Report: Cowboys players not big Jason Garrett fans

As Jason Garrett gets settled in as interim coach of the Cowboys, Albert Breer of NFL Network sprays a little rain (or possibly a less clear liquid) on Garrett’s parade.

Breer reports that he hears a majority of the players in the locker room “don’t like [Garrett] at all.”

Of course, it’s not a popularity contest.  As one league source told us on Sunday morning regarding the current head coach of the Vikings, “Brad Childress is disliked by all.”

And yet when the players had an opportunity to lay down late in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals to ensure Chilly would be fired, they chose winning.

So who cares if the players don’t like Garrett.  They apparently liked Wade Phillips, and that was good for one win in eight games.

77 responses to “Report: Cowboys players not big Jason Garrett fans

  1. Yeah and the Giants hate Tom Coughlin and yet he wins. Same for other successful coaches. The nice guys finish last, and that is even more true in the NFL than it is in real life unfortunately….

  2. Im sorry but when you’re 1-7 it DOESNT MATTER if you like your new coach or not. Put up, Shut up, and do what you’re told. Maybe the problem in Dallas aside from the obvious, is that the players think they’ve won a Super Bowl. I know JJ is a great salesman, he must have convinced them that they did…and they should act accordingly.
    dont like the new coach….hahahahaha. thats funny

  3. Jason Garrett gets to stand on his own two feet, out in full view of the NFL fans, out from the shadow of Wade Phillips covering his blunders and prove wether he deserves the huge paycheck he gets or not.
    What credentials does Garrett have as a coach that quantum leaped the red headed step child to favorite son status with Jerry Jones?
    Jason As a Player
    New Orleans Saints (1989-1990)
    San Antonio Riders (WLAF) (1991)
    Ottawa Rough Riders (1992 CFL)
    Dallas Cowboys (1993–1999)
    New York Giants (2000–2003)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2004)
    Miami Dolphins (2004)
    Jason As a Coach
    Miami Dolphins (2005–2006) (Quarterbacks coach)
    Dallas Cowboys (2007) (Offensive Coordinator)
    Dallas Cowboys (2008-Present) (Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach)
    Outside of Jason Garrett’s very limited coaching experience, his father (Jim Garrett) was an assistant coach for the New York Giants (1970–1973), New Orleans Saints (1976–77), and Cleveland Browns (1978–84), head coach of the Houston Texans of the fledgling WFL (1974), and head football coach at Columbia University (1985). From 1987-2004, he served as a scout for the Dallas Cowboys.
    Okay Jason Garrett. Time to Cowboy Up or get out of the saddle.

  4. I guess we’ll finally find out if the ravens lucked out by being turned down for the HC job when Billick was fired. I’m thinking an Eagles special team coach is gonna be better than the cowboys OC

  5. “As one league source told us on Sunday morning regarding the current head coach of the Vikings, “Brad Childress is disliked by all.””
    And they’ve been horrible. As a fan of neither team, I encourage Dallas to follow in Minnesota’s footsteps.

  6. garrett- the former canadian football league quarterback- is a lame duck head coach – end of story(in this spot now).

  7. Oh the inconsistency.
    Last week you said that Childress had lost the team. You also intimated that he was so hated that he would not be able to function and should be let go.
    This week it becomes “Being liked is not that important… just look at Childress”.
    I like this site… but sometimes your hyperbole just gets old.

  8. Jason Garrett is less accomplished than Wade Phillips. I understand why they fired Wade, but it’s not like they had a better coach on the staff.

  9. The Cowboys are a slimy….greasy….snake-like organization that plays football in an entertainment center with stripper poles.
    Also of note, 92% of all Cowboys fans have never stepped into Texas and name the Lakers and Yankees as their favorite NBA and MLB teams.

  10. I think the question is WHY they don’t like him. If they don’t respect him that is one thing, if they just think he’s arrogant that’s another…etc. So maybe we can get a “rumor” from PFT on WHY they don’t like him instead of a repeat of another report that simply says they don’t.

  11. Jerry Jones on what Garrett brings to the table that we have not seen yet: “Well I don’t know…and I’m sure you [the reporter] can articulate it for me, but I’ve seen some good things he’s done.”
    That should sell the Dallas faithful on this decision.

  12. Jerry’s wonder boy, aka Carrot Top, aka douche bag, could barely hold a clipboard for his nfl career….. Garrett sucks. The cowboys wont be any better. Garrett was as big a problem as wade was. If not more so. A few more points… Cowboys would have more wins right now. His play calling was horrible. It isnt going to improve.
    Hopefully we just make all the haters happy, and lose out. I’d rather have an entire new staff next year, & a #1 or #2 draft pick in April. Drafting at the top of the first few rounds will certainly put some players on this team. If we can get a real coach…. ie: Cowher, Gruden…. we might see 8-8 next year….
    As much as the Cowboys are hated, sure is tough being a Cowboys fan right now. We’ve had nothing but false hope in the last 15yrs. So… I guess we’re kinda used to it. Certainly got sold alot of hype in recent years though… It could be turned around in a couple seasons but, only if JJ steps away. HIRE A GM…!!

  13. Hey Florio, here’s a news flash for you: the players tolerated Phillips but they didn’t respect him. They don’t respect Garrett either. Nothing will change until Jerry Jones fires himself.

  14. As Cousin Sal said on the BS Report. “You dont just send one Menedez Brother to jail” “They are both responisbile for scoring 1 td”. The offense has looked horrible now this guy is in charge of the team?

  15. ‘They apparently liked Wade Phillips, and that was good for one win in eight games.” You should apply that logic to Chilly.

  16. report: who cares what the cowboy players like. They quit playing the game the last 2 weeks. Their lucky to keep their jobs as NFL players. I’m a viking fan and I could care less about the cowboys before last nights game, but now I absolutily hate almost every player on that defense. Last nite was such a spit on the face of the NFL. Far worse then any nightclub or law problem. They quit on the field. Malcom Jenkins not evening trying to tackle a guy on the 2 yard line are you serious. He should be suspended with out pay for the rest of the season. If I were jerry jones I mite look to let go of a few players on that team after that effort. These bums are getting paid millions to not even put in an effort.

  17. “Players dont like Garrett” at all speaks volume for the state of the franchise. Look at how they played…what pride do they have? Could anybody other than Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher get them to focus at this point?

  18. I’ll bet they’d like Rob Ryan from the Browns. Like Rex he gets guys to run through walls for him.

  19. Florio….you must think all rubes are stupid and don’t remember your earlier posts on certain topics. You flip flop faster than the blink of an eye but perhaps you’re smarter than most give you credit for, you just want people to click on the site, LOL

  20. Not only do the Viking players hate Childress, according to a recent Minneapolis newspaper poll, 93% of the fans hate him too.
    The other 7% are gay cross dressers and they tend to stick for for their own.

  21. I’m a fan and I’m glad that they don’t like Garrett. What I want is for the players to FEAR him.

  22. Garrett has been the heir apparent in Dallas since he was a QB coach in Miami. And yet he has presided over their meltdown as a Coordinator… don’t see how he can bring a fresh approach to the organization. He is a central part of it, and he doesn’t have the pull or history to remake the organization. Dallas should be happy that the Rooney rule gives them an excuse to leapfrog the guy they’ve been telling he has the job for three years now…. Isn’t the false entitlement without earning it EXACTLY Dallas’s problem?

  23. The problem in Dallas remains in the owner’s box.
    Wade Phillips was his choice as coach.
    He compiled the roster.
    This failure is Jerry Jones’ fault.

  24. To begin his reign of terror in Big D, Garrett should shake things up by starting the teary-eyed Taster’s Choice at runningback.

  25. You can be a hardass and still have your players willing to take a bullet for you…see Sean Payton, Mike Ditka and some guy named Lombardi.

  26. This one is easy. Wade is out Garrett is in. By the way Garrett coaches the rest of the season will tell JJ if he needs to completely start from scratch or not. Why is Campo still there? LOL

  27. PackerRube15:
    The Giants players absolutely do not hate Coughlin…..unless you count Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber as Giants still.
    I suppose firing Wade was a necessary move by the Cowboys, but they’ll likely show minimal improvement under Garrett, given the talent (or lack of) on that roster right now.

  28. There is a difference in not liking a hard assed old school but successful coach like Coughlin or Parcells- my guess is they don’t like Garrett not becasue he’s an ass, but because he’s a one year wonder four years ago who really has no business being an OC for a supposedly upper echelon team.

  29. The Patriots players probably don’t get BB a box of chocolates for Christmas either. So what?

  30. Wow. Jason Garret needs to learn from Sean Peyton. Dial up the offense to 11 and unleash every trick you have in your book.
    Just like you were doing a few years ago when everyone thought you were the next great mind.

  31. The Cowboy players are fans of playing at half speed. They desperately need a disciplinarian to light a fire under their lazy asses because the 2010 Dallas Cowboys are the most underachieving team in recent NFL history. Contrast the lackadaisical 1-7 Cowboys with an 0-8 Bills team that plays hard every week. Buffalo has much less talent, but at least that squad has some pride.

  32. Ja ja ja! Love seeing this train wreck! JA ja ja. Now you know what’s it’s been like to be a Raiders fan prior to this year. Ja ja ja! You won’t play in the Super Bowl this year! Ja ja ja!!!

  33. Like the old man used to say, take what guys say about bosses with a grain of salt.
    If they say they like the guy, maybe that’s because he let them loaf.
    Alternately if they didn’t like someone, maybe he made them work there butt off.

  34. Look-we’re going 1-15 this season. Look at the games left to go. If we keep playing the way we have been, we’re going to get CRUSHED every week. Something BIG has to happen at practice THIS WEEK!!!!!!

  35. Lets keep our eyes on the NFL. Last time the cowgirls went 1-15, the NFL came up with the Hershell Walker trade which allowed Dallas to rebuild very quickly and win a super bowl. Dallas got a bunch of draft picks and players. NFL we are watching you. \
    Also where have all the cowboy fans gone? They are like roaches, but as soon as they get stepped on they run for darkness.

  36. Who cares what the cowpuke players think of their coach? What the cowpuke players ought to care about is their propensity to quit and punk out when they are getting a butt whipping. I mean look at the Bills. They dont lay down.
    Either your a professional and you give it your all or your a bit** and you quit when it gets “too” tough. Bad case of SIPS is what they have. (Sand in pu**y syndrome). Your freaking rookie is the only guy who hasnt quit yet.

  37. The players should shut their over-privileged, underachieving pie-holes, and win a game.

  38. Can’t wait to see what the G Men drop on the Boys and their new coach. At lease the soap opera in Dallas makes for good copy, if nothing else.

  39. Oh look……..Employee’s don’t like the boss……Big shock..And it’s almost a foregone conclusion that Garrett’s title will be more than interim. this is Gappetto’s new Pinnocchio……

  40. welcome to the the jim mora jr era in texas.
    having an heir apparent seems like a bad idea for a lot of reasons.
    but i would agree with whoever posted last night that it is the players, not the hc that should get the boot in this instance.

  41. Gawd, I’d be worried if they liked him. He coached under Nick Saban, he needs to be a control freak jerk like Saban to win, bottom line. That guy was pissed when he won the BCS.

  42. Yeah and Sean Peyton had his play calling duties stripped when he was with the Giants, and had no control under Parcells in Dallas either…but when he got his own gig he figured it out.

  43. Why do some of you people bring up Garrett’s record as a player and use that as your basis that he ‘sucks’ (good one!)
    While I could care less what happens to him or the Cowboys, tell me the playing resume of some of the great coaches.

  44. Garrett has paid his dues, I just don’t think his offense is any good. And who cares if this HIGHLY paid guys like their boss our not ..I can’t stand my boss, he is a buffoon, but I either work for him or go find another job…..which I think a lot of those players will be doing after the season…and they won’t be working as a football player either !

  45. honestly, hating Garrett COULD be a good thing for Dallas fans. they need a coach who isnt a player’s coach, a coach who will light a fire under their butts and IF Garrett wins games as coach, then he will be known as a good coach.

  46. These players were supposed to be going to the Super Bowl. They fell apart, yet they still feel entitled, and who can blame them? That’s the culture Jones has created, where the players spend more time looking at the big screens than the field. It’s like T.O. never left. Who gives a hoot what they think? As far as coaching in this kind of culture, you need a coach that has had success with thugs ala Jimmy Johnson from the “U”, or Barry Switzer from OU, two of the biggest thug systems in football. Dallas could save on electricity at Jerry World by going off the grid and using Tom Landry’s grave as a generator. I bet there would be power to spare.

  47. Again, who cares about the players hating on the coach, but there’s a reason. Players hate Garrett not because he is a perfectionist, but his play calling and offensive substitution patterns aren’t very good. He’s a smart guy but he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. That almost always works out badly.
    They hated Big Bill but understood he had a track record of NFL success–therefore, they would do what he asked. Garrett has even less of a record of success in the NFL than Wade Phillips.

  48. The other thing that the Cowboy players apparently aren’t “big on” is moving at full speed.

  49. As bad as the Cowboys looked loosing it doesn’t matter what those clowns think. They were a disgrace last night and I can say that because I am not a Cowboy fan. The best part of watching that game was watching TV shots of Jerry Jones sitting up in that luxury box. Next week they face the Giants in the new Meadowland Stadium. They better come big or stay at home. Go Giants!!!!!

  50. If the players don’t like Garrett, they can roll over for the next 8 games to make sure he’s gone after this season. Then, the next coach can ride into town, watch the film from this year, and give this team the roster enema it so badly needs. Ironically, the guys who made sure they got their coaches fired will likely be the first flushed out by the next regime.

  51. I’ve never understood why people seem so enamored with Garrett. He turned down the Ravens job that went to Harbaugh?? Bet the Ravens are rejoicing at that!
    Don’t know the answer for Dallas. Cowher wants to run his own show, so I doubt he’d take it. Think Gruden might be a good fit. But a thorough house-cleaning seems in order at season’s end. You don’t have to love your boss to perform. But you do have to have some personal pride, and as a whole, Dallas seems to be missing that.

  52. You should have figured this scenario. Garrett has been auditioning for the job all year, i.e. his lousy play calling in the first game of the year. Nothing has changed, lousy coordinator, lousy coaching staff, and lazy players.

  53. This is the man who recommended firing T.O.
    His decision making is at the very least ….. suspect.

  54. NFL = Not For Long and that applies to everyone except maybe the owners. But particularly to game participants like players, coaches and officials. If you don’t perform, you’re out of the league. Look how the supremely talented Randy Moss is down to few options.
    So this notion of players not liking a coach is worthless jabber. If the players don’t perform, they’ll be gone.

  55. Garrett hasn’t been making good calls as offensive coordinator, what makes Jones think he’ll do any better as head coach? Maybe it’s been Garret’s plan all along. I think the Cowboys just fell a little deeper into Jone’s pit.

  56. @Tatum32 and Viper21: I don’t know how Garrett will do (neither do you, so give the guy a chance), but Gruden!!! What did he ever do but ruin franchises? Following the Barry Switzer model, he won a Superbowl with another coach’s team, and then promptly sent them on a downhill slide that compares to this year’s Cowboys. Now, Cowher is a different storey. His history says he will win. Jones’ insistence on running the show will probably prevent any coach worth his salt to even apply, though. Depends on who’s willing to sell his soul.

  57. RaiderChile says:
    November 8, 2010 6:03 PM
    Ja ja ja ja ja… either you’re H key is broken, or, you’re reatrded for missing it 12 times!!!

  58. Personally, I think that the players hate Jason Garrett because he may be gay. I am gay and my gaydar says that he is gay. And my gaydar is rarely wrong. If he is indeed gay, then the gay community would be proud. But it could be because he stabbed Wade Phillips in that game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings were shocked that Garrett as the offensive coordinator did not attack their weakened secondary. It would appear that Garrett sabotaged that game so that Phillips would lose his job. And he did. Given that many of the players liked Phillips they did not like Garrett because of what he did to take the job away from the beloved coach.

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