Childress takes ill-advised swipe at Favre in post-game press conference

In the closing minutes of Sunday’s stirring come-from-behind overtime win by the Vikings over the Cardinals, Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre saved the job of coach Brad Childress.

After the game, Chilly showed his gratitude by taking a shot at Favre.

Asked about his ability to deal with the controversy and stress of the past week, Childress said this, according to Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News in the Twin Cities.

“I’m not gonna be here and be like Favre and tell you that I need a hug,” Childress said.  “I’ll be all right.”

We have yet to see the video.  It’s possible he was joking.  If so, it was a bad idea.

Favre had just pulled Chilly’s chestnuts out of a raging fire.  And there’s no way Childress would have been fired after that comeback.

Given reports that owner Zygi Wilf wasn’t pleased with the manner in which Childress handled the fairly innocuous (and strategically influenced) matter of whether Favre would play against the Patriots, there’s a chance Wilf won’t appreciate this, even if it were an attempt at humor.

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75 responses to “Childress takes ill-advised swipe at Favre in post-game press conference

  1. What an untrustworthy nut job. That was Singletary like. Regardless of the win. Can this mental patient.

  2. He was joking. It was because on Wednesday Favre jokingly said he needed a hug when answering questions about all of his injuries.

  3. That wasn’t a shot. Please. This is a nonstory for anyone who has watched Childress’s press conferences before. He was trying to be funny.

  4. Wow, Chilly has said two things this week that have made me like him more. Come on, that is F’ing hilarious, I don’t need a hug.
    Back when he was a Packer you would of thought that was the funniest thing you could of heard from a coach, maybe had your graphic artist do a nice image of Favre as a king.

  5. Like I’m going to believe Florio’s interpretation of *anything” that’s happening with the Vikings.
    After all, this is the Florio who said Chilly had lost the team.
    The same team that made a character-filled 14 point comeback in the 4th quarter.
    Why is it that you and our ilk have it in for Chilly? Your bias is distorting all of your reporting. (For the record, I’m a Redskins and Falcons fan.)

  6. Chilly isn’t HC material, maybe not even OC material. He could be janitor material though… Maybe not…

  7. Childress and Singletary just need to go away. How these two idiots got head coaching jobs is mind-blowing.

  8. Hey, where is the post about Clueless Klink being let go with his one way play calling sequence card in hand?

  9. How did this guy get a head coaching job? He hitched his wagon to the Favre train and now wants to put the blame on him.

  10. Unless there’s something I don’t know about, I think he’s joking. If no offense was intended, none should be taken.

  11. Brent was still BrINT but he helped them win the game and save Chilly’s job. Yet he pops off (allegedly) with the hug comment.
    Is he looking for a reason to get canned?? Only in Minnesota.

  12. Terrible article. If you listen to the press conference from earlier in the week, Favre jokes about Chilly giving him a hug and how he could use one. To post this article after that is ridiculous and just shows how the media is the problem with this.
    I guarantee this was not a shot at Favre but joking about it from a press conference from earlier in the week.
    This is ridiculous, get the story straight and stop all of the damn speculation.

  13. Childress is done. He might as well clear out his office now. This win will do nothing. There is nothing that will save him. It’s too bad, too. He had potential to be a great coach. But now he’s a desperate man.

  14. I don’t believe Brett has any interest in saving Chilly — Brett is a great player — mythic — but Brett plays for Brett. He is NOT a team leader or teacher. Brett is Brett.

  15. Firing him is too good for him but maybe the team could move on and concentrate on football if they would just fire him and make the change to Leslie Frazier.

  16. So joking around is bad. Because football is very serious business. A guy should lose his job because he was joking around. Nah.

  17. Childress is the toughest coach in the league. He’s just roasting Favre a little because let’s face it, Favre is a prima donna QB (with talent) . Childress has studied guys like Lombardi and Halas and he knows how to deal with personalities….his way or the highway.
    That’s why Zygi won’t fire him despite all you so-called Vike fans out there calling for his head. Zygi knows that Chilly is in charge and that he had to remind players by cutting Moss.
    So to all you Viking “fans” who pick Favre and Moss over Chilly, deal with it. He’s not going anywhere. They could cut Favre tomorrow and will still be division champs. You’re just Favre groupies who don’t understand that the coach is in charge and will bring us home the Lombardi trophy. Lombardi would have loved Childress.

  18. I understand jumping the gun and exploiting absolutely anything is part of the philosophy on this site, but this is a complete non-story: He’s directly referencing a joke by Favre during some presser from a few days ago.

  19. Just because Favre made some good to great plays why does this mean Childress cannot be fired? Childress is a football moron and he should be fired now because he costs the Vikings games moving forward and I am not even a Vikings fan… just a sad Bears fan.

  20. ….he wasn’t joking. Chilly saved Favre, not the other way around. Favre played within the SYSTEM in the 2nd half and OT. That’s why they won.
    Guys like Favre and Moss have talent but they need to be reined in by a no-nonsense coach like Brad Childress.

  21. Come on, Florio…give me a break. You are seriously digging for this one. Not a story, and wont be a story.
    And how do you know how Favre and Childress really interact behind closed doors?

  22. Favre had just pulled Chilly’s chestnuts out of a raging fire.
    >>> Wait, WHO THREW THOSE INTS? Color me lost. But you dont get to be a hero by scoring late to dig yourself out of a deep hole that you created.
    How silly.

  23. why is this even a story? he was referring to a previous favre press conference where he was joking about getting a hug from chilli.

  24. What a bozo. glad they won, we need Chilly around for a while for the laughs and the lousy coaching

  25. C’mon Florio.
    It sounded like a bad question begging for a smirk, which Childress obliged.
    Someone asked him about “assurances,” as in, possibly, did Zygi Wilf assure or reassure you that you still have a job?
    Childress who, if nothing else, revels in tough guy pretension, cited Favre because Favre’s hug-me neediness is a well known joke inside and outside the lockerrom which Favre apparently shares.

  26. He proves every week why he’s not fit to be an NFL HC. I’ve never seen a head coach with poorer skills dealing with the media and people.

  27. It seemed like … well … actually it didn’t make a lick of sense to me. Couldn’t tell if it was a swipe or a joke or what. Played it a couple of times, and it just sounded as though something started in his head and lost a few words of context by the time it got to his mouth. Who knows what he meant? Doesn’t really matter, does it?

  28. I think Childress just wants to get out of this job. No coach could (and should) put up with all the distractions and egos and little kids.
    Too bad he was the one to fan the flames allowing the team to keep getting worse and worse as far as their emotional status. Their talent on the field is very good. Too bad the egos drag it down.
    Found out today that Chilly has a son in the Marines….a nice story on ESPN. I have a lot more respect for him now. Even if he is the Viking coach.

  29. is it possible that this is a situtation where the mets want childo to be their director of scouting, but they cant have a conversation with him?
    Next thing you know he’ll be running around the hallways in fran tarkentons jock-strap and cris carters helmet.

  30. meh, zyggi will upgrade the head coach just like he’s paid to upgrade every other part of the team (fortunately the pckers are too cheap to dump the gay albino in spite of his .500 record in 6 years as g.m.).
    the important thing is the win and i think we can all agree that with the way the schedule lays out the vikes will win the next 4 as well. the lions are really playing well now too, it looks like next season they’ll be the vikes biggest competitor for the division crown.

  31. The Vikings win in OT over the Cardinals and he has his job saved. The Vikes are still only 3 – 5 and just about lost to a very bad team. And Childress gets to coach another week. This is great stuff.

  32. Someone asked Favre last week if he thought Childress was a “compassionate” coach- Favre got a big laugh when he replied “compassionate? Like, he gives me hug or something?”
    Childress was just making (awkward) reference to that pretty lighthearted moment.
    I don’t mind a Vikes pile-on, but there’s nothing to see here.

  33. @ VikesLover…good post.Goes both ways though.Favre has to be the man that can pull it off,the hard part.

  34. Give Clueless credit, he could have come to the press conference in a blindfold and a cigarette in his mouth. He’s a dead man walking.

  35. In Kevin Seifert’s blog, he said that “The answer was a reference to something Favre said last week when asked if Childress is a compassionate coach.”
    I enjoy Florio grasping for straws. Keep stirring the pot like Drudge did in the late 90’s. Your blog will be huge one day, like his. Follow the formula 😛

  36. RacerX says:
    November 7, 2010 6:02 PM
    Favre had just pulled Chilly’s chestnuts out of a raging fire.
    >>> Wait, WHO THREW THOSE INTS? Color me lost. But you dont get to be a hero by scoring late to dig yourself out of a deep hole that you created.
    How silly.

  37. This is why the beat writers are still important. They cover the team everyday, talk to the players and staff, and have a context. They would know that Childress was referring to Favre’s comments in an earlier press conference. In fact, Zulgad has already posted a story on the Strib site that refers back to that press conference. The problem with 24-hour cable and the internet is that they promote this type of ignorance by rewarding breaking news, whether it has any basis in fact or not.

  38. Childress even cursed a couple of times in the interview. Never heard Childress curse in the 5 years he’s been the Vikings coach. I heard Brad’s comments and it didn’t look to me like he was joking about Favre “needing a hug”, and I don’t understand why he did it, but I don’t understand most of what Childress has been doing lately.
    I’m a life-long Viking fan, and I have to admit this: I heard the rumors that if the Vikings lost today, Childress would be fired, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have been upset if the Vikings would have lost today. Childress has to go. No other way to put it. He has been “Chilly” ever since he got the job and he has butted heads with several players. The Troy Williamson incident, where he fined him for going to his grandma’s funeral, the way he treated long-time Viking and Minnesota native, Matt Birk, the way he handled Favre’s drama, the Moss 4 week rental, and then this week, how he almost got into a fight with Percy Harvin, when he questioned his effort. Saying that Childress is not a people person is an understatement, to say the least.
    Brett Favre, AD, Harvin, and Berrian(who finally woke up) all pulled together and played a great game. The defense finally stepped up and made key stops. I think the Vikings won this game, not for Childress, but for themselves.. Childress still needs to go…

  39. Maybe Favre did Chilly without the KY Jelly and it still stings?
    Come on, its Col Klink and this is what he does, throw his players under the bus, that will never change.

  40. SO let me get this straight, Florio.
    You rant and rave all week that Childress has lost the team.
    Then the team mounts a 4th quarter rally, wins in overtime… and Childress is still dirt?
    You can’t have it both ways. The team held together through a tough game… and could have easily laid down in the 4th quarter. They did not.
    Quit being a typical Viking fan imbecile who blames everything on the head coach when things are bad… the gives no credit when things are good.

  41. Childress is the toughest coach in the league. He’s just roasting Favre a little because let’s face it, Favre is a prima donna QB (with talent) . Childress has studied guys like Lombardi and Halas and he knows how to deal with personalities….his way or the highway.
    is that a joke? lol Favre has chilly’s testicles in his man purse.

  42. Good for Chilly. It seems like it’s okay for everyone on the Vikings, players included, to talk shit about Chilly, but he can’t say anything about anyone else. Ditka was awesome this morning and he that Chilly doesn’t and shouldn’t take any crap from people like Percy Harvin and Randy Moss. This organization is dysfunctional because of the Wilf’s. Chilly is better off without them.

  43. I dont think it was ill-advised at all joking or not joking. Childress probably knows that he wont be back next year. So hes finally done holding his tongue.
    He has done everything he possibly could the last 2 years to give the Vikings a chance to win a superbowl. He has dealt with all of Favres crap and taken humongous blows to his ego just to keep Favre happy and on the team. He swallowed his pride and pretty much begged Favre to come back infront of millions of people.
    But thats all over with now. He knows hes gone so hes not going to hold anything back. Favre has disrespected and belittled Childress in the media but now it was his turn to let loose. I like that someone is finally calling Favre out on his crap.
    And saying Favre saved his job is a load of crap hes the one that cost him his job. Everything was fine in Minny for Childress before Brett arrived. But the way Favre treated Childress and how he let him get away with it is what cost him the job. Favre didnt listen to Chilly and constantly disrespected him in the media and that caused everyone to lose all respect for him. He wasnt taken seriously anymore because of it.
    Favre basically ruined Childress’ career, atleast for the near future, so I think its only right that Chilly sets the record straight and hopefully even ruin Favre’s last season in the NFL by showing everyone how much a jackass he really is.

  44. It wasn’t a perfect game from Favre by any means, but without him I don’t think the Vikings win that game. If Favre does retire he will be only the third NFL QB since 1960 to throw for over 400 yards in a single game, in the last season of their career. The other two were John Elway and Brian Griese. Check the link below for more info.
    Performances like that at his age, are extremely rare.

  45. Favre just said last week that he needed a hug. It was obviously a joke. Just because half assed controversy manufacturing media members didn’t bother to research the comment doesn’t mean Chilly is taking a shot at anyone.
    Favre probably thought it was funny.

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