Colts' Pat McAfee: "I did a really dumb thing"

Colts punter Pat McAfee is back with the team after being suspended for a game following an arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct, and he says he’s sorry for making himself and the team look bad.

“We are an elite group of men who pride ourselves on being good citizens,” McAfee said, per the Indianapolis Star. “In this situation, I put myself in a horrible situation. I did a really dumb thing and I messed up.”

I’m not sure if “dumb” even goes far enough to describe getting drunk and going for a swim in a canal at 5 in the morning when it’s 39 degrees out, but at least McAfee is contrite.

“I’ve paid my price and will continue to do so, and now it’s my time to earn trust back, from my teammates, my family most importantly, and the city of Indianapolis and the Colts organization in particular,” McAfee said.

With his suspension behind him, McAfee now returns to his position as the team’s punter. Jeremy Kapinos, who punted well on Monday night in McAfee’s place, has been waived.

10 responses to “Colts' Pat McAfee: "I did a really dumb thing"

  1. Dude, always remember, you are a PUNTER! Elite group of men? LOL. You are a PUNTER and most teams will replace a punter way before any other “elite” men on the team who do the same thing.

  2. If only he’d just had a DUI like everyone else, he would’ve gotten off with barely a slap on the wrist. Which makes sense, because swimming in the canal puts everyone else in the canal at risk and a DUI only hurts himself…

  3. Very dumb yes, but at least the guy didn’t get in a car and put other’s lives at risk, or hit anyone, etc. Guy got drunk and made an ass out of himself. Big deal.

  4. He said all the right things in his apology and came across very sincere… now, have you seen that mug shot? Talk about a bad hair day!

  5. @Wink and the Gun – exactly… I feel kinda bad for the guy. He’s a 23 year old kid just out of college and got drunk at the only place in Indy where it’s actually *ok* to get drunk.
    Basically if it weren’t for some paranoid lady calling 911 and reporting a guy that was soaking wet with no shirt on, his friend would have got there to pick him up and no one would have ever known basically.
    Sucks for him… but a pretty inexpensive lesson overall.

  6. Everything will be ok. I shouldn’t have bought you that yager bomb and drove you to the canal Pat…It was my fault…
    Your friend
    Mike Vanderjact

  7. I am sure Michael David Smith has writtem more dumb statements than McAfee has ever uttered. Most of what he writes is so obvious that he must have written obituaries before trying sports as a topic: ” Um, yeah, dude must be dead or I wouldn’t be writing this.”

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