Report: Titans put in claim for Moss

Any team sitting at No. 24 or lower on the waiver priority list can fuhgetabout getting Randy Moss.

According to Don Banks of, the Titans have submitted a claim for Moss’ contract.  Since they are No. 23 on the list, they trump the 10 teams beneath them on the list.

The Titans will get Moss only if none of the 22 teams ahead of Tennessee put in a claim.

In 1998, Moss was the 21st pick in the first round of the draft.  It’ll be interesting to see if he carries the same chip on his shoulder this time around as to anyone who doesn’t claim him.

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  1. In 1998, Moss was the 21st pick in the first round of the draft. It’ll be interesting to see if he carries the same chip on his shoulder this time around as to anyone who doesn’t claim him.
    More likely to have a chip on his shoulder for whatever team DOES claim him is my guess.

  2. For the love of God the Texans need to go out and get him if he falls that far. Randy would go to a team that needs to get over the hump. Secondaries wouldn’t know who to double… AJ or Moss and the Texans sure as hell don’t need to let him fall to their division rival Titans.

  3. Carry a chip around? At this point, he should be happy to have teams still interested enough in him to risk paying 3.4 million for a locker room problem.

  4. Time after time, teams go for this guy and are dumbfounded to find out that he’s a locker room distraction & a quitter.
    Different jersey…same old Randy Moss.

  5. As a Titans fan, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Vince Young is throwing really well this year, and having Randy Moss would surely only improve his passing ability.
    On the other hand, Randy Moss is, apparently, a total piece of crap as a person, and a locker-room cancer. And I’m not sure the Titans have strong enough locker room leadership to counteract him, with Bullock gone, Vanden Bosch gone, and Mawai gone. VY has had too many ups and downs for me to be convinced that it’s “his” locker room.

  6. I hope the titans get him, my fantasy team needs chris johnson to get going and a big receiver like moss attracts more attention from safeties thus the titans running game improvese with less players in the box

  7. Documenting which teams are putting claims in on Moss is the ultimate NFL in navel lint gathering. Aren’t you NFL reporters bored with the tedium?

  8. In ’98 Titans?Oilers were only team to take a receiver before Moss was drafted. He may refuse to go to Titans!

  9. Do you get paid to perpetuate the legend of Randy Moss? Randy Moss is a postal worker with a hard hat. He’s giving the absolute minimum effort possible while still collecting a check. The only way he would give any effort would be if he was made to believe that a monster contract would follow a monster performance … and at this point, I doubt that he would believe that bull from anyone.
    Randy Moss simply doesn’t give a damn.

  10. For the record I’m not interested in Randy Moss joining the Pack. He would be worst receiver on team.

  11. With Britt out, Moss can be the deep threat the Titans need. I think Fisher is one of the few coaches who can keep Moss in check. Several teams still have to pass to allow the Titans to get him, but if they do I think its a great move.

  12. the titans collect turds like a freakin 3-day-old diaper, then wonder what stinks – so it makes a ton of sense for Fisher to make this move.

  13. In Future News:
    The Titans and Randy Moss part ways in an ugly, disgusting breakdown of their relationship. Yet another failed stop for Randy Moss who has had a great Numbers career despite being a Headache everywhere he went.
    Good like Titans, you might have just absorbed one of the biggest Team Cancers in the NFL.

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