Derek Anderson gets the call for Cardinals

Brett Favre was surprisingly upbeat at Wednesday’s press conference, but wouldn’t say the Vikings season has hit bottom because “it can always get worse.”

A loss to the Cardinals Sunday at the Metrodome would qualify as much worse.

Arizona is scuffling at 3-4, but they look worse than their record because they haven’t been able to stick with one quarterback for the better part of the season.  Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt announced Wednesday he’s making another switch with his starting job: Derek Anderson will get the call against the Vikings.

I watched the Cardinals-Bucs game Tuesday night and was surprised that Max Hall’s performance wasn’t all bad.  His two pick sixes were worth benching him for, although Beanie Wells’ lack of pass protection basically caused one of them.

Derek Anderson was predictably inconsistent.  He helped lead a big comeback, but threw a mind-numbing interception to end the game . . . just after almost throwing a mind-numbing interception to end the game.

No win is automatic for the Vikings these days. But if they lose at home to Arizona, they just don’t have the right stuff to recover this year.

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  1. Now THIS is a team that could possibly use the services of Jamarcus Russell.

  2. I was pulling for DA to make the most of his time in Arizona, but he has remained inconsistent. Why don’t they try John Skelton?

  3. Our lack of defence is more concerning than out lack of receivers outside of Percy Harvin.

  4. Getting rid of Leinart to turn the keys over to a Hall/Anderson combo? Really, would one more year been such a bad move?

  5. If the Derek Anderson led Cardinals beat the Vikes, Brett Favre should be forced to retire on the spot. Me and ten friends could go out, play both ways, and still pick off DA at least twice.

  6. # RexR#1 says: November 3, 2010 2:00 PM
    derek anderson at qb makes it an automatic win for the vikings.
    It’ll probably come down to who throws more INTs. With Anderson and Favre at QB, that’s a definite toss-up.

  7. man, I don’t know why you hate the cardinals so much. They are just subjects of a horrible QB situation but if Kurt Warner was in there, they would be in the top half of the NFC.
    Alas, he’s not but give them even a decent QB and I dont think they are as drastically bad as you and Florio make them out to be.

  8. Brian Billick was wrong during the telecast for calling Beanie Wells out for the first Max Hall INT. RBs, and all players in pass protection, are taught to take the innermost free rushers first. The Bucs blitzed two, Wells picked up the inside guy, Sean Jones came around untouched and Hall rushed his throw. That wasn’t Wells’ fault. I’m a Bucs fan, but I’m also not an idiot like Billick, and I spotted numerous cases in this telecast where Billick was flat out wrong. On a few he eventually owned up to his mistakes (like calling Max Hall, “Josh Hall” for half of the game).
    Anyway, Wells did the right thing in protection, the only screw up was commited by Billick… and Max Hall.

  9. I feel bad for Cardinals fans. The shot of DA putting his hands on his head after he threw that pick was all too familar. Good luck Cardinal fan. You need it. He will give some hope only to dissapoint you.

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