Wade Phillips is in the building

Coach Wade Phillips is at the Cowboys facility on Monday, although no one is quite sure whether he’ll finish the day as Cowboys coach just yet.

Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com reports Phillips hasn’t spoken to all of his coaches as of midday, and owner Jerry Jones still plans to meet with the coaching staff.  Phillips usually meets with the media in the late afternoon.

Wadewatch 2010 reached such frenzied levels on Monday that folks noticed Phillips’ car was missing from its usual spot.  It turns out Phillips’ wife dropped him off at work.  (We’ll be update you when she drops off the laundry.)

39 responses to “Wade Phillips is in the building

  1. Hi Wade. Here’s your Pink Slip. There’s the door…Don’t let it hit you in your fat ass on the way out.

  2. if the Cowboys dont think Garrett is going to be here for the future and dont trust him to coach, i wouldnt fire Wade and keep him the rest of the year, no matter how ugly it gets.

  3. “It turns out Phillips’ wife dropped him off at work. (We’ll be update you when she drops off the laundry.)”
    Thank god.

  4. You’re a little late on this – even ESPN reported this over 2 hours ago. Your jokes aren’t as funny when they’re late – maybe Phillip’s wife can remind you to write your post on time.

  5. You realize the time it took you to type this POS headline out, you could have actually found something useful for us to read? Wadewatch? Really?????!!!!

  6. Nothing like milking the hits with a 5 sentence post. Never before has firing a 1-7 coach been this BIG of a deal.
    “Wadewatch 2010 reached such frenzied levels on Monday that folks (aka turds like Mike Florio) noticed Phillips’ car was missing from its usual spot.”
    Even Cowgirl fans don’t care about the Cowboys. I’m sure there is a Favre/Chilly post laying around somewhere you can throw up?

  7. Can we please stop with this Favre-type coverage. Just tell us when he’s fired. I don’t need an update every time Wade Phillips bowels move

  8. He got fired. It’s kind of sad some random guy in Cincinnati has to inform PFT of that information.

  9. It took you three hours to get the story right.
    Has Wade used the bathroom “within the building” as he has in the past? Because if he has spent more than an hour on the toilet, something could be up !

  10. Way to get on this PFT.
    ESPN was reporting this before lunch.
    Let’s try and stay current.

  11. If the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants the Cowboys to be the best they can be as he says that he does, he needs to take a good long hard look at the General Manager that is sabotaging his organization.
    And don’t suggest new HCs like Gruden who need Dungy to build a playoff team for them to win a Super Bowl. Gruden works well with Bruce Allen as GM. He wouldn’t have that luxury with Jerry Jones as GM.
    Bill Cowher spent 13 seasons bogged down in pet projects like Kordell Stewart. If he were the Cowboys H?C the past 13 seasons (the same amount of time it took him to win a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh), the Cowboys would have Drew Henson, Chad Huytvhinson, and Quincy Carter as QBs. That’s the guys that GM Jerry Jones brought to Dallas as pet projects.

  12. That move was about as smart as using all your timeouts so you can’t challenge. Now if he gets fired he’s stuck there until his wife picks him up.

  13. really PFT? please update me to when his vehicle leaves for the night (extreme sarcasm). how about you dont post any more Wade news until he is fired or gets another vote of confidence. there must be more interesting stories to write about.

  14. Red Headed Jesus will now take over the sideline.
    The only guy in the world with less emotion or fire than Wade Phillips is now the interim coach.

  15. Please don’t fire Wade, he is a beast!!! He’s a hell of a DC but he was the wrong guy to put in that particular position. Combine his awshucks personality with Romo’s glad to be here personality and you have yourself a problem.
    I don’t see any bad people on the Cowboys staff or roster. They need some pricks in the locker room and on the coaching staff to ruffle some feathers when things get tough.
    I believe the Cowboy’s are the most non-confrontational group in the NFL. JJ has assembled a group of nice guys (yes men) who have rid themselves of any “troublemakers” and have a group of company guys that would never get out of line.
    “Keep your mouth shut and collect your check, you see what happened to TO?” Sounds like a typical Cowboy locker room conversation to me.

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