN, but I do see them playin good in the second half of the season and gettin a Wild Card spot. I would just hate to miss the playoffs again this season, due to a certain team (the Colts) LETTING another certain team (the Jets) into the playoffs by throwing the game (and their perfect record) to give the Texans Wild Card away.

  4. 2nd place in the AFC South or AFC West is not good enough to make the playoffs this year. The wildcards will more than likely come from the North and East. IMO you have to win the S or W to make the playoffs in the AFC. Doesn’t look like the Texans are going to do it.

  5. Ultimately, Kubiak has to get this team past the Colts or he’s going to lose his job. The Texans ignored what worked for them in week one, running and running and running, and tried to keep pace throwing the football. Look, nobody keeps pace with Manning, nobody. Run the damn ball before your butt is on the street looking for work.

  6. It isn’t rocket science no matter how much coaches like Kubiak want to complicate things.
    Run the football and things will open up for Schaub. Schaub isn’t Brady or Manning. Nobody but Brady and Manning are. He NEEDS the offense to set up the successful passing game by establishing the run game.

  7. Bullett,
    You missed the playoffs because you needed to win one more game last year and couldn’t.
    If that same thing happens again last night was that game.
    Be happy with a split with Indy that’s as good as you could have realistically hoped for.
    P.S. Please keep Gary Kubiak as head coach… it helps Indy’s cause every year. Foster should have had 35 carries last night. You know how many times Indy has seen the “They are expecting the run so we are gonna throw it on them” approach? The answer is it hasn’t worked since the Steelers did it in that playoff game.

  8. The Chargers are not dangerous. They are paper tigers. The only reason they beat the Titans was because a pick-6 was called back for alleged holding on Griffin.
    Aside from Patrick Crayton who joined the team at the end of training camp, they will be using wide receivers from the practice squad. Gates, Tolbert and Mathews are all nursing painful injuries.
    Their special teams is the worst in NFL history.
    Nothing to worry about for the Texans.

  9. I kept shaking my head during this game, wondering why the Texans didn’t keep pounding it.
    They would have had monster holes to run through in the 4th quarter and Manning would have been on the sidelines allot more than he was.
    Just doesn’t make sense.

  10. I picked the Colts to win this game. The Colts bring a different team to Lucas Oil it seems this year. Their defense especially plays much better at home versus on the road.
    Texans will be fine. Peyton just new how to prepare for their defense even with backups the second time around. Comparing the schedules the Texans should still win the division. The Colts have to travel to Philly, New England, couple games with the Titans, SanDeigo and Jacksonville. The Colts have reached the teeth of their schedule, we’ll see how it plays out but I would be very surprised that the Colts can get out of that with just one loss especially on the road.

  11. Also I would like to point out that Gonzo got hurt again, Mike Hart appeared hurt, Donald Brown is a clear bust and so it seems Jerry Hughes is also. Go along with Tony Ugoh and Bill Polian has appeared to have crippled this franchise and supply it with players who don’t deserve to be in the NFL.
    I would actually give some thought if I was Bill Polian picking up Randy Moss. He won’t, but he should and he’s really put himself in this position to make a decision. Clark, was a freak accident, but you need reliable healthy bodies that can play downs. Bill, you need to look in the mirror…Take a deep breath and admit failure on these players. Mike Hart, I actually like, I hope its not serious.

  12. Because they’re a fraud. When a team throws for alot of yards, apparently that makes them a contender although their defense still has major holes, especially the pass defense. I know back in the day, that just made you the Detroit Lions orAtlanta Falcons, lol.

  13. ADX says:
    November 2, 2010 10:38 AM
    “You missed the playoffs because you needed to win one more game last year and couldn’t.”
    Wrong ADX!!! The Texans missed the playoffs cuz the Colts LET the Jets beat them to give the Jets the same record as the Texans. The Jets had beat the Texans in like week 1 or 2 to get the tiebreaker & the Wild Card spot. IF the Colts woulda beat the Jets (like they should have), the Texans would’ve went to the playoffs cuz the Jets would’ve been 8-8 instead of 9-7 like the Texans.

  14. Houstons coaches should be shot!!! Your running back is averaging 6.8 a carry. what the hell are you doing. And steve young said and i quote “this defensive scheme dosent challange quarterbacks intellactually thats why they are ranked last in everything.” Coaching is the problem. Nothing more.

  15. Theres actually a simple formula to beating the Colts, yet every team keeps trying to get into a gun slinging shootout with Peyton, and more times than not, lose that battle. Manning comes out blasting like Yosemite Sam and the Texans keep trying to out shoot him. If you look at the Colts last four losses (including the last two weeks of last year that didn’t even matter), when there were more rushing attempts then passing atempts, they lose. When you limit the number of chances he has to score, the less times he will score. Time of posession , and a non-explosive offense is what will beat the Colts. The 30 points the D gave up is nothing new…in fact thats parr for the corse. Everyone gets 30 points off us.
    That being said, it frusterates me to see Kubiak out coach himself yet again and go away from the run.

  16. Bullet, teams control their own destiny. If you’re counting on another team’s help to make the playoffs, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. IF the Texans had beaten the Jets in “like week 1 or 2”, then they’d have been in with or without help from the Colts.
    “You play to win the game” (not to hope someone else gets you into the playoffs).

  17. Couldn’t have said it any better, IndyBlue! Texans weren’t in the playoffs last year because they didn’t EARN it.
    And HaroldLee, perhaps you should share that “simple formula to beating the Colt’s” with the rest of the NFL. Considering they are they winningest team of the past ten years, it seems you are one of the few (including the 32 teams in the NFL, all their coaches and players) who have “figured it out”. LOL…
    Jay16… what are you talking about man?!? You DID watch the game last night, right? The Colt’s deal with injuries just like any other team in the NFL. The difference is that they actually HAVE the talent to step in. Great job by Tamme last night! And the Colt’s taking Moss? I about spit out my coffee when I read that one! Would NEVER happen and the Colt’s don’t NEED him! With Peyton at the helm and Harrison, Gonzo (nothin serious last night), Collie and the emerging Tamme as his targets, they’ll be just fine.

  18. Caliboy28, I said it in my rant. Keep Manning off the field with long time consuming drives. Running the ball more times then passing it can make that happen. I know it sounds wierd that I’d prefer a team without guys like Johnson and Daniels and Shaub, but an explosive offense that may or may not show up is not working. How did we beat them in week one? How did the Jags beat them this season? We won the time of possesion battle, and reduced the number of chances the guy had to score. When Manning is on the sidelines twiddling his thumbs, he’s not on the field guns-a-blazing.
    …get it? “LOL…”

  19. And why did you put quotations on “figured it out”? I never said I figured it out, I said there’s a formula. It’s a fact. In the Colts two losses this year, the teams that beat them ran the ball more then they passed it.

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