Don Carey gets $12,500 fine for helmet-to-helmet hit

Considering the huge sums players have been paying of late for helmet-to-helmet hits, Jaguars safety Don Carey got off relatively easy.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reports Carey will pay $12,500 to the league after cracking Jason Witten in the helmet last week.

Carey feared the fine would be worse, although Witten’s lack of injury on the play probably helped.  He says he didn’t intend to hit Witten in the head, but will adjust his play.

8 responses to “Don Carey gets $12,500 fine for helmet-to-helmet hit

  1. “Witten’s lack of injury on the play probably helped.” So now the amount of the fine depends on how hurt the other player is?
    Pretty soon Godell is going to start fining guys for pass interfences calls, false starts, and even kickers if they miss a field goal.
    This whole “if I don’t like how you played on the field” attitude in regard to fines is getting out of control.
    I thought Godell was going to suspend guys for helmet-to-helmet hits? Guess he is all about money, huh?

  2. It’s simply amazing how things change week to week…..ya gotta love the consistently inconsistent NFL!!!! You betcha!!!!

  3. I just watched this so called helmet to helmet hit again and I have to say this whole situation is getting ridiculous !! He did not hit his helmet and he was trying to make the tackle and only when Witton changed his position did their helmets even touch ! This is getting really stupid . Soon players will have to just give up and not even bother to try to tackle because of the huge fines. Just put flags on everyone now.

  4. How does one man have so much power? Goodell now appeared completely intoxicated with power. Can’t someone find some dirt on this man? He needs his wings clipped. Prior to Goodell, did a commissioner ever make as many headlines as this guy? With each passing year, the frequency of his headlines increases. The new CBA should not stop at taking away some of his power. The new CBA should include having him replaced.

  5. stillayinzer, I completely agree with you. He’s got way too much power. I think what he’s trying to do is only fine a few select players. That way the entire players association won’t be mad at him and won’t cause problems during labor negotiations.
    I think he’s being very specific in his punishments, and since harrision already has a reputation, it’s easy to throw out a fine. However, it’s hard for him to suspend a player like he threatened to do.
    Interesting to see what happens this Monday night with the Bungels. If ANY player hits Ben when he doesn’t have the ball, that player better get suspended. If not, Mr. Rooney is going come back to the US and give Goodell a nice talking to.

  6. They’re turning this league into a sanitized product that will be different than what we’re used to.

  7. It wasn’t even that bad of a hit, it was incidental. How does Carey get fined even though he was the on on the ground with a sprained neck?

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