Injury woes cause Colts to move a guard to tight end

The Indianapolis Colts released an unusual announcement today about how they’re dealing with the injuries that are piling up on their offense.

“Indianapolis Colts OG-Jacques McClendon will wear jersey number 80 at Philadelphia this Sunday and will be listed as a tight end,” read the one-sentence press release issued by the Colts’ PR department.

The 324-pound McClendon certainly can’t fill the void left by the injured Dallas Clark. McClendon won’t be catching any deep balls from Peyton Manning, and he might not even be active for Sunday’s game against the Eagles. But the move is the latest demonstration of how much injuries are affecting the Colts’ roster this season.

Other Colts who are expected to miss Sunday’s game include wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who is likely to miss several weeks with a knee injury, as well as running back Joseph Addai (neck), running back Mike Hart (ankle), safety Bob Sanders (triceps) and defensive tackle Antonio Johnson (knee).

Tight end Brody Eldridge (rib), cornerback Jerraud Powers (foot), linebacker Clint Session (elbow) and cornerback Justin Tryon (foot) were all listed as questionable on this week’s injury report after being held out of practice.

19 responses to “Injury woes cause Colts to move a guard to tight end

  1. Tamme’s not hurt…is it possible he will be extra blocking protection and they will run with two TE’s like they did last week?

  2. Does Jacques McClendon or does the Colts have to pay Reebok, for the old Jacques McClendon jerseys???

  3. Who are they going to rest now when they clinch a wild card? It must suck now that Wayne, Manning, Saturday, Mathis, Freeney and Gary Brackett have to play an entire season. I feel so bad for them. It seems now…They are forced against their will to play every down this season, how sad. I also feel bad for the coach Jim “Donkey face” Caldwell. He has to coach and make decisions now, things he didn’t have to do last year.
    Bill Polian will probably retire after this season seems that he has the most work to do now. Its apparent that this team lacks NFL caliber football players and needs a big make-over. Dungy for whatever reason seemed to substitute players the right times, give them days off during practices and could judge a players talents. This group is so “small” thats why they keep getting hurt. Dungy was great at judging a character. This is something that obviously lacks now with this year’s coaching staff.
    Just because Jim Caldwell was Dungy’s assistant doesn’t mean he knows anything about judging ones liabilities. He inherited the NFL’s smallest football team, along with Larry Coyer and they are trying to do things a bit different and its getting players hurt.
    I could give you an example…Dungy used to preach about “pace” during a season. Gauging your own toughness, staying durable. Marvin Harrison when he would catch a slant would just drop to the ground and avoid taking a huge hit. “You live to play another day”….Edgerin James would go out of bounds if he knew he had the first down. He talked about being in “position” and being out of “position” and thats how a player gets hurt, or misses a tackle. That was why the Colts were always labeled a “soft” team. When your small, you gotta do the things you gotta do because you live and die on the “big play”
    Now I see reckless receivers like Garcon take on 3 tacklers, or Addai trying to go through 5 or 6 guys at a time, Bob Sanders leading with his head, a pass to Dallas Clark in a Redskins game that probably wouldn’t of happened if Dungy was still coaching…….Just observations folks..

  4. Jay 16… you again?
    What is you Vendetta with the Colts?
    They’re 5-2 and in 1st place and they did it IN SPITE of the injuries and the Cynics like yourself.
    You went on a lengthy rant against the Colts Injuries of all things (as if injuries are their fault) and went on another rant again today.
    Jay 16, Congrats… you are the Cynic of the Week!

  5. Have you looked at Peyton lately…it’s obvious his dad was playing both ways inside the family…what makes you think Peyton hasn’t been playing both sides for years??!!

  6. # Laxer37 says: November 5, 2010 4:34 PM
    At this rate Payton Manning will be playing both ways by week 11.
    GOOD, earn them damn 30 millions he’ll be getting!!
    60 min man is what they used to call that.

  7. # XLI says: November 5, 2010 4:39 PM
    Jay 16… you again?
    What is you Vendetta with the Colts?
    They’re 5-2 and in 1st place and they did it IN SPITE of the injuries and the Cynics like yourself.
    You went on a lengthy rant against the Colts Injuries of all things (as if injuries are their fault) and went on another rant again today.
    Jay 16, Congrats… you are the Cynic of the Week!
    I will answer that question for you, he’s a asshole, been kicked out of the Colt blogs and about 5 or 6 other teams blogs for trolling, despite what he tries to portray he has very little knowledge of the game of football.

  8. The sucky thing is I have Payton on my ffl team.
    But this juggernaut of a mo-fo could be interesting. What kinda plays will he get? Blocking or run two steps and catch the ball? Imagine him running and taking out all those lb’s and safeties? yikes.
    If he has a break out game, imagine this copy cat league picking up scrap heap Guards and converting them to TE’s. LOL

  9. JAY16.
    Why do you spend so much time ranting about the Colts? I’ll bet you ramble on more about the Colts than you do than your beloved Pats.
    Oh….wait a minute… it’s not because the Pats have been beaten by the Colts 6 out of the last 7 meetings, is it?

  10. The Colts are 5-2 not because of the way they handle their injuries clueless wonders. Its because of Peyton Manning.
    I know Colts fans like to bash me, maybe Patriots fans too, I’m not sure. When the Pats were caught cheating I was killing them on their blogs. I thought they should have given back games via against Pittsburgh AFC championship for one. I thought what the Pats did to the NFL was equal to how BP destroyed the southern coast….In a football sense of course.
    But I can’t find anything wrong with a “Patriots Fan” however. They stand for everything that is right in the NFL, where as a “Colts fan” like yourselves can’t even stay a couple hours to watch a complete Colts game.
    I don’t spend alot of time on here though, so thats wrong and I can type very fast. I wish I had my own my blog, I would blow the doors off how the NFL Union, manipulating the injuries of so many players this year, there’s a bigger reason of why so many players are not playing hurt this year guys. I wish the NFL was traditional again. I wish the Detroit Lions could have made the Super Bowl with Barry Sanders….Besides Peyton, Barry was the greatest player in my era and the Lions handled his situation much like the Colts are taking Peyton for granted…
    I’m not all that bad guys. It seems like I bash the Colts, but I really don’t care for the NFL competition commitee via Polian and thats where it starts for me. I could get into more of my reasoning but I won’t. I root for Manning and thats the truth, I root for Brady, I root for great players in my lifetime and wish them well. I even root for Brett Favre and feel lucky having watched him play. Do my a favor though…Don’t quit bashing me, its part of the game. I love it when you guys kill me on here…

  11. @Ufanforreal
    By the way…I’m not banned from every blog, thats untrue. Just one…And there’s alot of people on here that was banned from that blog too, quit pretending that I’m the only one. I know your from that site along with XLI, but I got news for you two creepers. Your Stampede Blue site was and still is under SN probation because it has the HIGHEST number of bans and the HIGHEST number of complaints per member….If you haven’t notice they had to completely CHANGE their entire TUNE almost over night. I have no interest getting back on there, but I could if I wanted to, but I’m better then that site and their core bloggers.
    I don’t see no more beligerent swearing from their editors no more do you? Some of their idiot writers were even let go, HMMM. LMAO!!I bet you they said, “they had other things to do” Yea, there’s a reason for that bro. Lets just say in the end you guys were the ones who got censored.

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