Seahawks embarrassed in 41-7 loss

The Giants sure know how to put an exclamation point on a win.

With Eli Manning resting comfortably on the sideline, Sage Rosenfels came in for a 19-play, 13 minute fourth quarter drive that only included runs.  That mercifully capped a 41-7 victory for the Giants in Charlie Whitehurst’s first NFL start at quarterback for Seattle. Whitehurst completed 12-of-23 passes for 113 yards, one score, and two interceptions.

It’s been an embarrassing two weeks for the Seahawks, who have lost by a combined score of 74-10 against the Raiders and Giants. 

Seattle is 4-4 and tied for the NFC West lead, but they are far from a quality team.  Quality teams don’t get blown out like this, no matter how many injuries they have.  Quality teams don’t lose by 17 in Denver or 20-3 in St. Louis.

The Seahawks haven’t scored in double figures in any of their losses.  It sounds weird, but I think Pete Carroll has actually done a nice coaching job winning four games with this group. 

The Rams, Cardinals, and even the 49ers have to realize the division is for the taking.

25 responses to “Seahawks embarrassed in 41-7 loss

  1. “Whitehurst completed 12-of-23 passes for 113 yards, one score, and two touchdowns.”
    Two touchdowns AND he “scored” to boot?

  2. Whitehurst completed 12-of-23 passes for 113 yards, one score, and two touchdowns.
    maybe you should run your prose past some pop warner players, they could probably help you understand the concept of football.
    not sure how 3 scores equals 7 point.

  3. The Seachumps are not tied up for anything. The Rams have won their only head to head matchup, and are in 1st place in the NFC West!

  4. He threw 1 TD and 2 INTs (1 one which that should’ve been a TD).
    How does SEA’s crappy play as a whole make Whitehurst garbage? PUTZ…

  5. Seattle is a pretender. New York is a contender.
    Hence the difference.
    I hate the Giants. But my loathing does nothing to diminish their accomplishments. They are the current team to beat in the NFC.

  6. The Seahawks ran into the wrong team to be playing a backup quarterback for the first time. The Giants are playing very good football.

  7. The funniest thing about this whole weekend affair in Seattle were the comments from the retard Seahawks fans BEFORE the game. One actually said he’d rather have Whitehurst as a QB than Eli Manning.
    Seriously??? I believe Eli had a QB rating of something like 139 and Whitehurst? Well, maybe we should just leave a crappy team bleeding on the canvas rather than bring up Seattles stats.
    Oh yeah, the “12th Man” really worked out well too. The first false start penalty was agianst the Seafairies. After that, (and a 28-0 lead in the first quarter) silenced the awesome, powerfull “12th Man” noise bs. Maybe because by that time most of the members of the “12th Man” were already in the parking lot heading for home. Face facts haters, the Seafairies are a joke. The GMEN are the best team in football. Tough sheet. Eat it.

  8. Giants do not cement themselves as the best in the NFC. The Falcons have the same record And aren’t far behind in most categories. Yeah, they blew out the Seahawks. Falcons blew out the Cardinals. It’ll be a race to the finish for home field advantage.

  9. Whitehurst was awful. He had a lot of time in the pocket all day, and even with time to throw he was horribly inaccurate.
    The “1 one which that should’ve been a TD” (sic) was a throw into over/under coverage. In other words, it was an extremely poor decision and should have been an interception, not a touchdown.

  10. The funny thing is the score was 41-0.. Mike Williams was so open it was ridiculous.. It was almost like a “I feel sorry for you touchdown, lets pretend it was a blown coverage.”

  11. “No NFC team is the best in the nfl….The real talent is in the AFC.”
    Yeah, the Jets sure showed Green Bay and Pittsburgh humilated New Orleans, right?

  12. Hey PFT,
    Remember when your “esteemed” colleague Tony Dungy said the Seahawks were the best team in the NFC? That was legitimately proven this week to be a fireable statement. If anyone actually believed it when he said it, they surely feel ignorant now. How is that NBC can take a product from ESPN that was more successful than Monday Night Football and absolutely destroy it like this. Whoever produces SNF for NBC must be the most boring person in the entire world considering the line-up they chose for their pre, post, and halftime programming. I mean really, Tony Dungy and Dan Patrick. You’ve got to be kidding. I’d rather listen to Jerry Jones talk about the “Greatness of the Dallas Cowboys” for 24 straight hours than watch the horrible programming your team has put together.

  13. @TouchdownRoddyWhite
    True, Atlanta has been playing great ball, and they did blow out the Cardinals by the exact same score (41-7). Only difference that I see is that the Atlanta game was a home game and the Giants won this one on the road, in a stadium with a (supposed) very favorable home-field advantage.
    I just want the Giants to keep winning and get home-field. Atlanta is VERY tough in the Georgia dome (would much rather see them come to New York) if the playoffs shake out that way.

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