Raiders could be sending their hot hand to the showers

Only the Oakland Raiders could screw up the kind of momentum that has resulted in 92 points being scored in back-to-back games.

In those two games — a 59-14 win at Denver and a 33-3 victory over the Seahawks in Oakland — the Raiders generated a 75-point combined victory margin.  Quarterback Jason Campbell, replacing the injured Bruce Gradkowski, has generated passer ratings of 127.9 and 120.9 in the past two games.

And yet coach Tom Cable may still bench Campbell for Gradkowski.  Per Jerry McDonald, Cable anticipates a decision regarding Gradkowski’s availability by Friday.

“He did good, and he’s moving forward rapidly now, and the question will
be, kind of what we talked about a couple of weeks ago, if he can do
everything that’s necessary to go out and play,” Cable said.

Surely, the Raiders won’t put the hot hand on the bench as the 4-4 Raiders prepare to host the 5-2 Chiefs in arguably the biggest game between these two teams since 1993, when they finished a game apart atop the AFC West. 

Then again, these are the Raiders.  Prove us wrong, Silver and Black.  Prove us wrong.

47 responses to “Raiders could be sending their hot hand to the showers

  1. Tom Cable has said all along that Grads is the starter. You guys then spin a pile of bullcrap and then act surprised.
    Try watching a game for a change, and THEN report.
    Grads moves the offense much better than Campbell.

  2. B.G. is clearly better. They dominated in every facet of the last 2 games. That wasn’t because of Campbell.

  3. Let Campbell have K.C. and hand the reigns back to Bruce after the bye week. Seeing as how Grads is made of peanut brittle, it would be stupid to rush him back if he’s not 100%. Let him start in two weeks… just in time for a rematch with his hometown Steelers.

  4. Only the writers of PFT can cling to the hope that the Raiders will fail. We have a good problem in Oakland. Three QB’s that can manage the game, two RB’s that can generate positive yardage on every play, a FB that can do everything and a defense that has become very nasty. Be careful. That hate that is building within you could be what’s making them stronger. ^_^

  5. Gradowski runs the offense better. Simple as that Florio. The d and the run game are the reasons for the turn around.

  6. Silly Florio..Did you not learn anthing from the Kevin Kolb situation? Just because you look good in two games doesn’t mean you won’t flub it up in the third..!
    And for those of you who don’t follow the Raiders(everyone at PFT) Grads won’t be ready till after the bye week you jackwagons…!

  7. Campbell is Al Davis’ guy.
    Campbell has put the team at .500, a place the Raiders have rarely been in the last decade.
    If Cable likes his job, he’ll keep starting Campbell until he puts up another klunker game and then bench him for Gradkowski. If he doesn’t put up any more klunkers, then it’s a win-win.

  8. florio once again showing he’s an idiot. campbell had almost nothing to do with the past 2 victories. they dominated both lines of scrimmage, ran the ball great and played amazing defense. how soon you forget how awful he was in the san fran game when he had to pass. jawalrus could’ve put up 100 qb rating the past 2 games. grads>campbell. do your homework.

  9. Tom”Jesus”Brady says:
    November 4, 2010 6:52 AM
    Raiders could be sending their hot hand to the showers
    …no homo
    Now that’s funny!!!

  10. Then again, these are the Raiders.  Prove us wrong, Silver and Black.  Prove us wrong. Lol
    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t care if they bring back Daryl Lamonica….the Chiefs are going to plunger-rape the Primer and Soot on Sunday.

  12. oh…i see…you know more about what is going on inside the team,more that the coach.
    it’s patently obvious that you put up this post to stir up the raider troops.florio,you’re just unbelievably greedy for “hits”.

  13. What happened to you can’t lose your starting job because of injury? Cable just wants to show Grads a little respect.

  14. Jason Cambell does not have a “hot hand” This is his MO. His entire career he would have a few good games then 6 terrible ones. Prove me wrong.

  15. Fortunately we have 2 QBs we can start when healthy. And yes Campbell has 2 games with good ratings. Try checking his rating in the season opener and his rating vs the 49ers.
    Its pretty obvious you wrote this to get attention from the RAIDER NATION. If not, you have NO CLUE what the hell your talking about Gloryhole!
    JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!

  16. Prove you wrong?
    Like the time you said Cable will be fired?
    Or the hiring of Hue Jackson meant Paul Hackett would be fired?
    Or when you said Richard Seymour wouldnt report to the Raiders? (here he is 2 years later balling).
    Or my favorite, claiming McFadden is a bust?
    LMFAO! What a joke.

  17. Jason Campbell has put two nice games together against two bad teams.
    Gradkowki is the right choice as the competition gets tougher down the road.

  18. @ToddHaleyKicksASS
    I’m picturing your players lookin like a bunch of Fog Horn Leghorns – red and white with plungers sticking out of their arse!
    Go Raiders

  19. I lovw how people just comment cause they see the word “raiders” Thats jusr because deep down inside everyone wants to be a raider fan.
    Bruce Almighty is our starting QB. Thats been clear all season. So if Peyton Manning gets hurt and Painter comes in wins 2 in a row do you bench manning?
    Come on PFT!? You have not watched any of the games, You just like to try your best to stir up negative stuff about the raiders.
    I got news for you Raiders are gona win alot more than 2 in a row with the bruce.
    Superbowl Bound Baby

  20. Florio….I’m sure Tom Cable knows his own team better than some “lego hair” blogger. Tom Cable is many things but he’s not dumb. That teams playing great D and running the ball a ton.

  21. I don’t know why everyone is all on Bruce’s sack but he is not a starting QB. Yes JC had 2 bad games but he is getting into the offence now and hitting a stride. I also don’t understand why everyone says he has not helped us win the last two games. Try watching the game. Yes we have been running the ball well but that is also because of the improved passing game. Other teams are not just stacking the box.
    I also think this is just Cable keeping the Chiefs on there toes and giving them two QB’s to plan for!

  22. Don’t let the QB Rating fool you. Campbell looked decent on paper in Washington too, but he ins’t a playmaker.

  23. As long as Bruce is healthy, he is the better player. There’s no such thing as a hot hand. That is superstitious.

  24. Campbell has passed for over 500 yards and 4 TDs the last two games with no int’s. If thats not making plays, i dont know what is. He sets up his RBs perfectly. I like Bruce, but campbell is managing the offense and making plays, to bench him now would be a huge mistake.

  25. The Chiefs or ‘the condiments’ if you wish, will get smacked around by the running game regardless who the QB is. They struggled against the Bills last week and now they are coming into a sold out Black Hole a facing a fired up Raider team! RAIDER all the way!

  26. “Tom Cable is many things but he’s not dumb”
    Funniest thing I’ve ever read. LMFAO. Yeah, he’s many things and dumb is definitely one of them.

  27. Hey Mikey,
    Is it true Greg With An Xtra G ( But Isn’t A G) in trouble with you?
    Everyone pretty much said what I was gonna say already. Whatever happened to the days of fair unbiased journalism. But then again, after reading some of these ‘articles’ on here, its a slap in the face to high school papers.

  28. i normally dont care enough to write in. but to make this whole thing a topic is ridiculous. you clearly have not watched the games… campbell gets all those yards on dumpoffs to mcfadden and 5 yd passes to the wr’s if to them at all… the 2 td’s he had against denver was a dumpoff to mcfadden and a blown coverage to zach miller where there wasnt a denver defender within 15yds of miller… and against seattle it was dumpoff after dumpoff after dumpoff… that pass to bush for 50 sum yards was a HORRIBLE throw to one of the wr’s… i forget which one but it was a bad pass that was deflected and went to bush… grad on the other hand throws to the wr’s and hits them in the chest. he has the heart and desire and makes plays when they break down. if you actually watch the games… grad is clearly the better option!

  29. Start Campbell, and if he struggles, bring in Grad.
    Florio, I don’t think you predicted two blowout wins by the Raiders. I think you are better off not writing about the Raiders rather than seeming desperate to squeeze a negative out of their two game winning streak, .500 record and a near (and rare) sell-out for their game this weekend.
    So shut up, Florio. Shut up.

  30. As usual Florio you got it all wrong. The Raiders are sending their backup QB to the bench. A starter shouldn’t lose his position because of injury. When the starter is healthy he plays, when the starter is injured, the backup plays.

  31. R8ers4evr – So the pass to Reece and the one to DHB those two where dump off. For someone that was “watching the game you sure missed alot. Yes Bruce has the heart but he does not have the skils to start in the NFL!

  32. Florio, since it’s clear to see by what you write, that you did not watch the last 2 Raider games. Campbell is not a good QB, he never has been, cause if he was a good QB, the great Mike Shannahan would never have trade him, ESPECIALLY to the Raiders !
    Campbells stats, and I’ve always said stats are BS, are made to look better from all the yards after the catch. ( LOOK IT UP !) and lucky bounces (DHB low ball bounces off his knee right to Bush for 40-50 YAC) The long TD by DHB was an under thrown ball. DHB was WIDE open and had to wait for the ball. PLUS the last 2 games were never in doubt, Campbell CHOKES under pressure with the game on the line, Gradlowski LIVES for those situations.
    I do agree though, if Bruce is not 100% let Campbell at least start the game vs the CHEFS, with a short leash.
    let me address this comment
    “R8ers4evr – So the pass to Reece and the one to DHB those two where dump off. For someone that was “watching the game you sure missed alot. Yes Bruce has the heart but he does not have the skils to start in the NFL!”
    ‘ The TD pass to Reese on 4th and 1 was a little behind Reese, it was far from perfect. The 69 YD TD pass to DHB was maybe a 20-25 yd throw that was short, and DHB made a great play, a REAL NFL QB would have hit DHB in stride…

  33. Campbell was throwing the ball behind, to far in front of and to low to his receivers. He’s lucky the receivers caught what was thrown to them. Grad now has the green light. Give him a break. Until he plays bad, support Grad!!! PFT is and always has been a Raider hater.

  34. I guess I’m in the minority on here that thinks it’s ridiculous to bench Campbell at this point in favor of Gradkowski. My fellow Raiders fans are acting as if we’re waiting for a franchise qb to get healthy.
    If they’re on a BIG two game win streak and Brady, Brees, or Manning is about to come back, then yea, bench JC. But we’re not talking about a franchise QB. We’re talking about a solid backup. Campbell might not be the guy, but you don’t bench him NOW. The week before a bye? C’mon people! If Campbell stinks it up and we lose to KC, then yea, start Bruce after the bye. BG will be 100% and there will be no momentum to eff up.
    I’ve backed Cable, but him saying “no question who our starting QB is” is dumb. Based on what? The big 7-3 comeback against the Rams?
    I hate to break it to the Nation, but Florio is right on this one.

  35. If you think politicians are the world’s biggest liars, you need to spend more time listening to NFL coaches.

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