Wade Phillips out as Cowboys coach

Jerry Jones has reportedly put Wade Phillips out of his misery.

CBS-11 in Dallas first reported that Phillips was fired Monday as Cowboys coach.  The news was quickly confirmed by the local FOX station and NBCDFW’s Newy Scruggs.

After a dizzying half hour of folks trying to confirm the report, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder, among others, confirm Phillips has been fired.  Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com reports that Phillips rushed past reporters after leaving the Cowboys’ executive office Monday.

The news apparently broke locally before Phillips even found out himself, according to Adam Schefter.  Players were totally in the dark, as were coaches.  Players were still waiting for a team meeting.

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett reportedly will be been named interim head coach.  Phillips finishes with a 34-22 record in four seasons with Dallas, including two division championships and the only playoff win Jones has witnessed since 1996.

We’ll have more from the fallout in Dallas throughout the day at PFT.

130 responses to “Wade Phillips out as Cowboys coach

  1. Dallas,
    Your welcome!
    Green Bay
    P.S. Don’t feel bad, the next team we play will probably fire thier coach after we stomp them as well.

  2. Unless Jerry gets it through his head that being an owner and GM is not working for him, this change wont mean a thing. He doesnt know football and is too proud to admit it.

  3. WHO CARES. The only thing that should be worthy of posting is when, not if, the Cowgirls get “flexed” for their last Sunday Night game. They suck and should be held to the same flex rules as any other crappy, over-rated team.

  4. So when the season started who would have thought the Cowboys would be the 1 – 7 team firing their head coach and the Raiders would be 1/2 from a division lead!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha eat me you tards!

  5. As a Cowboy fan I am happy that Wade is gone but disappointed that Garrett is still there.

  6. Maybe if JJ follows Phillips out the door, this franchise will have a chance. Bill Cowher would be perfect for this team, as long as JJ gets out of the way and admits the Cowgirls suck all because of his antics.

  7. Jason Garrett as interim coach . . .
    The light at the end of the tunnel is . . . a speeding locomotive.

  8. Reports say Phillips handed Jones a thank you card with a voucher for a case of Jack Daniels for doing the right thing.

  9. Let’s hope Garrett loses them all too so Jerry can have a good excuse to clean house and get Rob Ryan from the Browns. Boys need a good kick in the arse next year.

  10. Jason Garrett! Awesome! I hate the cowgirls and Garrett is one of the many reasons the team is horrible. Well done JJ! How bout them cowboys?

  11. If Jason Garrett is smart, he won’t except the appointment. After having his stock fall miserably over the last few years( as a head coach candidate) he’s better off being fired with the rest of the crew rather than taking over an already sinking ship!

  12. Oh man this means the Cowboys will be in the news even more… I do love the fact they are losing and it gives me great pleasure to give my friends who are Cowboy fans a little shit, but I dont feel he is to blame for the bad season.

  13. Jason Garrett may be the interim head coach, but mark my words, Lovie Smith will be the head coach of the Dallas Coboys next year.

  14. This is entirely precedented. Truly expected. Needless to say, I am completely whelmed.

  15. They may finish 1-15, fire their head coach, and people around the country(ESPN), will still pick them as super bowl favorites for 2011.

  16. I am amazed that in all this wade phillips talk… nobody has noticed a fundamental thing about the cowboys team website.
    Am I the only 1 laughing about the fact that apparently Jerry Jones didn’t pay his web hosting bill.
    Going to that is showing a network solutions page.
    I wonder if Jerry will fire the IT guys for not taking charge.
    This has been going on all day. We are cracking up here in Philadelphia at work. It’s awesome.

  17. Garrett? Has Jerry Jones watched the offense this season? Oh wait…..I forgot that the defense caused them to lose all those games. Jerry Jones should give up and sell the team to someone with common sense. I actually feel bad for Dallas Cowboys fans.

  18. Out of the fire…. into the frying pan. JG is no better than Wade. Hell, he is just as much to blame…!!
    Granted, ya cant just hire the coach you want mid season. Im sure the results will be much the same for the rest of the season. Hopefully JJ will hire a new GM, & HC at seasons end.

  19. Can they fire the team as well? They looked like they quit last night. Pathetic effort by Dallass.

  20. Honestly, Jerry Jones should just coach the team himself for the next five years. Just get it out of his system.
    He can GM and coach and live in his fantasy world where – and this is a Jerry Jones direct quote – “I would hire a football GM …. if he could look me in the eye and he could tell me that he could do a better job than me.
    So Jerry might as well pretend that nobody can look him in the eye and tell him that they could do a better job coaching than him either. I mean it’s all made up pretend stuff right?

  21. I’m not so sure this will be much better, but I suppose you can’t just keep taking 30+ point losses…
    I wouldnt be too quick to count the Cowboys out though. While this season is shot, they have enough pieces in place that once they get a full-time coach in next year (and their QB), they could trim some fat (secondary) and get back to competing for the division pretty quickly.
    As a Browns fan I couldnt care less, but I can hear the Redskins fans at work already…

  22. Well that’s one down. Now for the other four jammed cogs on the team to be replaced. Well, in a way the O-line helped get Romo replaced. Would be very interesting if they magically started blocking better for Kitna.

  23. If true, it’s a start. But next should be Jason Garrett whom you report as the interim.
    Especially if he’s been sandbagging it all along to try and get Phillips out of there.

  24. This does make sense to me. Garrett will get a half season to prove what he can do.
    If it’s nothing, he goes out with everyone else and they fill the job externally by someone who has no allegiances to anyone.

  25. Being from Detroit, I feel for the Cowboys fan who gets to watch a coach be removed, yet still has to stare at the twat who owns the team and wonders, when…

  26. Poor Wade, waaaaaaaay too soft to handle a bunch of young millionares! He’s like the 50 year old dad with the bratty teenage kid that doesn’t respect him because he never says NO!
    Jerry had to do what he had to due! Yo Jerry go get Gruden or Cowher. Men not pushovers.

  27. Dallas Cowboys website it down. Hilarious, nothing is working right.
    Jerry was probably trying to make changes to the web page himself.

  28. I thought Jerry studied and found out that firing a head coach in the season does nothing for a team. Oh wait, the Raiders are now 5 and 4 under that scenario. Did you just take a play out of Al’s playbook there Jerry?

  29. Looks like ESPN is sitting on the story until they can confirm. They must be pissed that they didn’t get the inside scoop.
    On a connected note, Ed Werder gave a preposterous statement saying, “We don’t report rumors.”

  30. Jerry should let go of Jason Garrett also.
    Just go out and get a real coach, not a puppet and know that the evaluating starts right now.
    Then get a GM, and stay where the owner belongs. In the owner’s suite doing your PT Barnum thing.

  31. Reports now indicate the firing in contigent upon Wade being able to locate his playbook and then return it to the Cryboys.
    This may be a while.

  32. If Rob Ryan isn’t the head coach of the Cowboys next season…they missed out.
    Disclaimer: It’s November…a lot can change…but Rob Ryan looks like the right fit. Because Jerrah’s not giving up control of GM duties anytime soon.

  33. In the beginning, Dallas Cowboys head coach was not the problem (show me a top defense that can play 3 quarters of the game), offensive coordinator without coaching experience Jason Garrett without a starting-quality quarterback is. Jerry may have promoted Jason to get a new offensive coordinator (the way Arkansas promoted Clinton to presidential politics to get him out of Arkansas).

  34. Jason Garrett?
    He was a journeyman backup QB in 2004 for the Dolphins that went to QB Coach. Since then his coaching credentials include:
    Miami Dolphins (2005–2006) (Quarterbacks coach)
    Dallas Cowboys (2007) (Offensive Coordinator)
    Dallas Cowboys (2008-Present) (Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach)
    Garrett’s lack of coaching credentials, training, and experience are part of what shipwrecked the playoff ready team that Bill Parcells built for Jerry Jones.

  35. Enough with the self-annointed America’s Team. No one I know in America gave them that title.
    Now let’s play some real football . . . divas are advised to leave their crowns at the door.

  36. It would have been so much more Cryboys-like had Jerry fired Wade during the game.
    Maybe he’ll do it to the next guy.

  37. On hearing the news, Cryboys WR Roy Williams said,
    “This assures we will run the table and make the playoffs. I guarantee it!”

  38. I see Jason Garrett is finally getting his dream job. After passing over job offers from the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens…, Garrett has landed the plum job as interim Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And everyone knows that ‘interim’ Head Coach is the most rewarding coaching job in all of sports…,
    Regrets? I’m sure he has a few…..,

  39. Jason Garrett will obviously be gone at the end of the year as well. The offense looked terrible this year from the first pre season game, and thats where Garrett becomes responsible.

  40. How long did Wade have to stand on the curb waiting for his wife to come pick him up? What a humiliation…,

  41. Jason is 50% of the football problem in Dallas. He’s not the rising star everyone had him pegged for

  42. I’m sure Buddy Nix will be calling up Wade to bring the 3-4 back to Buffalo again.
    Big Boy needs to stick to what he does best, calling defensive plays.
    Jerry, with all his money, has no one to blame but Jerry for this debacle.
    It’s called offensive linemen.

  43. I honestly did feel bad for Wade last night, He looked like a dog that got kicked. At least Jerry put him out of his misery. I think cowher or gruden would love to get a hold of that talented roster, and they are both screamers so they could motivate the team properly. Look for Jerry Jones to throw dollars at these two coaches in the hopes of luring one. Jason Garret is just getting an audition for his new team, because he is gone next year too.

  44. So they just replaced Wade Phillips with the only coach in the NFL who’s actually a bigger pussy than he is. Cowboys need a Tom Coughlin type to come in there and rips these players new ones. With Garrett it’s just going to be more of the same.

  45. I guess the interim job has to be Garrett’s since Jerry is already paying him head coach salary, to keep other teams from pilfering him back during that one year three years ago when he seemed to know how to call plays.

  46. Jason Garrett is the twiddle dumb. Last year’s Kansas City game forced him to use Miles Austin, after failing to notice his talent up until then. Dallas was struggling in Garrett’s offense up until then. Giving two or even three running backs a few carries at a time keeps all of them cold. Maybe the new offensive coordinator can leapfrog Garrett after infusing some creativity into this team. Of course, being a Giants fan, I hope they roll with Garrett for a couple of years. He’s just killing my fantasy team though. ;o)

  47. this was a media firing. it was the media that built the team up in the off season. it was the media that cont’ to say the ‘boys were a shoe in for the superbowl becasue it is being played there. (When has that EVER happened)
    this was an example of how the media tries to have an effect on the game.
    Wade was the best coach Dallas has had in 13 years.

  48. Wade Phillips may be the fall guy. But anyone who thinks he was THE problem is delusional.

  49. To quote another GREAT cowboy Coach, Barry Switzer, “Whoa, RED BALL EXPRESS!” Jason Garret Sucks even worse than wade. Crap just flows downhill and because the real culprit can’t get fired because he’s the owner.
    Thanks goodness the overated red headed punk turned down the Ravens. NICE MOVE MORON! Ironic is he should be getting replaced from cowboys coaching staff at about the time HARBOH and Fellas come down to dallas to win the Superbowl!

  50. Jerry bit off a little more than he could handle. Building his palace instead of concentrating on putting out a quality football team (see Cowboys circus preseacson), firing his head coach in mid-season and now he can not pay his website bills. Again, Jason Garrett is not the answer here and if he was sandbagging, Wade should persue restituation.

  51. Is Jimmy Johnson a crazy thought? The other names being mentioned don’t need the hassle of an interfering owner, and Jones needs a big name guy to come in and restore order. Why not concede personnel authority and open the vault for JJohnson?
    Jones seems desperate enough to write a big check to the right guy…

  52. Now all they need to do is draft a starting defensive backfield, add a couple of LBs that aren’t 45 years old, replace the OL, and then have Romo take some toughness pills.
    Yeah, that sounds like a prime gig for Wade’s replacement. With a little luck their GM, I mean owner, can make all of those moves to make Dallass relevant in about, 12 years from now???
    Carolina’s fortunes just looked a lot better!!!!

  53. Great talent, no team members. Wade couldn’t put it together, Jason is further away…Jerry will continue to hire losers or make losers out of those with potential..Remember when he lied about trading for Herschel? Haven’t trusted him since to do anything right.

  54. Get me a ticket to the Big D. I’ll look JJ square in the eye and tell him that I can do a MUCH better job then he does. Ya’ll crack me up with your comments…too funny.

  55. Not that Norv Turner is a great coach, but didn’t Turner turn down Jones after Turner said Garrett wasn’t ready to be offensive coordinator? Maybe Turner was right.
    Can’t see a top coach going to big D until Jones gets out of the way. It’s like Al Davis all over again.

  56. I doubt Garrett stays on next year. Look for Cowher or Gruden to be the next Cowboys head coach.

  57. What if Jason Garrett was behind all of this?
    Watch Kitna blow up for 400yds and the running game get 200yds this week. That would be hilarious. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’ll still lose.

  58. They had no offense either so what good is Garrett.
    Now can we please stop calling them Americas Team, and call them Jerrys Kids.?

  59. If this was America’s Team, America just got a big shot in the arm. Addition by subtraction.
    Jones said there would be a few changes, not just one.
    To the huge number of NFL fans that can’t stand this team, it is wonderful.

  60. One playoff win since 1996!! Cripes. Since then Rams have been to SB twice, won one. Raiders have been there. Tampa Bay won one. Carolina has done better than this. Saints won a SB, if you noticed. Arizona, of all teams, went to a SB and played really well. So, the Cowboys seem to have a better playoff record than Detroit (maybe Browns, Texans) over the last 15 years, 20% of the average male life span.
    Incompetence at the highest level.

  61. The only question remaining is this: Will the Cowboys be mathematically eliminated before they play to an empty house on Thanksgiving?

  62. The news apparently broke locally before Phillips even found himself ! Someone tell me why they would worship this organization and it’s ego-maniac,billionaire,scumbag owner?I hate the Cowboys,but that’s just the wrong thing to do.

  63. Just a question to the cowboys fans and espn…
    If the team is so “talented”how is it the gm/owners fault that they suck,and why should he be replaced

  64. Where did that Vox Veritas poster disappear to? He used to post in every topic how great the Cowboys were and how they were going to beat (insert your favorite team here) to get to the Super Bowl.
    I think Wade Phillips has gotten the short end of the stick, what should really have happened is the General Manager should have been fired. Wait……isn’t he the owner???? Oh well, maybe they will win another playoff game in the next 14 years.
    Paging Coach Chin………, Paging Coach Chin………..

  65. it is funny to see all of the other fans from other teams dog pile on this. proof positive that the cowboys are under your skin. won’t be long and they’ll be back in the saddle again.
    in my opinion firing wade was a pr move. with the uncertainty of next year jerry likely would have waited until the off season but he couldn’t handle the 30+ point losses. the move had to be made. many here nailed it about garrett auditioning but its completely hollow. he won’t be here……i predict joe decamillus, the special teams coach, will get the reigns.

  66. What the hell am I going to watch on Thanksgiving! Hey commish, might be time to review that Thanksgiving tradition thing. Lions early game and Cowboys afternoon game….gimme a break…watch those ratings tank! LOL

  67. As a Cowboy fan, I am disappointed that he did not fire Jason also. Jason is just as responsible as Wade.

  68. The team is lacking fundamentals in their skill sets.
    Look at the DBs. They are absolutely CLUELESS on how to cover, how to play man-to-man, bump and run, etc. The secondary is just horrendous. They are not good players. They don’t know even how to tackle correctly. Break down, drive through the body, etc.
    This is what happens when you draft players from colleges and divisions where they have easy schedules and inferior opponents.
    Look at the Colts and teams like that. They have top players that excel from DII colleges, hell even undrafted. It comes down to Football IQ and heart and most of these guys on the Cowboys don’t have it minus a select few.
    Garrett needs to be fired. The OL needs to be completely revamped and the whole secondary needs to be fired.

  69. I might be the only person who feels sorry for Wade Phillips today. If Wade was screaming on the sideline at the players would it make that much of a difference? It might make things even worse with people tuning him out. He seems like a guy I can work/play for. A manager who lets me be myself and lets me perform but in this case the Dallas PLAYERS let him down. Wade never missed a tackle…
    He has that personally that gets fired in the NFL if you lose. If Tony Dungy gets fired in this league then nobody is save…

  70. wydok says: November 8, 2010 3:45 PM
    “I doubt Garrett stays on next year. Look for Cowher or Gruden to be the next Cowboys head coach.”
    You couldn’t be more wrong. There’s no way either of those guys would have anything to do with Jonestown.

  71. Does this shock anyone? Jason Garrett has been auditioning for job all year at the expense of Wade Phillips. He need to be kicked to the curb along with Wade. Maybe JJ should join them.

  72. First of all….. I been telling everyone that since the Troy and Emmit show…. this team just SUCKS.
    Secondly for the guy that calls himself “Vision” up above at 2:52 on November 8th…. If you don’t put spaces in the URL, it works fine…
    Thank God you’re NOT the IT guy.

  73. I dont like the Cowboys, never did. Although I agree this move had to be made, Garrett needs to be gone also as with a few players that just did not even try Monday. I understand it cannot all be changed in one day, but plenty of blame here.

  74. Jerry Jones. Can’t even fire a guy right.
    Think any appropriate coaching candidates won’t notice how he treats guys on the way out?
    Welcome to Dallas Jim Fassel.

  75. Please Jerry, please maintain control.
    The Lions need to trade just a couple of more players to you before you go…

  76. It is an absolute farce that a head coach in the NFL can generate this much passion and buzz worldwide! However, judging from who is in the White House, it appears that the same people that fuel the passion and the same media that create the buzz, also voted in 2008!! What idiots!! Jerry Jones probably even let Cris Collinsworth fire him at Valley Ranch today. He practically did it last night from a broadcasting booth in Green Bay, Wisconsin. How can people think that Wade Phillips is the goat here? No, I do not agree with the Challenge on the goal, which ultimately cost them another touchdown when McCann fumbled on the kickoff. Wade Phillips could not block any of the customers at Golden Corral trying to get to the steak line. Nor could he run fast enough to catch that middle school quarterback from Corpus Christi who snuck his way into the end zone from 67 yards out. Fire the players!! Let them go!! They are lazy, they are not accountable, they are paid entirely too much money for the effort they give. To blame the coach for their mental mistakes sets a bad example for athletes and for those that aspire to be. Bring back Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly and Don Meredith, and leave them alone with the team for a day or two. Let them teach them about respect, about discipline and about effort, and then let them take the players out to the woodshed one at a time. And when you are done with all of that, fire the GM….. Better yet, tell Cris Collinsworth to say it from the booth…. Obviously he is well accomplished at putting enough pressure on owners to fire head coaches.

  77. I’ve never been high on Wade Phillips, but he was entitled to a more dignified termination. Although its not surprising. Look at Tom Landry’s dismissal. I despise Jerry Jones but have been a loyal Cowboy fan since day one. No longer. I hope to see Jones’ franchise lose half its market value and his billion dollar shrine to himself plant the seeds of his eventual bankruptcy. Did I mention I hold nothing but contempt for Jerry Jones?

  78. Jerry Jones has shot himself in the foot every time he is on the verge of accidentally allowing something good to happen in the front office. Once the Tom Landry built team fell apart it took years for Jimmy Johnson to rebuild. JJ squandered that progress until “The Tuna” arrived. Now those strides are lost under the lack of leadership of the babysitter Wade Phillips and his predecessors. JJ should stick to what makes him great – earning the buck. He will never make Canton although he might buy it one day. Football – no. Money – yes. As a Cowboy fan for 50+ years, I say clean house and start in the front office….. madness, shear madness. I actually bought a Saints hat today…. 🙁

  79. Ok, fire Phillips but Garrett? Please, he’s one of the biggest reasons why this team is struggling. He’s wasted a hell of a running game and he put Romo in the position that he’s been in a lot of obvious passing situations and the defense just teed off on him. Wade would have served best as the DC but Garrett has been over his head after the REAL OC, Tony Sparano, left for Miami.

  80. This will be Garrett’s audition period. Jones will know by the end of the season if he’s worth investing in, or looking elsewhere.
    My guess? Garrett is no upgrade and Jones would be smart to bring in an established coach, ideally hard-nosed.
    Oh wait, I hate Dallas. Why did Wade have to die?

  81. Where did that Vox Veritas poster disappear to? He used to post in every topic how great the Cowboys were and how they were going to beat (insert your favorite team here) to get to the Super Bowl.
    I think Wade Phillips has gotten the short end of the stick, what should really have happened is the General Manager should have been fired. Wait……isn’t he the owner???? Oh well, maybe they will win another playoff game in the next 14 years.
    Paging Coach Chin………, Paging Coach Chin………..

  82. Disgusted Dallas fan here. We need an aggressive, take-charge coach. But any high quality coach with that style would never put up with Jerry. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  83. paranoidandroid says:
    November 8, 2010 3:57 PM
    it is funny to see all of the other fans from other teams dog pile on this. proof positive that the cowboys are under your skin. won’t be long and they’ll be back in the saddle again.
    They don’t get under anyone’s skin because they are and have been irrelevant for the last 10-15 years. Your past successes are feeding your current delusions.

  84. TampaBayBucs7-9 says:
    November 8, 2010 3:25 PM
    this was a media firing. it was the media that built the team up in the off season. it was the media that cont’ to say the ‘boys were a shoe in for the superbowl becasue it is being played there. (When has that EVER happened)
    this was an example of how the media tries to have an effect on the game.
    Wade was the best coach Dallas has had in 13 years.
    Yeah, the media caused their record.

  85. No name coach is going there unless he can pick his own GM with whom they can work. Name coaches now have say in the GM/personnel guy. They need someone they can trust to watch their back. Jerry Jones may go top notch on everything but he can’t be in charge of player personnel. Romo is not good enough. Doesn’t mean he cannot be their QB. This is a very good running team that doesn’t want to run the ball, get the defense to play to their potential and the QB just has to take care of the damn ball.

  86. Yeah, if only Phillips tackled better, or could cover a receiver without fouling him, or could pass block, or could catch, or could run the ball, or could rush the passer, or could kick a FG.
    The year JJ goes cheap Phillips pays the price.

  87. Fire Wade Phillips! This is totally disgraceful… this is OS like Jerry Jones, and if I were a fan of the Cowboy’s I’d probably give a rats ass… but I don’t, in fact I think they have kept him around longer and fire Jones and the rest of the team!

  88. Yeah, John Fox might be a fit. He obviously needs someone respected like Gruden, but that ego could never fit under Jones…although he should be considering any and all respected coaches , because that team has tuned out. Due to the Rooney Rule, both Perry Fewell and Leslie Frazier should be considered….their great candidates that the team might actually play for, hustle and sacrifice for. That Mike Jenkins play was awful.

  89. The owner is the problem. He doesn’t know football. Bill Parcels brought winning back to Dallas. Bill has been gone for awhile now and all that talent he brought into the team has been slowly replaced by an owner that doesn’t know what he is doing.
    Jerry can fire all the coaches he wants. He undermines the coach of the team back taking such an active roll in team decisions. I’m not a Cowboys fan so this is just fine with me. Go Steelers!

  90. Nick Saban just released a comment.
    “I will not be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.”

  91. The hubris of calling themselves “America’s Team” has finally cought up with them. Now them are “America’s Doormat”. Now if they can just find an new owner and get rid of Jerry 🙂

  92. Wadw Phillips fired??He was doing an outstanding job! Jerry should keep him around for 5 more years!!

  93. I’ve read (probably here) that Wade has a nice nest egg put aside. It’s a shame his career in Dallas ended like this, but can’t imagine having to continue with that mess through the season. Hope he enjoys his holidays.


  95. paranoidandroid says:
    November 8, 2010 3:57 PM
    it is funny to see all of the other fans from other teams dog pile on this. proof positive that the cowboys are under your skin. won’t be long and they’ll be back in the saddle again.
    Are you as dumb as Wade??? How could a 1-7 team be under anyones skin? Everyone piles on because the self proclaimed Americas team that according to Cowgirls fans should be in the SB every year flat out sucks………..

  96. This day was inevitable when Garrett was made assistant head coach a couple years back. If nothing else Garret’s position created a quick political solution for the owner.
    The Cowboys organization is in a similar circumstance as the Cincinnati Bengals in that the owner is the general manager. Jerry Jones is only comfortable with coaches that give Jerry a lot of latitude within the organization. In other words, coaches that are easy going. The problem with that is the coach isn’t given much respect because all the players know that the owner can and will overrule the coach at any time. As long as this situation continues within the organization one shouldn’t expect that things are going to change.

  97. wydok says:
    November 8, 2010 3:45 PM
    I doubt Garrett stays on next year. Look for Cowher or Gruden to be the next Cowboys head coach.
    I really don’t think Gruden would want to be coach for Dallas unless JJ steps down as GM, JJ and Al Davis aren’t that far apart, both are hands on, ones just a little less crazy than the other.

  98. @wydok
    Gruden is a possibility. At this point, I think he will take any decent job. Cowher is headed to New York or Carolina I presume. That is what Jerome Bettis said, and as others have pointed out, he has been pretty good at calling what Jaw Bone is up too.

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