Austin Collie stretchered off field, Eagles angry that hit draws flag

Colts receiver Austin Collie was taken off the field on a stretcher Sunday after being knocked out in a collision with two Eagles defensive backs. The hit drew a 15-yard penalty and will undoubtedly be the subject of much scrutiny this week as the NFL continues to debate how to keep defenseless receivers safe.

Collie was reaching to catch a Peyton Manning pass when Eagles safety Quintin Mikell hit him with what looked like a hard but legal shot to the midsection. Eagles defensive back Kurt Coleman then collided with Collie, helmet-to-helmet.

It could be argued, however, that the Coleman-Collie collision was only helmet-to-helmet because Collie had already been redirected by Mikell: It wasn’t that Coleman was head-hunting; it was just that Collie’s head was pushed into the path of Coleman’s head. That’s why several Eagles players angrily protested the flag, all while Collie lay motionless on the field.

Coleman’s argument will be similar to the argument that Jets safety Eric Smith made when he was suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit on then-Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin two years ago: Smith said that collision was only helmet-to-helmet because Boldin was pushed into his path, but the NFL didn’t accept that argument.

As Collie was stretchered off the field, he appeared to be conscious, and Manning spoke to him briefly. But Collie didn’t appear to be moving at all.

We’ll see this week whether Coleman is the first player suspended under the league’s increased emphasis on keeping defenseless receivers safe. More importantly, we hope to see an encouraging prognosis on Collie. There’s no word yet on his condition.

UPDATE: At halftime Colts coach Jim Caldwell told 1070 radio in Indianapolis that Collie suffered a concussion but will be OK.

122 responses to “Austin Collie stretchered off field, Eagles angry that hit draws flag

  1. I hope Collie is ok. Looked awful.
    It’s so sad that everyone’s reaction (not just here) is to start debating the rules. Let’s pray for Collie for a beat before we start whining about Roger Goodell.

  2. It won’t be a fine as Collie has established himself as a runner. IF REeid had more challenges, he could have challenged the incomplete. As that was a complete pass and fumble.
    As for Collie, I hope he’s ok. Jut a clean hard hit(s).

  3. Stupid call. It sucks the guy got hurt but that was a damn joke. Goodell has accomplished his mission of making the refs act with emotion on what should something objective.

  4. No way in hell should that hit have drawn a flag…
    However, it’ll make sense for the league to suspend Coleman, if for no other reason than the hit came against a goody-goody Mormon white boy.
    That hit is all on Manning — he hung Collie out to dry.

  5. it was clean, all the way around. the intial hit was to the mid-section. collie caught the ball, took two steps and ducked his head. why don’t the offensive players get penalized for ducking their heads? he wouldn’t have had helmet-to-helmet contact with coleman if he had kept his head up. also, he was not a defenseless receiver. he had already made a reception, even though that was not the ruling on the field. he caught the ball, took two steps, ducked his head, and got sandwiched by two defenders who did everything they could to keep the play safe. collie was the one who made the play dangerous.
    if the nfl suspends mikell, there will be mutiny. look for players to blatantly rebel.

  6. Horrible call. Not an eagles fan but they got hosed.
    Thats a good hit and a fumble.
    Dont agree with Simms assessment of what happened on the play. If, BIG IF, there was helmet to helmet its because he was forced into him.
    We’re not far from this being a flag football league. Before too long my daughters will be allowed to play.
    WTF is happening to this game?

  7. DEFENSELESS!!! Are you kidding me? He takes two steps and covers the ball and its clear as day. To even suggest otherwise is a flat out lie. It people like you that churn out this drivel that cause knee-jerk reactions by the NFL.

  8. Colts fan here. Bad call. The tackle zones were lowered and the severity of the hit was the result of bad chance (ie… two separate hits).

  9. this game has been totally ridiculous from an officiating standpoint, allowing the colts to stay in the game. that drive shouldve already been over from the beginning after a bs illegal contact call on 3rd down. then that call for the austin collie hit which should never have been called. It was a catch and fumble, not an incomplete pass, so that should have been a turnover as well. So on that drive alone, you have two stops by the eagles defense that were wiped out by bs.

  10. He was not defenseless. He made the catch then fumbled the ball after being hit. All this crap is really making it hard to enjoy football anymore. He was hit more with the shoulder than the helmet. If you don’t want helmet hits don’t let them wear them.

  11. Did anybody catch those Eagles’ defenders nearly knocking over the doctors and stepping over Collie, while observing the replay, why Collie lay helpless? Jesus Christs what a bunch of animals – wow!?!?!
    On a more human note, this proves how damned foolish this new push has become to “soften” the NFL. That play was legal, yet it still drew a flag. This is becoming ridiculous, no doubt. These players are getting paid handsomely to assume an amount of risk. And, let’s not forget, nobody has ever died playing NFL football.
    You’re not going to be able to legislate a physical sport like NFL football. Get it thru you freakin’ thick skulls everybody!!!

  12. You do realize he had already caught the ball and was not a defenseless receiver. It should not have been flagged.

  13. Completely clean play. It’s an indefensible position to even suggest otherwise. Roger Goodell is painting himself into a corner on multiple fronts now from player discipline to his phony concern for player safety. Not only did the NFL’s hyper-sensitivity lead to a BS call against the defense but also nullified an obvious fumble in this instance. It’s a travesty of justice if any Eagles player is suspended of even fined.
    Oh and here’s another factoid…..Collie lowered his head and put it forward toward the point of impact on that play. And if he’d speared the defender and knocked him out with his helmet nobody (especially Goodell) would’ve ever batted an eye.

  14. I hope Collie is OK but that actually should have been a fumble. He caught the ball, took two steps and braced for a hit. Bad call.

  15. Eagles got pooched…this league is turning into a joke! Lets bring Vince McMahon in to write the script…

  16. He made a football move and he lowered his head first before getting hit. They are doing so much to protect the Off. players now that the D can’t play. He put two feet on the ground and ducked his head. I am starting to hate watching football. I pray Collie is fine and is able to play the game again but that play was legal 100%

  17. I don’t want to see any player injured but the ball carrier lowered his head to use it as a ram. Shouldn’t have been a penalty.

  18. Goodell is ruining the league. Someone needs to get that pussy away from the NFL before he puts dresses on everyone.

  19. Probably deserved a flag, but it came in very late and only after the officials saw that Collie was unconscious.

  20. wow, this game is definitely a fix. Collie caught the ball, lowered his head, took two steps and got hit. The crooked refs not only called a legitamit hit a penalty, but also said that an obvious catch and fumble was an incomplete pass. What a crock of shit. I turned the game off and I am done with this garbage. I may as well just watch the WWE, at least they admit that it is scripted.

  21. I wonder when the offensive players will learn that lowering your own head isn’t a good idea either. He was no longer defenseless and the flag was crap. It was thrown in response to the injury, not in response to the hit.

  22. But Collie didn’t appear to be moving at all.
    Come on guys, if you’re going to report on this then get the facts correct. Anybody that was watching this game on television could see that he was moving his hands and his left leg. Let’s get all the facts out there and be less dramatic in the process.

  23. Count Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe, Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason as more individuals who think people like Michael David Smith have no idea what they are talking about… NOT DEFENSELESS, NOT A PENALTY!

  24. Collie wasn’t “reaching to catch a Peyton Manning pass.” He already had possession, 2 feet on the ground and was turtling himself to brace against the tackle. Then Mikell drilled him legally into Kurt Coleman. If you watch the replay, Coleman was sent backwards by the helmet-to-helmet collision part of the play with Collie. Seems to lead one to believe he wasn’t even really lunging into the play’s action. The flag was a reactionary one (ref’s mind: “oh noes, helmet-helmet bangboom! flag throw i must.”) and it turned into 7 Colts points when it should actually have been an incomplete overruled into a fumble after Philly challenged the play after they took Collie off the field.
    And the part that grinds my gears? Collie STILL got hurt. Throwing an incorrect flag on helmet-to-helmet contact potentially changes the outcome of an NFL game but it doesn’t erase the seemingly-massive concussion from Austin Collie’s life. Who knows what happens to him, and his brain more specifically, as he recovers from this massive double-hit–from the initial helmet-to-helmet contact to him viciously slamming his helmet into the cold Lincoln Field turf.

  25. Looks like one of those plays that might define what is legal and what isn’t
    I think it was clean

  26. Not intentional IMO, But I can see the league fining and possibly suspending Coleman for this hit. Hopefully Collie will be okay.

  27. That was a catch and a fumble. Collie took 2 steps after catching the ball and was fair game for a legal hit by the safeties. He was not unprotected. This is just another example of the Colts being given special treatment by the league.
    That should have been Eagles’ ball. Instead the Colts take the gift and the lead.
    BTW, I hope Collie is okay.

  28. Just plain awful, awful call. Unnecessary roughness on a defenseless receiver? Collie caught it and already possessed control. There was a graze of helmet to helmet, but Coleman led with his shoulder and Collie was tackled INTO his helmet, it wasn’t intentionally. This negated a fumble and gave the Colts another touchdown playing a part in the game. Just sickening when these zebras play just as much of an impact as the players. Goodell is garbage, i want the old NFL back.

  29. It was an absolutely outrageous call. Collie clearly caught the ball and ducked his head to run with it. He was a runner and helmet-to-helmet is legal. This was completely clean but horribly unfortunate for Austin Collie. This was a complete over reaction by the officials led by the league’s over reaction that caused a bad call and a bad coaching decision by Andy Reid who failed to challenge what would have been a turnover.
    If there was anything illegal about this collision then the NFL has officially and fundamentally changed the game.
    How do you avoid this sort of collision???
    Put flags on them or let them play 2-hand-touch.

  30. I hope Collie has a complete and speedy recovery, but how can you call a flag on a play like that? There was no intent to harm — it was just the result successive collisions.

  31. It was a questionable flag for sure…but for God’s sake…a man is laying on the field and for all you know could be paralyzed or worse…and there’s Asante and the Eagles jumping around like a bunch of children who didn’t get their freezy pops…and Philly fans booing as he’s carted off…as always Philly puts the ass in class…here’s hoping Collie’s alright…

  32. I have no idea what you or the refs were looking at. I saw no helmet to helmet contact at all on Collie. Shoulder from the first player and chest of the second. It was ridiculous that Pryor of the Pats got fined for hitting Favre in the chest then his helmet slid to the chin. He didn’t aim for the chin. This hit on Collie was as clean as they come. NFL stop this nonsense. Punish head hunting to cause injury but leave the clean hits like this one alone. MDS, love your work but watch the replay again. No helmet to helmet contact. Slowly but surely they are going to ruin the game. Don’t talk to me about the injuries that come from clean hits. These, MILLIONAIRES know what they are signing up for. No one puts a gun to their head to play.

  33. Kurt Coleman should be burned at the stake for this outrageous display of recklessness, right Florio?
    Sarcasm aside, please tell me Mike, how this play is to be avoided? It was complete and utter coincidence/ accident. If there is a monetary fine for this we should seriously all stop watching football.

  34. Tough hit. Fumble. Bad call.
    The other thing that pisses me off are the running backs or wide receivers who fake like they are going out of bounds so the defender pulls up and then they straddle the side line.
    I say on side line hits if an offensive player has any portion of a foot in bounds and is hit, it doesn’t matter how much damage results or how badly he is hurt, it’s a clean play.
    I mean if you are going to get fined, you might as well put them out…..

  35. I disagree. THe guy was going after COllie with his Shoulder to his head. his arms weren’t out and he was certainlly not trying to tackle the guy. I don’t care if he’d been running for ten yards the other two eagles were tackling properly on the play.

  36. IF Cowher got his facts right, the League said the first hit was OK but the second hit was against a defenseless receiver.
    Say WTF????
    How can the first hit NOT be against a defenseless receiver but the second hit is?
    I appreciate the insight that all four (Marino, Cowher, Sharpe and Esiason) put on the play, but too bad there are not any real sports journalists in sports any longer. If there was just one on their set, perhaps he/she would have noticed the the League totally whiffed on their expanation.
    Here’s hoping the League huddles up and comes up with some better ‘splain’ real quick like.

  37. I’ll throw my “clean hit” comment in the hat. He caught it, headed up field, and just took a hard hit. He wasn’t defenseless. He wasn’t up in the air.
    And as I type this the Colt punter just ‘roughed himself’ by jumping into the air and falling, drawing a 5 yard penalty.
    The zebras need to watch the play and don’t be afraid to admit a mistake and pick up the flag after their brains process the action.

  38. keepereg.. what game are you watching? Philly clapped as he was being ROLLED off.. open your damn eyes you blind/deaf ass bat

  39. keepereg,
    I guess one minute of clapping for Collie as he is carted off is considered “booing” for you. The camera man even SHOWED the fans clapping for him, what are you even talking about?

  40. Hope the kid is ok. But this was a terrible terrible call. First it was a catch. The guy took two steps and covered up the ball. There is no way you could classify that as an incomplete pass. Second the hits were totally clean. If anything, Collie lowered his head not the other way around.
    So what should have been a turnover was gifted to the Colts and became a TD. Minimum 7 point swing in what is a close game.
    They should rename the NFL the No Football League, because the changes they are putting into the game while designed to protect the players are going to destroy the integrity of the game.

  41. BS call.. and any idiot that didn’t realize the fans are booing the call and not the player just needs to off themselves if they are that stupid

  42. MDS,
    Why don’t you guys talk about the NFLPA filing a greivance for the capricous nature of the fines being assessed?
    As I warned you this thing will be coming to a head soon.
    Goodell can ill afford a rift with the owners before the CBA…there are a growing number of them that are starting to see the inconsistency of this rule.
    But I forgot you guys are in bed with NBC…the folks who started this whole controversy under the hypocrisy of Mr. Harrison.
    Keep up the less than good work.

  43. Problem here is that players don ‘t try to tackle anymore. Just hit. This was alegal hit but it was straight led with the helmet and no attempt made to tackle. These kind of hits will continue for the NFL to make changes. For anybody to claim that it is Collies fault just shows how stupid people are. He just tries to cradel the people and get as small as he can to absorb the inadvertant hit. Coleman just launches himself head first, no attempt to tackle, straight helmet to helmet. Not illegal as per curent rules. Noentheless this has to stop.
    You do not see a hit like this from Ray Lewis, ever. Every player hits is wrapped up and his face is in the players chest.

  44. Not only was it a clean hit with no helmet to helmet, but Collie caught the ball, and made a move before being hit and fumbling (which means he was not defenseless). To top it all off, the refs let the Eagles run around with the football for a good 5 or 6 seconds before blowing a delayed whistle. No two ways about it, this was a botched call by the refs.
    They saw a big hit, jumped the gun and through a flag, then stood there like idiots while the birds scooped up the ball before blowing the whistle. FAIL.

  45. He wasnt hit when he “reached for the ball” he caught-turned took two steps and was then hit. No foul here, I guess they are just throwing flags for injurys now if its in the secondary.

  46. I’m all for safety but give me a break, the offense
    has been given another advantage to exploit,
    lower your head take a chance BINGO another penalty. Young receiver helps team, maybe stays
    on team.

  47. I don’t like the Eagles at all, saw the play live and all the replays.
    Looked like an absolute BS call.
    Effin ridiculous that was called.
    If that’s a fine, there’s something crazy wrong with the NFL.
    The only reason the flag came out was because Collie was obviously hurt 2 seconds after the hit. That’s why the flag was so late.

  48. It was a CATCH a FUMBLE and a recovery by the eagles…..
    there was no penalty on this play at all…..

  49. Glad to see Asante Samuel, probably the biggest pussy of a cornerback in football, dancing around Collie as he’s laying on the ground motionless. Asante will never get flagged for a illegal hit b/c he doesn’t make any hits.

  50. Catch & fumble. What a joke to call it incomplete & defenseless receiver.
    Start fining the refs for bad flags!!!!

  51. Regardless, through three quarters it’s pretty obvious Polian’s lackeys were on time this week delivering the envelope to the refs locker room.

  52. The fans boo’d the replay reacting the same way this whole comments section is…Fans didn’t do anything wrong.

  53. might as well give the Refs colts jerseys and helmets… seems like they’re making every single call for the Colts

  54. What is about about helmet-to-helmet hits not allowed – that you IDIOTS do not understand?!
    This was an illegal hit.
    No controversy.
    Because there was no question it was helmet-to-helmet.
    If anyone does not understand what hemet-to-helmet means, I suggest you ask your boyfriends and have them explain it to you.

  55. Nice to see the refs not call holding on the INdy tackles, but they called holding on the called back TD pass by Vick.

  56. Loved the roughing the punter call and now a phantom block in the back call. Refs will move the great PM down to the 1 so he can have another come from behind winning drive that will consist of 1 complete pass and 5 penalties on the defense.

  57. The first post is dead on. Samuels has to be the biggest idiot in the world to do that crap while Collie was lying there unconscious. Absolutely zero respect. That guy should be hung up by his nuts.

  58. The first post is dead on. Samuels has to be the biggest idiot in the world to do that crap while Collie was lying there unconscious. Absolutely zero respect. That guy should be hung up by his nuts.

  59. The hit on Collie was a bad call. I didn’t see the other bad calls. Check out – site about the bad calls we are seeing more and more. The Collie hit is on there.
    BTW it was a fumble too… horrible call

  60. xojazz you’re a moron. Mickell had a clean hit and Collie was pushed INTO Coleman by force of contact. Learn the damn game before you open your mouth you tool.

  61. These refs are absolutely horrible this game. They need to be reffing Pee-Wee games.
    I can’t wait for the day when defensive players just say screw it and start blasting everybody. If they breath on the quarterback’s helmet its a penalty might as well just light him up and take him out of the game. Its the same 15 yard penalty.

  62. now a ridiculous roughing the passer call…. completely unbelievable that this is what professional football has become!

  63. Guy swipes the back of the helmet of Manning with his hand in the process of forcing a fumble and they calling unnecessary roughness. the league has turned into garbage. Fitting that it was the Colts years ago who started the p***ification of the league from complaining about their receivers getting too roughed up by the Patriots.

  64. That roughing the passer with the hand on the helmet was another bullshit call. Not that it was technically wrong. But it was so borderline that I have seen refs not call that every single time. And when the refs know they shafted the Eagles repeatedly, they should have gotten the benefit of doubt. I noticed their tackles keep holding and the refs dont call that strictly.
    Worst refereed game of the year.

  65. to the NFL fining zealots:
    time to review every game, every play, to see if any QB’s helmets were touched by any defensive players during the course of the game. If “touched”, should have been a penalty called – should be fined by the azz’s who have ruined the game.
    I’ve been watching NFL football since the late 50s and this is the worst B.S. I’ve ever seen. Scab football was better than the chaos they’ve made out there this year. I hope they clean it up cause I will miss it. I won’t watch another game. I hope lots of other fans of the game of football do likewise. cyas

  66. Well as much as it shouldn’t be fined I bet there is a lot of interested players waiting to see where this falls 5K to 75K. If not maybe some explanation from the principals office.

  67. # praveen says: November 7, 2010 7:36 PM
    That roughing the passer with the hand on the helmet was another bullshit call. Not that it was technically wrong. But it was so borderline that I have seen refs not call that every single time. And when the refs know they shafted the Eagles repeatedly, they should have gotten the benefit of doubt. I noticed their tackles keep holding and the refs dont call that strictly.
    Worst refereed game of the year.
    On the replay they showed 5 times, (when Phil Simms was trying to convince us that it was a real penalty) How come the ref misses Cole being grabbed but sees a brush against Mannings helmet??? This game was an absolute joke and the NFL doesn’t even seem to be trying to hide the fact that it has an agenda for who wins and loses.
    I wonder if the Eagles will get fined for beating the Dolts???? Commishiner mcMahon should look into this

  68. One of the worst games I’ve watched by far this season. I’ve ripped the Colts throughout the year on their injuries, but now I actually feel sorry for them. I like Austin Collie and think he’s a good receiver, I hope he’s ok, I actually thought he broke his neck.
    I think the Colts gameplan was very limited in terms of their passing game and just over all gameplan, primarily because they have no depth at the receiver and tight end positions. The Eagles were ready for that skinny post because the Colts were running it the whole game, the very next play they came back to it to White. Tamme was targeted 4 or 5 times with the same play.
    So what gives? Did the Colts come with 10 plays on offense to run? Why are the Colts getting injured all the time? Don’t tell me its karma…
    It looks like to me, teams are approaching them way more aggresively then before, offensively and defensively. I feel that has alot to do with it. Their small and the linebackers are just crunching them.
    Hope Collie is ok, by the way the hit was a clean hit and the NFL is killing their sport.

  69. Both calls (hit on Collie and the Eagles defensive player tapping Manning’s poor little helmet) were garbage.
    Lots of bad calls in the league today.

  70. ninjapleazee:
    You don’t understand helmet-to-helmet.
    The defender lowered head, led with his helmet, contacted defenseless receiver’s helmet, knocked him out cold.
    Are you really this dense?
    Please, roll over, ask your boyfriend to explain.

  71. Ridiculous the refs reacted to the injury not the hit. Refs need to fined not the players. The refs also blew the illegal procedure call on the Eagles last possession, you can clearly see the Colts DT barking the signals causing the OG to move which is a penalty on the defense thats why the Eagles players were yelling at the refs.

  72. Well, you know the National Fine League will be dealing with this. They can’t let players get hurt. What about the defensive players that were injured this weekend? Can they be considered defenseless?
    He is as defenseless as all the other players on the field.

  73. @ xojazz,
    Hey junior, while everyone finds your homosexual insults hilarious, let’s have a serious discussion for a sec. If what you saw constitutes “A tackler using his helmet to butt, spear, or ram an opponent” or “a player who uses the top of his helmet unnecessarily” … you are far from a knowledgeable football fan. The helmet-to-helmet was an incidental result of a bang-bang play by professional athletes moving at full speed. It was a horrible call, and you are flat-out WRONG. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  74. xojazz, you have no idea what you are talking about. Only when you are a defenseless receiver can you not be hit helmet to helmet. Collie caught the ball, took two steps, lowered his upper body while cradling the ball, got hit, then got hit again in the helmet. He was obviously a runner in that situation. Also, are these “boyfriend” comments assuming you are talking to a woman, and therefore in your little brain she knows nothing about football, making you unfunny and sexist, or they unfunny and homophobic, possibly even hiding something?

  75. Flag was bullsh*t! Defensive player not head hunting shouldn’t be responsible if player is redirected at last second.
    As the nfl continues to whittle away at the ability of teams to play pass defense they are quickly coming to a tipping point where the games will no longer be interesting to watch.
    For those fans who want to watch atheltes run up and down the field with no possiblity of getting hurt there is a sport for you…TRACK. This is FOOTBALL. Collisions are expected and will sometimes cause injury.

  76. xojazz says:
    November 7, 2010 7:05 PM
    What is about about helmet-to-helmet hits not allowed – that you IDIOTS do not understand?!
    This was an illegal hit.
    No controversy.
    Because there was no question it was helmet-to-helmet.
    If anyone does not understand what hemet-to-helmet means, I suggest you ask your boyfriends and have them explain it to you.
    Wrong, elephant breath. YOU are the idiot.
    The penalty was NOT for “helmet-to-helmet contact,” it was for a hit on a (proverbial) “defenseless receiver.”
    Do YOU need a Rule Book. Or just a hearing aid?

  77. Is this even the same game anymore? This year, it would seem that I (an NFL fan of over 30 years) no longer understand what a touchdown is, what a catch is, what a legal hit is, etc. WTF is going on? The front office is clueless, the refs are clueless, the press is clueless and when these groups get together to explain everything…the fans become clueless. This flag was BS and there was another Calvin Johnson type call this week that robbed the Texans of a TD. Flip the switch and return to the game of the 80’s/90’s. The rules are getting ridiculously difficult to understand because they are being written by lawyers and the refs can basically say whatever they want in the review process because it is no longer a black and white issue. Everything is gray.

  78. “Collie was reaching to catch a Peyton Manning pass when Eagles safety Quintin Mikell hit him with what looked like a hard but legal shot to the midsection. Eagles defensive back Kurt Coleman then collided with Collie, helmet-to-helmet.”
    Wrong. Collie wasnt reaching for the ball when he got hit. He already caught the ball took three steps and put his shoulder down for contact when Mikell made the intial hit. Then he was redirected toward Coleman when there helmets collided.
    Collie wasnt a defenseless reciever when Mikell hit him so deffently wasnt 1 when Coleman got there. He should of already been deemed a ball carrier when the initial hit was made. It was a legal helmet to helmet contact by Coleman. Just like almost everytime a running back runs up the middle there is legal helmet to helmet contact.
    They will ruin the game of football if the refs keep calling penalties on plays like that and continue calling penalties on plays like the one that happened later in the game on fourth down when Trent Cole got a sack fumble on Manning that would of iced the game if his hand didnt graze the back of his helmet.
    It was a horribly officiated game. Also Florio you and Adam Shefter should be ashamed of yourselves . After the game he suggested that Coleman should be the first player suspended for a helmet to helmet hit . And now you reiterate it? He shouldnt have even been penalized let alone fined for the hit. But you and Shefter want the guy suspended? That kind of analyst is shameful and an afront to the sport we all love.

  79. O and where is all the uproar about the 2 blatant Horse Collar tackles on McCoy During the game? They both clearly hurt him and put him in a very dangerous position. Luckily both times he was able to get his legs out from under him but still it was illegal and dangerous. But they didnt even throw a flag let alone bring it up.
    And what about on 1 of the Eagles punts? A Colts player made a helmet to helmet block on an a Eagles defender from behind. That actually an illegal helmet to helmet hit but once again no flag.
    Im not saying poor Eagles they never get the calls thats not my point. The point is the NFL and its refrees dont care about player safety just there image. They penalize 1 team for a legal hit that almost cost them the game bc a player was injured but then let the other team get away with 3 dangerous penalties bc no one was injured.
    If they truely cared about player safety they would penalize every team for every dangerous penalty no matter how serious the results of those plays were. Because it would show everyone that no matter what happens those kind of plays wont be tolerated. The way they are handling things now it seems like they would rather wait for a player like McCoy to blow out his knees before they throw a flag then to premptively stop it by penalizing a team before an injury occurs.
    But its starting to become very clear that when big hits and other dangerous penalties dont cause injuries the NFL doesnt care bc it doesnt effect there public image.

  80. keepereg says:
    November 7, 2010 6:08 PM
    It was a questionable flag for sure…but for God’s sake…a man is laying on the field and for all you know could be paralyzed or worse…and there’s Asante and the Eagles jumping around like a bunch of children who didn’t get their freezy pops…and Philly fans booing as he’s carted off…as always Philly puts the ass in class…here’s hoping Collie’s alright…
    I knew there was going to be 1 idiot. After the initial hit Philly Fans booed the refs for a horrible call and the players were reacting as well to the refs but once they realized Collie was seriously hurt the fans got quiet and the players stopped and prayed. Once he showed he was ok and started to get put on a stretcher everyone clapped for him. Not 1 person in that staduim had a bad thing to say about Collie and no one booed him it was directed towards the refs.
    It just shows you how full sh*t you are bc when he was getting carted off every1 was clapping for him, after 10 minutes of silence.
    Eagles fans and players showed there passion for the game by the way they reacted to that call. You wish your team had half the passion the Eagles do. But as soon as they realized what was going on they did the right thing and prayed for Collie and gave him a standing ovation.
    Only a fool would try to see fault in that.

  81. xojazz says:
    You don’t understand helmet-to-helmet.
    Are you really this dense?
    Please, roll over, ask your boyfriend to explain.
    xojazz…. FAIL. HELMET to HELMET hits are only illegal when they are on defenseless receivers, qbs, and on players when hit from behind.
    You are allowed to make helmet to helmet hits when receivers and rbs establish themselves as ball carriers. Also allowed to make h2h hits on offensive and defensive linemen.
    Collie possessed the ball made 2 football moves established himself as a ball carrier lowered his head to protect himself and the ball from the intitial hit from Quinton Mikell before the helmet to helmet contact with Coleman. That is basically verbatim the defenition of a legal hit in the NFL rule book.
    What you dont understand is the majority of helmet to helmet hits are not illegal. Only in certian cases are they against the rules. Nearly every single play there is legal helmet to helmet contact occuring.
    Before you start telling everyone they are wrong again go look up the rules on h2h hits. Then come back an appologize.

  82. Unfortunate incident because he was redirected into him. Asante is a prick. Everyone who saw that was concerned for Collie’s long term health after that play except for this idiot jumping around like a child.

  83. @ odell-
    You clearly are the most idiotic commenter I have seen on here and I’ve seen many. Aren’t you late for the bus little boy?

  84. Hopefully Collie has a speedy recovery. That was absolutely horrifying to see him frozen on the field like that.
    That being said, what a terrible call. Now the NFL will probably fine Kurt Coleman a hefty fee on top of everything else. This guy is a rookie 7th round draft pick – he’s not exactly making top dollar.

  85. Both hits were hard – but certainly legal. It’s football, folks – and unless we’re going to start declaring a receiver down when a flag is pulled from a velcro attachment to his hip, or he is touched with both hands above the waist, hard hits will happen and sometimes the results will be unfortunate and every once in a while, yes – they will even be tragic.
    I’ve watched this video many times. Not only was the hit legal, I’m absolutely convinced the concussion occurred from his head impacting the turf – not from either hit directly. Watch it again – that was quite a slam his head took because of the speed at which he fell. Any helmet to helmet contact paled in comparison to the way his head slammed the turf.

  86. I honestly didn’t see a helmet to helmet hit..I was looking and looking and last time I saw where he lead with his shoulder and I think on one angle he brushed his helmet but there was no blanant helmet to helmet that I saw..looked like a clean hit to me….that being said I sure hope Collie is ok. Never like to see any player hurt. Don’t feel this should warrant a fine though.

  87. First of all, screw the fact that there shouldn’t be a fine (there shouldn’t be) and that there shouldn’t have been a penalty (that is debatable), the fact that the Eagles were more concerned about a freaking penalty than the well being of a fellow player (who at the time was motionless on the field) shows that this team has no character or fiber of human compassion. They are a disgrace and I lost all respect for them as a team and as individuals (at least for the ones who were complaining and whining about a freaking penalty, which mind you didn’t cost them anything except 15 yards…they would have gotten it anyway if the facemask on the same play was called0. Eagles people get over it…you won the game!!!

  88. @ keepereg
    Really? The Eagles fans were booing Collie? Wrong pal. They applauded him but were booing the replay. Now, if you want to say the video baord operator was an idiot for still showing the replay, then fine and I’ll agree with you. You’re another idiot who always looks to jump all over Philly fans and you’d have no guts to say it to any Philly fans face. What podunk sports market do you live in?

  89. Jesus.. Eagles fans are blind. It wasn’t the first hit.. it was the 2nd hit from the back.

  90. @ Dustin Chandler
    The flag was for hitting a “defenseless receiver”. The flag was NOT for a helmet to helmet hit.
    2 things
    1. The receiver was NOT “defenseless”. He caught the ball and was running upfield. How is that defenseless? (That was a catch and a fumble)
    2. On the 2nd hit, the defender did NOT lead with his helmet. His facemask hit Collie’s helmet, which was knocked toward the 2nd defender by the 1st defender. How is the 2nd defender going to avoid Collie when the 1st defender essentially knocked Collie into him? Again, he didn’t duck his head and lead with the helmet.
    The key to these helmet to helmet hits should be if the tackler LEADS with the helmet. Does he tuck his head and lead with the helmet. The ‘lauching’ aspect, while making the call easier, should not be the only factor. Did the defender LEAD with the head?
    There should have been no flag on this play, and there should be no fine. But, there will be unfortunately.

  91. Yes, Dustin – his helmet hit his helmet. Funny, but that kind of thing happens alot in football – or had you not noticed that?
    However, this particular hit did not fit the definition of the rule to enforce a penalty. In fact – the NFL has declined to fine Coleman.
    It was a bad call – but hey, those happen all the time and folks need to move on. But at the very least we can still call a bad call a bad call, can’t we?
    And….. I’m NOT an Eagle fan.

  92. Eagles fans are dicks for booing while there is a player on the ground motionless and samuel no class … everyone knew collie was hurt bad and samuel is jumping around about the call, priorities should be ones life rather than a 15 yard penalty .. what a dick hope he gets whats coming to him and eagles fan even though caught up in the heat of the game should realize that these guys are real people … show some humanity.. won’t disagree about it not being a penalty but handle the situation with respect

  93. What are people’s responses going to be when someone dies from one of these helmet to helmet hits? Whether the hit is legal in their eyes or not. You better think about the answer to thsat question, because its going to happen. Are you still going to worry about whether the it was an actual catch or not? How about everyone worrying about the ruling on the field grow up. This is a game, but these are human beings.

  94. Everyone is talking about the Eagles fans booing and the players complaining about the hit. No one knew he was hurt originally. Of course the first reaction is going to be to run to the refs and complain about a call that, from my perspective, was clearly a bad one. The booing from the fans came from the replay on the big score board, which by the way, they don’t show on TV. Why? They have their own replays. No one mentions the entire Philadelphia Eagles team kneeling on the field near Collie once it was realized how serious the situation was, or the standing ovation the Eagles fans gave him as he was being carted off the field.
    No one knew how serious the injury was in the short moments after it happened. Because of that, the reaction of the players and the fans was based on the call made by the refs, which the comments in here will show the majority of people disagree with. However, once things settled down and people started to realize Collie was still lying on the ground, surrounded by trainers, the entire mood of the setting changed. People got quiet. Players started to pray. Everyone was in full support of Collie. It’s really easy to pick out the pieces that you want to try and turn what is an incredibly competitive atmosphere into a classless dog house, but you need to look at the facts and the whole picture.
    Boos were for the flag. Reaction of Philly players was to the flag. Kneeling and praying by Philly players was for Collie. Standing ovation and applause by Philly fans was for Collie. Get it straight.

  95. troymania,
    I got fired up – way too fired up, for too long – when I first saw the flag, b/c the call was terrible. I acknowledge that, in the moment, it took me a few minutes to gain some perspective, realize Collie wasn’t moving, and shut my mouth. You think that makes me a dick? I think it makes me a pretty typical football fan.
    Shut up dad.
    That is all.

  96. Well, I’d say the death was tragic.
    Now what?
    Let’s say a player (god forbid) dies next week after a “helmet to helmet” hit. Only thing is, it was an entirely unintentional “helmet to helmet” hit. Who do you blame for that? How do you control that?
    It’s football. It’s violent. People get hurt. Badly, sometimes. People have died playing this game: 325 deaths from 1971-2008; most high school or semi-pro. All that, and we still play.
    The players know the risks. The parents of kids that play know the risks. And yet we still play the game.
    Your problem is with the game itself – not a particular kind of “hit.”
    I agree intentional “helmet to helmet” hits should be policed and punished. But they will still happen as long as the game is what it is.
    They will also happen unintentionally – and those should not be punished – as in this hit to Collie – and there isn’t a damn thing that can be done about it as long as football is a contact sport.

  97. We weren’t as angry about the flag as we were about the outcome of the play.
    The penalty wasn’t called for helmet to helmet contact, it was called for hitting a defenseless receiver. That’s clearly a ridiculous call considering Collie was running with the ball.
    What was more infuriating was the fact that it was a legitimate fumble. It should have been Eagle’s ball and the Colt’s should not have gotten the chance to score the TD they eventually did because the drive was continued. That, however, is also the fault of our own clock management. If we had any time outs left we could have challenged but we didn’t.
    It was odd to see Eagle’s players angry about the call when a fellow player was laying in such a horrific pose but that’s the game we all love. These guys are in the moment and all that matters at the moment is winning. Can the game be played well any other way? That said, James Harrison is a moron and the league should crack down on unnecessary roughness but not like this. Not in a way that can turns the outcome of a game over phantom penalties, where the refs are clearly making up “defenseless receiver” calls to justify the flags.

  98. i think we are gonna beat the hell out those eagles they are not playing as great as most ppl think they barly beat a heavily injured colts tema that we injured and almost beat had McNabb stepped up, they got stomped by a injured up Titans team, we should have beat the lions but gave them that win and punk rex grossman sealed it by playing scared!! i think we come out swinging and embarrass the eagles and hurt vick on monday gbirds-13 Skins-30!! HTTR!! WEAPON X ORAKPO AND THE HITMAN LARON LANDRY ARE GONNA CRIPPLE VICK AND KOLB BOOK IT!!! THE WOLVES ARE COMING!!! ITS GONNA BE A BLOODBATH AT FED EX ON MON NIGHT THE REDSKINS ARE GONNA SCALP THE FeAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HTTR!!!!!

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