Irvin gets punked on his placement on Top 100 list

During his Friday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen shared a great story about the NFL’s freshly-unveiled Top 100 list.

According to Eisen, NFLN’s Warren Sapp was upset that he didn’t make the list.  His colleague, Michael Irvin, was trying to comfort the perennial Pro Bowl player.

And then Irvin, who came in at No. 92, was told by NFLN producers that he landed on the list behind Chad Ochocinco.

That prompted Irvin to forget all about Sapp and to begin loudly protesting the placement of Ochocinco at a higher spot on the list than Irvin.

Irvin then was told that it was a joke.

67 responses to “Irvin gets punked on his placement on Top 100 list

  1. I stopped watching after Steve Young was ranked 20 spots LOWER than Landanian Tomlinson.
    Was it because LT has a ring? Oh wait… Is it because LT is a dominant force and shows so much heart in the postseason? Oh wait…
    I forgot that LT is a regular season stat king and nothing more.
    What a complete JOKE.

  2. The story went on to say that Irvin had a good laugh, snorted some coke, and jammed a pair of scissors into Sapp’s neck.

  3. THe joke is that Irvin was on it over Harrison, Owens.
    Not to mention Butkus over Lewis/Lambert makes it absurd.
    Butkus would be a ups driver today.

  4. What a great story! Big props to Rich Eisen for sharing that!
    And Lee Harvey, you are a madman! When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow? I want to party with you, cowboy. If the two of us get together, forget it.

  5. The only top 100 list Michael Irvin should be a part of is the Top 100 Ass Clowns. The only way the guy could get open was if he pushed off, which the league let him get away with his whole career. Most teams were to busy trying to stop Emmitt Smith and that dominant o-line rather than worry about Irvin. Seriously, Irvin was/is a joke.

  6. Trying to figure out what the components that were in mind with this list. I mean Brady is listed behind Favre? Manning is only 9?
    What the hell kind of list is this?
    If fans had any say in this list then it’s junk…more so than Florio’s weekly Power Rankings. At least that provides situational comedy.

  7. Michael Irvin was never more than a very good, but not great receiver. Certainly not HOF material. I’d rather have Isaac Bruce, Wes Chandler, or even someone like Kenny Burrough than Irvin. Didn’t Rod Woodson say that Webster Slaughter was the best and most difficult receiver he ever covered? I’d take him, too, over Irvin. He simply benefitted from playing with maybe the most accurate QB all-time and maybe the greatest O-line of all-time. And then he still had to push-off routinely to get open.

  8. I saw no less then 50 Cowboy practices when Irvin was there. NO ONE practiced harder then him. NO ONE was more amped up to play on Sunday then him. NO ONE was more focused. Was he arrogant? Yep, could he be a Diva? Yep. No one out worked him. He gave every drop he had to make the Cowboys what they were.

  9. Really, ED REED ??? of all time greats.. he hasnt even played a full seasonand make no mistake about it.. I am not saying he is a bad player or isnt a good current player.. but one of the greats of all time ??? I think not.. that list is absurd for some of the people who were on it. A Joke

  10. Irvin doesn’t even deserve to be on this list!
    The only reason he got there or into the HoF is because he is loud, outspoken and has pictures of someone doing something to a goat.
    That’s the only reason i can think of.

  11. txtroutslayer says:
    November 5, 2010 2:56 PM
    I saw no less then 50 Cowboy practices when Irvin was there. NO ONE practiced harder then him. NO ONE was more amped up to play on Sunday then him. NO ONE was more focused. Was he arrogant? Yep, could he be a Diva? Yep. No one out worked him. He gave every drop he had to make the Cowboys what they were.

    That and a 2 dollar bill will get you $2… Just because someone works hard and has fun doesn’t mean they are a great player. it just means they have great work ethics..
    Which I still highly doubt from this clown.

  12. Irvin was a great player. I have no problem with him near the end of that list.
    I just think Jim Brown should be #1 of all time. Guy dominated in a way no player ever has or will.

  13. the list doesnt matter…derrick thomas was not on it so therefore the list is null and void

  14. Butkus would be a bus driver in today’s game? Are you out of your cotton pickin’ mind? Wow. Thsi is the wrong sport for you, sport!!! Hail!

  15. Look idiots… just because you weren’t alive to see a player play doesn’t mean you know better. You also have to take into perspective the time a player played. Was he the most dominant at his position during his era? You can’t compare the old eras to the new game, because the new game isn’t football, it’s basketball on grass.

  16. CowboysFansAreAllBandwagonFans @ Why are those the only reasons you think? Maybe coz you had you eyes closed while he torched your team!

  17. I loved that he went out like a b***h in Philly, due to a – what else? – neck injury! Looked like he was faking it to me at the time.

  18. The joke is that Michael Irvin is asked to participate in any sort of capacity in the sports media landscape.

  19. LOL the haters on here are so freakin pathetic it’s ridiculous, you all know if you were face to face with Irvin you’d be kissing his butt telling him how great he is. I think he just burned all your teams and youre all bitter and jealous, how pathetic.

  20. Jack Acid, you are a moron. LT is one of the best if not the best to suit up ever. Guy was an absolute animal in every aspect of the game behind a pitiful offensive line.
    Look how good he has looked at 31 behind a good line. Imagine what he would have looked like with that line when he was 24. Marino doesn’t have a ring, is he also a joker???? Having a ring doesn’t make you a hero all of a sudden. Let’s not forget that Trent Dilfer and Eli Manning have rings. Do you think that Eli Manning is better than Marino??? Or even good for that matter?
    LT was the king… better than Emmitt maybe not Sanders, but top 2 or 3 ever in my eyes.

  21. Seeing Ed Reed on that list really gets me going…
    The only Reed that should be on that list but Isn’t, Is Andre Reed. Why he is not on the Top 100 of All Time makes me wonder what they use to gauge who belongs.
    One pissed off Bills Fan.

  22. the list is a complete joke. how can terrell owens not be on the list? gimme a break.
    and Bruce Smith at 31? WTF… seriously? arguably the best DE of all time and the holder of the sack record? and he’s not top 10? but dick butkus is?
    Bruce Smith behind Lawrence “the crack-smoking, child-banging” taylor? wow… dumb, just dumb.
    how can anyone take this list seriously? oh… i forgot… no one does except michael “coke-snorting” irvin.

  23. @Jack Acid – maybe just maybe LT is ranked higher than Steve Young because even Jeff Garcia was a Pro Bowler running that offense. There were easily 5 quarterbacks who could have stepped in for Young with no perceivable dropoff in production (just off the top of my head: Elway, Favre, Aikman, Marino, Moon, and Montana). LT, on the other hand, played on some horrible offenses and still produced at an elite level.

  24. What about Charles Haley? he didn’t even make the list? The man has the most sb rings. For a league always preaching about the “hardware” they sure don’t show love to some of the ones who have earned it…

  25. Crackhead Irvin is not a top 100 player, Sapp not top 200, Dieon should not be ranked in top 75. How can Butt-kiss be ahead of Lambert? Lambert played and stopped the great Raider and Cowpike players and Butt-kiss played against no one!

  26. I think we need to look at the impact the 100 players had on the game. Irvin forever changed the WR position. and they didn’t throw flags if a WR got touched after 5yds. he worked for everything he got.

  27. Uhh Sapp should be on there. He was one of the most dominant DT of all time. Gimme a break, Irvin n OCHO don’t belong near the top 100!

  28. Steve Young has a ring because the 9ers cheated the salary cap in order to get Deion on the team. Without Neon Deion, he has no ring. The NFL later fined Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark for the cap violation after they had moved to Cleveland. Should have vacated the Lombardi instead. So anyway, Young was over rated and should not even be on that list.

  29. None of them belong on that list. How is Jim Thorpe not in the Top 10? Otto Graham? This Top 100 is a joke, just look at all the QBs in the top 20.

  30. This 100 Greatest Player list is the worst compilation of the greatest players that I have ever heard of. Just because Montana was QB when the forty niners won three or four Super Bowls that made him number 4 among QB’s. The man had a rag doll arm , slow feet and Jerry Rice to support him. There are 15 or more QB’s who should have been ahead of him. The entire list is fruadulent. Jim Brown was the greatest and #1.

  31. Haters gonna hate.
    He was dominant for 9 years and rarely had a quality #2 WR next to him…even against Prime Time. He lit Rod Woodson up every time. Darrell Green still has nightmares.
    In the era when you could mug a WR, Irvin was simply more physical and had exceptional hands.
    He even ran routes over the deep middle, Jerry.
    If he played in a West Coast offense, or with a Warren Moon pass-friendly team, he would’ve had better stats, which apparently is what really matters to get a higher seed in top 100.

  32. Michael Irvin is complaining that he is on this list when Cris Carter, Tim Brown, nor Andre Reed are on it. All much better receivers than Irvin was.

  33. So…who made this “list “? Everyone has their own “list” so their LIST is MEANINGLESS !!!

  34. Too many current players were on this list…Tomlinson was ahead of Randy White?!? Give me a break.
    Kurt Warner is on this list, but not Dan Fouts? Sure Warner had some great years and Super Bowls, but it happened in this QB friendly era. Fouts/Staubach/Tarkenton would have 6,000 yds a season in this era (plus there’s 2 more games).
    Gale Sayers was overrated too, stupid lists, it’s just meant get us all talking and interested in football…and it’s f’ing working on me, damn you NFL!!!

  35. @Facts Domino –
    You’re complaining about Butkus over Ray Lewis and Jack Lambert? That’s the most “absurd’ statement I have heard since…it’s just plain absurd. I agree with your Irvin assessment, but Butkus is head and shoulders above Lewis and Lambert. To be honest, there’s a lot I don’t agree with on that arbitrary Top 100 list…but I completely agree with where Butkus landed.

  36. 45 responses so far. Hey, I have my own list. Any douche bag can make up a list. Is it important because members of the media wrote it? Just someone’s opinion in a medium short on analysis, facts and statistics, and long on someone’s opinion. Does it matter? Not in the least. So let’s everyone settle down here and get on with our lives.

  37. Hines Ward is better than Michael Irvin. Better Stats, more complete player, and he didn’t have to push off for all of his numbers.
    But Ward wasn’t on there because that list is a joke.

  38. @bigfranky75
    Butkus had 18 sacks in one season at middle linebacker. Bruce Smith’s best season was 19. And his main objective was to sack the QB. Bruce had 15 fumble recoveries. Butkus had 27. Butkus forced 49 turnovers, and Bruce was at about 47 (pretty much a wash there). Butkus played 9 years, and Smith played 19. See it now???
    No one was scared of Bruce Smith. Everyone was afraid of Dick Butkus. Holding a record doesn’t make you the best. Would you put Bret Favre higher? Would you rank Emmit Smith higher? I doubt it. Keep it real, get your facts straight, and take a couple minutes and watch a Butkus highlight tape…You’ll forget about Bruce Smith pretty quickly.

  39. What about STEVE LARGENT not even on the list at all? He’s ahead of Irvin in receiving yards by a couple thousand and is ahead of Irving in receiving touchdowns, he’s also the person who broke Don Hutson’s receiving touchdown record. This list is a complete joke

  40. How Peyton Manning was ranked ahead of Elway, and Brady for that matter is also garbage. Elway went to 5 bowls with two rings. Brady won 3 and was @ 4 and also had an undefeated season. His titles were with Deon Branch and Troy Brown. Peyton is a great regualr season qb, but I will take Brady and Elway anyday. Even if Peyton points his fingers and waves his hands 7 times before the ball is snapped.

  41. Joke.
    Different players from different eras. Some palyed hurt, some wouldnt, some had almost no equipment to protect them, some had no rules to protect them, and some have these jive azz rules we have today to protect the pretty divas. There are just too many variables to make a top 100 that makes everybody happy. I personally think that some of the older WR’s like Charley Taylor, Paul Warfield, Harlod Carmicheal, were better, were beasts, yet did not have the advantage of being media whores instantly via the internet. They were not divas, they just played there azzes off and played hurt too. BTW Irvin is a legend in his own mind.
    When Chris Carter is not on the list, yall know its BS so quit proppin up Irvin like hes all that, and Ed Reed with out Polamalu..yall know it BS.
    Emmitt should kiss Barry Sanders azz and you know why. Lucky Mfer.

  42. These list is not worth a second of my time. Its biases and based on opinion. Throw in the fact that QBs now have it much easier then QBs in the past makes it impossible to place a ranking on them. Brady, Manning , Brees and Rivers never took the hits that Elway, Montana, Marino, Kelly or any other QB that played before the rule change for that fact had to endure. The only QB that has played under both rules is Favre.

  43. Notable miscarriages of justice:
    Tony Gonzalez a better tight end than Kellen Winslow? Because he’s had a longer career? Using that criterion, Don Sutton was better than Sandy Koufax. And the clowns who voted Ditka ahead of Winslow should be drowned in urine.
    Marcus Allen #85? There has never been a back who did as many things well as Allen, and he was one of the twenty best players.
    By what standard is Brett Favre better than John Elway? Better at inflicting his genitalia on unwitting bimbos?
    And where the hell is Rex Grossman, the greatest two minute quarterback in Redskins’ history?
    Finally, anyone who thinks Emmitt Smith was better than Simpson or Dickerson is suffering from senile dementia. Defenses were terrified of Simpson and Dickerson; Smith was a very good back with a dominant offensive line.

  44. @winslow…
    Come on dude. Do you really think that Marcus Allen was a more complete back than Walter Payton? Payton did everything Allen did and he did it way better than Allen. There is not a single person who can argue that Walter Payton was not the most complete back in NFL History. Most of what you said is agreeable, but Marcus Allen is not in the same league as Walter Payton. Maybe he should be ranked a bit higher, but top 20?
    BTW…Emmit Smith and Brett Favre are the two most overrated players I have ever seen.

  45. “Michael Irvin has Dez Bryant’s momma on speed dial”
    -michael irvin IS dez bryants “momma”.

  46. Seriously, Sapp wasn’t on the list but his lesser teammate (but still a great player) John Lynch was? Even John Lynch knows that John Lynch wouldn’t have been much without Sapp.

  47. i think that sapp does belong on the list somewhere…he was truly a dominant force at the tackle position for many years and he won a SB. irvin has nothing to complain about when guys like CC, lynn swann, marvin harrison and steve largent were left off the list entirely.
    same with neon deon…yeah you were an exciting talented player but 30s was too high for you.

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