T.O. joins 150 receiving TD club

Before tonight, only two men had scored 150 career receiving touchdowns.

There are now three.

Terrell Owens reached up for a 19-yard score on a skinny post pattern midway through the second quarter of Monday night’s game against the Steelers.

The other two players with 150 or more receiving touchdowns are Jerry Rice (197) and Randy Moss (153).

The score, which came four plays after a Hines Ward fumble gave Cincinnati the ball at the Pittsburgh 39, cut the Pittsburgh lead from 10 points to three.

25 responses to “T.O. joins 150 receiving TD club

  1. I cannot stand the guy’s ego but that is a remarkable accomplishment. On a different note…at least twinkle toes’ (85) glittery shoes match his mouthpiece. You know, because that is obviously more important than, say, getting open.

  2. Congrats to Owens for catching 150 TD’s. Amazing. Now when comparing Owens to Moss, remember this: Owens is playing in his 15th year, Moss is in his 13th, so it took less time for Moss to get to over 150.
    And NO ONE compares to Jerry Rice, so there is no reason to go there.

  3. When is this guy gonna start getting the respect he deserves for things he does ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD ?!
    More reason to believe in media bias.

  4. Wish someone could explain to me why a bunch of Cowboys hugging each other is excessive celebration simply because one happened to fall down, but this egomaniacal jackasses theatrics aren’t considered excessive celebrations.
    For heaven’s sake, let players jump up and down, hug each other, spike the ball, roll on the ground, and remove their helmets. If you’re going to flag someone, flag the arrogant showboats.

  5. @El Cuatro
    Why wouldn’t you read the rest of the post? Facepalm commenting, assuming you didn’t post that in anticipation for numerous comments saying exactly what I just said.

  6. @ El Cuatro Are you blind? 4th paragraph down dude.
    The other two players with 150 or more receiving touchdowns are Jerry Rice (197) and Randy Moss (153).

  7. @The Four
    What are you talking about? He did say who the other two are you idiot. Read the damn article before trying to get your poke at Florio in.
    Actually, Florio interjects no commentary (i.e. sarcasm, criticism, shillism or any other -sm) to really rip on. Just straight up reporting. Congratulations Florio, you insufferable bastard.

  8. So exactly how do idiots like Peter king say he’s not a hall of famer? While in the same breath they say Hines Ward is. Don’t give me that crap that Hines Ward blocks either, so does T.O.

  9. @El Cuatro
    Who the f*** doesn’t know who they are anyways? Whine whine whine. Now fetch my conditioner, peasant.

  10. Hate all you want – I love watching a guy 100% committed to winning through 110% effort
    Pure stud, Hall of Fame bound.

  11. Owens is 36 and he is #4 in the NFL in receiving yards this year. Crazy how no one wanted him in the offseason.

  12. jkr, Peter King is the same idiot who was responsible for keeping Art Monk out of the HOF for years. Even though when he retired he had more receptions than anyone. He’s also the same idiot who said that Danny Werfel was going to throw for 30 TDs in a season, after Spurrier put him on the Skins. Also the same idiot who every time he talks, he has to start dropping names of who he talked to. Ex. “I just got off the phone with…”. I have no idea why people listen to this guy.

  13. It’s obvious why Carson Palmer lobbied to get him, not that it’s helping in the W-L column. If it weren’t for T.O., the Bengals had little offense last night. No way does 85 hang on to the ball after getting blasted by Polamalu.
    Outside of being an annoying loud mouth what has the guy done not to earn a spot in the H-O-F?

  14. The other major complaint is T.O.’s drops. That can’t keep him from the HOF though. Without looking at ANY numbers, I would assume that his drops-per-target isn’t that much higher than the league average. I never loved or hated T.O. so it’s easy to say he’s an HOF’er

  15. Owens is amazing. Can’t believe how much better he is at 36 years old than Chad. Owens is dominating, the Bengals are losing, and Chad is doing nothing. Any bets on when his meltdown begins?

  16. Amazing how a WR’s production can jump when there’s a legit threat on the opposite side of the field…

  17. MightyMightyLAFootball says:
    November 9, 2010 9:12 AM
    Amazing how a WR’s production can jump when there’s a legit threat on the opposite side of the field…
    exactly. Dont rip on chad too much. Chances are if TO is open, its because the coverage is shifted towards 85. Carson may not be the best QB but i’m pretty sure he understands coverages which is why hes constantly throwing to TO. I think teams would rather have a 36 yr old TO beat them after the catch than a ~31 yr old chad johnson

  18. The original story didn’t include the names, now it does.
    Palmer is forcing the ball to TO if coverage is shifted anywhere against Cincy it should be shifted towards Owens.

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