Clint Session is tougher than you

There was an article published two days ago in the Indianapolis Star about how Colts linebacker Clint Session was finally healthy and playing like it. 

That makes the following news all the more remarkable: Session played through a dislocated elbow and a fractured forearm on Monday night against the Texans, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.  Seriously.  Session had ten tackles in the game.

It’s unclear what Session’s status will be going forward, but it’s yet another injury hit to the Colts. Philip B. Wilson writes that “speculation is rampant” wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez could be out a while.  (Sad story.  Gonzalez injured his knee again and hasn’t finished a game healthy since 2008.) 

Mike Hart, who was emerging at running back, sat out practice Wednesday with an ankle injury.  Joseph Addai is missing.  One bit of good news is that it appears Austin Collie has a chance to return to action earlier than expected this week from his thumb injury.

Maybe Collie heard about Session’s heroics and got inspired.

13 responses to “Clint Session is tougher than you

  1. Back in the day that would have been the norm. No pain, no gain. I’m surprised he didn’t get fined for playing the game the way it used to be played.

  2. There are alot of people that are tougher than me. And alot more that aren’t. Still, that’s pretty hard core, though Youngblood doesn’t think so.

  3. I hate the Colts, but that is a bad man! If it was Favre, or Roethlisberger they would have stayed on the turf for 20 minutes, then got back to the bench and sat there writhing in pain for another 20 minutes. Then he would go back out there and wince in pain between plays….then tell you how tough they were for putting themselves through it, as they ponder whether or not they can go this week…..then it wouldnt end up being anything serious, just a bruise…lol. But I cant imagine Session can continue to play with a broken arm….

  4. Wow! Did I call it again!!!! Is their any logical Indy fans left?
    Why do you guys keep giving these players chance after chance? Excuse after excuse? The rest of us don’t get it…We can’t take the Colts seriously here guys, I’m sorry. I’m laughing histerically right now! Didn’t you guys know by know these guys can’t play a complete season? Shame on you guys for keeping the guys that keep getting injured over and over and over again. Shame is on you, the organization is to blame.
    When I see the same players getting injured, I begin to yawn and exhale and ask ” so whats any different”? I feel sorry for these players because I think on another team they stay healthy for some reason. These guys are small and they don’t really fit the positions they are given. Gonzalez should have been a punt returner period, Bob Sanders isn’t big enough physically to play safety, Mike Hart and Joseph Addai get hammered by the first wave of defenders because their offensive is the worst thing since Waterworld. The runningbacks are talented, but they can’t be utilized the way they ought to be.
    Mr Gonzalez came back one game then done again….But yet I can still hear Colts fans at Stampede Blue saying ” Oh, he’ll surely be back for the playoffs” or “It’s ok…We’ll get him back in week 14, just you wait and see” better yet..”Calling him a bust is a bit premature”
    Can’t wait to hear the Colts fans when Bob Sanders come back for one game, gets hurt, then they sign him to another multi year mega deal…Gotta love Indy man if your a washed up bum playing football in the NFL. They stick with ya until the end. Right until the player flatlines right in front of you…..Then at Stampede Blue they will still think their beloved recently deceased player will come back from the dead and lead them to another Super Bowl…

  5. Session is a beast! You’ve got to love this guy. He has a great sense of humor, is a playmaker, and is quickly making a name for himself as a LB.
    He played through the injury and still might not miss any time.
    Kudos to you Session, Colts fans are taking notice for sure.

  6. Maybe he can get on the podium and go all Brett Favre on us… telling us how most players wouldn’t be able to play… blah blah blah.

  7. Wow! Did I call it again!!!! Is their any logical Indy fans left?
    Wow, does your arm hurt? Have you patted your own backside enough yet?
    Here is logic for you. Gonzales is a decent person and a good football player. He didn’t have injury concerns coming out of college. Throughout his NFL career (or rather when he has played….before you try to correct me) he has shown good hands, good route running ability, and a willingness to go across the middle. The same can be said for Bob Sanders as well. The man is a beast. It isn’t that he is too small. Well, maybe he is. I think he has too much muscle on his frame, hence he keeps popping tendons in his biceps. But for him to loose 20lbs of muscle mass in order to stay on the field would mean that he would have to become an entirely different player. Maybe in your world it is ‘illogical’ to root for these guys to make a return. But the truth is, as Colts fans, hell as football fans, injuries are nothing new. The difference for Colts fans is that we see players step up all the time and fill a void. Melvin Bullitt. Aaron Francisco. Paul Angerer. Pierre Garcon (last year). Austin Collie (last year). Blair White. Jacob Tamme. Mike Hart. Jerraud Powers (last year). Jacob Lacey (last year). Raheem Brock (last year). Make no mistake about it. We want guys like Bob and Melvin Bullit on the field healthy. But if they can’t go, some one else will and the coaching staff will have them ready to play on Sunday.

  8. Jay 16,
    Wow bud relax. They aren’t playing f’n Shuffleboard out there, they’re playing Football and at a very high level. Some guys are going to get nicked up, some more than others. As for Sanders, you do realize the average life of an NFL Safety is something like 2.5-3 years. Forgive the Colts for holding on to a guy that played a pivotal role the Super Bowl and was a Def MVP the year after. His Salary is such that it isn’t a major risk this season to carry him on the roster, something like 2.1 Million, next year different story. Polian has a decision to make in the offseason, but the numbers game allowed him the take the risk.
    If you didn’t read the article about the players who got a little banged up… THEY PLAYED THE REST OF THE GAME. They all did (Session, Hart, and Gonzo).
    The fact that the Colts can suffer these injuries and still go on to be one of the top teams in the League is admirable and very respectable to all non-cynics.
    We are getting Collie and Addai back very soon, and most of the above guys wont miss much time if any. The Colts are pretty deep at most positions and can rotate as well as any team in the league.
    Until somebody develops the Magical Cure, people will get banged up. And until then, give the Colts some credit.
    You also realized you just bashed them for Winning despite Injuries? Nice Jay, real nice. Let me dislocate your elbow and break your forearm and see if you can even play Madden on the couch, let alone finish an NFL game.

  9. @etropus and toolman94
    Man, I must of really hit a nerve here. Actually I think I did because you are the very same fans that I specifically quoted early…Fair weather fans, fans that think your Colts team could actually go and win a game or two with Curtis Painter as your quarterback. Blind fans that actually think their football team is just so friggin great when actually they are a number 18 jersey hitting the turf away from having the team moved from Indy to L.A. These are the same fans who leave their “Winning despite Injuries” beloved team’s home games early in the 4th quarter so they can rush home thinking they just did something because they beat a couple cars out of Lucas Oil stadium.
    It doesn’t take anyone with a lesser IQ to call these things out of you. It doesn’t take a smarter person to know the difference between a Raiders fan who will take a nap on the street to get a super bowl ticket from a Colts fan who can barely stay at the games to watch a victory let alone greet their team after a Super Bowl loss and support them after a grueling loss. What are you guys going to do when 18 retires? You won’t have a football team anymore…Seriously, there are more loyal Hoosier fans then Colt fans. I’d like to know what you guys are going to do.
    On the injuries. Clint Session is fine, a baller. Addai is pretty good…I give him props. Gonzalez isn’t that good though, sorry….That simple. He wasn’t good in college either, he’s a bust and was a clear head scratcher when he was drafted so high.
    Relax? How can I? You guys simply have the greatest Quarterback that I will ever see and your wasting his talents…The media over glorifies this team when its just ONE person that makes things work….Did you catch NFL network last night? Ray Lewis? Did you hear what he said about your team? How 18 can plug anyone in there and make it happen? He said your players are overrated…
    Sure they can win….They got Peyton, hell the Bills could win with Peyton, why isn’t this obvious enough for people, this isn’t something new. The Colts can win regular season games but its sad that, thats all you guys support is all. Its disgusting so no, I can’t relax until I see some common sense here.
    Don’t worry…A couple days ago I blasted McNabb because he’s probably the most overrated quarterback in the history in the NFL…So I don’t just pick on Colts players…The Redskins, Vikings and Raiders all get blasted on a weekly basis.

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