King: Childress says comment about Favre was a joke

In the wake of some curious post-game comments from Vikings coach Brad Childress that seemed to take the Lord (Favre’s) name in vain, Childress told Peter King of NBC’s Football Night in America that Childress was joking.

The supposed joke came in reference to a recent comment from Favre regarding “needing a hug.”  Still, the joke has not been well received.

“Did it look lame what Childress did?” King said.  “Yeah.”

Meanwhile, Tony Dungy of Football Night in America suggested that it’s not the kind of joking that should be happening after a miraculous win.  Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America didn’t buy the contention that it was a joke.  And host Dan Patrick didn’t seem to know what to make of any of it.

It looks to us as if there’s still plenty of tension in Minnesota.  But through all of the controversy and friction, the players and coaches still have one thing in common — they want to win.  And as long as they win, they’ll find a way to avoid full and total implosion.

41 responses to “King: Childress says comment about Favre was a joke

  1. Isn’t this a lot of post for a 3-5 team? There’s a hell of a game going on now with the Colts and the Eagles and we get more 3-5 Vikings BS post. Thanks.

  2. “Isn’t this a lot of post for a 3-5 team? There’s a hell of a game going on now with the Colts and the Eagles and we get more 3-5 Vikings BS post. Thanks.”
    You said it chuck! I think the vikings should beat a team with a wining record before they get bumped in the power rankings out of the bottom 5.

  3. hey chuck, weird how you took time out of that amazing colts and eagles game to click on this post and actually post on it. Good Call

  4. cleveland, detroit, 49ers’ and others are just as good where is their media attention? oh thats right they dont have a jackass as coaches.

  5. It’s almost like he wants to get fired. Isn’t he supposed to be downplaying the situation instead of throwing gasoline on the fire? I’ve never seen such a bizzare relationship between a player and a coach. No wonder Brett had such a tough time deciding wether or not he wanted to come back. I almost feel sorry for him.

  6. Florio screwed the pooch on the earlier post and now needs Tony Dungy to bail him out. On the other hand, the Kabletown overlords should be happy about all the traffic to this site.

  7. Non-issue Florio.
    Quit trying to get cheap hits.
    Otherwise Paul Allen will have to humiliate you on the air this week like he did last week.

  8. This post is needed to cover his last post because Florio can’t take a joke. I think you admit your mistake that you didn’t get the context of the joke and cut your losses. Not another post trying to justify your weak opinion. Florio=Nixon lol

  9. OMG….. I feel like you guys & girls just have nothing better to do than to try & STIR THINGS UP !!!!! Get a real job, maybe as a high school guidance counselor or something else that has a little less involvement with adult types of situations that take REAL common sense. WOW.

  10. it seems like the media is just finding a way to keep the vikings’ problems at the forefront. chilly was just getting back at favre for saying he needed a hug. not sure why this is getting talked about by peter king & others.

  11. Are we going to get a retraction about what the Childress/Harvin spat was about? It wasn’t about effort, but about a disagreement to get an MRI done.

  12. The whole team is a bunch of losers – not one of them stood up to Randy Moss when he trashed the caterer – real men would have taken him outside and beat his ass…
    And not one of them told Moss to shut his pie hole when he bashed the coach to the owner…
    They are LOSERS – and should be ashamed of themselves – all of them
    Letting immature and idiotic spoiled rich brats like Moss behave the way he does is more of a reflection on the players on the team that let him get away with it than it is on Moss IMHO…

  13. Favre was asked after the game if he thought he was playing to save Childress’ job. This is what he said:
    “I felt like I was playing for mine. Have I always got along with my coach, head coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator? No. Do I always agree with the plays that are called? No. Why should that factor into me wanting to be the best player I can be?”
    This is class – Favre doesn’t take down the coach when he has the chance. And Childress shows his lack thereof when he makes lame comments like the one quoted above.

  14. I tend to agree; Childress last season talked about Favre rubbing his injured groin with a straight face, like he was describing the death of a family member.

  15. Favre was great in those last 4 minutes. But the Favre haters will never give him his due. The guy plays his heart out every week, every play. when he gets beat up all he does is pick himself up and keep going. I know it’s fashionable to hate the guy these days. But even at 41 I can only count a handful of guys who are better and Tavaris jackson isn’t one of them.

  16. Sidney’s coming back next week, and Vikings may be finally waking up. The Curse has been lifted.

  17. Does anybody covering the carnival have a one week memory?
    There is a direct quote he was referring to.
    Let’s ask Tony Dungy what’s funny now too? Is he a big Chris Rock fan?

  18. Wow just when you think the Media can’t be bigger douchebags–You’ve turned Chilly into a sympathetic figure…Bunch of bullies!!—lol—florio wears a thong..

  19. Poor guy can’t even manage to get himself fired. Next tactic: benching Favre mid-game at slightest sign of struggle.

  20. Speaking of lame…how lame are the media and all of you rubes that just eat this garbage up with a spoon. Childress refers to a joke Favre made about needing a hug and that’s throwing him under the bus? That’s in bad taste? Who really cares. I guarantee neither Chilly nor Favre give it a 2nd thought. The only morons that care are fans who literally live and die over a FOOTBALL GAME and people like Peter King, the PFT writers, etc that make tons of money feeding you sheeple drama and crap. Funny, that doesn’t make the headlines. Harvin told reporters, this one was for coach.
    The broadcasters during the game were commenting on how Favre recently said this is the the best locker room he’s ever been in. Again, that doesn’t seem to make it’s way to headlines.
    It’s all made up crap folks! It’s only real in your heads. Grown men that are battling every week to win football games have better things to do then scrutinize whether or not Childress delivers a joke well.

  21. ESPN did this guy a solid by running an old feature about him and his soldier son… in Afghanistan. Makes you feel good about the guy.
    Then he opens his mouth.
    Jerry’ll probably hire him next year.

  22. Florio: Go back to your roots. You and your cohorts are turning this site into some cheap rag you’d find on the shelf at a convenience store check out. You boys had it going on a couple of years ago. Maybe you know more about the shelf life of internet sites like this and are clamoring for hits to supplement your pocket books. Only you guys would know that. The evolution of posters on this site is one of complete imbeciles and football novices. pathetic…truly pathetic. Your losing football folk and gaining knuckle headed goons.
    That being said, the second half of this season is going to get VERY interesting. Across the entire landscape of the league. Rosell would be simply giddy.

  23. Some of you guys are either oblivious or just too stubborn to recognize good play when you see it. Sure Brett Favre has been somewhat of a diva off the field. But on the field he has put in more effort then you can possibly expect from a 41 year old NFL football player. Childress has proven to be completely immature whether its almost (reportedly) punching Percy Harvin or critizing his quarterback 2 weeks in a row. He isn’t a leader and he needs to go. It makes you believe all those reports that Brett didn’t want to come back because of childress….
    Im sick of this Favre bashing. Although I don’t know why im even typing this because you guys all just type to ‘see yourself talk’ and don’t read/respond to what other people say.
    Open your eyes guys.

  24. This is the problem with sound bites, go back and check the pressers this is a non story. In fact I would say this is irresponsible journalism

  25. I would like to second the motion proposed by GreenAsGrass. Thank you.
    But seriously, did it ever occur to anybody that maybe some members of the media would like to see Childress get fired sooner rather than later?

  26. TouchdownRoddyWhite you have an interesting point regarding the media wanting to down childress (it has become a great example of the media making mountains out of molehills.. the guy can do nothing right now-adays)… To counter that viewpoint I would propose the following argument: Bill Belichick is quite possibly the most defiant coach in history when it comes to dealing with the media yet they treat him like a god…. why would the media single out childress as somebody to sabotage?

  27. It sounded like a joke to me. Florio was as excited as a school girl in the other article to say he took a “shot” at Favre. I have to say, i’m starting to agree with the people that rip Florio for his b.s. opinionated, Perez Hilton like reporting.

  28. Childress is almost as bad a comedian as he is a football coach. I wonder where the tour will stop next year when he’s fired from Minnesota? They won today, but barely. Minnesota the league is laughing AT you not WITH you.

  29. @ GB Fan forever…….you say…
    “You said it chuck! I think the vikings should beat a team with a wining record before they get bumped in the power rankings out of the bottom 5″…
    I say….the Packers have beaten 1 team with a winning record douche bag. I know all Packer fans are drunken idiots, but at least have a sober person look facts like that up for you before you make yourself look like more of an idiot than you already do.

  30. Yes this article is a stretch, but all you people who rip florio encourage him to keep it up everyday by staying on the site and bashing him.

  31. I can be a Favre hater from time to time.
    That was “most impressive.”
    I’m humbled once again.
    There’s his due. Don’t expect it many more times, but honestly it was nice to see it.
    What a competitor, regardless of everything else.

  32. Most of the “experts” picked the Cowboys as pre-season favorites to be in the Super Bowl, but see the Pack is kicking their butts tonight,, the Vikes play the pack in a few weeks in the Dome,,, bet Mr. Favre shows up for that one and has a big night vs the Packers ,,,

  33. Conspiracy Theorists please weigh in…any chance that the “soap opera” that is the vikings is doing all this nonsense (and it is highly unusual for any professional team to be having so many missteps) for the following reason… take attention away from #4 transgressions with Ms. Sterger?? So the next 24/48 hours will be “Chilly said x and #4 responded with y” stuff. Then maybe Wed or Thur the Commish’s office will officially conclude the investigation. Can you really have the Michael Jordan of the NFL taken down by a PR person and texting??
    Regardless, very nice comeback by the vikes!

  34. Who cares, the vikings could have easily lost and Col Klink would have been fired. I will take anything that keeps that clown on the sideline for the season.

  35. Even Childress wouldn’t be stupid enough to denigrate the guy that just saved his job…surely he was joking. And yes, Favre did a great job leading the team back to victory, but remember…HE HAD TO! He’s the one that dug the hole, he should be the one to climb out of it.

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