PFTV’s Week Nine game of the week

We usually hold the PFTV game of the week segment until Thursday or Friday.

But with Randy Moss destined to be wearing a new uniform as soon as Sunday, we needed to get this one posted before it became moot.

Either of the two teams who’ll participate in the Week Nine game of the week could land Moss, which could change the outcome of the game dramatically.

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4 responses to “PFTV’s Week Nine game of the week

  1. The Dolphins will not get Randy Moss. He will be gone to another team before Miami is eligible to get him. Even if he is available, they won’t take him because they do not need that cancer in the locker romm.

  2. After Brandon Marshall gets done with that secondary, nobody in Miami will even be thinking about Randy Moss.

  3. Bubby Brister:
    Last year with a much better QB, Brandon had 4 catches for 24 yds against the Ravens. I wouldn’t call that tearing up the secondary. Henne stares at receivers too much for Brandon to be “done with that secondary.” It’ll definately be a good game though. Not sure Miami is ready for a rested,focused Baltimore team that has a chip on its shoulders for not meeting SuperBowl expectations so far.

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