15 months later, a true schism in Minnesota

When the Vikings signed Brett Favre in August 2009, Adam Schefter of ESPN shoehorned into the football vernacular a new term.


Fifteen months after the fact, the word has strong relevance to the Vikings, regarding the fate of its head coach.

But the situation is more complicated than some guys wanting Brad Childress to go and some guys wanting Childress to stay.  As Ed Werder of ESPN explains it, some guys wanted Childress to be fired last week, some want him to be fired if the Vikings lose on Sunday, some want him to be fired if they win on Sunday.

Said one player, per Werder:  “I think there was a great window of opportunity this week to make a change.”

Regardless of whether a poll of the purple people would result in enough votes to oust Childress, the situation has reached a crisis unlike anything the franchise has seen since the days of Les Steckel — a situation that went so poorly Bud Grant came out of retirement for a year to stabilize the organization.

It remains to be seen what owner Zygi Wilf will do going forward.  At this point, however, it will take a miracle akin to Childress walking on the waters of Lake Minnetonka for him to return in 2011.

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  1. And what top tier coach is going to want that mess next year?
    -Aging (or recently retired) QB with no viable replacement.
    -Aging D-line.
    -Lots of free agents that will likely jump ship.
    -Stadium lease mess.
    Going to have to promote from within or elevate a current Coordinator from somewhere.

  2. The “S” word surfaces again- this time for real.
    HA HA nice franchise losers!!
    As Mike McCarthy once said “the train has left the station”

  3. This is just deserts for all the loudmouth Vikings fans who ran their mouths the last year and a half. This is simply what you deserve after all the baseless boasting, nothing more. And the worst is yet to come.

  4. So, what basically this article is saying is….Viking’s players are just as delusional as their incredibly bandwagon fan base, the players as well as the fans act as if the Vikings won the last four superbowls and are clearly the most talented team in the history of the NFL. You know the same fans who had problems selling out a home playoff game a few years ago. And so the inmates are planning a coup, to run the asylum now.Gotcha.

  5. Seriously Florio, did Chilly kick your dog, or snub you for a handshake, or deny you an interview at some point? Why are you trying so hard to get him fired?
    There’s been plenty of talk of other coaches on the hot seat this year, Singletary, Smith, Fox, Del Rio, etc. Hell you guys even do a weekly hot seat segment/story, but none of those have this same vitriol.

  6. Oh my god, there you go Viking Fans, how’s your season? Come on you know you want to be a Packer fan, Great young QB, winning team, great coaches and general manager. Just say it Go Pack Go!!!!

  7. The Purple Myth continues to crumble. I thought Ted Thompson had it rough…at least he will have a job after this season. I’ve got my popcorn ready…can’t wait til the next GB MN game.

  8. Pretty incredible when a win today puts them at 3-5 and possibly a game out of first place with CHI and GB losses.
    But Vikes schedule isn’t a cake-walk with tough roadies at Philly, Washington and Detroit and home tilts with Packers and Giants.
    Eight wins might be all you need to win the “Central.”

  9. I wonder if this article will turn out to be as accurate as all your ‘reports’ from last year of the imminent firing of Mangini by Holmgren. If I recall correctly the firing of Mangini after the 2009 season was a “foregone conclusion”. I think you ran about 10 articles on it. So if history is any evidence, then Chilly might be safe because you’re reporting that only a miracle will save his job…

  10. There are two words holding this up : With Cause. If he let Moss go without telling the front office first in direct violation of team rules, that should not be a problem. But I can’t blame him, Moss gave him no choice.

  11. 2010 – Brett gets Chilly fired
    2008 – Brett gets Mangini fired
    2007 – Brett wants M McCarthy and T Thompson fired.
    Open your eyes Queenies.
    Brett is the cancer – not Senior Noodle
    It’s an open secret that Brett went to Ziggy and BEGGED for Moss.
    Enjoy the attention – I smell 4-12 for the next 4 or 5 years Queenies…If their around that long
    SCHISM !!!!!!!!!

  12. Childress is a genius coach, they would be foolish to fire him-keep Favre too, for as long as they can.

  13. There is only one way to fix this…..and that is realizing that at some point you just have to say screw it…..BREAK OUT THE LOVE BOAT!!!

  14. As a Packer fan, I say leave Chilly alone. He’s doing just fine in Minnesota. Oh yeah, and sign Favre to long term contract.

  15. I can summarize Chilly’s coaching style in 3 steps.
    1. Take square peg.
    2. Pound into round hole.
    3. Take a knee, and go to halftime.

  16. Wilf has no one to blame but himself…..he was on board duriing the Favre fisaco and put his ok on giving the 41 yr old QB a raise to come back. Now that the barn has burned to the ground its to late the close the door…….

  17. ” The most difficult part of player evaluation is exposing the player who says the right things and pretends to put the team first, but truly has his own agenda and doesn’t buy in to the system. Those are the players that get you fired.”
    – Mike Holgrem as he left GB for Seattle in 1998
    I think it’s now obvious who he was referring to…

  18. DUH? And nobody saw this coming??? Gimme a break. This whole soap opera is beyond belief. The idea that a supposedly professional NFL franchise would put their ENTIRE fate in the hands of an over-the-hill, ego-driven moron without any back-up plan or alternate strategy is beyond belief! Couple that with a head coach who’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and you get what you get! The Viqueens are who we thought they were and they deserve everything they’re getting! Sweep the house clean and start over while there’s still time to salvage a playoff spot.

  19. it won’t take a miracle i hope not as a packers fan i like seeing him in purple! besides if they fire him then the vkes would start snooping around the packers organization for a good coach… just like the players they can’t draft and grow! it’s funny how the purple lady’s want to be like us cheeseheads…

  20. Got some good info from inside the Viking organization last night…..Childo is 100% done in MN. Expect to hear the news as soon as soon as later this evening or tom. morning. Regardless of today’s outcome…Frazier will be stepping in.

  21. BTW….All Packer fan input means nothing to Viking fans. Just like your state,we care zilcho of your drunken,inbred opinions….

  22. If Leslie Frazier wins, then problem solved.
    If not, the Vikings will have to confront the fact that the roster has been getting old and that scapegoating the head coach will simply deflect legitimate blame from the front office.

  23. Wilf could not fire Childress last week because of the perception that a player can get a coach fired. He has had issues with Favre, Moss, and now Harvin. His game decisions have been highly questionable and he has not handled any of the Viking issues competently or even respectably. As I have been saying since the Moss debacle, he will be fired by tomorrow regardless of how today’s game turns out. When that does happen, it may be the catalyst that the team can rally around to make a run. I do not know if frasier is the answer, but right now the guy dressed in Viking garb riding the motorcycle around the field (Ragnar?) could do less damage than Childress

  24. I don’t live in Wisconsin but am a Pack fan, Pervy…
    Can Jared spell, S-C-H-I-S-M this year? We already know he can spell OVERRATED…
    Leslie Frazier as HC? Now, that’s a good idea. LMAO.
    Skol Control!

  25. @mattgso
    Aging Dline?
    Allen – 28
    Edwards – 25
    Guion – 23
    Robison – 26
    KWill – 30
    Kennedy – 31
    PWill – 38
    Ok…PWill is old…he’s probably going to retire next year…but old? dead wrong there…

  26. How sweet it will be Viking brothers when we take the North despite all this crap….Pack fans will have nothing but each other…and cheap beer

  27. All 5 Vikings losses were close games in which the Vikings had a chance to win … if you have that many losses in close games … it comes down to bad coaching … poor play calling. How many times has chilly gone on 4th and 1 instead of kicking the FG?
    If the players don’t like the coach … they will not play for him PERIOD.

  28. @Tinbender – Chilly has full control over the roster in his contract. He didn’t violate any team rules by releasing Moss, even if he had (as you incorrectly assumed) released him before telling ownership. Ownership was told BEFORE he was released and agreed with the release.
    The only issue from ownership is that the players were notified before ownership was notified. Then players leaked it to the press and that’s how Wilf found out.

  29. Zilf won’t get rid of Chilly because of the guaranteed money for his contract extension. Otherwise, Chilly would have been fired on Monday.

  30. Take the North? What, in 2017?
    You would think after about 3-4 games this year that people would realize the Vikings ship is dead in the water.
    People are all of a sudden waiting for them to flip a switch? Just remember, Chris Doleman isn’t walking through that door. Neither is John Randle, or Randall McDaniel, or Steve Jordan, or Cris Carter, or Gary Zimmerman, or Joey Browner.
    This team sucks, pure and simple. Get used to it Vikes fans. It aint going to change whether they win this week or not. Brent isn’t getting any younger, Berrian won’t all of a sudden figure out how to catch passes, Gerhart won’t suddenly become Chester Taylor, Asher Allen won’t become Deion Sanders, etc. Not a very good team people. Open your eyes and get real!!

  31. Darrell Bevel should be the first choice to replace Chilly. He’s Offensive Coordinator and Brett’s buddy.
    And be sure to give him roster control.
    Problem solved.

  32. mattgso says: November 7, 2010 11:03 AM
    And what top tier coach is going to want that mess next year?
    -Aging (or recently retired) QB with no viable replacement.
    -Aging D-line.
    -Lots of free agents that will likely jump ship.
    -Stadium lease mess.
    Going to have to promote from within or elevate a current Coordinator from somewhere.
    Are you kidding me? That’s an experienced coach’s wet dream. That gives them a blank slate to work with, under an owner who has shown he’s not afraid to open up his wallet to bring in good talent. They’ve already got one of the most important question marks figured out, and if you think AP doesn’t get the contract he deserves in MN, you’re crazy – Wilf loves the guy.

  33. On the waters of Lake Minnetonka
    Viking players got in trouble with jism
    Their QB is as tough as a tonka
    But split their locker room in a schism

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