Jerry Jones will meet with coaches on Monday

In our Week Nine picks, I liked the Packers to roll the Cowboys, 42-17.  As it turns out, it was even worse.

And it apparently will be enough to sweep coach Wade Phillips out of Dallas.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that owner Jerry Jones will meet with the coaching staff this afternoon.

It’s clear based on Jones’ post-game comments that something big is coming.

“There are a lot of people here who are certainly going to suffer and
suffer consequences
,” Jones said, per our former PFT colleague (and yet ESPN hired him anyway) Tim MacMahon of “I’m talking about within the team —
players, coaches who have got careers.  This is certainly a setback.  I
know firsthand what it is to have high expectations.  I think
unquestionably that our expectations were thinking we’re something we
were not, possibly looking at what might be relative to a Super Bowl. 
All of those things have certainly contributed early.

we have so many things that we need to correct and address, as this game
so vividly exposed and previous games have.  I’ve got a lot of work to
do, got a lot of decisions to make. And it’s not just one, two, three or
four.  There are several decisions.  I think everybody in this country
would agree that there’s a lot wrong with this team that we’ve got to
address, and I’m certainly the one to address it.”

So what’s the problem?  “I can’t put my finger on it because I don’t have enough fingers,” Jones

Here’s the biggest decision Jones needs to make, in our view.  Should he remain the General Manager of the team?

We’ve been banging that drum for most of the year.  Jones became the G.M. 21 years ago, after he bought the franchise.  And though he has 21 years of experience in the job, if it’s a job he was never really qualified to have in the first place, how much better at it could he really be?

For years, we’ve heard complaints from “football guys” who have worked their way up via grinding it out as scouts, traveling constantly to remote locations for a glimpse at a small-college player who possibly could be a late-round pick.  Those folks learn the business of selecting players from the inside out, and they get resentful when someone thinks the job is easy.  It isn’t.

Those who become incredibly successful in other fields, like Jones, often believe that their abilities translate to football, since football looks easy when piped through a television set.

To his credit, Jones and the Cowboys have won three Super Bowls.  But it came with a team that Jimmy Johnson built.  The recent resurgence resulted from the influence of Bill Parcells.

Now that things are bottoming out again, Jones either can hire a coach who has the ability to find good players (Mike Holmgren) or Jones can hire a G.M.

He should do the latter, and he should step as far aside as his nature will allow him to step aside.

That’s not a criticism.  He has every right to put a finger in the stew.  But his way isn’t working.  So he needs to try a new way.

And he needs to do it before he starts having trouble filling up his gleaming new stadium.

76 responses to “Jerry Jones will meet with coaches on Monday

  1. Jerry will stop being the Gm when he’s hauled out of Valley Ranch feet first. Wailing that he shouldn’t be GM is pointless.
    Going to be interesting to see who he appoints as interim HC — my ‘druthers’ would be Paul Pasqualoni, not Garrett. Garrett is part of the problem.
    Also interested to see what players get cut/benched, of course, if they cut all the players who quit they wouldn’t be able to field a team.

  2. I feel sorry for whoever is the next coach. Sure they’ll be rich, but the Boys won’t win unless Jerry shuts up, stays out of the teams affairs and his meddling ways. JJ is beginning to look and act like Al Davis….not a good sign, especially if you look at the Raiders record for the last ten years or so.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I, personally, would prefer Wade Phillips to continue as head coach through the rest of this year.

  4. Wow, I just got through typing something along these lines in a previous post (one liners).
    Jones may not be capable of change. And to that end, it will be more of the same.
    If Jones were to announce the hiring of GM, stood in the owner’s suite and stopped banging the drum about how great a team he has, the players could just go out and play. First team to host and play the SB? Pftthhh!
    Next, talk Wade into stepping down for the good of the team. And put someone in there without expectations of a big run, but instead that the evaluating starts now. If this team is capable of big run, it’ll come naturally with the right coach.
    Tell other coaches (listen up Garrett, this includes you) that they should probably be coaching up their resumes for their next gig from here on. It’s up to the new coach. whom he wants to surround himself with.
    And lastly, fire Vox from working the concession stand. He’s suffered long enough.

  5. Now, that’s a meeting you do *not* want to see on your Outlook calendar.
    Reminder on Jerry Jones’ Outlook calendar:
    “Fire Wade” – Two weeks overdue.

  6. Cut to Scene:
    Jones, wearing a black hood and carrying an axe, stands behind is desk, basket at the feet. Wade and Co. slowly march upstairs into Jerah’s office. A priest stands by his side, administering the Last Rites….
    The condemned are asked if they would like to offer any final words, upon which Wade says…
    “I’ll let Garrett make that call”

  7. It’s ok!
    tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Cowboys!

  8. So what’s the problem? “I can’t put my finger on it because I don’t have enough fingers,” Jones said.
    You are part of the problem fool. You need recognize that, then proceed to fire yourself.
    Americas Team. ESPN led with a line this morning “and speaking of jokes the Cowboys are now 1 and 7.” LMFAO. We all know it, now get over yourselves. You are not going to be in the Super Bowl this year. Aww sh** I forgot Roy Williams said the pukes were going to run the table. My bad.

  9. Jimmy Johnson as the next GM, or similar title, to put some luster back on that star in Big D. He’ll put together a nice staff.

  10. funny how when any other usually decent team is having a bad season, they dont say “we can still win it all” yet the cowboys still think they have a chance to even make the playoffs. how cute.
    in unrelated news, voxveritas has hung himself

  11. I typically agree with you Florio but you act as though Jones is an Oil tycoon that hasn’t ever been around a football before he took over Dallas. He isn’t Daniel Snyder.
    I don’t deny that Dallas needs a GM but Dallas has a pretty good collection of players right now and a good few of them were added after Parcells mailed it in.
    Dallas won 33 games in Phillips first 3 years and last year went 11-5. People still wanted to fire him but would that even make sense? Do you fire a coach for that?
    Like I said, I do agree that he needs a football guy in the GM position who has a good record in scouting and making football decisions. He has a lot on his plate right now and promoting the team AND making team decisions seems to be getting in the way of each other.

  12. Jerry Jones is now making the kind of Decisions Al Davis used to make when the Raiders of past were playing like the Cowboys of new. Except the Raiders had no talent and Dallas Does have bunch of talent just no direction..

  13. nothing is going to happen in dallas as long as the owner feels he is the smartest guy in the room.
    jerrah might know the oil business but he doesn’t know the football business.

  14. If is funny to see that amusement park in dallas half empty already. cowboy fans are the worst fans in the league. That place will be completly empty by week 13. Frontrunning losers who only like the the team because of the shiny star on the helmet.

  15. “I think everybody in this country would agree..”
    He is such a pompous ass to think “this country” actually gives a crap about his crappy football team.

  16. Say it aint so
    I want to see the boys emplode next sunday at 4
    I got my popcorn ready
    The G-Men are going to own the cowpukes next sunday
    Best part of the game last night one of the Packers did the lambo leap and the camera cut to JJ
    Chris Collingsworth said there is a guy that looks ready to leap

  17. Sad. I believe with the right management team, the Cowboys could be competitive. Remember this team returned 20 of 22 starters from last year. To me, that speaks volumes about the coaching/management of this team.
    Would love to see Jimmy be hired as GM. Never happen but, at 1-7 all a guy can do is dream…..

  18. Come on Jerry stay in charge and keep Wade. this dynamic has worked for you so far .This is only a hiccup , a bump in the road so to speak. Keep it the same for at least 2 more years.You know how far change will set you back? Please as a Redskin fan I beg of you to keep it the same. Florio said you guys were the odds on favorite to the superbowl at the beginning of the season.
    By the way where is boysroll, aka skinsblow1, aka skinssmokepoles or whatever your name of the day is ?

  19. Well at least my Team the Bengals aint as bad as the Cowboys although we both suck….When y ou lose your starting QB it goes downhill…..As a Bengals fan I have seen that before…..The good thing about the Cowboys is that maybe this will force Jerry Jones to change and I would say that Jerry will do it before Mike Brown does…..

  20. Is Jerry going to cut that Punk Dez Bryant, who went out of his way to blow that punt return? How about the rest of these chumps that need to wear a Mask and bring a Gun to the pay window to collect their checks this week? Jerry you picked these Chumps, and you run your mouth every week trying to pay for that Big Screen. Hell if I was Wade I’d tell you to stick the team in your Ass and coach em yourself, Because he has NO authority to do Jack Shit with the team.

  21. So what’s the problem? “I can’t put my finger on it because I don’t have enough fingers,” Jones said.
    You only need ONE finger Jerry….now point it your own chest…there you go! Problem solved!

  22. I’ll have to see it to believe it. Let’s hope he actually makes a move after meeting with these coaches. Lord knows, we need a BIG change in Dallas!

  23. America’s Team! How ’bout them Cowboys?
    11 straight wins to take the Super Bowl, right Roy? Vox? Boysroll? Anyone out there?

  24. As one of the milions and millions of fans who despise the Cowpies, their owner and everything else about them (except the cheerleaders, of course..) and are sick of seeing Jerrys ugly lizard face 18 times during every broadcast, we have one message:

  25. Jerry,
    Please keep Wade as coach and yourself as GM. You guys make a great team. Keep up the good work.
    The combined fan bases of Philadelphia, New York and Washington.

  26. Kyle says:”I don’t deny that Dallas needs a GM but Dallas has a pretty good collection of players right now”

  27. I think all you Cowboy haters can stop the celebrating now. It’s over. Nothing to see here. Just move along while the coroner does his work.

  28. I caught the latest episode of that show, The Walking Dead last night, it was pretty good. Oh, and, AMC also had on a new show that was about zombies.

  29. The coaches were told that if they could find their playbooks, they should bring them to the meeting.

  30. This whole thing is Jerry Jones’ fault. Jerry likes his boys. The flashy offensive players like Felix Jones and Dex Bryant.
    If the Cowboys did not have either of those players, and had 2 legitimate offensive lineman, what a difference it would make.
    Marion Barber and Choice at RB and Austin and R Williams with Crayton as the 3rd would be plenty of offense.
    Jerry Jones to satisfy his own ego has ruined this team.

  31. “per our former PFT colleague (and yet ESPN hired him anyway) Tim MacMahon of ”
    Isnt BSPN TMZ and PFT all the same thing? I wouldnt be surprised if The Enquirer or the Onion hired him.

  32. Dear Cryboys fans,
    On boards and forums here and elsewhere, you are still holding to the notion that your team is loaded with talent, just poorly coached and the victim of your own mistakes.
    Can you point us to say at least five or six of your players who fall into that category. Please refrain from including Romo or any member of your secondary on that list. some of us are at work and we’d hate to wet ourselves on the job.
    Also, if your team is “loaded with talent,” wouldn’t it seem likely (read “nearly impossible”) that you would lose virtually evey game you play?
    Projected 2010 NFL Trivia Question of the Year: Name the one team that the 1-15 Cryboys beat this season.
    Most Americans

  33. The first thing Jerry, the coaches and the players need to do is SHUT UP!!! You were all talking about being the first team to have the super bowl as a home game
    I bleed N.Y. Giant blue and I don’t know which makes me happier A Giants win or the sanctimonius, self centered, narcistic Cowboys getting their asses handed to them. The way Dallas is playing they will be lucky to even get tickets to the Super Bowl.
    Last night in the Green Bay massacre even the coach quit, in the second half he didn’t even throw his challenge flag on a play even the announcers thought it would be reversed, just like everyone who saw the play thought. As a player how can you play for a quitter.
    As a Giant fan all I can say is JERRY PLEASE DON’T CHANGE A THING!!!!!
    GO GIANTS!!!!!

  34. Sorry Mr. Florio but even though I agree with you 100%, it’ll never happen. Jerry’s ego has blinded his decisions for over 20 years and he has shown nothing to make anyone change their view on that. Dallas (my team for over 40 years) is doomed as long as he is there and thinks he can manage players on a football field. The players must be loyal and accountable for their jobs to the coach first. Not the GM or Owner. That is why Parcells left and why no intelligent coach will come to Dallas.

  35. The Houston Texans will call a press conference tomorrow morning to announce their new defensive coordinator: Wade Phillips.

  36. “There are a lot of people here who are certainly going to suffer and suffer consequences.”
    Now that’s funny.
    I’d think the people who will suffer are the ones who STAY.
    Getting fired from that circus sideshow would only be putting you out of your misery. They’re the lucky ones.

  37. It is somewhat amazing. I believe there was no other team to project or predict themselves as perennial SuperBowl contenders before even a single snap of the football other than the Dallas Cowboys. Was it because the SB will be in Dallas or maybe it is because of their “star-studded” lineup? But then again, they usually declare this of themselves each and every year. I am not sure if it comes from the top, the owner, but it definitely trickles down to the players. Unfortunately, for them, and maybe it is the nature of the beast (million dollar contracts, star-status), I have yet to see humility, other than the last couple of weeks or so when the season seemed to be lost. Maybe the Cowboys should try something different next year. Maybe play and win a game or two before claiming anything including a SuperBowl contention.

  38. As a Cowboy fan, I can say is “NO MAS”! As bad as it is, this may be the necessary step to push Jerry to take a step aside (like he did when he brought in Bill Parcells) and bring in someone as a GM. Jerry is so humbled I think he would ask Jimmy to come back. Mike Holgrem and Bill Parcells are possible GM candidates. Jeff Fisher would be the head coach if Tennessee does not pick up the option year on his contract. Norv Turner OC.

  39. Coaches have not done a good job, but the coaches are not the ones getting manhandled in one-on-one situations, coaches are not the ones that fail to pick up the blitzer, coaches are not the ones throwing inaccurate passes or running into the backs of the linemen when a hole is 3 feet to the left or right. The coaches are responsible for putting the players in a position to succeed but the players are the ones that have quit trying. Where are the leaders? It’s sad when Dez Bryant is showing the most leadership on this team…you know, the guy with the character issues, the diva waiting to happen…that guy? There are really no captains on this team. They need a fire inside and the ability to motivate themselves and their teammates. They are playing like individuals rather than as a team and the coaches have not been able to fix that.

  40. Jerry needs to learn one thing…you manage things, situations, projects, marketing, budget, etc.; you must LEAD people. He needs to hire a leader but I do not think they have one in their organization right now.

  41. It IS the coaches. Parcells teams 2003-2006 were in the top 5 least penalized teams. Now the Cowboys 2007-2010 are the most penalized. That is clearly a discipline problem. Big paycheck or not. No motivation, constantly making big mistakes at the wrong time, those are discipline issues. Flozell Adams became acceptable after a few years even though he was in the top 3 most penalized players every year, then they go out and get Alex Barron last spring who was also in the top 3 for many years. What message does that send to the players regarding the importance of penalties and discipline? Jerry and the coaches ARE the problem. Dallas’ players are no better or worse than most teams, they just have no heart, no motivation, no inspiration and no desire. That comes from the exemplary example provided by Jerry and his coaches (except Decamillis). The players are perfectly falling in line with the leadership model they are being provided.

  42. Phillips goes, Garrett is made interim head coach (but only to keep the seat warm), Jones begins a search for a killer GM-coach tandem because even his ego can’t hold up to this kind of sustained embarrassment. Getting help would mean he wouldn’t own all the subsequent success, but by not getting help, he’s owning every bit of the failure.
    I would think that installing a new GM now would be too soon, as it could color the search for a new coach. I could almost see a GM coming after the coach, or as a package, but not before, unless he has someone in mind he’d really love.
    With a sufficiently tough head coach, I’d almost like to see Phillips stay on as defensive coordinator. He’s good at that, and with the guy above him setting a harder tone, it could work. Garrett, though, doesn’t seem to offer anything at this point. The offense needs a complete reinvention, someone with imagination who can put a major fire under Romo. There is genuine talent there, and it needs to be made use of fast.

  43. Bad sign if you walk into the Jerry’s office today and there is plastic sheeting on the floor.
    Awesome. A Lethal Weapon II reference.

  44. Dear Mike Florio,
    I have busted your balls and critisized you on this blog over and over again. This piece is the best and most honest thing you have ever wrote about the Dallas Cowboys. Jones Needs to hire a G.M now. That is what he got without the titles when he hired Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels. He needs a Bill Cowher, or a Mike Holgrem.

  45. Even if Jerry hires a entire new coaching staff and signs 100 new players, nothing will change in Dallas because Jerry (and his son) can’t keep their egos out of the mix. Those egos are telling everyone that they know better than anyone how to coach, how to draft, how to manage a team. Ergo, loss after loss after loss. A new head coach will never be allowed to “coach”. Jerry will tell him exactly what to do and when. Jimmy Johnson would be a wonderful choice, since Jerry might actually listen to him.

  46. Jerry needs to clean up this mess from top to bottom, including himself. He needs to bring in a GM who has worked his way through the ranks and has some experience in choosing players. I nominate former Cowboys personnel guy Brian Gaine, who is now with the Dolphins. He knows the organization and most of the current roster, plus he grew up under Parcells.

  47. With the Cowboys out of it already, what in the world will we do for our football fix on Thanksgiving…and what a slate of matchups! Pick from the the Lions early or the Cowboys later. Maybe it’s time to rethink those T’giving traditions! LOL

  48. J. Jones should have fired himself as GM a LOOOOOOOONG time ago ! I’ll give him all the props as a shrewd business man and able to generate dollars BUT that being said the team has had more failures than victories since the mid 90’s. He meddles in to many affairs he should leave to the “football” pros not the “business” pros … that’s why he can’t keep a good coach because a good coach can’t deal with all the interference he runs … How many times is this team and it’s fans gonna keep riding the “we won the Super Bowl” if that satisfies them like that then so be it … but to follow that up with the way this team has played since then … if that’s what they like, more power to them, ain’t my squad …

  49. Is there a bigger flop in NFL history than this year’s Cowboys? I can’t remember a team with such high expectations crash as hard as these guys have this year. It is truly remarkable to watch.

  50. As bad as Jerry Jones might be, he would have to degenerate to an amoebic like state to approach the level of ineptitude exhibited by Bengals owner/GM MikeyBoy Brown.

  51. “we need a BIG change in Dallas!”
    you are in the process of a big change now!how does it feel to get jolly stomped every week!jj is seeing,karma always pay you back!i’m sure tom landry and george allen are enjoying it up ine heaven now!
    jerry & the cowboys are getting what they deserved!
    hopefully one of the nfc east team wins this season’s superbowl on the cowboys field!

  52. I am ‘Skins for life and have raised 2 more…even here in CA, but even I can’t get excited anymore about the Cowboys’ sad situation. I feel for their fans and I never thought I would write tose words! All of these guys are collecting fat checks for looking like a good Pop Warner team could confuse them. I felt sorry for Al and Cris last night…not enough adjectives and too much time to fill. Wade needs to be freed from this zoo today.

  53. Jones needs to back up a truckload of money to the Cowher residence to clean up the mess that he made (by aggravating Parcells into leaving).
    Phillips and Garrett are the worst kind of coaches for this kind of lackadaisic and heartless group.
    They are what they are, not talented enough to get away with playing sloppy ball.
    The key talent evaluator is Jerry Jones…enough said.

  54. For Jerrah to clean house he would have to admit that he is not a good GM and he has trouble with the reality of the situation that he created…
    Necessary but unlikely!
    Lifelong Cowboys fan

  55. Let’s say JJ hires a GM. Do you think he’d let that GM keep a part-time job as a advertising/sales rep for a huge high pro-file company?
    That’s essentially what JJ has been doing for 21 years? How many teams are successful with part-time GMs?

  56. You don’t need Cowher and you don’t need Gruden. You need to take away these players gaurenteed money.
    Imagine if they had to earn it EVERY GAME!

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