By popular demand, the current waiver priority

Plenty of you have asked questions about the current waiver priority. 

So we decided to track it down.

We’ve got a feeling more than a few of you will be checking it out.

1.  Bills.

2.  Panthers.

3.  Cowboys.

4.  49ers.

5.  Broncos.

6.  Lions.

7.  Vikings.

8.  Bengals.

9.  Browns.

10.  Chargers.

11.  Cardinals.

12.  Jaguars.

13.  Rams.

14.  Raiders.

15.  Redskins.

16.  Seahawks.

17.  Bears.

18.  Dolphins.

19.  Eagles.

20.  Texans.

21.  Packers.

22.  Saints.

23.  Titans.

24.  Chiefs.

25.  Buccaneers.

26.  Ravens.

27.  Giants.

28.  Falcons.

29.  Jets.

30.  Colts.

31.  Steelers.

32.  Patriots.

50 responses to “By popular demand, the current waiver priority

  1. Maybe you should add a “transactions tab” to this site. You can see who has been released, signed, etc.

  2. It would be helpful to see the record – I suspect he’s going to be picked up by a team right on the border of .500.

  3. As bad as the Cowboys have been this year it’s still kind of weird to see them 3rd on the priority list.
    Could have been 1st if the Texans hadn’t given up a Super Bowl win to them…

  4. Can’t imagine the Bills not grabbing him if for no other reason than to trade him and pick up a free 5th or 6th.
    But how ’bout the Lions? Oh wait… there’s no market there for underachieving, overpaid, egomaniac receivers now that Matt Millen’s gone.

  5. Oh, please let the Cowboys make a claim. That would serve 2 purposes:
    1) It would be very fun to watch Randy and the ‘Boys implode together, and
    2)It would block the Broncos from picking him up. Go Chiefs!

  6. I’d love to see him go to San Fran and deal with Singletary.
    Either that or Cincinnati to complete the triple crown.

  7. clovenhoof says:
    November 3, 2010 9:44 AM
    Can’t imagine the Bills not grabbing him if for no other reason than to trade him and pick up a free 5th or 6th.
    As it was explained about six thousand times yesterday, the trade deadline has passed. He’ll be a free agent at the end of this season, they’ll be nothing to, um, trade next year.

  8. Yeah… the bills will take on his 3.4 million salary to try to trade him….????? uhhumm. douchebaggery. They will get a 5th or 6th round pick for trading him to someone who wants to take on his 3.4, plus a draft pick…….uhhhummm. The people that post here might as well blog with florio and the fellow baggeries.

  9. Bills won’t pick him up for 2 reasons:
    1) Our receiving corps is doing fine. Fitzpatrick will be inaccurate but when he is accurate the receivers are making plays. We have underpaid underrated receivers on a correctly rated Bills team. No sense in paying millions to a receiver for the top 5 pick we’ll end up with.
    2) Contrary to many comments posted…the trade deadline is past. There is no trade value in picking Moss up to get any round draft pick.
    Acquiring Moss does us no good.
    Now Merriman on the other hand… I’d take him and cut Kelsay & Ellison. Even if we don’t go after him I’d cut Kelsay & Ellison.

  10. Sweet, the vikings are #7, they should put in a request for that one receiver that just hit the waiver yesterday.

  11. @ Clovenhoof… I believe the trading deadline has already passed so I don’t think they could trade him unless they re-sign him.

  12. @me
    “How funny would it be if the Vikings claimed Moss?”
    And then released him again. And then claimed him again, repeat, repeat……..

  13. He goes in the 12 to 20 range. Those are the teams where several could use WR help, are in the mix for playoff runs and would likely be desperate enough to make the move. The earlier teams are either out of contention (even if not by “math”) or wouldn’t likely touch him (Like SD, who has their own VJ problem).

  14. Teams that I think could possibly go for it:
    4. 49ers.
    5. Broncos.
    9. Browns.
    10. Chargers.
    13. Rams.
    16. Seahawks.
    17. Bears.
    18. Dolphins.
    22. Saints.
    23. Titans.
    24. Chiefs.
    25. Buccaneers.
    26. Ravens.
    29. Jets.
    30. Colts.
    (I’d say the Patriots too, but if he gets to them they’d be smarter to just let him become a FA and work out a cheaper contract while Minny pays the remainder of his current one)

  15. Me,
    I’m pretty sure the Vikings are not allowed to put a claim in for Moss, even if they had a change of heart and want him back. I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules.

  16. Come on Vikings, fire “Chilly” and put a claim in for Moss. They have a roster spot open after cutting…Moss.

  17. Bears and Titans seem to me to be the only 2 that make sense for both sides. Maybe 49ers. I dont see him going to a losing team, but they may be able to sell him that they have a shot to win their division at 7-9.

  18. Saying someone will pick up Moss to trade him (after the deadline) is like the morons that say the Patriots will put in a claim for him at #32, when most obviously as last on the list they could sign him as an FA and have Minnesota pay his salary.
    My preference, Indy. They play @ NE in three weeks. Thus, Moss could have his 3rd press conference at Gillette this year on 3 different teams to say that he is done holding press conferences – and talk his way out of town in the process.
    Let just hope someone leaks the waiver list this afternoon to see really who put in claim.
    Florio – if hypothetically you had seen such a list do they really list everyone who puts in a claim or just who is ultimately awarded the player?

  19. Donnyp makes a good point,
    A lot of teams won’t take Moss because there’s no value in picking him up. He can’t be traded and unless the team can sign him to a new contract, he’s gone at the end of this season.
    So if Moss indicates through his agent that he doesn’t want to sign long term with a given team, the team isn’t going to force him there by putting in a claim.
    Unless, there is a coach on the hot seat that thinks Moss can help him get wins this season and help keep his job.
    ie. John Fox, Mike Singletary, Wade Phillips, etc.
    There are a lot of teams high on that priority list that need WR help, but won’t be able to convince Moss to sign long term, so I’m guessing it’ll be a team closer to middle of the pack and higher, or a team with good potential.

  20. @frankd1214
    If your gonna bitch about other people, as well as the writers. YOU SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE A CLUE!!!! Idiot they cant trade him

  21. JDOGG: Broncos could have Moss, Shannon Sharpe, Haven Moses and Floyd Little………and they would STILL suck!
    He would look good in red, though.

  22. I can see the Bills going after Merriman. Bills GM Buddy Nix has history with him, he would be an instant upgrade over Reggie Torbor and Akin Ayodele, and only cost a little over 1 mil for the rest of the year. Even a hurt Merriman is better than what we have in Kelsay and Maybin.

  23. @kellyb91985
    Just know your NFL standings, dude. Either go off your football intelligence and know that the Raiders are 4-4 and so 0.500 teams are around them. Or guess that #16 is about 0.500, although teams 12-15 are actually 4-4 and 16 is 4-3, close enough.

  24. The Donks make a lot of sense. He flourished under McDaniels in NE, and Josh knows how to manage him and take advantage of his skill set.

  25. # clovenhoof says: November 3, 2010 9:44 AM
    Can’t imagine the Bills not grabbing him if for no other reason than to trade him and pick up a free 5th or 6th.
    Let me guess, you work for PFT, right? Florio in disguise perhaps?

  26. triky72 :
    what do you tune all the bloggers meatwhistles here… or just florio.
    Didnt know the deadline passed.. Still … common sense…. pick him up to trade him??? cmon.

  27. Stark Raven Mad says:
    November 3, 2010 10:24 AM
    Donnyp makes a good point,
    A lot of teams won’t take Moss because there’s no value in picking him up. He can’t be traded and unless the team can sign him to a new contract, he’s gone at the end of this season
    There is still some value there. When he leaves via free agency, the team that loses him could get a compensatory pick. The issue becomes is his antics worth the money spent and the potential draft pick? If he goes to a team that is losing, he will act like a fool again, and he will not try to play well. Good luck to whomever gets him but it is not going to be easy to get him to produce. A long-term contract will help but only if the team has a decent shot at a SB in the near future

  28. One commentor got it right.
    Where do all New England cast-offs go?? To baby Belichek, Josh McDaniels. He’ll be wearing orange and blue by practice Friday….

  29. “Plenty of you have asked questions about the current waiver priority.
    So we decided to track it down.”
    By “track it down” do you mean follow Adam Schefter or Jason La Canfora on twitter YESTERDAY?

  30. “Can’t imagine the Bills not grabbing him if for no other reason than to trade him and pick up a free 5th or 6th.”
    Wow, you really know your stuff.

  31. FYI MENSA commenters. The trade deadline has *passed* not *past*. You fail for messing up while trying to belittle someone else for not having realized the deadline has already passed.

  32. @youboettcha – I’d prefer not to look up every team’s record as it relates to their waiver order. theres a lot of teams that are .500 I can’t name them all. Their waiver order from there is based on strength of schedule. Either way, I don’t see a losing team picking him up – it simply makes no sense.

  33. Wouldn’t it be great if the Patriots got him back. Thats would mean they traded Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 3rd round pick and Randy Moss?

  34. You’re all right about the trade deadline…however, they could technically sign him to a one year extension yet this season (which he would never do…neither would the team), and then offer him as trade bait at year’s end or during the off season.
    Becoming pretty clear that this guy is literally the cancer they said he was…..I hope Cincy bites. Would make for great TV…

  35. Ok you got the Rams Raiders and Redskins at 13,14 and 15 I understand they are all 4-4 but how do they determine that the Rams have dibbs on Moss over the Raiders and Redskins?? I mean the Rams beat the Redskins so shouldn’t the Redskins be ahead of the Rams on the waiver wire?? do they go by confrence records or something?? I’m only asking because I am a Redskin fan and I want them to go get Randy but everyone is saying its a strong possiblity that the Rams will claim him I know the last thing we need in DC is another distraction after all the McNabb-Shanahan bullshit but I look at it like this, 1 of our biggest weaknesses is a big play WR and last time McNabb had 1 it seemed to workout pretty good until the fallout of course but with all the bullshit Randy Moss can put a team threw I never remember him being a guy who threw his QB under the bus maybe I’m wrong but I never remember that happening with him but anyhow can someone explain to me why the Rams are the 1st of the 4-4 teams to get a crack at him??

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