Bart Scott calls Lions a dirty team, compares them to the Titans

The Jets scored a come-from-behind win at Detroit on Sunday, beating the Lions in overtime after falling behind 20-10.

After the game, linebacker Bart Scott was in no mood to celebrate.  Instead, he wanted to call out the Lions.

“They’re by far
the dirtiest football team since I played the Titans,” Scott said, per Bob Glauber of Newsday.  “I swear to God I
hope I see them again in life.”

It’s fitting that he’d mention the Titans.  Coach Jim Schwartz spent several years as the Titans’ defensive coordinator before coming to Detroit.

Even now, the Titans have a reputation for goading opponents into personal fouls via allegedly dirty tactics.

Still, unless Scott is traded to another team, he won’t see the Lions for four years.  Unless both teams make it to the Super Bowl in the same year.