Changing countries doesn't get the Bills a win

If you’re going to give the Bills credit for anything this season, give them credit for finding new ways to lose every week.

A lot of your really bad NFL teams will just come out and serve up the same kind of stink bombs week in and week out without any thought for those of us that watch the games. At least the Bills make it interesting.

This week’s edition was the missed extra point that led to a cascade of plays that left the Bills 22-19 losers to the Bears in Toronto. Rian Lindell, who had made 321 consecutive PATs, didn’t get enough height on a kick following Fred Jackson’s touchdown run and Bears defensive tackle Israel Idonije reached up to block it.

That meant the Bills were down 14-13 and had to go for two when Corey McIntyre scored from the one in the fourth quarter. It also meant the Bears went for two after Jay Cutler found Earl Bennett for the winning score. They got it, accounting for the final 22-19 margin, and one Lindell make would mean that the Bills wouldn’t have been frantically trying to move the ball late and Ryan Fitzpatrick might have avoided the interception that sealed their fate at 0-8.

More likely, the Bills would have found some other way to lose a game on a day when Jay Cutler avoided interceptions and made big plays with his feet. He ran for three first downs to go with his two touchdown passes on a day when yardage didn’t come easily to the Bears.

The win is a big one for the Bears, who will be in first place in the NFC North should the Packers lose on Sunday night. They’ll have a chance to tie Green Bay if the Cowboys remain the Cowboys when they host the Vikings next Sunday.

As for the Bills, they can take some solace in another big day for Steve Johnson and the fact that they won’t have to go to Toronto again this season. They are now 0-3 over the last three years when they cross the border, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is getting harder to find where the wins are going to come on the Buffalo schedule.

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  1. Finally Jay Cutler moves around with the ball!! Hallelujah! The Bills have been a hard team to beat by better teams than the Bears, so I’ll take the W. Sorry Pack fans…I have to be a Dallas fan tonight (much as that pains me).

  2. it must kill you guys that the bears won since you at pft picked the bills and florio hates them,but they won the game. cutler plays a good game and the defense came thru in end and all you can do is focus on how bills’s why they lost,the BEARS played better! I know you want to focus on what the bears do wrong but they are 5-3 and have beaten the packers this season.again make all the excuses you want for the pack the fact is the bears won the game. as for lord favre and his vikings they are 3-5 unlike the bears who are 5-3. deal with it!

  3. Nice Florio, couldn’t even give the Bears a little credit for winning the game. Like maybe the defense played fairly well..oh no the big boys can’t possibly do that.

  4. At least the thousands of Bears fans who attended this Bills “home game” left happy. Maybe they should make certain that when they schedule these “home games” for the Bills in Toronto, they give them an opponent that isn’t from their own back yard.

  5. True about the scheduling toronto. what a BS deal, First year was miami late in the year, so we lost the weather advantage AND the rivalry game. Tonights post game with the players you heard how the all pretty much hate losing a home game for a city that doesnt like em.

  6. Just like the last two regular season games in Toronto, this was not a home game for the Bills and it was not even a neutral site game, it was clearly a road game for the Bills. Every time the Bears did something good, the cheering was so loud that it seemed like the game was in Chicago. Apparently the officials agreed that the home team was the Bears, because they gave the Bears just enough critical “homer” calls to allow them to win.

  7. The Bills continue to play well for four quarters. Their win is coming. I imagine the first one always seems the hardest. They gave Chicago a good game. The Bills took the lead in the fourth quarter. The Bills just couldn’t shut down Chicago’s offense.

  8. I love watching Florio whine about the Bears victories.
    The Bears’ Gould missed a very rare FG in this game that gave the Bills a chance to get back to a tie game going into half – but it was the blocked point after that was the fundamental part of the game?

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