John Fox would be another mistake for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

The early list of candidates for the 2011 head-coaching job of the 1-7 Cowboys includes coach John Fox.

Of the 1-7 Panthers.

Jay Glazer of all-caps FOX makes the case for initial-cap Fox.  “If I’m the Dallas Cowboys, forget all those big shiny names you hear about like Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher,” Glazer said in comments circulated by FOX’s P.R. department.  “John Fox is the right fit for that team.  Fox is already friends with the Jones’ and hangs out with them on the road quite a bit.  John Fox gets more out of less than most of the coaches in this league.   He went to two NFC Championship games with Jake Delhomme as his quarterback and Mike Rucker and Mike Minter as his defensive captains.   The big thing about John Fox is there’s no drama around him and a presence like Fox is just what Dallas needs.  Someone like Cowher will want full control where John Fox wants nothing to do with being the General Manager.  He’s only concerned with coaching the team.”

Fine.  But Fox has coached the Panthers into the ground.  And there’s no way Jerry Jones can sell to his fan base another happy-to-be-anywhere marionette with a long history of unfulfilled expectations.

Jones needs someone who wants full control, because Jones doesn’t know how to exercise full control.  We’ve been saying it all year and, for whatever reason, few have picked up on this basic reality.  Jones has no qualifications or credentials to run a football operation apart from his ability to write the check to buy the team.  Twenty-one years of experience doing a job he was never truly fit to do doesn’t mean he should continue to do it.

“We all have our maker,” Jones said to the media today.  “We all have our judgment.  Wade today is a vivid example of accountability.”

So when will Jerry be a “vivid example of accountability”?  Maybe it will happen when Jerry’s customers stop handing their money over to him.  As Darren Rovell of CNBC points out, on-field struggles in Dallas eventually will lead to off-field financial woes.

That’s when Jones eventually will wake up.  It may take a blackout or two to finally make it happen.  Either way, Jones needs to stand down as G.M. of the team.

For now, it appears that he’d rather be directly responsible for an above-average-at-best team than indirectly responsible for a great one.  Until that changes, the Cowboys will never be great again.

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  1. Brian Billick. Will yield to some control, making Jones comfortable, but also won’t be a push-over. Has the credentials but most importantly has the swagger that Dallas needs.

  2. “And there’s no way Jerry Jones can sell to his fan base another happy-to-be-anywhere marionette with a long history of unfulfilled expectations.”
    Let me guess- you did not bother contacting John Fox, saying you called him “happy-to-be-anywhere marionette with a long history of unfulfilled expectations.”
    Isn’t it great to fire these insults off and not have to be accountable for them? A coach calls a player out, an owner calls a coach out- PFT is all over it. PFT slams a coach on the way to hammering an owner- no big deal. It’s just Florio telling it the way it is, Oh yeah…..
    My guess is that if Florio actually had to do something in the NFL, like run a team, coach an offense, scout a player it, etc., would be like Matt Millen II.

  3. How about a few blackouts and/or a few paper bags over the heads…that should do it! LOL

  4. “But Fox has coached the Panthers into the ground.”
    I’m gonna have to ask you to back up that statement. I see a guy who went into this season obviously a lame duck who STILL has the attention of the players. Speaking of players, his owner wouldn’t let him sign any. So he’s playing with the least amount of talent of any team in the league, yet that team isn’t quitting.
    Wade Phillips coached his team into the ground. Josh McDaniels is coaching his team into the ground. Fox is doing the best with what he has.

  5. Florio, you’re a lot dumber than I thought if you think Dallas will ever suffer a blackout.

  6. Suppose we could convince JJ to hire Lovie Smith? He’s from Texas…let him get back to his roots and get out of Chicago. He’s clueless!

  7. Got to agree with this article. Until Jethro hires someone to run the football operations and then just writes checks, that team is going to be under the crap hammer. He would be smart to hire a stud exec as a GM (Bill Polian’s son comes to mind) and the get heck out of the way.

  8. “john fox coached the panthers into the ground”…what planet have you been living on???john fox has been dealt a shitty hand in carolina,the owner runs the team like a mcdonalds franchise,he never spends on good talent.what do you expect?
    fox is a damn good coach,the team is a bunch of no talents that aren’t worth a lick.

  9. Fox won’t go there, he had some roster control in Carolina, until this year hence the 1-9 recoord.

  10. Jones is not going to fire himself so you can stop banging that drum. Even if he does fire himself, he will just hire one of his sons into the position so I doubt Dallas would be any better off there.
    Lastly Fox has NOT “coached the Panthers into the ground”. The last team I saw make such poor personnel decisions was the Millen Lions. No coach can “coach up” that mess.

  11. Good article Florio…..I just blasted you earlier for being a member of the gutless media who refuse to identify the real problem in Dallas………one Jerrah Jones as GM. Perhaps if you beat this drum like you do some other issues (Brett Favre, Brad Childress and the Vikings) you can start a groundswell to the point that other’s like ESPN, FOX, etc. will beat the drum also. I am not a fan of the cowboys (like you are) and actually enjoy watching them grovel but the record needs to be set straight……the Cowboys will never rise to prominence again as long as Jerrah the Pimp is GM.

  12. Gruden is so over-rated. We’s like Switzer or Seifert……wining a SB with teams built by other people. And as soon as their predecessor’s personnel moved on the teams fell apart and they were exposed for what they were.
    If Gruden were to take the job I GUARANTEE he’d go after Brett Favre in the offseason. And right off the bat Jerry Jones would have another over-hyped circus on his hands and the season shot before it even got started.

  13. I couldn’t agree more Florio. John Fox is a good coach but Dallas needs to hire a coach who has full control. Dallas was a terrible team with no depth when Parcells arrived. He turned them into arguably the most talented team in the league then he left. Dallas needs a real GM or a coach who has control over personnel decisions. I hope Jerry Jones keeps doing what he has been doing because I am enjoying watching this train wreck that has become the Dallas Cowboys.

  14. As a Green Bay fan, I disagree. He should stay as involved as possible.
    Minnesota should also keep Chilly.

  15. wow every time I read you playing the part I am so glad you are not the gm of my team. you don’t think fox is a good coach based on this years carolina team?I agree with glazer 100percent!who else could have taken that panthers team to a super bowl with that talent?lack of talent finaly caught up with the panthers and since he is not the gm you can’t blame him for it.I hate the cowboys so it upset me if they don’t pick him as the next coach,would love to see him coach the bears after they dump lovie.

  16. Question for the Dallas fans:
    Do you expect this to be the year that blackouts happen for this team?

  17. Was JJ the General Manager when Jimmy Johnson was HC? I think so. 4 years and 2 Super Bowls. Does that count for anything Florio? To say that it can’t be done ever again is just stupid. Like you.

  18. Florio, please make this point when you’re on national television on NBC
    When you look at all the great gms of this league and the past, they build their football teams. They don’t reply on free agency, they rely on the draft (cowboys 09 draft set their team back another year). Secondly, GMs KNOW when the heck to let their players go. They DON’T make them stick around. Because of that, the cowboys has the oldest offensive line in the league that has reached a low point to the point when they cant convert a 3rd and inches.
    Third, as a GM, you anticipate your football team’s problems. You have to realize you’re going to need to groom an eventual starter at safety, LB, OL, etc. yet the cowboys, with the exception of sean lee, has NO young players to groom and develop into a starting role.
    Last but not least, after the loss to the Vikings, jerry jones goes into his locker room and tells the players they are not a 1-4 team and are much better than they are. That might’ve sparked the no-shows the cowboys gave starting from the giants game since it gave the cowboys a sense of over confidence. He needs to back off and let the coaches to do the coaching.
    Jerry Jones is an awful GM. He is terrible. He needs to be fired. Please, florio, put out the words and tell people the points I described. Jerry Jones is overrated. The talent is overrated, built by the Jones. Sad part is, if Jerry Jones doesn’t get fired, he’s going to continue to go into next season with similar to talent with a new coaching staff. He truly is terrible, and I’m not even a cowboys fan

  19. Not particularly a Cowboys fan but I think Mike Zimmer would be perfect for the job.
    Players love him and will run through walls for the guy, plus the man knows all phases of the game.

  20. John Fox is a very good coach and would be a good hire for any team. It’s possible he needs a year away from coaching to recharge but John Fox teams are typically hard-working, self-disciplined, with the ability to run the football and play good defence……all the things the current Dolphins are not.
    Criticize John Fox all you want but he has a good track record and comes from a good coaching background. It could just be that his act has worn thin in Carolina and the players have started to tune him out. It could also be that from a personnel standpoint they have done a poor job the last few years and have lost some people in free agency.

  21. Well Glazer’s recommendation makes sense to me after watching him and Fox drink like a couple of college frat boys all night in a grungy Mobile, AL bar the week of the Senior Bowl. Those two guys were nearly spooning by the end of the night. Makes me wonder about Glazer’s journalistic integrity.

  22. You call 1-7 an above average Team?, you have to be pulling our Leg. You are what your record says you are.

  23. “Jones has no qualifications or credentials to run a football operation apart from his ability to write the check to buy the team. Twenty-one years of experience doing a job he was never truly fit to do doesn’t mean he should continue to do it.”
    And your qualifications to rail against this being a poor fit are??

  24. You really don’t know anything about John Fox, Florio. Ownership makes all the personnel decisions – read Fowler’s column in today’s Charlotte Observer. “Captain of Titanic says he didn’t build the ship.”

  25. Mike, I think you are confusing the kind of coach the Cowboys need with the kind of coach Jerry Jones wants.
    I think we can all agree that Jerry Jones is not a particularly good general manager. The Cowboys would be better off if he’d hire Cowher, or Holmgren, or someone like that, and let them run the show.
    But that’s not going to happen. It’s Jerry’s franchise, and he’d rather field a less-successful team that he gets to run than a more-successful team run by someone else.
    Once you accept that Jerry will never hand over the keys to the car to another Bill Parcells-type, then I think that John Fox is the best available coach. Great defensive coach and an excellent motivator, and he’ll be even better with a higher grade of talent and better assistant coaches.

  26. Ice says:
    “But Fox has coached the Panthers into the ground.”
    I’m gonna have to ask you to back up that statement.
    Hey, Florio! I’m with Ice. You wanna back that trash talkin’ shit up? I’m waiting…

  27. here are some names Cowboys fans besides Cowher (who would want a GM like role). Brian Schottenheimer, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera. all of those guys could be underrated coaches

  28. “CaptainFantastik says:
    November 8, 2010 7:57 PM
    Gruden is so over-rated. We’s like Switzer or Seifert……wining a SB with teams built by other people. And as soon as their predecessor’s personnel moved on the teams fell apart and they were exposed for what they were.
    If Gruden were to take the job I GUARANTEE he’d go after Brett Favre in the offseason. And right off the bat Jerry Jones would have another over-hyped circus on his hands and the season shot before it even got started. ”
    Gruden wouldn’t go after Favre. Have you heard him profess his love for Romo time after time every single MNF game the Cowboys are involved in?
    Quick question…..where’s Vox?

  29. For anyone defending Fox: eight seasons (nine if you include this one) and three playoff appearances. OVERRATED.

  30. And for all those ripping on Jerry Richardson: Can’t argue that they’ve spent nothing on free agents this year, but he has gladly opened his checkbook every other year since the team’s inception to sign worthy free agents. And by the way, it was John Fox who wanted to keep Delhomme and pushed for his big extension after he was far past his prime.

  31. Nothing against @CaptainFantastik, but I have to take issue with statements like this:
    “Gruden is so over-rated. We’s like Switzer or Seifert……wining a SB with teams built by other people. And as soon as their predecessor’s personnel moved on the teams fell apart and they were exposed for what they were.”
    This is nonsense for two reasons. One, no team coaches itself. If that was the case, then why doesn’t every SB-winning team repeat? Because it’s damned hard to win a SB. It takes a full year of winning and playoff-navigating.
    As for teams falling apart when personnel move on – when has this ever *not* happened? Was Tom Landry a crappy coach because he couldn’t win the SB after Staubach left? Is Belichick a crappy coach because he hasn’t won the SB the last several years? Chuck Noll coached for 12 middling seasons after his last SB win. Great coaches don’t automatically win Super Bowls any more than great teams automatically win Super Bowls.
    The reality is that all-time-great teams are simply the right combination of talent, coaching, and circumstances. To say that the Gruden, Switzer, and Seifert teams were inevitable SB winners is a ridiculous notion that needs to be abandoned.

  32. Florio…
    Your analysis regarding John Fox’ coaching ability and record is about as good as Jerry Jones’ ability to be GM of the Dallas Cowboys…
    PS, You provide a great medium for conveying news about professional football; Thank you for that…

  33. I wonder if Jerry would consider going back to the college ranks, pluck a big name from there. I know Stoops has got a sweet gig at OU, but he’d be an interesting choice.

  34. @Neverend,
    Your post is stunningly ridiculous. These few paragraphs may very well be the dumbest succession of words ever pieced together.
    Please stop huffing paint.

  35. Or maybe Ditka? Iron Mike has some Dallas roots. It’s got to be somebody that will cause Dallas to stay out of the playoffs and finally stop them from being called America’s Team. I have had to go through too many Thanksgiving Dinners with fans of America’s Team. Please hire a coach that will continue the momentum to make that stop!

  36. wow florio,
    this ranks right up there with the anti-American rant you had when the US was in the world cup for the DUMBEST post of the year award.
    We all know you know nothing about the Panthers, but do a little research dude. Fox was given the youngest/cheapest team in the nfl.
    We know you hate 89, but does it have to come to bashing a great coach now?

  37. there are two dark horses…..Holmgren and Jeff Fisher….emember you heard it here first…Edgerusher in the house!!!

  38. None of the Jerry should not be GM stuff matters. He functions as the GM because marketing and money are more important to him than wins. He wants the coach to be successful with the players Jerry chooses. If a guy has some talent but is very marketable then he is a Jerry Jones type player. If he truly wanted to get the correct perspective he should have named himself the interim coach. At least he would see all the dynamics the coach needs to deal with and the rest of this season is a wash anyway. They will not make the playoffs.

  39. Yes, and I’m sure Jerry Jones is scouring the internet for advice from two-bit hack lawyers.

  40. ICE@7:49 wrote-
    “I’m gonna have to ask you to back up that statement. I see a guy who went into this season obviously a lame duck who STILL has the attention of the players.”
    If he has the players attention at 1-7, I’d hate to see what the Carolina Plainthers record would be if he didn’t have their attention!

  41. Florio, you talk so big, how about you submit your resume to be Cowboys GM or Head Coach. Obviously, you’re a lot more qualified that that nutcase Jones and that pushover of a coach

  42. Honestly this is ridiculous. Florio, can you please, please, please cover something else besides the 1-7 Cowboys?

  43. I agree with “thehatefulnerd”
    Jerry, please stay involved and Minny please keep Childress. Otherwise I feel really bad when Dallas plays Minnesota and I have to keep chanting “It’s wrong to root for the stadium to cave in, it’s wrong to root for the stadium to cave in…It’s wrong….”.
    On a serious note, Jones could never get his massive ego to admit he can’t do it, so he’ll stay for quite a while.

  44. dldove77: eight seasons (nine if you include this one) and three playoff appearances with not that many good players. UNDERRATED.
    Thanks Ice and Tom Coughlin’s Coat Holder for nailing it. Good to see there’s some fans out there that can see beyond the head coach when a team has problems.

  45. @ Roscoe who asks: “Quick question…..where’s Vox?”
    Entered a convent after being denied entrance to a monastery. Apparently, not enough sac.

  46. No respectable coach wants to go to Dallas.
    Sure they have talent, a stadium, and history, but no coach in his right mind wants that jackass of an owner over his shoulder.
    The Cowboys will get a “Yes Sir” coach, which wont be a quality guy they need.

  47. John Fox is one of the better coaches in the league.
    How can you say he is coaching the team in to the ground and now even explain how?!?!?!
    The Panthers pay roll was slashed this offseason when the salary cap was taken out and therefore the salary floor was also eliminated. They have a cheap ass owner, no quarterback, and a terrible defense! The defense has no pass rush, can’t stuff the run, can’t cover…. And yes, they do have a good running game with the potential to be great but it stands no chance when you have Jimmy freakin Clausen as qb! Teams are loading up to stop the run and now they have nothing! Oh yeah 1 good, aging, wr with nobody to throw the ball to him!
    So how in the hell are you just going to throw out that Fox is “coaching the team in the ground” and not explain how at all?
    Sorry to say but Glazer is right on this one and you are wrong!

  48. Fox isn’t perfect – having DeAngelo Williams back up DeShaun Foster in ’06 and most of ’07 probably cost the team at least one playoff appearance, and even his better squads have tended to start slow – but he’s still not bad. The Panthers make the Bills look like a deep-pocketed team, and I can think of at least a dozen current head coaches who would never have made the payoffs with any of Fox’s teams.

  49. As a Panthers fan I say take John Fox – please! John Fox has had a large say in roster composition since he’s been here as evidenced by the defense heavy first round picks. He’s proven to be worse than the typical defensive coordinator come head coach with an incredibly boring, unimaginative offense and an innate inability to develop receivers or tight ends. As further evidence – ask yourself how many coaches have been lured away for promotions from Fox’s staff? Dan Henning was run out of town on a rail because everyone was convinced was the reason for the boring, predictable offense – only to resurface in Miami where he helms one of the most diverse and imaginative offenses in the game now (Wildcat anyone?) Meanwhile I think the Panthers just called another draw play on 3rd and 14.
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, no one in North Carolina sports history has done less with more – except Dean Smith!

  50. “coached them into the ground”? that is ridiculously stupid. what a bad betrayal of ignorance, florio. you’re not even in the ballpark…not even close to being accurate about fox and the panthers…and dallas isn’t my team but you don’t sound like you know wtf is going on with them either.

  51. dldove77,
    John Fox has coached a team for close to nine seasons. He has an owner that won’t spend money and let’s one of thri best players, Julius Peppers walk away and doesn’t replace him. On top of that the Panthers have done a poor job replacing talent through the draft. John Fox’s teams are well disciplined and hard working. I’ll take 3 playoff seasons out of nine under those circumstances from my head coach any time.

  52. Oh yeah, and by the way, every season when Fox’s Panthers made the playoffs, they did it with a last place schedule. The following seasons when playing a first place schedule, they returned to the mediocrity that has been the hallmark of the Fox era.

  53. John Fox has been given a CFL roster and still has them compete hard. Give a decent team and he’ll make it happen. The Panthers management wouldn’t spend a dime on a decent FA if their lives depended on it.
    Fox would allow Jones to still be the circus ring leader, yet would be much more intense than camp cupcake Wade Phillips.
    I’m also not opposed to bringing in a guy like Jim Harbaugh.

  54. Jerrah has won more Superbowls than any other GM in the league.
    Plus he has the league’s best stadium.
    So I’d say he was more qualified than any other GM.
    But please don’t let facts get in the way of a LoFlo opinion.

  55. I understand that Jerry Jones is unqualified to be a NFL GM, but I think you underestimate the impact of his son Stephan Jones on the staff. His son has grown up around football in just the same fashion as a head coache’s son. His position on the staff from such a young age has groomed him better than any possible GM in their first year. Jerry listens to his son and I think his son will eventually replace him; He will listen to his son just as his friend George Steinbrenner did with his.
    I can not wait to see Jerry step down.

  56. In my opinion, the top 3 candidates next year will be John Gruden,Ron Rivera or Urban Myer(think about it, the whole thing with his players getting arrested are catching up with him, and he’s not having a Florida type year and would be a HUGE NAME which is what Jerry needs for ticket sales sake)
    On the flip side, it’s frustrating watching the monday night post game show and hearing of all people Matt Millan telly ou how to run your team. Anyone remember the lions the last decade ???

  57. Saying hiring John Fox would be a mistake for Jerry Jones is like saying a Big Mac is a bad meal choice for a fat guy.

  58. whomever they pick, he better be ready to be Jerry Jones’ puppet and have no say in anything or any control over the team

  59. Fox would do more for stabilizing Dallas than any other coach in football.
    Thats a FACT!!!

  60. People, people people please listen too me. Several years back, maybe during the Bears Superbowl Run, and the bears had not yet signed lovie to a long term contract, Jerry Jones publicly stated he would be intersted in hiring Lovie Smith. You see Lovie grew up in Big Sandy Texas and was a big Dallas Cowboy fan. Soooo you see it makes sense that the Bears are not gauranteed a playoff spot as of yet and their schedule is getting a little tougher so in the end and if the Bears don’t make it to the play offs,Lovie could get the Job. Think about it. Lovie is soft spoken but demands respect from his players which he gets. He has led a team to the Superbowl. He can win and most of all Jerry Jones likes him. You heard it here first ,Lovie is the next coach of the Cowboys.!!!!

  61. “We’ve been saying it all year and, for whatever reason, few have picked up on this basic reality.  Jones has no qualifications or credentials to run a football operation apart from his ability to write the check to buy the team.”
    It’s ridiculously arrogant to think that this web site is the lone voice of reason proclaiming JJ unfit to be an NFL GM. this has been common knowledge for even the most die hard cowboys apologist. For some reason the writers here have gotten in their head that aggregating NFL stories qualifies you as an expert. People come here because it’s an easy place to get NFL news. Not to listen to a bunch of buffoons pretend to be legitimate columnists. Stick to regurgitating the work of others, nobody cares what you think.

  62. An empty stadium for the Thanksgiving game, might, just might, sent a message that will get to Jerry Jones. But, then again, perhaps I am dreaming. After all, ’em ‘boys are the best (okay, better) 1-7 team in the NFL.

  63. I think Jerry Jones has done a great job. All you people that don’t think he is a good GM should realize It is HIS team lock stock and barrel, Maybe he should be Head Coach too!

  64. Who cares who the pukes coach will be? Nothing will change. Romo will choke. Skelator will call the shots and Dez Bryant will be the only player to actually not punk out. Y’all will still be in denial about all yer talent while you continue to sink to the bottom of the heap. All your pontificating is great but ya gotta have heart. No heart pukes. Lie down again this week why dont ya?
    I mean look at what the pukes did to “Boysroll” He was so humiliated by his own moniker he changed it a couple times. I know your still out there and I know you punked out on your own team. You cant hide behind some new name you pole smoking twat. Again, no heart.

  65. Jay Glazer is running point for Fox, because they both have the same agent, and they are fast friends from Foxs’ time at the Giants. John is no more qualified to be in Dallas, than any other mid tier coach in the league. Besides, his name doesn’t possess the”splash” potential that Jones craves. This is just an attempt by Glazer to try and help his buddy keep his name in the public’s ear, while the ship he’s steering sinks into oblivion.

  66. He absolutely should make himself the head coach. Then he could prance up and down the sideline whether they win or lose. As for now he only shows his plastic ass when they’ve got a game in the bag. Luckily we have not had to endure too much 4th qtr. overexposure lately. He’s getting what he deserved now for the way he treated Tom Landry when he bought the team. Karma never forgets……………..
    Don’t worry though, he’ll make his staduim payments by whoring out the place for boxing matches and rodeos. If I lived in Dallas, I’d be driving to Houston to watch my football games.

  67. “Fine. But Fox has coached the Panthers into the ground.”
    That is absolutely NOT true, Florio.
    The Panthers’ current problems are not primarily due to John Fox. Like the Cowboys, their problems start higher up than the coach. The Panthers have put together a team with four or five really good players and around four dozen scrubs, and they’ve been fielding that kind of crap for years. That isn’t coach Fox’s fault.
    Add to that the rampant injuries and lack of continuity on both sides of the ball and you’ve got a team that’s 1-7.
    It’s ok to speculate on a rumor site, Florio, but when you throw out statements like the above, you need to support it with facts or qualify it as pure opinion (aka. BS).

  68. So normally you bang on teams that have blackouts, but now you are advocating a blackout. Are the fans of teams that have blackouts bad fans for not supporting their team, or are they good fans for taking a stand towards bad management and/or coaching? I would really like your stance on this cleared up so I understand your point of view on the whole blackout situation.

  69. Wow, Florio. Way to be a douche. You would not know how to coach your way out of a paper bag, but you feel justified raking John Fox over the coals like this? You really are turning into a media hack since that NBC deal. I had assumed others were over-reacting, but here we are. Time to find a new site to read.

  70. @Dolfan34 and ParkerFly:
    1) The Fox Super Bowl team was on steroids. Someone else on here nailed it when they said we’ve only made the playoffs with last place schedules.
    2) Anyone who thinks we don’t draft well and haven’t had talent over the past few years need only look at the roster from each season. We’ve been loaded with blue chip players.
    3) I don’t know if he can’t or he won’t, but Fox does not make halftime adjustments. He gets out-coached on a weekly basis.
    4) Again, Fox pushed and pushed for us to keep Delhomme. (BTW, I love Jake. Best QB we ever had, but he should NOT have been given an extension.)
    5) This season is a direct result of all parties involved (JR, Hurney, Fox and the players) calling it quits. For anyone who thinks Fox is getting great effort from the players, I strongly urge you to re-watch the games.
    6) Richardson has signed plenty of free agents during the Fox era and we’ve had great drafts. For his first eight years, Fox was just merely adequate.
    7) To anyone who brings up letting Peppers go for nothing, you obviously don’t know much about the Panthers or Peppers. Do your research and then make a comment. Peppers did not want to be in Carolina anymore, we could not franchise him again for $20 million for one season, and NO ONE would have traded two first round picks for him, even after his 14.5 sack season in 2008. We gave him two offers to be the highest paid defensive player in the league and he declined. There were no other options but to let him walk.

  71. I’m not gonna pretend I know what goes on with the Carolina team, and I definitely don’t care what Dallas ultimately does, but the cheap shot on John Fox seems really unnecessary, out of place, and unsubstantiated. The guy took over a horrible team, got them to the Super Bowl, and nearly beat the favored Patriots. Sounds like the owner has been preparing for a lockout and won’t spend on players – or extend the coach’s contract. The true definition of lame-duck situation.
    Please stick to reporting news, or at least rumors. I can take you as a blogger, but not an analyst…..

  72. Fox’s teams have consistently failed when their expectations were hight.
    Thats not a good trait for a potential Dallas coach when expectations are Superbowls every year.

  73. John Fox is starting to live off of a reputation. If he’s this smart, why didn’t he lobby to have that turnover machine Delhomme released instead of given an extension? I know he’s not the GM there but he had to have some input or at least bench him sooner.

  74. I usually like Glazer but I sure hope his pimpslapping of three players as being the “less” Fox had to make into “more” and who were all reasons the Panthers were competitive and were also great lockerroom guys is his own misguided opinion rather than Fox feeding him that thought so he looks better. Either way, not cool JG.

  75. Gruden inherited a talented but underperforming team from Tony Dungheap, and showed them how to win. It should be also noted that the team they beat was one that Gruden built himself, the Raiders.

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