Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

Below is a transcript of Mike Florio’s chat in Sunday Night Football
Extra for Week 9’s Cowboys-Packers game. You can access his live chat
every week here: nbcsports.com/snfextra

AskSNF: Even with the win today, do you think Chilly will finally get the axe? Please say yes!
PFTonSNF: He’s safe for at least another week.

PFTonSNF: Hello everyone, by the way.

AskSNF: is atari bigbi and al harris playing tonight
PFTonSNF: Bigby was moved to the active roster on Saturday. Harris wasn’t.

AskSNF: Mike: if the Cowboys loose tonight will they make a coaching change?
PFTonSNF: Possibly. The only reason would be to see if Jason Garrett has what it takes.

AskSNF: wassup, this is fred from kansas, do you hink the cowboys have a chance tonight?
PFTonSNF: Only in the “Dumb and Dumber” sense.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio will pack win
PFTonSNF: I like the Packers in a rout. But, please, watch the entire game. There’s really nothing else on.

AskSNF: who do you thinkis the mvp for this year
PFTonSNF: Philip Rivers?

AskSNF: Who’s the best team in the AFC?
PFTonSNF: Maybe the Ravens.

AskSNF: Is today a sign that the Vikings can turn their season around. Did they show themselves enough with that come from behind win?
PFTonSNF: Well, it was only the Cardinals.

AskSNF: is oakland the cinderella team this year?
PFTonSNF: There are a few. Raiders, Buccaneers, maybe Browns.

AskSNF: Why isn’t the Lambeau Leap considered excessive celebration?
PFTonSNF: It was grandfathered into the celebration rule.

AskSNF: Who’s the best team in football? The Giants?
PFTonSNF: Possibly. Maybe. I’ve got a day to mull it over for the power rankings.

AskSNF: Who is going to win the AFC West?
PFTonSNF: Watch out for the Chargers.

AskSNF: Are you gonna play Call of Duty: Black Ops this week?
PFTonSNF: I’m terrible at that game. And so my kid will want me to play it so he can kill me repeatedly.

AskSNF: How far do you think that the Packers will go????
PFTonSNF: Based on how they played the past two weeks, all the way to Dallas.

AskSNF: are the bengals ever going to get together within the next 8 years?
PFTonSNF: Um. No.

AskSNF: Arian Foster and Peyton Hillis have got to make the probowl, right?
PFTonSNF: Long way to go still, but both are solid choices.

AskSNF: can dallas beat the packers and what kind of game would they have too play???
PFTonSNF: A perfect one. Even then they’d need some luck.

AskSNF: How about rivers getting it done with 4th and 5th string players
PFTonSNF: Rivers pulled a Peyton Manning today.

AskSNF: The missing piece of GB’s puzzle is rushing — what can they do?
PFTonSNF: Plenty of guys can move the chains. They need to commit to run game and block better.

AskSNF: Did Brad Childress’s job get saved today?
PFTonSNF: For a week at least.

AskSNF: Does todays awesome win with the Browns leave McCoy as the starter?
PFTonSNF: Can’t imagine McCoy not keeping the job, at least until he screws up a game or two.

AskSNF: do you think favre will finish the season?Moss?
PFTonSNF: Favre yes. Moss who knows.

AskSNF: how much longer is Romo out?
PFTonSNF: At least another four weeks. Possibly for the season depending on the record.

AskSNF: Are The Titans the favorite to win the AFC south now that they’ve got Randy Moss?
PFTonSNF: I wouldn’t say they’re the favorite, but things went well for them today with Colts and Texans losing.

AskSNF: Talk to me Mike, who’s going to win the AFC West?
PFTonSNF: Raiders should be feeling good right now, but fear the Chargers.

AskSNF: who do you think will have a better year mccoy or bradford
PFTonSNF: Good question but for now Bradford. He has a real shot at going to playoffs. It’s a longshot for Browns and McCoy.

AskSNF: do believe that that this can be a super season for the steelers?
PFTonSNF: I did until they lost to the Saints. They have to convince me again.

AskSNF: when do you think was the last time clay matthews cut his hair?
PFTonSNF: I think it’s extensions. Really, really bad extensions.

AskSNF: How impressive is the Giants win over the Seahawks and are they the best team in the NFC?
PFTonSNF: Very and yes.

AskSNF: What’s that smell?
PFTonSNF: I don’t know. The Rock is cooking again.

AskSNF: How do you feel about Clay Matthews for Rookie of the year?
PFTonSNF: I thought he was a viable candidate. In 809. When he was, you know, a rookie.

AskSNF: In 10 years, who’s the best QB: Bradford, McCoy, or Stafford?
PFTonSNF: Freeman?

AskSNF: Will the Bears make any noise in the postseason?
PFTonSNF: Yes. From the comfort of their living rooms.

AskSNF: are the atlanta falcons the team to beat in the nfc south
PFTonSNF: Yes. Best record and they’ve beaten Saints and Bucs.

AskSNF: Why does Rodgers flash that championship belt? What has he won?
PFTonSNF: Maybe he does it with no belt because he has won nothing.

AskSNF: are the Browns a legit playoff contender
PFTonSNF: They have to run the table.

AskSNF: How do you feel about the Packers Clay Matthews for Rookie of the year?
PFTonSNF: He’s not a rookie. He’s not a rookie. One more time. He’s. Not. A. Rookie.

AskSNF: is randy moss a good pickup for my fantasy team now?
PFTonSNF: I’d wait on that one.

AskSNF: Is a defender allowed to hit a QB that slides at the end of a run?
PFTonSNF: No, but there’s a little leeway. If defensive player moves to make hit before QB slides, there shouldn’t be a flag.

AskSNF: How will the addition of Randy Moss affect the Tennessee Titans?
PFTonSNF: Depends on how they use him. Rodney H. and I will be talking about that in our weekly video.

AskSNF: Why didn’t Green Bay pick up another running back after Grant’s injury ?
PFTonSNF: Lots of teams prefer to stick with the “next man up” approach.

AskSNF: will the giants and the ravens meet in the superbowl?
PFTonSNF: That would be one heck of a 10-year anniversary.

AskSNF: Why does khn run the ball?
PFTonSNF: Because they hand it to him?

PFTonSNF: Jean Jacques-Taylor says via Twitter that Aaron Rodgers has 44 yards rushing, and Cowboys have 29 yards total offense.

AskSNF: why are the Cowboys so bad? What happened to them? Do we need a new Coaching staff?
PFTonSNF: Cowboys need a new G.M.

AskSNF: What will it take for the Browns to make the playoffs?
PFTonSNF: They have little or no margin for error.

AskSNF: Why do so many teams refuse to use punters as their emergency kickers? Surely that makes more sense than Suh kicking extra points?
PFTonSNF: Just because a guy can punt doesn’t mean he can kick.

AskSNF: When does the flex schedule begin?
PFTonSNF: Flex scheduling starts in two weeks.

AskSNF: Do you know Suh’s range for fg kicks?
PFTonSNF: Don’t know. But he wasn’t exactly accurate from 19 yards.

AskSNF: has any team that played a regular season game outside the U.S ever gone on to play in the super bowl?
PFTonSNF: Yes. Giants in 2007.

AskSNF: Who do you think currently has the edge in defensive player of the year, Suh or Mathews?
PFTonSNF: Matthews over Suh. For now.

AskSNF: how confident are you that the rams will win NFC west?
PFTonSNF: After seeing the Seahawks today, pretty confident.

AskSNF: Is Brad Childress still the Vikings coach at the end of the season?
PFTonSNF: Yes. If they don’t lose another game at all.

AskSNF: how do you, mike florio, feel about sam bradford as rookie of the year?
PFTonSNF: It’s his to lose.

AskSNF: Best non-kicker FG kicker?
PFTonSNF: Ochocinco.

AskSNF: will Bush ad Pierre Thomas be healthy after the Saints Bye-Week?
PFTonSNF: Bush, yes. Pierre, don’t know.

AskSNF: How much worse can my Cowboys get
PFTonSNF: Not much.

AskSNF: Shouldn’t the Lambeau Leap be excessive celebration? Its annoying
PFTonSNF: It’s specifically exempt from the celebration rule. Grandfathered in.

AskSNF: Will Coach Wade Phillips get fired after this game?
PFTonSNF: Hell, he may get fired during the game.

AskSNF: The Raiders really proved them self today do you think there legit?
PFTonSNF: For now. Still a long way to go. Watch the Chargers.

AskSNF: How much do you like football?
PFTonSNF: More than baseball less than pizza.

AskSNF: Do you think the eagles helmet to helmet penalty agianst austin collie was legitamate or just wrong place wrong time?
PFTonSNF: Officials have been told to err on the side of throwing the flag.

AskSNF: No love for Suh for ROY?
PFTonSNF: There’s offensive and defensive. Bradford and Suh.

PFTonSNF: Dez Bryant never quits. Always plays hard. Gotta admire that.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio … Dallas has a net 5 yard on the ground. What does

it take for the Cowboys to establish a running game here?
PFTonSNF: There is no point in running the ball now.

PFTonSNF: People talk about “establishing the run.” But there is no point if you can’t run and always fall behind. Dallas needs to establish the D.

9 responses to “Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

  1. Was the hit on Collie illegal? What about the blow to the head call on Manning at the end of the game?

  2. I am really amused by all the people who solicit Florio’s opinion.
    From what I have seen his opinions are as flawed as anyone’s.
    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this site. But I don’t see Florio as a football expert in the Collinsworth sense of the word.

  3. @ Kyle H: I echo your opinion on being amused by people soliciting Florio’s opinion.
    It’s hard to understand why people take his opinion seriously. I do give him credit though. It’s nice to have a job where you have absolutely no expertise on the subject material and get fame/fortune for it.

  4. “PFTonSNF: People talk about “establishing the run.” But there is no point if you can’t run and always fall behind”
    Thats the point Florio “establishing the run” means u want to make your team be able to run. If you could already run you wouldnt need to establish the ability to do it. That would be redundant.
    I do agree though there is no point in establishing the run if your already behind.

  5. ” I like the Packers in a rout. But, please, watch the entire game. There’s really nothing else on.”
    The Walking Dead was on at 10pm. No wait, that was a shot of the Cowboys sideline.

  6. “IkeMIA420 says:
    November 7, 2010 9:04 PM
    Do u think Dan Henning is a little off on his playcalling?

    We need to get a young guy here as OC. Someone who is creative and will put the offense in a position to score TDs and not FGs.
    3 rd and goal at the 1. Why not run it twice. You NEED a TD on the road. Polite is like 18/19 on short yardage situations. I’d give it to him twice.
    He’s a lock to score.

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