It's time for heads to roll in Minnesota

The decision of the Vikings, one day short of four weeks after sending a third-round pick to New England for receiver Randy Moss, to cut Moss loose allows us to conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that one or more persons employed by the Minnesota Vikings don’t know what the hell they are doing.

And it’s time for those people to be identified — and to be fired.

It has to begin with coach Brad Childress, who has presided over a series of desperation moves aimed at winning now, with no regard to building a team that will contend in 2011 or beyond.

Multiple key veterans aren’t under contract for next year.  Multiple other veterans have no respect or regard for Childress. 

There has been talk of a possible termination of Childress, coupled with an elevation of defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier into the top job.  It can’t hurt to give it a try.  Childress commands as little respect within his locker room than any coach currently in the NFL, and it’s amazing that this team has enjoyed some success with Childress running the show.

The fact that the team has been successful shows that someone in Minnesota knows what he’s doing, and until proven otherwise we’ll assume it’s V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman.

Still, the best move for the Wilf family would be to hire a football czar, like Bill Parcells previously in Miami, to commence the process of salvaging the wreckage.  Given that owner Zygi Wilf was an ardent Giants fan before buying the Vikings in 2005, Wilf possibly would be drawn to Parcells.  Another candidate to take over the operation would be Tony Dungy, especially if Frazier, Dungy’s former assistant in Indianapolis, would remain as head coach.

Regardless of how it plays out, the Vikings have to do something.  With time running out on making arrangements for a new stadium, the Vikings will need to use either results or hope to make it happen.  With 2010 destined to end in humiliation, the next best thing is hope.  And the only way to manufacture hope is to wipe the slate clean and bring in men who have won Super Bowls elsewhere — something no one currently managing the team has accomplished.

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  1. Let ’em roll! I hope this shakes out well… I can’t imagine them bringing anyone worse than Childress. Ok, there is worse out there, but Zygi has the cojones and dinero to step up to the plate to bring a big name in coaching in. But I digress… let’s start at the beginning by making this week Childress’s end.

  2. Did you honestly think that Moss was going to provide any value for the rest of the season? I certainly don’t. Moss wanted out, and we let him have his way. Let it go and move on.

  3. Heads may or may not need to roll in MN. One thing is for sure, you are not qualified to make that judgment.
    Stop trying to think so much and stick to your copy and paste vocation.

  4. We are lucky we have had the Talent to make up for Childress’ crap. Unfortunately the luck has run out and Adrian Peterson (Who needs a new contract!) and Percy Harvin aren’t enough to win games by themselves.

  5. as a life long Vikings fan and a 15 year season ticket holder- I could only hope that something like this will happen. If not Frazier/Dungy, Parcells- hopefully someone like Cowher or Gruden. Childress was an offensive coordinator who wasn’t allowed to call plays-now he’s a head coach- enough said

  6. Anyone heard of Pervey on these boards? That loud mouth was wapping away last year an now I haven’t seen him.

  7. Childress is a premature evacuator. He was supposed to save the desperate in-over-my-head-blame-a-Moss-Owens-type until the END of the season…. I don’t know how an owner can allow such a numbskull to flush so much of the owner’s money down the toilet.

  8. Parcells only takes on rebuilding projects.
    Dungy has no desire to be a “czar”. The very thing he loves about football is coaching and the relationships with the players.

  9. Love it Florio. Totally agree.
    Miami is building towards the future, snagging a win against Cincy and coming a controversial call away from beating the Steelers. Henne is developing, Sporano is one of the most liked coaches in the league anymore, people love the guy. Parcells and crew put together a great team, they have one of the best LB’s in the NFL, a solid, young secondary. Their D line is rapidly becoming fierce. Their offense is developing into a dangerous offense with one of the best WR’s in the game, and the potential 84 could bring his talents to South Florida. Why? Parcells knows how to win. He knows who to hire to win. He did that. Miami is winning.
    Minnesota can hire Frazier, court Tony Dungy to run the football side of the franchise, and sit back and enjoy the fact they have one of the most talented rosters in the league.

  10. Amen, Florio. Chili has never been liked up here. It seems like he is always outcoached, and not respected. I bet Frazier will be coaching this team on Sunday….let’s hope so. Look forward to hearing you on KFAN this week.

  11. You say that Mike, but what about Childress’s extention? That’s a lot of money to pay someone to not work.

  12. About time I agree with you 100% Mike!!! Childress has to go, and since he wasn’t placed on waivers yesterday there is still time to save him. Lets all hope Moss stays in MN and Chilly is GONE!

  13. The Vikes window didn’t just close it was SLAM shut. You wanted Favre, and you got him and all that goes with it. You wanted Moss, you got all that went with it. Your wasting a year of Peterson’s career, with his running style it could be a quick one. Your premier linemen on both sides of the ball are losing steps, and not producing. This team is going to be setback about 5 years.
    In all honesty the way the Vikings draft. Moss was probably more productive those few games than the 3rd round pick you would have had all season.

  14. As a Vikes fan, many of us want Cowher. Two years ago, it seemed he like he was begging for us to call him when he would pimp the Vikings. Sadly, i think he is lining himself up for the carolina job.

  15. I am a life long Vikings fan. And as such I feel that this idea of yours makes too much sense, and that is why it won’t happen. My god, they have invented new ways to piss away hope this year, haven’t they?

  16. It would be an insult to every viking fan out there if childress is allowed to coach another game. The guy has ripped the team to pieces since he has been there. The debacle that was the eagles when he was the OC… yeah TO was difficult but he made a complete mess of the situation. I was shocked when he was given HC consideration. I mean have the Eagles missed a beat since he left? It was always reid’s system with Johnson’s defense.
    He is easily the worst coach in the league, the vikings won last year in spite of him. He’s terrible at clock management, challenges… you name it. When the game is on the line he is a bad coach plain and simple. To make that trade and then cut Moss outright… horrible no matter how you look at it.
    Harvin got hurt this week and then you cut your #1?? WTH, AP and Harvin should be pissed. If the other wr’s were any good they wouldn’t have traded for him in the first place.
    Please Wilf, send a message and fire him asap! At least Frazier has kept the defense respectable through it all.

  17. With Childress, it’s like playing short handed week in and week out. They guy simply doesn’t get it and what a sissy of a control freak. Worst of all is how untrustworthy Childress is, you can’t believe a thing that comes out of that guys mouth because he’s so full of it. Randy expects you to be a student of the game and knows what to do in important game situations and Childress was always going to be a problem in this regard. When ever Childress challenges a plays, it usually normal to see that he has no chance at winning it and it’s so embarrassing. If the fans know that you are not going to win the challenge by watching the replays, then it should be expected that the coach know the same thing too, but not with Childress…

  18. THANK YOU Mike!
    I think it’s WAY past time you guys in the media quit treating this imposter of a football coach with kid gloves.
    I think a better title to this piece should have been;
    It’s WAY past time for heads (Childress) to roll in Minnesota.

  19. Bringing in someone like Dungy makes too much sense to happen. Wilf might as well sell the team to Vince McMahon or Mark Cuban. We already have the fantastic story lines for Vince to work with and promote, and he’s great at selling seats. Or with Cuban he can pony up a billion of his own money for a new stadium.

  20. Ah, get a grip. Getting Moss was a gamble that could have turned out great. Like some gambles, it just didn’t work. So he didn’t throw good time/effort after bad, and instead just dumped Moss. Nothing wrong with any of that.

  21. Mike….Post of the Year!
    Thank you for this article! Someone needed to say it. And it sure as hell wasn’t going to be the pusses in Minneapolis.

  22. I hope Zygi is reading this … but I’m starting to get the feeling that he is just as dumb as Childress. If he already let it get this bad, why suspect he won’t let it get worse?

  23. You know, it really didn’t dawn on me until just now, but with the defense they have and Adrian Peterson, I don’t know if there’s more of a match made in heaven in the league than Vikings/Bill Cowher.
    I don’t know if he’d be willing to coach right now (the passing of his wife may have an impact on things) but he could certainly thrive in a Holmgren/Parcells role with the team and they could have their up-and-coming “next Mike Tomlin” not actually be Mike Tomlin and remain with the team as head coach.
    Seems like a good plan to me, but what do I know? I’m only a PFT commenter.

  24. Unbelievable … 4 games with the Vikings and Moss was only targeted 19 times … caught 13 passes for 174 yds and 2 tds what a disgrace … Childress has to go.
    The Pats miss Moss too … just ask Welker plus the Pats were outplayed the last 2 weeks just lucky to win both games.

  25. Mike, As a diehard Dolphins fan, let me tell you that Rick Spielman has a history of making panic moves. As the Dolphins Gm during the Dave Wannstedt years, he was terrible, constantly making panic personnel moves. He traded a 2nd round draft pick for AJ Feeley, and then when Ricky Williams abruptly retired, he fgave away another 2nd rounder to the Rams for a terrible running back, Lamar Gordon.
    The Vikings situation may be a case of the blind leading the blind.

  26. Florio,
    There are a lot of things you post on this site that I don’t agree with you but, on this you are 110% correct! As a vikings fan I’m praying the Wilfs wake up and realize this before it’s to late and we loose Frazier! He is a a good coach and I can’t stand Chilli. He makes me long for the Mike Tice days. He has no leadership skills. At least Tice was more of a players coach(yes, that got him trouble) but chilli is niethier a players coach or a old school coach (a coach the players can look up to) he is dumb and too head strong to admit when hes wrong and he is certainly not an insprational leader.
    Nothing Randy did this second time surprised me or was unexpected. It shows Chilli did not do his homework on moss. Lastly, I have been a big favre supporter and in a way felt “you have to put up with his b.s. if you sign him.” So why the hell does this not apply with moss?????

  27. After Moss snapped at the media deservingly, he went on and talk about how passionate he felt about the New England Patriots organization in which he had just spent his last 3 years. As the media reported, he “rambled” on about this for 5 Minutes! FIVE stinking minutes to salute and show respect to one of the top organizations in football. I have no doubt that Randy was sincere and spoke from the heart, I also know for a FACT that before Randy went on to talk about any of this that he made it clear that ‘he meant no disrespect to the Vikings organization’ and I believe him.
    The only person that needs to grow up is Sensitive Shirley or aka Brad Childress, what a pathetic coward. With Moss you get the truth and a passionate student of the game, with Childress you get a compulsive liar and coach that fans and players often question whether he knows what he is doing…
    Bottom line is that Childress has lost respect from the players on this team and that has nothing to do with Randy Moss and everything to do with Brad Childress.

  28. They need to do something about Frazier if they want to keep him; he will be at the top of a more than one team’s list during the next coaching carousel.

  29. The obvious candidate for the football czar job in Minnesota is Matt Millan.
    He’s tan, fit, and rested.
    And he’s got a great head coaching candidate right on staff in Darrel Bevel!

  30. Couldn’t happen to a finer franchise. The bubble has burst and it is time to pay the piper. This is almost as much fun as the classic implosion of 1998. The Minnesota Vikings will never see a Lomardi Trophy.
    L.A. Vikings by 2012. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  31. The other thing the Vikings need to do is to say goodbye to Brett Favre once and for all and get a QB who will be there for the long term and won’t jack them around every year before he decides to report for work.

  32. Not only has Childress seemingly lost the locker room, he has lost me as a fan. I tried hard to hold out hope that his conservative “ahhh” style would lead the purple to the championship. After this move, I think he should be fired. And have to pay the millions of dollars the vikes owe Moss if and when he isn’t picked up on the waiver wire.

  33. As an organization/business the Vikings have to fire Childress. He set them back 2 years with the Favre fiasco. He cost them a third round pick and now several million dollars for 3 weeks of Randy Moss. He embarassed the organization beyond recognition. He does not know how to handle players, problems or a team. I would be shocked if he is not fired in the next couple days. I would be even more shocked if he ever got another job in the NFL, including as an assistant. He is clueless and has zero personal skills or personality. Since I am not a Viking fan I want him to stay but as a business man I can not stand the inept.

  34. My daytime soap opera is the Minnesota Vikings. I hope I tune in tomorrow to find out that that yesterday’s cliff hanger was a big joke: Zygi stepped in, kept Moss and cut Childress

  35. Florio,
    I think this is the 2nd best thing i have read on your site… The 1st was that Moss was coming back home (MN)
    Actually it was the original trade of Moss to Oakland that got me reading PFT since you were the first to report it. (Obviously you had sources) So you have Moss to thank for atleast 1 reader 🙂
    I cannot stand stand Childress. He is a stubborn idiot that cannot manage a game AT ALL or his players. I think once Moss got here and got to working with the donkey with a mustache he saw the light and realized that Billacheck wasnt all that bad. I sure hope that WHEN the donkey with a mustache gets fired that Moss will not hold it against us, the humble fans in MN and will come back!
    – Former Vikings fan as of this afternoon until the donkey with a mustache is gone.
    Go Lions!

  36. Losing Chilly would be the best thing for the Vikes this year. His designed offense is lousy, his game planning is poor, his game decisions border on lunacy. If the Wilfs want fans in the seats, they’ll lose him in a hurry. Tossing Randy aside will hopefully be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. As a Vikes fan, I definitely side with Moss.

  37. Yeah right, like Bill Parcells would ever go near a team QB’d by the biggest diva in the history of pro sports who thinks he’s above the entire organization. Will never happen.

  38. Amen! As a Vikes fan, I have been well aware of Childress’ idiocy since ’07.
    He lacks basic clock management skills, is apparently unaware of how this whole “challenge” thing works and couldn’t motivate a dog to lick itself.
    The bright side: the Vikes have drafted well in recent years, so they have someone (Spielman) with a good eye for talent and they are always among the leaders in salary cap space. They also have a talented young nucleus to replace some of the guys leaving next year…and when you have AD in the backfield, you will be in almost any game you play.
    Please, Zygi…end Childress’ reign of terror!

  39. Rick Spielman has been there before. He presided over the almost equally dramatic meltdown of the Wannstedt-led 2004 Miami Dolphins. If you recall, there were similar dramatic storylines on that Dolphins’ squad which Rick Spielman presided over. A clueless headcoach. Huge offseason drama with the defection of Ricky Williams. Wasted drafted picks. Desperation moves (3rd pick for Lamar Gordon who was out of the league the next season, 2nd for AJ freakin Feeley, bringing Cris Carter off the HBO set).
    The similarities are eerie. I wouldn’t say Rick Spielman is completely out of the woods when it comes to receiving blame. Either he is incompetent on some level as well, or he is one unlucky dude.

  40. Love the comment by Trent Dilfer. Moss had figured out after 4 games that Childress did not know what he was doing and he lost respect for his coach. He just said what the rest of the team was thinking. When a coach loses the locker room, it is time to move on.

  41. G’Day from Australia.
    I’m a Favre and Vikings fan but I agree that the Moss has been a fiasco for all concerned (apart from the patriots). Surely Chilly has to go… this should be a winning team. The line-up is terrific but bad decisions and planning have left us in a hole.
    See ya,

  42. I never had a good feeling about chilly since day 1. Now the gig is up with him and his Favre/Tarvaris love affair. It’s not to late to fix things. We need to hire Bill Cowher to be the next coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Let him find the next QB he wants, possibly Ryan Mallet? He is a big qb with a cannon like Big Ben. Then we need to cut Bernard Berrian and draft a guard or corner in the second round. To bad we can’t fix the other need with our 3rd round pick. What’d we do with it? Oh yeah that’s right we cut it from the team.

  43. Hard to imagine a coach letting go a player or Moss status without telling the GM or owner. Something dosen’t smell right here?

  44. If the Vikings fans weren’t so insufferable, I’d actually feel sorry for them. This organization is right down there with the L.A. Clippers.

  45. Please don’t fire Chilly! Lions fans love to see dysfunction in other areas of the NFC North. As long as Minnesota pin there hopes to Chilly and Brett Pevre we can stay out of the bottom of the division. Heck with Chicago’s O-line the Lions might take second in the division by the time the years is up. We might win the division if Aaron Rodgers could join the rest of his team on IR!

  46. Never before have the Vikings amused me this much. It must be agonizing for their fans, but this #4-ring-circus is a joy to watch for disinterested fans of football.

  47. Dungy…. Ya it would be cool, but I think Dungy is pretty happy where he is at. They need to make a coaching change immediatly to salvage at least a .500 season. Maybe Frasier….Vikes will be lucky now to win another game under Chilly, and his respect commanding ways…What a joke! The ship has sailed again, and this time there are no ladies aboard for entertainment. Bummer. Randy missed another boat ride.

  48. Really? Paul Allen from Kfan in MN says the two players he spoke to personally said that it was a good move to cut Randy. More on that later.

  49. Watching the implosion in the land of lakes is truly joyful. Brad Childress has never been a good coach. The Vikings made a good run last season in spite of him. This happens plenty in the NFL. The Chargers have had some success in spite of horrible coach Norv Turner, who doesn’t deserve any head coaching job. The Cowboys won plenty of games in spite of retard Wade Phillips, who is obviously a short-timer now, thankfully. The Bengals somehow won a division last season in spite of Marvin Lewis. The Packers continue to win in spite of Mike McCarthy, who “earned” his head coaching job by being offensive coordinator of the 2005 San Francisco 49ers, one of the worst offensive teams in history. There have to be good head coaching candidates out there. It’s up to owners and GMs to find them, and not just rely on retreads or the “hot” assistants who are fine as assistants but clearly bad head coaches.

  50. “a series of desperation moves aimed at winning now, with no regard to building a team that will contend in 2011 or beyond.”
    You can say that about the Jets and Bears as well, those three teams sold out to win it all this year, those three teams have no hopes of being better in 2011 than they are in 2010.
    Unless addition by subtraction (of some of their best players) actually works for them.

  51. Who would think that bringing in two future HOFers would cause a coach to lose his job lol.
    Mistake 1: Begging an already battered and bruised Favre back.
    Mistake 2: Bringing a cancer, such as Moss, to a team that has a pussycat for a head coach.
    There are only a few coaches (potential coaches) in the NFL that can shut Moss up. Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin (possibly), John Harbaugh and Bill Cowher (should he come back).
    Hehe imagine Cowher coaching Moss… I could see him tel spitting all over him as he yells “Shut up get your ass on that bench, eighty-four”

  52. Leave Speilman.
    But Speilman made some bone head moves as well, like letting go of Rosenfels when Jackson is clearly not the #1 guy. But it could have been a better shot at #1 than no brett favre and jackson.

  53. Spielman knows what he’s doing? Funny. The guy gives away 3rd rounders like Halloween candy. All of us down here know how Spuelman rolls.(Lamar Gordon for a 3rd, AJ Feeley for a 2nd, and even Ricky Williams for 2 first rounders and a 3rd (right after they drafted Deuce and were desperate to dump Ricky) are just a few of his savvyest moves. The Moss trade reeked of desperation. Only a matter of time before the house of cards fell.
    Now if the Vikings clean house and hire Cam Cameron as coach and Randy Mueller as GM, that would be really funny.

  54. Childress has officially passed Mike Singletary as the most clinically insane coach in the NFL.
    And that’s saying a lot.

  55. Great points Mike. Chilly is an aweful “Gameday Coach”. He lacks the ability to make the proper decisions in regards to Time management; challenges; and, play calling. I have telling anyone who would listen this for the past 3-years. He is too stubborn to evaluate the talent he has and develop games plans accordingly. Either a player runs his system or he doesn’t play. He had Moss for 3-weeks and still could not develop even a handful of plays for him. Chilly has had some of the best talent position by position and still can’t win. Few real, life-long Vikings fans like Chilly; we tolerate him because we love the Wilf family and all they are trying to do. You are right on point about Rick Spielman as well. The guy knows talent!!!

  56. Ugh. Football “czars” are useless. What has Parcells done in Miami? Have the won a Superbowl or gone deep into the playoffs? Do the Browns look any better than they’ve been? No. No. And no. Football czars are for people who are too lazy to be real, full-time GMs or team Presidents, yet want final say on everything.

  57. Childress is doing just fine. Let him run things for the vikings. He has my full support in that role.

  58. I want to add to my earlier comment that I am a Viking’s season ticket holder. Messers Wilf, it really is time to let Brad Childress move on. I trust that 10% of us fans “tolerate” Chilly. The other 90% are very dissatisfied with him. I will not be renewing my multiple seats if Brad remains the head coach. My son lives in St. Louis. The Rams are looking very attractive these days.

  59. I Never liked the idea of them making Mr.Noodles head coach. How he’s dodged the bullet this long is amazing in itself. I’ve been a Viking fan as long as I’ve been around and it’s a shame to this franchise implode because of the moves’ of this incompentent “coach”.

  60. The best thing about Chilly is the little self-created, one-sided feud he has created in his mind with Belichick. Trying to think of himself as an equal with the greatest coach ever. It’s great stuff. Chilly is a little egg-headed kid with a wooden sword.
    The Vikings are so much fun to watch this year. They don’t even need a football.
    I hope Chilly doesn’t get fired today. His value in entertainment is priceless.
    Image of the year, and I hope they sell the photo at the NFL Shop…
    Fetal Favre being carted off with his eyes closed because of a cut chin.
    Oh, the mighty warrior!

  61. Leslie Frazier is going to be someones HC next year.
    If the Vikes want it to be for their team they would be smart to do it now.
    Childress is done anyway you look at it.

  62. Fire clueless Klink, he screwed up a talented team and commands zero respect. Each week he makes stupid decisions on and off the field. Hire Bill Cowher as head coach, hire Bud Grant as consultant. Let’s right the Viking ship for next year.

  63. some of us vikings fans have been screaming this for three years.
    bring in cowher! we need that level of passion and control at the leadership position. unlike, well…

  64. “Hope.” We’ve heard that recently, have we not? How’s that workin’ out for the good ‘ole USSA?

  65. While I agree with the intent of this post, I feel I must comment on the poor writing and respectfully suggest you edit it and re-post. There are several glaring grammatical errors and they weaken the message you are trying to put out there.
    As for the content, I seriously have to doubt that many accomplished (and therefore still in demand) coaches or front office types would relish any affiliation with the once-proud Vikings franchise. The team is in utter disarray, they have no quarterback of the future, and the defense is going to suffer a drop-off soon. Rick Speilman is fine in his role, and I would leave him in place. But Childress and Bevell ought to go today. Wilf has to shoulder some blame for “going ALL IN” for this year, when it should have been obvious that it never works in professional sports to mortgage one’s future on the hope that your team will avoid injuries to key players and have the ball bounce your way all year. Too much inevitable adversity to gamble in such a way that if you don’t win it all you are left with a sack of nothing.
    FIRE CHILDRESS!!! That will be the chant until he is gone, so it is only a matter of time. The SLIM chances of getting a stadium deal in Minnesota are all but gone now. To save the franchise and save face as much as possible, Childress and his staff need to be jettisoned NOW. Favre must be disgusted, but he is indirectly as culpable for this cataclysmic demise of a former contender. I say “indirectly” because I cannot totally blame a man who truly wants to be out there competing. The warrior in Favre cannot just be extinguished due to age. He will want to be on the field when he is sixty, I have no doubt. And if someone offers bags of money and “begs” you to play one more year, you are going to be tempted, as he was.
    In short, Childress was the wrong guy to bring in, but no one knew that until a few years passed. The winning percentage went up, but I feel most of the credit goes to the players, Spielman and the arrival of Favre in 2009. A few miraculous throws helped change the bottom line, but true fans knew that the team was eking out close victories, not dominating opponents. Super Bowl teams generally dominate at least some of their rivals. I don’t recall Minnesota having a dominant team for many years.
    So, my vote would be to fire Childress now, move Frazier up to Head Coach for the interim, and then circle the wagons and outline a plan that will salvage this franchise for the long haul in Minnesota. That means, get the best leadership you can lure here; work overtime on the stadium issue; and try to instill some faith and hope in the fan base, which surely is ready to jump ship now.
    Randy Moss must have been sick to his stomach, contrasting the slick and polished Patriots organization with this rag-tag, bungling leadership in Minnesota. Randy is not without his faults, but he has the mindset of a winner, and he probably felt ill watching the lack of respect the players obviously exhibit toward Childress.
    The Vikings fans need “Change We Can Believe In”.

  66. Childress, Mike Singletary and Wayne Phillips are examples of the Peter Principle in coaching: they might have been competent coordinators, but inept at the next level.

  67. Hey, I heard Matt Millen is available! He’s such a great analyst! I’m sure he could put together a great program, what with his ability to spot talent (after they’ve performed)
    On another note, thanks to Chilly for giving the Lions a chance to climb back into the division race this year and for years to come!

  68. Funny how Spielman was dogged in Miami for being inept (even though I liked his strategy of trading for guys about to hit their prime) and in Minnesota, he’s the competent one.

  69. “Childress commands as little respect within his locker room than any coach currently in the NFL, and it’s amazing that this team has enjoyed some success with Childress running the show.”
    Without attributing an NFL player in the Vikings locker room who said this, this remark is pure speculation Florio and in some rooms its slanderous.
    PS – Childress took this team that you claim does not respect him within a few plays of the Super Bowl last year.
    I am not a Vikings fan but you will continue to lose credibility among true intelligent NFL fans with statements like this one.

  70. wow… what happened to this once storied franchise? its a shame…
    i hope that this isnt the team that ends up in LA… i know its on the short list but cmon people… the league needs a team in this area of the country. the way the team is being managed currently, however, you would think that its goal is to move to LA!
    gotta fire Childress….

  71. I know Vikings fans will disagree with you Florio, but Childress has lost touch. He tells the team that he’s cutting Moss against the wishes of the owner, but doesn’t actually cut him until the next day. Seems like he’s goading Wilf to fire him.
    It has also been disgusting how he’s handled Favre. Allowing the old grey mare to call the shots and run the show – keeping all Vikings players hostage to his decision. Not allowing T. Jackson to move on and improve or allowing the Vikings to get another veteran quarterback. I thought Chilly should have been fired this summer; the Moss fiasco is just the final straw.

  72. As a lifelong Viking fan, I agree. Childress has not done anything for the future of the team. Viking always seem to make stupid moves. After they didn’t make the Superbowl last year they should have started to look towards the future. Let Brett stay retired and build a team around AP. AP will not be able to run the way he does forever and they seem to be wasting him.
    I hope the someone in the Viking organization gets smart soon.

  73. Childress behaves like he has a smaller package than Farve. So what Randy praised his former team. Only an insecure coach with sh.t for brains would pi$$ away a Hall of Fame Player that has turned Harvin into a monster, AND a 3rd Round Pick just because of a post-game interview.
    It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend because she said Brad Pitt was cute.

  74. The Vikings don’t trust T. Jackson…so pelase offer Seattle a 2nd round pick for Whitehurst! Or a 4th and 5th…or a box of popcorn….

  75. The smartest thing that Childress could do would be to release Favre right along with Moss and retake control of the team before his time runs out.
    The Vikings can still make the playoffs if they rid themselves of the cancers on the team.

  76. “All-in” gets you exactly what the expression infers. You either get it all or you lose it all. The Vikings wished upon one too many stars. Unfortunately, the manner in which the team is being directed this year could be a death knell, as in relocation. I hope not.

  77. Chilly has torn down the Queens !!! When you are of poor charachter it comes out eventually…Dude is dishonest and inept. Mutitny BEGIN !!!!

  78. I will admit that I am enjoying watching this car wreck of a franchise pitter and putter toward missing the playoffs. On more than one occassion, I have mocked the small peckered QB, the fumbling RB, red neck $70 mil man with no sacks in how many games, the $44 mil WR that can’t get open and once he does, he drops the ball and a Defensive backfield that can’t cover my grandmother in a wheelchair, and for that I am sorry.
    But this has gone too far in calling for Childress’s firing. A contract extension last year shows that the organization is pleased with the progress of the program and although it hit a few bumps in the road this year, he will set it back on course after a few mishaps. Favre will soon return to Mississippi, Randy Moss will destroy another team’s locker room with his punk attitude and all will be right with the Vikings but only if you keep Childress.
    I know the Viking fans are upset with this latest set back, its been 49 seasons without a championship so what’s one more?

  79. The Moss situation is just the latest thing that makes Chilly appear incompetent. How do you not do your due diligence and talk to former coaches and teammates before trading for a guy who’s reputation is “I play when I want to play”?
    Did Chilly not know what he was getting?
    If not, he’s incompetent.
    If so, and he blew the 3rd rounder anyway, then he’s also incompetent.
    Conclusion: he’s incompetent no matter what angle you take with this thing.

  80. LA Lakers have done pretty well since moving from Minnesota, maybe it’s time for the Vikings to give it a try!
    A Jags fan basking in the afterglow of sending America’s team to the brink.

  81. Thank you lord for this happening so all of the attention is not on the skins and what a bonehead move shanny pulled on sunday.

  82. “”Hope.” We’ve heard that recently, have we not? How’s that workin’ out for the good ‘ole USSA?”
    Pretty well actually unless you believe the conservative media. Under the last president our country lost jobs. Under this current one we gained jobs. Under the last one the deficit increased, under this one it decreased. Things could still be going better but those are the facts, and they are not disputable.

  83. Hey Infidel,
    “Hope.” We’ve heard that recently, have we not? How’s that workin’ out for the good ‘ole USSA?
    I think we’ve all heard enough republican bullsh*t from inbred redneck morons like you. This is a sports site, not the correct site for this. Please go back in your double wide wide mobile home with your Sarah Palin posters and submit your crap to Fox News.

  84. Seems a strange set-up that one guy can hire a player a put him on the roster and another guy can cut him…Unless Chilly did both?

  85. @bjbroderick
    I’m pretty sure Millen is in our front office now and nobody noticed.
    I’ll cheer for the Vikings again after they fire Childress. Until then, they’re dead to me.
    I’ve probably got a 50/50 shot of them firing Chilly before the move to LA though.

  86. Cornflorio: I realize, from reading another post, that you and Mr. Dungy are pals now, but to infer that he should be annointed “football czar” in Minnesota is a bit of a stretch.
    Another, classic, example of you throwing poo into a ceiling fan and seeing what will stick to the wall.
    I might agree with the premise of the headline, but your follow through reminds me of a cheeto’s eating, video game addicted, 8 year old trying to hit a baseball during a live game……
    But you’ve got your soapbox, so might as well swing for the fences Francis…

  87. So let me get this straight, Wylf had no idea that Moss was waived? How does Childress have this kind of power? Other teams take note, DO NOT hire this guy to coach your team. Inmates are running the asylum in MINNESOTAAAA!

  88. parcells?get real! how many super bowls has he won since leaving the giants in 1990 which is 20 years ago?

  89. Everybody in that organization that was part of the decision to bet their collective asses on another season with Brett Favre as the QB should be shot as well. They did absolutely nothing during the off season to give themselves an alternative. All they did was throw more money at an old man. They are right where they deserve to be. I have no pity for them.

  90. The Los Angeles Vikings.. It can happen. Ask the people in Cleveland if it’s possible for a football team to move that is so much a part of the history of the NFL and community.

  91. Contrary to some thoughts, I think most Viking’s fans are fed up with this. Childress makes people scratch their heads several times in the off season, several times every game and several times during the week. It’s painful and as long as Bryzinski doesn’t get caught in the swathing, the Vikings should probably begin to clean out the stable at the end of the year, when a lot of veterans leave as well.

  92. Obama and his cronies will be available soon. They have plenty of hope bringing in “change” and restoring “hope.”

  93. If you look at the Vikes message boards their fanbase is about to turn into an angry mob with pitchforks and torches stumbling around Minny looking for Childress to string up. I don’t think there is a more loathed HC in the league, either by the players on his own team or his own fanbase.

  94. It sounds like Chilly has final say on the 53 man roster. So the assumption about Spielman is probably not correct. You are right, heads do need to roll and it’s Chilly’s.
    For anyone that thinks that Jackson is the answer at QB you are fooling yourself. He is the master of a 8 yard out on a 3rd and 10. Remember Brad Johnson?

  95. Parcells? Dungy? Why do you say such things? There can only be more disappointment ahead when you scream of such lofty goals.
    Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

  96. Yeah, they need to clean house. But they should start with getting a new fanbase – one that doesn’t build up so much ill will for the Vikings from every other fan base. So much so, that we all just sit back and say: HaHaHahaHaHaHa!!!! You’re getting what you deserve, you bunch of arrogant blowhards!!!
    P.S. I’m sure all those “Skoal-heads” are convincing themselves this isn’t a result of poor managment by a poor franchise. Instead they’re consoling themselves by saying this yet another looney NFL conspiracy against the Vikings. What losers!

  97. The Wilfs got what they deserved…they hired an OC who DIDN’T EVEN CALL THE PLAYS to be their head coach. sooooo, if you’re an OC, and you don’t have play calling duties, exactly what is it you did in Philly, Mr. Childress? Childress hated TO in philly and he cut Moss in MN…what is this guy? Allergic to HOF receivers???

  98. Seriously, how can one guy in that high of a position be that stupid? Lets break this down.
    He sends a 3rd rd pick to the Patriots just 4 weeks ago to get Moss.
    Now he releases Moss with no approval of ownership (what is being said), and if he clears waivers, the Vikings still owe the remaining of his contract even though he is no longer there.
    Again, how can one guy be so stupid? He said his decision to waive Randy Moss was in the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings both right now and in the long term. So how can giving up a 3rd rd draft pick for a guy you had for 4 games, and paying all those millions in dollars to a guy that won’t even be there be in the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings?
    All he did was pissed away a good draft pick (Best interest in the Minnesota Vikings LONG TERM)
    And pissed away several million dollars to a guy no longer able to potentially help your team ( Stupid)
    Both of those moves were very much against the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings, and I hope like hell Zygi and Mark Wilf are thinking the same thing.

  99. Assume it’s Speilman ?? Now I know you guys are on drugs…remember what he did to the Fins ??
    Seriously, this is a serious train wreck. The first thing that went wrong was sending that plane to Mississippi in August… Chilly is definitely in over his head, but Spielman isn’t exactly Bill Polian material either…

  100. In the NFL (and any other competitive setting, for that matter), you’ll often here the phrase “window of opportunity”. Every squad is built with the intention of performing at peak ability while their window is still open (i.e. when the bulk of the roster is physically and mentally able enough to perform at an elite level relative to the rest of the competition).
    While it is true that the addition of Favre the past two seasons was a “win now” move, that shouldn’t be mistaken as desperation. This particular Vikings team has been in development for quite some time. And quite honestly, they built it the right way. They started building both sides of the line through the draft (with the exception of acquiring Allen via trade), and then added the necessary skill players once the foundation was in place. The truth is, they simply were not able to come across that one viable piece through the draft: quarterback. Adding Favre was–and is–the right move, as the window had slowly been closing for the last couple years before slamming shut this year. Desperation? No. Necessary? Yes. It just didn’t happen soon enough. Move on.

  101. Adrian peterson is the one who knows what he’s doing, and he’s the reason they’ve had any success. Imagine what Peterson could have done in his career, so far, with some good playcalling?

  102. Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and now this? How much more can I possibly endure?
    At least Chilly won’t see the end of the season as head coach – Franken has another 4 years to embarrass the good people of Minnesota.

  103. I’ve got an idea, why don’t we get on a plane and talk to……….. ah, that didn’t work out so well last time.

  104. bigfranky75 says:
    wow… what happened to this once storied franchise? its a shame…
    “Storied” franchise? Huh?
    If you mean storied as in “historic”, “legendary”, or even merely “significant”, you clearly don’t know much about this franchise at all.
    However, if you mean storied as in “they’ve created a number of great stories over the years–some of the most pathetically hilarious in NFL history even,” than I agree with you. I can only suggest you sit back, grab some popcorn, and wait for this most recent annual Viking farce to fully unfold. I have a feeling it’s about to get even funnier.

  105. wow… what happened to this once storied franchise? its a shame…
    I guess if you concieder a history of choking and relying on washed up players part of “storied”, then you may be on to something.
    The Farve’s have come home to roost!

  106. @LowVoltage.. I think you mean Wade Phillips. And Singletary was never a coordinator.
    But thanks anyway for making us all smarter.

  107. When they move to L.A. (yes, I said “when”) they need a new nickname, obviously. Let’s brainstorm some:
    The L.A. Misfits
    The L.A. ClusterF*^ks
    The L.A. Laughingstocks
    The L.A. Favrenators
    The L.A. Pitiful Purple Pantiewaists

  108. @TripNasty: How did Favre “call the shots and run the show”? It’s evident that he didn’t want to come back in 2010 and was persuaded at the very end; that’s not his fault. Plus, Favre clearly knows more about running an offence than Chilly (I know, that’s not saying much, since Chilly is an absolute idiot), and it’s been clear for some time that the Viking players would prefer Favre calling the plays than Chilly.
    Chilly must be canned because the Vikings are badly underachieving. Chilly’s poor schemes and play-calling have a lot to do with that. A good coach knows that he must get the ball into the hands of his best play-makers, while keeping the defence off-balance and guessing. Chilly is truly clueless when it comes to that.

  109. If you think Favre had nothing to do with this Moss issue, you’re kidding yourself. I don’t think Favre thought Childress would waive Moss this quickly. But I’m sure Favre was in Randy’s ear about Childress making sure Moss was on Favre’s side. Thanks Brett, the gift that keeps on giving.

  110. Having grown up during the Bud Grant years, this is really hard to watch. Most Vikings fans were never very high on Childress; in his first year coaching he managed to make enough stupid statements that we all started having some real concerns about how this guy could coach a team. Culpepper may or may not have been the best route for the Vikings as he was coming off his knee injury, but the manner that Childress handled Culpepper was truly a telling sign.
    The only support I could give Childress was that I liked how he went after guys that he thought could help the team win. In retrospect, perhaps that wasn’t his doing anyway.
    Let’s hope the silver lining is a good house cleaning for the organization.

  111. I have to agree with DaMayan this season’s fiasco is likely to seal the fate on a new stadium in Minnesota and ultimately lead to the team relocating to L.A.

  112. The job is to win now. This “build a team for the future” crap isn’t what make a person buy season tickets. You buy tickets…season tickets or single game or otherwise….you want to see the team win now. “Build for the future” is an excuse for “losing today”.

  113. what i don’t understand here is,who made the decision to let moss go?doesn’t anyone think that it could have come from ziggy’s desk?

  114. # Infidel says: November 2, 2010 6:35 AM
    “Hope.” We’ve heard that recently, have we not? How’s that workin’ out for the good ‘ole USSA?
    Pretty good for me.
    Still have a job that pays a lot more than working at Wal-Mart.
    Still have my house.
    How is that “Bitter, paranoid, religious fanatic, afraid of his own shadow” thing working out for you?
    Are you voting for Pailin’s daughter on Dancing With The Stars since your vote for her mom did not go as planed?

  115. Favre wants to run the show, bring in Moss who also wants to run the show. What do they expect? Of course the real coach has no control. Maybe Chilly has more guts than we think and he’s not bowing down to those two. Way to go Chilly, now get rid of Favre and you might have a team. Better yet, don’t. Packer fans are loving this!

  116. It’s funny that you think SPielman knows what he’s doing. He completely ruined the Dolphins when he was running the show there. Set the franchise back years.

  117. bigfranky75 says:
    November 2, 2010 7:02 AM
    wow… what happened to this once storied franchise? its a shame…
    When was this franchise ever storied ?
    This has always been one of the worst franchises in football. Lowest valued, and ran horribly.
    misterdizz says:
    November 2, 2010 6:44 AM
    the once-proud Vikings franchise.
    Storied, and Proud??? I hope this is sarcasm. Because this franchise has been, and always will be the laughing stock of the NFL.
    Question??? Will you all be Viking fans when they move to LA?
    It is a real reality…

  118. R u kidding. This is now setup for the greatest, dramatic season ending superbowl win in history. U can’t make5)is stuff up.

  119. I’ll say it as a Packers fan – the Vikings would be a lot better off with addition by subtracton. Childress and Farve need to go. With AP and Gerhardt, I would run the ball 50 times a game. Forget adding McNabb. At this point in their careers I think Tavaris Jackson would be just as effective if not better than McNabb. The only thing McNabb has over Jackson is street cred. This team isn’t much different than the one that went 12-4 last year. Sidney Rice out has hurt more than I thought it would, but the Vikes really should just be pounding the ball down teams throats and going play action pass when needed. The Vikes appear set at LB, RB and TE. Harvin and Rice are good, but the Vikes could use an upgrade at the third and fourth wide out. The defensive line is getitng pretty old and I would think they need to spend a fairly hgh pick at that position. And maybe the Vikings should look at this seaosn as a blessing in disguise – not that they are Buffalo bad, but maybe they draft high enough to land a franchise type quarterback (Locker?) But this team isn’t going anywhere as long as it is enslaved to Farve.

  120. Childress is not comfortable not being “the man.” He is insecure.
    He can’t handle the fact that Favre and Moss are “bigger” than him. He’d rather lose coaching Sidney Rice, and Tavarais. Than win with Brett Favre and Randy Moss.

  121. Never would have thought the Vikings season would end after playing seven games… Time to start rebuilding before Peterson and Percy get too old.

  122. Childress has hit a new low, if that is even possible. First he conducts his own press conference, throws his QB under the bus, very detrimental to the team, then he fires his best wide out for conducting a press conference far less detrimental to the team. What a hypocrite!

  123. Jesse Ventura
    Al Franken
    Brad Childress
    Until you start to take yourselves seriously, no one else will.
    A joke of a state.

  124. Teams can be turned around in 2 years. The Hooded One did it with the owners approval. He cleaned house first, players and front office people.
    Input from the best, final decision power and experience in the position are needed. Make the move.

  125. Let’s see now — Spielman was a bum GM when he was in Miami, Childress is the worst coach in the NFL, yet the talent level has improved over the past several years (altho I question what’s going on with the DBs) and the Vikes’ record under this coach has improved each year — but the coach and the GM are both bums — what’s wrong with this picture??? Sadly I must say that , speaking of this year only, the coach is having an awful year on the sidelines (he obviously has never heard about taking the 3 pts when he can) and has cost the team perhaps 2 games with his poor strategy. Defense has been poor and I blame Frazier for not adjusting. All in all, all that could go wrong has gone wrong — BUT they are only 2 games out in the div. with Rice coming back (???) soon. Things could improve.

  126. They should not have brought Farve back…the fiasco of getting him in towards the end of the preseason was nothing but a soap opera.
    They should not have traded for Moss…four weeks of playing time for a third round pick wasn’t worth it.
    Chilly does not have control of this team…they’re imploding . Wilf needs to act to get this team under control – and that means firing Chilly and putting Frazier or someone else as HC for the remainder of the season

  127. Childress is the only real branch off the Andy Reid coaching tree to have a head job. The others only worked for Reid but were not his acolytes. Gives you an idea of what we’re suffering with in Philly, where Reid jumped the shark in 2004.

  128. I hope what doesn’t get lost in translation here is that Brett Favre was a good move for Chilly, but where he failed was the O-line and receivers. You cannot expect great production from a QB that does not have time to throw the rock, or receivers that can gain separation and/or hang onto the ball.
    Chilly’s line bright spot is Favre. It bought him the NFCCG last season. Childress’ own ineptitude prevented a Super Bowl win.
    I’d like to see Favre return for another season under new direction because Favre certainly isn’t the problem here.

  129. Frazier is not the answer. He got fired from Cincinnati. CINCINNATI. Marvin is a good friend of his. And the Vikings Defense isn’t exactly lighting it up. Might as well keep Chilly for the duration, cause the whole coaching staff will be gone by next fall.

  130. Blame all problems on Childress! Attribute all success to Frazier and Spielman! If players don’t like a coach then he is a bad coach! Get Parcells because his players always just LOVED him!
    I’d like to see Childress gone, but only because he is so hated by fans and I’m just annoyed by hearing all this crap. The guy has his weaknesses, but he has been instrumental in building this team that almost went to a superbowl last season. There are a lot of coaches out there that didn’t almost go to a superbowl in their 4th season. He overhauled this season when he came here.
    People trash on him for the team not being built to win in the future? Yes, it is very easy to be built to be awesome every season that is why everyone does it. This is how it works. You build it, blow it up, and start it over. Very, very few teams are consistently good each season and usually those teams have a top 3 QB who stays healthy consistently. Why hasn’t the genius Spielman landed us a top 3 QB?
    So yeah get him gone but give credit where it is due. It hasn’t been all bad. Hell last season was the most entertaining Vikes year ever. There is that.

  131. Rick Spielman knows what he’s doing??? First of all the Vikings cap is completely destroyed and they will be a shell of this team in about 2-3 years.
    SECONDLY, and more importantly, he practically DESTROYED the Dolphins…(AJ Feeley, Lamar Gordon????)
    Spielman is a joke and for a site who wastes no time in punishing Matt Millen (and rightfully so) it shocks me that you guys would fail to see how completely inept and undeserving Spielman is to even have a job in the NFL.

  132. Maybe Ziggy doesn’t want a new stadium
    With the fan support (had to have help selling out a play off game) and the Vikings most ardent supporters on PFT (who are hydro cephalic cretins) he wants to spend as little time as possible in Minny
    So he wants to pack up the truck and move to Beverly.
    I never wanted to see this happen I love hating the Vikings,their fans and state.But with fans like Pervy,Gravy,Ragnar etc who are so immature, vitriolic, and obscene and also take pleasure in every injury the Packers have received this year it kinda makes me want them to move
    Good luck Ziggy hope the move goes smoothly

  133. All I can say about the chaos in Eden Prairie is WOW! I hate the Vikings and their fans since I’m a Bears fan, but even I’m feeling bad for them finally. When all of the garbage started at the beginning of this season (and last), I laughed at the Vike fans supporting and defending their team so valiantly. Especially when every other fan in the league tried to tell them Minny would implode.
    As I follow all of the subsequent stories re: the Vikes (since Florio & Co. refuses to acknowledge CHI as an NFL team & post stories about them), I’m amazed that there are still Viking fans out there. They have been hung out to dry by the MN mgmt. and I’ve seen several “fans” jump ship on this site. For those of you still claiming loyalty to the purple and gold, I applaud you. It’s not easy to support a sinking ship. I know, you see I’m also a Cubs fan… 😦

  134. i think its funny when packer fans say they hate the state of minnesota.
    hello, pot. this is kettle…

  135. Before the season started I predicted the Vikings would implode by week 10. Damn it I am wrong again.
    I truly love that the most bitter nasty fanbase in the NFL is dining on crow once again.
    Happy 50th losers!
    Here is to another 50 years of choking & imploding.

  136. natedogg1335 says:
    Rick Spielman knows what he’s doing??? First of all the Vikings cap is completely destroyed and they will be a shell of this team in about 2-3 years.
    You can’t be a shell of THIS team. This team is an all-time lesson in sports futility and the laughingstock of the entire league. The only way to be a shell of this team would be to fold the franchise and cease operations altogether.
    Now, if you mean a shell of LAST year’s team, that makes more sense. Except, of course, that they already are exactly that. I’m sure we’ll all hear that they’re going to win the Super Bowl next season in just a few months though. I’d make fun of Viking fans even more, but there are none left here.

  137. The overreaction on this site from the writers and the posters is stupid.
    Every Viking loss this year has been a one posession game at the 3 minute mark.
    The Vikes still have all their 2010 draft picks but a third rounder. But they have an extra fifth and seventh. So what is the big deal? That is hardly mortgaging your future.
    They have more key free agents than the average team because they have better players, but most of them will re-sign. Others won’t and the Vikes will get compensated in 2011 with … you guessed it, more draft picks. Are other teams going to outbid the Vikes for T-Jack, Sidney Rice, and Ben Leber? Please.
    Most of the blather from these posters are from suppressed Packer and Bear fans. Too bad nobody cares about your team outside your states.

  138. The DL and LBs are basically intact and guys are healthy, so what’s their excuse for underperforming?
    Much like the offense and Brent last year they simply overachieved in 2009.
    The only guy that’s playing at or above the level of last year is Peterson, and go figure that Chilly doesn’t want to feature him enough.
    Think about this for a second- the Packers- a team that has 10 guys on IR, or about 20% of their roster at the beginning of the year- are 2 1/2 games ahead of Minnesota in the standings!
    Are the Packers that good or are the Vikings just that bad?

  139. # richkotitte says: November 2, 2010 7:42 AM
    LA Lakers have done pretty well since moving from Minnesota, maybe it’s time for the Vikings to give it a try!
    A Jags fan basking in the afterglow of sending America’s team to the brink.
    Except for the Minneapolis Lakers won five titles before moving to LA…

  140. No way, I read a lot of stuff about the Vikings and Cowboys playing for the NFC title. Of course, I think I had failed to refresh my browser, and it was all from the preseason. But those were real experts. I don’t think they’d be wrong.

  141. Minnesota’s problem is not Brad Childress. That one can shoot holes in how he’s handled situations is correct, but he built a talented team that went 30-18 and reached the NFC title game in the previous three seasons.
    No, the cancer in the Vikings locker room is Brett Favre. He’s the locker room lawyer, the volume stats bully who was universally known to be the biggest self-important diva in football, and yet as Favre has been the one who cost the Vikings a Superbowl trip and cost their season this year by not showing up for camp, doing his usual job of trying to win the game by himself and blowing it as a result and then never being held accountable except in the most perfunctory and insincere fashion.
    The head that needs to roll in Minnesota is Brett Favre’s – too bad it didn’t roll on the Foxboro Fieldturf after Myron Pryor dumped him.

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