Childress gets grilled by Minnesota media for lying about Moss

We’ve said it time and again — pro football coaches lie when lying suits their interests.  Every once in a while, a football coach gets caught in a lie.

On Wednesday, Vikings coach Brad Childress met with the media for the first time since cutting receiver Randy Moss, and Childress essentially admitted that he lied to them on Monday about Moss’ status with the team.

Specifically, Childress met with the media on Monday at 12:30 p.m. CT, and he said nothing to suggest that Moss may be in trouble.  Then, immediately after the press conference, Childress went to tell the team that Moss was out.

“As long as the right people are contacted in the right order, I think
that’s important,” Childress said after being lectured (and we liked it) by one member of the media regarding the fact that he essentially lied to the fans.  “Obviously it wouldn’t have served a purpose to come
out here and tell you guys and have you go run with it before the
dominoes start to go down,” Childress said.

Though it obviously was deceptive, Childress said, “It’s not an attempt to deceive.”

And it all easily could have been avoided.  Move the meeting to before the press conference, or the press conference to after the meeting.  But Childress, in our view, didn’t want to face the music when the news was fresh.  So he gladly lied to the media on Monday, and how he’s hiding behind a chain-of-command-style excuse for not being honest.

Childress refused to get into any of the details regarding the decision to dump Moss, other than to say, “It didn’t work out.”  The assembled reporters tried their best to get Childress to elaborate, with Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune at one point asking Childress how he was “duped, fooled, whatever” regarding Moss.
Childress was careful to point out the names of personnel decisions that have worked, explaining, “Some work out and some don’t work out.  And some end up being short term and some end up being long term.

So what didn’t work out?

“I’m not gonna get into a lot of the particulars,” Childress said.  “I’m not gonna do that.  It’s done, it’s other with. . . . It’s a decision I had to make.”

Childress said he didn’t speak to Moss about the move, but that Childress made multiple phone calls and sent text messages in an effort to reach him.  Eventually, V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman spoke with Moss.

At one point, Childress called it “a programmatic non-fit.”

Plenty of fans likely believe that same term applies to Childress himself.  And more and more fans in Minnesota soon could decide that the term also applies to the entire franchise.

77 responses to “Childress gets grilled by Minnesota media for lying about Moss

  1. “As long as the right people are contacted in the right order, I think that’s important,”
    Telling the owner and GM / VP first, might hav ebeen the obvious pecking order. Then telling the players… and finally media.
    That would have avoided an extra day on waiver wire, and all this extra embarassment.
    The guy made a bad hire, that cost his owner money, and his team a high draft pick.

  2. I wonder how good Chilly’s cardiovascular endurance is once he get’s run out of Minnesota.

  3. Hopefully the Wilfs included a buyout clause in Chilly Willy’s new contract. Otherwise Mr. Noodle will still be pacing the sidelines, covering his face with the Perkins menu for 2 more seasons.

  4. If I were Chilly, I would have just said “we cut an a-hole… deal with it! no more questions!” and bounced… getting back to work with the team at hand.

  5. LOL….he didn’t want to get grilled by the media the DAY OF releasing Moss. That’s why he had the Press Conference before he told the team.
    Chilly just made himself look like the coward he is.

  6. Lets cut all this crap about how he could have avoided having to be “deceptive” by moving his press conference to be after he met the team. Childress has always addressed his players first and then then media. HE MOVED THE PRESS CONFERENCE SO THAT IT HAPPENED FIRST. Its not a timing issue, its not that he would have had to have moved the timing, he just would have had to have stuck with what has been standard operating procedure for him for years. What else do you call moving a meeting to give you an excuse not to talk about a major move? A gutless and certain attempt to deceive the media and the fans. Even today he refused to justify why he brought in Moss and turned right around and fired Moss. Grow a pair Brad, man up, and answer the tough questions. Strange how Brett Favre said he knew what to expect out of Moss despite not playing with him, and Childress was so completely clueless about him despite having several front office people to call on who previously employed Moss. Zygi, stop the insanity, Fire Childress Now.

  7. Man M.F….you must not have ever had a “Real Job” and you know what? Good for you.
    The fact is, sometimes in business, leaders (And I use that tern lightly w/B.C.) are put in situations where the circumstances dictate something like this happens. You can’t go around re-scheduling all the time just so you never tell a half truth during an unpleasant process.
    Again, good for you for not having this as part of your life, but trust those of us that do actually have responsibilities for managing large groups of people and all the expectations that come with that.
    Things like this are unavoidable sometimes, and Childress does not deserve to be called a “Liar”.
    Fired? Yes, Liar no.

  8. I have a couple of questions for Chilly:
    (1) How does a total moron become the head coach of an NFL team?
    (2) Do you have any hidden dirty laundry about the Wilfs that precluds the Vikings from canning your sorry, incompetent ass?

  9. is this really a story?
    why would coaches ever feel they owe it to reporters and fans to hear it first before he tells his own players?
    for reporters to think that’s the case is utterly stupid and self-important….unfortunately that would include the reporter at this website

  10. This just in…The Vikings have just traded with the Patriots…The Vikings will receive Tom Brady in exchange for 2 first round draft picks and Tom Brady. Brilliant!

  11. It doesn’t matter who was right or who was wrong. Only one thing matters right now. 92% of the fan base, aka “revenue base”, wants the egomaniac known as Childress fired. Please leave my favorite team and never, ever look back.

  12. aww…florio are you sad? I feel for you. Want an ice cream cone?
    “move the press conference before the meeting or move the meeting after the press conference”
    really???? WHO CARES?
    This is not the white house trying to hold back information for national security reasons. It’s a f’ing football team. I’d lie to in order to make sure the proper people are told first. it’s ridiculous for people to get angry over this.

  13. I have to side with Childress here, he doesn’t have to tell the media anything if he’s not ready to.
    Reports need to get over themselves…seriously!

  14. Childress got it right. His players deserve to know first. Otherwise the media would have just grilled him for not being a team player. The media can cry and moan all they want, they didn’t deserve to know before the team. Childress may get fired, he may even never work in the NFL again, but at least he handled this situation with class, and paid the media as much respect as they deserve.

  15. if a coach wants to lie he has that right. The only reason he’s catching grief about it is because he hurt the poor wittle weporters feewings…
    People that go into reporting are almost always douches, and you are no exception.

  16. So Childresss gets grilled for lying about Moss… but it’s ok for Andy Reid to not get grilled for lying about McNabb after countless times he said McNabb would be the starter for the Eagles than he goes out and trades McNabb. Funny how Reid gets away with lying about McNabb but Childress gets grilled about Moss… double standard at it’s best.

  17. Why do all of us football lovers act like we expect honesty from those involved with the game?
    Honesty is for jury trials and confessionals – not games of sport….

  18. “a programmatic non-fit.”
    When the program is a reeking pile o’ fecal matter its hard to make anything fit.
    I’m surprised the angry mob of Vikes fans hasn’t turned up at the stadium yet with pitchforks and torches to lynch Chilly.

  19. Here’s hoping the Bears hire him after he gets fired.
    I like the way our division is shaping up.

  20. fortysixand2 says:
    November 3, 2010 1:18 PM
    Hopefully the Wilfs included a buyout clause in Chilly Willy’s new contract. Otherwise Mr. Noodle will still be pacing the sidelines, covering his face with the Perkins menu for 2 more seasons.
    Its an IHOP menu, not a Perkins menu… get it right.
    IHOP stands for :

  21. I still hate the fact that Childress is getting away with making a major mistake.
    I still don’t understand how you’re around NFL football forever, coach forever, rub elbows with those that are familiar with Randy Moss, and have followed Randy Moss since he’s been in the league and know what makes him tick – yet, you fail to vet in the most basic of details that even those not in the know would do.
    I mean, you, as a coach, are extremely rigid and conservative and you know Randy Moss gets antsy if things aren’t boom-booming all the time, and you’ve got an O-line that cannot pass protect to save its life; yet you somehow believe Randy Moss won’t notice this?
    It’s ridiculous and there’s no reason why Childress should have a job today – there really isn’t.

  22. TorVikeFan,
    It’s called the Peter Principle and Childress is the poster child for it.
    The Peter Principle is the principle that, “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence.”
    The fact he wasn’t even allowed to call plays in Philly showed that to be his greatest level of incompetence. In his case, he exceeded it by a whole 2 levels (a real OC and then a HC). Amazing really. The only other coach who has pulled off an even bigger swindle is Eric Mangini who is the JaMarcus Russell of coaches.

  23. Seriously..I’m a vikings fan in all, but PFT is relentless with Vikings coverage… Aren’t there 31 other teams out there, most with winning records?? I can only imagine how annoying all the Viking related articles are for people who have absolutely no rooting interest in this team.. Sh@t, I do and I’m getting bored with it..

  24. At least this time he didn’t have others lie for him, like he did in training camp when he sent his 3 boys to Hattiesburg to suck Brett’s crocs.
    Childress is a first-class douche, I’ll be sad to see ’em go. He’s an embarrassment to himself and the Vikings organization…thankfully he never got on that plane to Green Bay. And if you recall, he was just as big a douche his first day on the job, bragging about how he didn’t get on that plane…feeling the need to needle somebody, I don’t even know who he felt he was sticking it to.
    But this guy has a huge chip on his shoulder, and the resulting behavior is really just disgusting. (but entertaining, if you’re a Packers fan.)

  25. If you’re getting a divorce you are not going to tell the neighborhood before you tell your kids. Same deal here. Childress had an obligation to tell the team before the media.

  26. Seriously man where is that doucher Pervy Harvin? I’m starting to get worried about his mental well being. Has anyone checked on him lately? I hope he didn’t do something drastic like burn his #4 and #84 jerseys.

  27. @VikingFanForLife:
    Minnesota suck so bad it isn’t even funny. Soon it will be the Los Angeles Vikings. Nobody in Minnesota knows how to run a football team. Heck, Childress and now Favre have been two of the best things to happen to the NFC North. As long as they are around Minnesota will be terrible.
    Forget the playoffs this year, that’s not going to happen.
    What injury will Favrevignugen have this week? Maybe his feelings will get hurt qhwn he throws a few more picks and Arizona beats the stupid queens.
    I would suggest you pick a new team before you end up commiting suicide because the Vikings SUCK so BADDDDD!!!!!

  28. Wow Florio, that last comment…you must be upset the Dem’s got shellacked or something. The Vikings stadium situation has never been a partisan issue. It will get done.

  29. So Bill Belichick fires Moss, doesn’t give a reason and he’s a genius?
    He needs to be fired instantly and that logic should be applied uniformly across the league.

  30. Chilly has the right to tell whoever at whatever time is appropriate. Why does the media feel entitled to getting information first? In this case he was right to deliver the news first to the team and then to the vultures so they could all claim, “we broke the story first.”

  31. Childress can’t win- he takes crap from everyone for letting Brint do as he pleases, and then takes it for NOT letting Moss do as he pleases.
    Moss is the best downfield receiver of all time, but if he is not giving his all, badmouthing the team, pining to be elsewhere, insulting the common working man PLUS not producing on the field, what other choice does he have but to dump him?
    Plus this is a guy who has improved the team win total by two in four straight years before this one. His only mistake is thinking Brint had one more good year left, and he may still be right on that one. I don’t understand the hatred for the guy.

  32. Poor Florio…..getting all butt-hurt when coaches are less-than-forthcoming with the media about what’s happening behind the scenes.
    Here’s an idea: why not petition the league to install secret spy-cams in the offices of every coach and GM in the NFL? That way you’ll have unfettered, real-time access to every bit of info that comes out, without being forced to rely on these cloak-and-dagger jerks who are trying to protect the best interests of their organizations.

  33. “We’ve said it time and again — pro football coaches lie when lying suits their interests. Every once in a while, a football coach gets caught in a lie.”
    And we have said it time and time again that certain bloggers will report character issues or other damaging items about players and coaches and not provide a shred of actual proof other than a “source close to the situation”. Don’t feel superior Florio- you are not.

  34. Flagg and JD have their priorities in the right order above.
    Righteous indignation from same media who have profiled Moss’ sideline behavior and ate up his post-game news conferences. Perhaps these same reporters didn’t sense the seriousness of Moss’ situation. Otherwise the questions at the earlier conference would have been more pointed.
    Childress’ only job now is to win. A job most Minnie Media don’t necessarily support

  35. Hahahaha, who knew that the proper order was:
    Assistant Coaches
    Am I the only one that thinks that Owner, Player being waived and/or Agent of player being waived should have made the list?

  36. Childress cutting Moss reminds me of Jim Zorn’s effed up field goal trick play last season: one last middle finger to the franchise before getting fired

  37. Chilly did the right thing for once. Maybe this whole episode will help him with the job.

  38. What is it with you reporters who think you are so important!!! Who cares what he said to you guys, you would have twisted it anyway to fit your needs. The media thinks that everyone is beholden to answer there questions upon demand. Most people think that in today’s world the media has lost touch & are lumped in with Politicians & Lawyers now. Great company!!!!

  39. So you know that coaches lie, but you are, for some reason, bothered when they lie. Sounds like you just like to be unhappy.

  40. Childress would have been criticized if he had told the media before the team, too. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. F’in media.
    Same as guys getting criticized whether they make generic, cliche comments or whether they speak their mind. It’s a lose-lose.

  41. Why are you complaining that you werent told the news first? Secondly, what makes you so special to deserve that the meeting should be moved to suit you reporters?
    What is your entitlement? Please Enlighten me.

  42. Christ PFT… the only people who got upset that he met with the media before telling the players is…
    wait for it..

  43. FargoVikesFan says:
    November 3, 2010 1:41 PM
    Its an IHOP menu, not a Perkins menu… get it right.
    IHOP stands for :
    T-Jack knew how to run it best, turn around and give it to Peterson, they didn’t need Favre to come cluster it up.

  44. NFL head coaches are habitual liars. Just ask Mike Shanahan. Chilly’s problem is that he comes across as a complete imbecile every time he gets caught stretching the truth. Just like when he dispatched 3 of his players down to the deep south to round up the ol’ gunslinga.

  45. Yeah right! Lying to the pillars of society. HARDLY. The media shades the truth so much, to make a story out of nothing, none of them should complain.

  46. This guy is clearly not HC material, but he’s being vilified here for making a sound roster move. Had Bellichick done the same, no one would bat an eye. Actually, for the behavior Moss has displayed not only over the years but recently, had he not cut him, everyone would be calling Childress a pussy who doesn’t have control of his team.
    How many Raider fans were here telling you they just wanted him cut for his antics a few years back….well, Childress cut him after he began acting like a dog.
    The antics of Randy Moss don’t outweigh his ability anymore, so no one is putting up with his nonsense anymore. He’s the ultimate front runner who was about to go into Oakland Raider year mode because the Vikings are 2-5, so what’s the point of keeping him on the team?
    Keep him just to save face because you lost a 3rd round pick in the deal? It was a limited arrangement to begin with because no way were they re-signing him with Rice, who’s much younger and simply better at this point on the roster.
    The trade was a bad move in hindsight, but you’re lying if you’re saying now that it didn’t make sense at the time. he admitted his mistake and is moving on.
    Again, I think Childress is a very bad HC, but everyone hammering him for this one are being silly.

  47. The “right” order would have been:
    1. Wilf
    2. Moss
    3. The team
    4. The media
    I can’t blame him for snowballing the media, but he still got it WRONG.

  48. @jrhsd – Are you actually comparing Belichick to Childress? Okay, I’ll bite. Belichick may not have Randy Moss, but he does have two things, the locker room under control and Minnesota’s 3rd round draft pick. Childress has neither a draft pick nor a clue on how to manage a team. I could go on, but it would just be pointless.

  49. Claymaker
    “Minnesota suck so bad it isn’t even funny. Soon it will be the Los Angeles Vikings. Nobody in Minnesota knows how to run a football team. Heck, Childress and now Favre have been two of the best things to happen to the NFC North. As long as they are around Minnesota will be terrible. ”
    Did u graduate from the little bus yet? “Minnesota suck so bad…” ya u go girl! Obviously others are threatened by the Purple because they spend hours and hours reading our threads and spewing idiot remarks. It’s only week #9 settle down!

  50. For once my Raiders aren’t the most bone-headed franchise in the league. Thanks Minnesota, Dallas, and Buffalo!

  51. there’s an old saying, “its better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission…”
    While its not necessarily the case here…Chilly likely subscribes to the “ask for forgiveness” part of it.

  52. If you’re personally chagrined by an NFL coach not telling the truth…you must spend a lot of time chagrined…

  53. So in order to satisfy you Florio (and the 24/7 media), teams should schedule their meetings around YOUR schedule.
    That’s stupid… Childress doesn’t owe anyone but his team and the owners anything. You get to write about it when it happens officially. You can write rumors before then.

  54. Like the media cares about the fans. Too much of the media…ESPN…..think that they’re the story when they should just report it.

  55. Chilly just doesn’t get it. He’s lost 90 percent of the fan base. The bottom line is that he could have postponed his Monday press conference or at the very least told the media/fans that an announcement would be made later in the day. He’s gutless, and he left his own players to deal with the media while he ran for cover.
    It was nice to hear the local reporters take the gloves off and go after him today. It was refreshing to hear one of them bring up the fact that they are trying to get a stadium and he once again alienated the fans with the approach he took.
    I tried to go into today’s press conference with an open mind since he had 48 hours to come up with his spin, and I assumed ownership would have insisted that he address the situation like a man. Instead, he provided the usual Chilly-speak, and I don’t think he won over anyone with the approach he took.
    It continues to stun me that he has no comprehension of how effective a straight forward and honest approach could be in situations like this. You can be secretive and smug when your team is winning and people will let it slide. You simply can’t take this approach when you are losing and your ownership is fighting for a new stadium. It’s absolute insanity.

  56. chilly need to get ICED!!!!!
    screw this bald eagle-looking arrogant liar.
    what good does he do???
    plus TO when he played in philly told him to “not speak to him anymore”
    chilly is the worst

  57. I used to think you were a wanna-be psuedo journalist. After seeing this story develop and hearing you on PA’s show yesterday it’s become clear you’re just a muckraker. You just want the most contreversial outcome, no matter what happens or who is hurt because that’s what drives page views and gets you paid.
    Moss gets cut, thats ONE story. You are salivating to see Chilly fired, even pushing the story in that direction with your ‘Time for Heads to Roll’ commentary. Imagine how many more stories could be made! Look at the PFT most commented, 7/10 are Randy Moss stories. 9/10 are Vikings stories. Over the summer 8/10 were regularly Brett Favre stories.
    I just wish you would decide which you want to be, are you Bob Costas or are you Peter King?

  58. “move the press conference before the meeting or move the meeting after the press conference”
    LOL since when do NFL coaches set their schedules to cater to the press ? You really think that’s going to happen ? Really ?
    I’d love to see someone suggest to Belichick or any of the other to coaches that they set their schedule based on what’s best for the press LMFAO the answer would be priceless.

  59. The media is the last group that deserves any form of honesty. They rarely conduct their own business in an honest fashion, and yet they feel they are deserving of full disclosure. LOL. The way the media covered the Big Ben story was disgracefully one-sided and intentionally dishonest. The media are the lowest form of life on Earth.

  60. far be it from me to defend childress, but he’s getting a bum rap here.
    are you telling me vikings fans didn’t want randy moss for a 3rd when they did that trade? All i read were positive reviews of that move!
    frankly, childress’ waiving of moss i feel was justified. the dude isn’t being a team player, quits on routes, didn’t turn it around from his lollygagging in New England. Further, he was possibly creating a bad distraction for the young receivers, split the locker room, and was a dick to caterers & team personnel to boot. Randy wouldn’t even travel with the team and was refusing to do press conferences.
    Could *anyone* have predicted that he would have been so bad in Minnesota?
    Childress was right to waive him, he was a distraction. I think people already dislike Childress and are just looking for any ammunition to load on the guy. Had Belichick brought Moss in for a 3rd and waived him, he would have been cited as a genius.

  61. Kind of surprised PFT would be so concerned about covering a team that is so irrelevant at this time.
    Then again, it’s funny watching the MN “fans” chime in on the topic. Pure entertainment!!
    SKOL the sinking ship

  62. the media isnt trusted for a reason. like they suckle obama’s testicles, for instance, and they push all kinds of commie pee cee.
    cutting moss wasnt that bad. trading for him, knowing what he was like, was bad. then cutting him on top of that, not good.
    and the saying is, it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. cause the party granting permission will always treat u like a child anymore. if u do it and it works, then they get to stew on it.

  63. Childress called Moss a “programmatic non-fit”.
    Here’s the translation, for those of you who don’t know Chilly-Speak:
    1) Moss didn’t like my not throwing him the ball. Can Moss catch the ball? Is that what he does? Who knew? Not me.
    2) Moss didn’t like my schemes or play-calling. Apparently, Moss doesn’t know a kick-ass offence when he sees one.
    3) Moss didn’t appreciate that I didn’t heed him when he told me which schemes the Patriots would use. What, is a coach supposed to actually listen to other people who have insight into something? Not in my books. Coaches like me know everything, unless we don’t know something, in which case we don’t listen to anybody else anyway.
    4) Moss voiced his displeasure about all that. The cardinal rule about my program is that the players keep their mouths shut about me. I cry myself to sleep at night if someone talks bad about me.

  64. Just imagine if President Obama or Former President Bush at a press conference said “Though it obviously was deceptive, It’s not an attempt to deceive.”
    They would be skewered by the press. In fact, Chilly sounded just like a fellow who once said, “depends on what the definition of is, is”.
    So Chilly. What is the difference between a deceptive act and a deceiving act when they are derivative of the same word (deceive)? He sounds more nonsensical than Yogi Berra everyday. At least Yogi was funny!

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