Matt Hasselbeck ruled out; Charlie Whitehurst to make first NFL start

Charlie Whitehurst has a fun assignment for his first NFL start: The New York Giants.

The Seahawks announced on Thursday that Matt Hasselbeck has not passed the appropriate tests following the concussion he suffered last week against the Raiders.  That leaves Whitehurst in line to make his first NFL appearance since 2006, when he rushed the ball twice in garbage time during his rookie season with the Chargers.

This is why Pete Carroll brought Whitehurst to Seattle.  He’s not a rookie or a scrap heap veteran.  He’s a 28-year-old that Seattle gave up draft picks for; then they paid him $8 million over two seasons because Carroll thought there was a chance he could be the future of the quarterback position in Seattle.

“Disappointed for Matt but this is best for his health. we’re really looking forward to seeing Charlie go to work!” Pete Carroll tweeted just after the news came out.

The Giants defense is playing as well as anyone in the league, and the Seahawks are rather banged up, including on the offensive line.  I don’t know about Florio, but I’m feeling even more confident in my Giants pick this week now.

43 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck ruled out; Charlie Whitehurst to make first NFL start

  1. Charlie Whitehurst is garbage, rather have max hall or Alex smith. No way he is going to become a successful starter in this league.

  2. As a sports/Giants fan you always want to play against the other teams best players. This Sunday, the Giants will not be playing against the Seahawks best QB.

  3. Smells fishy…I feel that Pete’s tweet’s were alittle early and it sounds like he’s wanted to see Whithurst all along.. Hasselbeck is garbage and clearly nothing more than a game manager.. atleast whitehurst will present more problems for the giants with his mobility….

  4. Johnabis-
    Really?? Didn’t max hall have 12 yards passing, i think Nancy Pelosi can do better then that. How can anyone judge that before seeing him play, Charlie has an NFL Regular season TD, and Max Hall took 4 games to get one.

  5. This is going to be an even sweeter Sunday for a NY Giants fan displaced in Seattle. I love telling my friends how bad Seattle is and how bad their fan base is, and this is only going to give me more ammunition. The Giants are going to obliterate that spread folks, lay your money down!

  6. Does that count as a 6th QB knockout for the season for the Giants or does that one default back to the Raiders?

  7. So some teams have a ban on tweeting, and the Seahawks have their head coach doing it? Mark my words, this college sideshow will soon end. They’re able to hide behind an awfully weak NFC West…for now.

  8. Charlie Whitehurst consider yourself officially thrown under the bus. Matt Hassebeck – well played, but after we knock Charlie out, you’ll still have to in and take your medicine. Go Giants!

  9. @ sergep – I saw him play during the preseason. he looked awful for a guy who was traded for swapping 2nd round picks from 40th to 60th and a 3rd round pick..

  10. Whitehurst has a very strong arm and can scramble when the pocket breaks down, which should happen often on Sunday.
    The guy studied under Norv Turner and next to Philip Rivers for four years. You may think that Turner is no Head Coach and that Rivers talks too much, but those guys know the passing game better than most.
    Give the guy a chance, though the frying pan has been preheated with the Giants coming to town.

  11. Never bet against a QB making his first start in the NFL. Even Chargers Ryan Leaf won his first two starts. Defenses have not seen game films and have not had a chance to plan against them.
    Plus it is supposed to be a weekend of heavy rain in Seattle. Heavy rain in Seattle is probably like being in a waterfall.
    Anything can happen.

  12. Nothing against Hass(ok well maybe a lil) I’m glad we finally get to see Whitehurst at this point in the season. Who knows what kinda spark he can bring the offense and how many sacks he can avoid. It’s the learning curve and jitters he may have with it being a crucial division game, and also his 1st start that worries me.

  13. Zac Robinson was elevated from the practice squad to be the backup. He is a 7th round pick of the patriots who was cut this year. The third QB would probably be the punter.

  14. “ryanmace says:
    November 4, 2010 4:44 PM
    So some teams have a ban on tweeting, and the Seahawks have their head coach doing it? Mark my words, this college sideshow will soon end. They’re able to hide behind an awfully weak NFC West…for now.”
    Ban on tweeting during games. Try to keep up.

  15. This is a trap game for NY. Cold, dark, rainy weather. Eli will struggle. Qwest Field is loud and Giants O-line also banged up. Seattle gets Jennings and Thurmond back and will be at almost full strength in secondary. I’m seeing upset in the making. Whitehurst has an arm and Seattle will take deep shots. BTW, with Hass out, the 3rd string QB (after Zac Robinson) is probably the FB Michael Robinson who was QB at Penn St.

  16. sergep,
    Whitehurst has never even thrown a pass in a regular season NFL game. Nice try though.
    Of course I want my Seahawks to win, but after watching Charlie “high and outside” Whitehurst in the preseason, I don’t have much confidence. Hopefully he’s learned since preseason not to stare a single receiver down the whole play.

  17. Good move why kill your starter when you can use the backup
    No chance the seachicken were going to win anyway so let matt relax for more of those tough NFC Worst match ups
    And by my count the Giants took out 6 QB’s
    Two on Sunday night with the bears

  18. oh the ignorance of the comments on here, you gotta love it, it reminds me of arguing in elementary school lunch rooms

  19. Eli Manning sucks bad in seattle, he gets rattled and throws interceptions followed by a tissy fit.

  20. GR,
    This won’t be Whitehurst’s first appearance since 2006. He played last week.
    The deep ball has just been added to the Seahawk offense. Mike Williams and Deon Butler sleeper alert.

  21. The Seahawks could start Charlie Sheen at QB and still beat the Giants. I’m predicting the loudest stadium in the NFL will cause the Giants to have double digit false start penalties.

  22. If Eli throws three pick six and the Seahawks return both a kickoff and punt for touchdowns, then this game will definitely go into overtime.

  23. The Seahawks always surprise me. They will win a game they have no business wining, and lose a game they have no business losing.
    The O-line is so bad/beat up Lynch has the first defender typically hitting him 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage and needs beast mode just to get back to the line of scrimmage.
    The O-line is so bad/beat up, it wouldn’t matter if Peyton Manning himself was back there slinging it.
    Plus, my neighbor is always talking about the ‘Law of Averages’ that says the Giants have to win in Seattle sooner or later.
    Seattle should get crushed in this game, but that’s exactly when things get weird.

  24. I have to laugh at the comments coming from some of you assclowns in Seattle. You do realize it’s only a regular season game, right? You morons are talking like it’s the Super Bowl. Oh wait, for you guys, it’s about as close as you’ll come. I understand now. Little people living in a little fishing village getting worked up about a little game. Got it. Hope your team can manage to hold off the mighty St. Louis Rams and the explosive 49ers. You’re whole division is the laughing stock of the NFL and you post comments like your team has won six straight Lombardis. Call us when you manage to win even one. Until then, you’re talking out your a**.

  25. Jonabis- Even in Pre-season he had a better season then Hall has far.
    Charlie has a TD with the Chargers where he ran it in 6 yards, so he does have a TD.

  26. @east69st …so which great teams are coming out of the NFC LEast? Your division sucks too. The Giants never win in Seattle and never will. Seattle might be a fishing town, but NY is a city of crackheads and pole smokers. Which one are you? Hahaha!!

  27. east96st
    Tell me how strong and dominant a division the NFC East is again? You’re only 1 win ahead of us as it stands, and take a look at the rest of you…Looks about the same.
    Hopefully you remember the struggles on your OL as well, I seem to remember a bloody Eli in the PRESEASON…
    Starting Center is out, with soft-spoken Eli behind him @ the loudest stadium in the league thanks to little people living in a little fishing village…we’ll see how many false starts and delay of game penalties you guys take…

  28. 11 false starts+backup center+Touchdown Jesus debut+Beast Mode+Earl Thomas= The loudest crowd to date in the 2010 NFL season, Eli Manning rattled, and the Giants going home empty handed yet again.

  29. Dear east96st
    I have been reading this site, and its comments for a number of years. Many have been great and many terrible. But you my friend have elicited my first response. You and you alone are worth responding to regardless of any spam emails I may recieve.
    Where to start… You just provide so much material. Despite all of the ammunition you have given me, I will attempt to not stoop to your level. First and foremost; Of course Seahawks fans are very excited about this game, idiot. If they win they stay in the hunt for a playoff berth in their self admitely weak division. Also, they are excited to see if their backup quarter back is going to show any signs of being an nfl player. Or wether they need to move in another direction. Because its apparent that Matt’s days are limited. How old are you again east96?
    Secondly I did not read any comment of a single Hawks fan that acted as if they had even won a playoff game, much less a super bowl. Im a dolphins fan, and I clown on hawks fans for many reasons, on the daily; Fair weather at times, underinformed about their team and particularly others, eternally optimistic…just to name a few. But to say as if they were talking as if they had won 6 lombardis?…pshhh…re-read the post you barfed on the end of. What is your reading level again? Oh wait, Im getting to that.
    A little fishing village hmm? Ive lived on both coasts. And find many strengths in each. Seattle is the gateway to East Asia. It has the neighborhood with the single highest per capita income in the nation. Its residents are so superiorly educated to the residents of most cities on the East Coast as to be laughable. Including yours. Not that Im counting myself among those… Though I have attended college… Which you very likely havent. Or should I say wont. Like most of the rest of your family. If this is a little fishing village of clowns then what does that make your city?? Oh yeah, thats right. Just what everyone else in the country thinks it is. Thanks for enforcing the stereotype.
    The funny thing is you probably dont even realize the things that actually make your city great. And you certainly dont realize that its douche nozzles such as yourself that continually makes your city the laughing stock of the nation. Stay off of the chat boards until you have something intelligent to say. Which by my estimation is either 8 to 10 years. And one last word to the wise. A G.E.D. is not a GOOD ENOUGH DIPLOMA.

  30. @ SeattleFinFan
    Boom. Case closed.
    PS – You should chime in more though you probably have a job unlike most on this site.

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