Channing Crowder accuses LeRon McClain of spitting in his face

The methodical 26-10 win by the Ravens over the Dolphins didn’t entail a whole lot of excitement.

After the game, Miami linebacker Channing Crowder filled the void.

After the game, Crowder accused Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain of spitting in Crowder’s face.  And Crowder was colorful, as usual.

“He spit in my face and that’s the reason I got
mad,” Crowder said, per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.  “He’s a bitch-ass punk.  Write that.”

Crowder also called McClain a “ho”.  (We’re not sure that word means what Crowder apparently thinks it means.)

Comments from Ravens receiver Derrick Mason seems to suggest that there may be some validity to Crowder’s claim.  “He’s not a good football player,” Mason said of Crowder, per Salguero.  “He needs to humble
himself. They told me they would get him back for me and they did.”

And now other Dolphins want to get McClain back for Crowder.

“Man, if I’d have seen there, there would have
been a damn brawl out there, straight up,” linebacker Dansby said, according to Salguero.  “We some tough
guys.  But if you take a cowardly way like that, you need to be
straightened.  Hopefully, Roger Goodell will look at the film and he’ll
do something about it.  If he don’t, we’ll see him in the street and
we’ll have to handle it.”

The best news?  Finally, Crowder has someone he wants to beat up other than me.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Crowder’s comments.