Brandon Marshall: The Dolphins "will be in the playoffs"

There are six NFL teams stuck at 4-4 at the midway point.  I’d vote on the Dolphins as the best of those teams, but their second half performance against the Ravens was disappointing.

In our second half preview for NBC, we saw the Dolphins finishing at 9-7. It’s a good squad, but the schedule will make it tough to make a run to the playoffs.  Brandon Marshall still expects it to happen.

“No one is happy, sitting at 4-4,” Marshall said WQAM with Michael Irvin via Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “There’s some concern
there. But we have a Dolphins team that will be in the playoffs and will
contend in the championship game.”

Marshall then caught himself.  He doesn’t envision his speech getting put on plaques in the future.

“This is not a Tim Tebow moment. We
have what we need to be a championship team. Guaranteed, from here on
out we will compete, we won’t lay down and we’ll make the plays
necessary to win the game,” Marshall said.

The Dolphins face a similarly rugged Titans team on Sunday which is also in the thick of a tightly bunched playoff race.  Miami is already two games behind in the wild card race, with four losses in conference.

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  1. My favorite receiver in the game. The guy gets a bad rep for no reason and people villianize him. If he had a good QB, imagine what he would do! I wish my Packers would have made a move for him. This guy is a top 5 WR in the NFL no questions asked. I think top 3. Right there with AJ and Fitz.
    I really do think the Dolphins will be in the playoffs. They just gotta try getting him the ball more down the field…. And learn to run the ball better this year. Playcalling has been terrible…

  2. Is it really news if a player from every team says that they will be in the playoffs? I think that once you are above .500 you should start making statements. With the exception being the NFC West.

  3. Yada, yada yada. We heard it wll before. Just beat the punk ass Titans this Sunday. Can you do that for us? Thank you in advance.

  4. It wasn’t a disappointing second half performance. It was a butt whooping. You picked the Dolphins in that game and you were wrong Rosenthal.

  5. Funny, all offseason all we were hearing is how the AFC East would be won by the Jets or Dolphins.
    Now here we are at the mid point of the season and the Jets and Patriots are tied for first and the Fins are AVERAGE!
    They can add Brandon Marshall but if the QB sucks then it doesn’t matter.
    And yes, Chad Henne sucks!!

  6. Does he realize that you propably need an 11-5 or better record in the AFC to get a wild card spot????

  7. Dear Brandon Marshall,
    The Dolphins will not make the playoffs this year for three main reasons:
    1. Chad Henne
    2. Chad Henne
    3. Chad Henne
    Reality Check.

  8. Didn’t he say something very similar to this last week????So i guess when the Titans hand them another L this week , he’ll be ready to submit the same crap statement next week about this time??

  9. There road to playoffs gets that much tougher when Tenn. comes into town and kicks your ass all over the field Brandon.

  10. He’s right.
    Im sure somewhere in the country a team named the Dolphins will be in the playoffs, just not the Miami Dolphins.

  11. “This is not a Tim Tebow moment. We have what we need to be a championship team. Guaranteed, from here on out we will compete, we won’t lay down and we’ll make the plays necessary to win the game,” Marshall said.
    No Brandon, what you have is a inaccurate, indecisive QB and a loudmouth, overated LB – and that’s about all your team has.

  12. need to go 6-2 to even have an outside shot of that happening. O-line sucks ass as Ronnie/Ricky have no holes to run thru, the D needs to make more stops on 3rd down(fustrating/painful to watch too many convenversions) and Sparano needs to stop being ultra conservative, UNwannstedt like and take a few gambles…should have went for the TD instead of the FG at the half against the Ravens…take a shot here and there Tony!!!

  13. Dolphins are a decent team, but decent isnt enough to get it done in the AFC.
    Theyre absolutely going to finish third and a 9-7 record sounds about right. Jets and Pats are both a lock. So are Baltimore and Pittsburgh, and whatever lame team comes out of the AFC West. Thats it right there. So unless anyone in their right mind sees the Dolphins overtaking the Jets or the Patriots, its just not going to happen this year. Sorry

  14. Henne Sucks.. Bring in Thigpen. He is much more mobile and doesn’t stare down receivers ala Chad the the Statue.

  15. Brandon Marshall is a beast, but Brandon Marshall needs a real QB. Is he still at 1 TD all season? Honestly, I stopped paying attention when their relevancy faded, around the time their STC got his bus ticket.

  16. Does he know something we don’t know? Are Don Shula and Dan Marino coming back? Nothing is going to change unless there is a drastic change either in coaching style or at QB. We are a very scrappy .500 team at this point, nothing more. Our offensive coaching is far more conservative than it was in 2008 despite now having a big-play receiver. Our QB seems to have maxed out and is rarely seen on the sideline looking at photos or talking on the headset. He just stands there. We are not good enough to beat the big boys at this stage as our 4 losses have proven, so maybe it’s time for a spark. Tyler Thigpen? Jump balls to Brandon Marshall? What are your plans for 2011 Mr. William Cowher?

  17. I’m a big Dolphin fan but just like I have posted on every other site about whats wrong with the Dolphins I’ll post it again. Chad Henne is a flop just like Jumarus Russell and Alex Smith. Get rid of him ASAP bring in Jeff Garcia he’s a way smarter QB. (Playoffs yeah right) Dolphins will get their asses handed to them by the Titans,Bears, Raiders,Browns,Jet,Patriots,Lions, and Bills. I sold my Dolphins Vs Raiders tickets because I know for a fact that Dolphins will lose to Oakland. I’ve been a fan for 20 years waiting for a Super Bowl but to watch the sorry ass Raiders go to the super bowl then completely fall apart and now be in better shape than us gets my blood boiling. Dolphins have completly let me down. Fire Tony Sparano and Dan Henne. This BS

  18. “The guy gets a bad rep for no reason and people villianize him.”
    LOL you must have eaten some bad cheese or something. If by no reason you mean that repeated arrests, an incident involving murder of a teammate and immature tantrums during practice are nothing, then I guess you’re right.

  19. I guess the Jets and Pats franchises are going to be eliminated? That is the only way the Fins are making the playoffs.

  20. Dear Brandon Marshall,
    You must have just woken up from what you thought was a bad dream. Brandon, this is real life, don’t freak out! Yes, you’re playing for the Miami Dolphins. I know, the organization and fans that will tell you about their 1972 undefeated team and tell you about Dan Marino, “if he only had a running game”. It’s like Ford motors telling us in 2010 how efficient the Model T is. Brandon , did you hear we beat Russia to the moon? Yes, Brandon, they are the only team in the league that has more visiting team fans in the stands than home team fans.
    That is Chad Henne throwing you the ball.Right, the one who was the QB of Michigan when they lost to App. State, a D 1-AA program. Exactly his helmet is way too small. They do make bigger sizes, right? It hurts looking at his smush face.
    That is Ricky Williams, he is still playing, he was my favorite player as a kid also. You can’t smoke ,yet.
    Don’t be scared that is not Tony from the HBO hit series, but it wouldn’t shock me either if your owner thought it would be a great marketing tool to switch out your head coach with James Gandolfini. You still have Tattle Tale Tony as your head coach. Though maybe the HBO “T” would actually act like he has a pair and not cry about his players getting spit on, he would handle it like men. I know, Brandon, it was your coach saying he has video evidence of someone spitting on one of his players. At least Coors Light will have more commercial ideas and they can use Tattle Tale Tony talking about spitting out Coors light and the video evidence. At least you can laugh one day with your kids saying, “I was on that team and yes, I played for that guy , he was such a joke. He is funny, crying about spitting… he is Tattle Tale Tony.”
    Enjoy the weather, Heat games, the new Marlins stadium, the beautiful women, the Latin culture and the best part no state income tax. Just start chirping in a year or two about wanting to get traded and the media will jump all over it and you will get your wish. Because the entire south Florida media is dying for the day they can say, “I told you so, see I knew it was a bad trade, oh we were so fooled again by another guy who told us he had changed”. I know the media hasn’t caught on that Miami is a vacation spot for players to get healthy. Enjoy the vacation and sun, but you won’t get to a championship Miami.

  21. I sure hope Brandon is right! but in order for the fins to make a run they have to get back to the run and consistently throughout the game. They need another big TE for the redzone and throw the ball up for marshall more please! He’s in Miami for a reason and it’s not for pep talks for the other recievers give the man the ball in the redzone!

  22. Dolphins would make the playoffs if they were in the NFC. lol
    I don’t see if happening this year at least not with the same coaching philosophy on offense.
    The D doesn’t make the plays when given opportunities(dropped INTs, etc..)
    The OC’s playcalling is ultra conservative.
    I actually think Henne will be a good QB in the league. His receivers haven’t helped him out on some of those passes that ended up being INTs.
    The think that frustrates me more than anything else, is their inability to make adjustments at halftime. Other teams do it, just not us.

  23. @Grape_Ape
    “Now here we are at the mid point of the season and the Jets and Patriots are tied for first and the Fins are AVERAGE!”
    Pretty sure I read your Patriots garbage in another commentary here too saying the same thing.
    While the Jets and the Patriots might both be 6 and 2, they are not tied for first. Jets have swept the division so far, the Patriots are 2-1.
    Jets are first in the AFC East.

  24. I think Brandon has been spending some time off of the field with with a certain Ricky Williams, a lighter, and e z wider….nuff said.
    Gee, where is Some Fans when you need him to stick up for Henne?

  25. One game at a time, please.
    VY has weak spots, find them. (hint: he is losing his will to run the ball, can’t complete a short pass and even Randy Moss can’t outrun those long throws.) Know how to have a high passer rating….rarely throw the ball.
    Win this one game, then worry about next week.

  26. Someone remind me again why there’s an NFL franchise in Miami. You know what these guys need?… some uniforms that make them look tougher than their cheerleaders. Yawn.

  27. Maybe he meant in 2011?
    I am a die hard phins fan, but this team seems to make critical mistakes, at critical moments….every. single. game. Latest example: down 20-10, Shaun Smith has a gift wrapped Pick 6 that would have narrowed the score to 20-17 and could have turned the momentum around………then, we force them to punt and dont cover the gunner, resulting in a 4th and 10 conversion.
    I like Sparano, but these constant mistakes have to be left on him. We were within striking distance or had a lead late in all 4 or our losses, only to make a bonehead move to blow it. Yeah, I know the Refs jobbed us in Pittsburg, but there were still plenty of blown opportunities in the game.
    WHY have I only seen 2-3 bombs thrown to Marshall ALL season? Its pathetic. I say bring back the wildcat if that is going to be our gameplan.

  28. Love the confindence but idk who knows maybe they got a second half season playbook theyve yet to pull out but from the looks of it were not makin the playoffs 7-9 to 9-7 i think well be

  29. maybe the Phins should learn how to win at Home first….baby steps, Brandon. Go have some McDonalds takeout.

  30. Good thing he quit on his team last week or they could’ve made a comeback in Baltimore. Those alligator arms again…

  31. oh man i dont even know where to begin.
    i really am happy with marshall, dansby, and wake thus far. their progress and contribution really makes me convinced that we are just a couple of pieces away from being in serious contention (IE A NON-EMBARRASSING SECONDARY!!!!–also hate to say it, but vontae davis has looked like a fool these past few weeks, please live up to your hype man… al harris anyone?!)
    In terms of henne’s development, quite simply i couldnt even guess because how many over the shoulder passes has he thrown all year—4? everyone is hating on henne, but they really dont have much evidence.
    those that point out his INTs havent seen all of those ints- thats a guarantee. Hes had about 4 inexcusable ints all year. the others are due to tipped balls, fallen receivers, poorly run routes, or are made in forced throw passing situations. Also, ive seen every dolphin play so those that argue well for every tipped int or fallen receiver there is a pass thrown where a defender dropped an int or should have made a play on the ball (a la story of sanchez’s life)–thats simply not true. Pretty much every interceptable ball hes thrown has been intercepted. if you haven’t watched every play like i have then you can only rely on his high and consistent completion percentage as evidence indicative of that claim. He also doesnt get injured, which means a lot when you look at how sanchez reacts like a baby after getting hit or how stafford gets injured every time he gets sacked.
    those that reference bill parcell’s alleged hating on henne on his way out the door need a reality check. that claim was simply not true-it never happened. bill parcells has never, ever, laid a lob for the media to feed on. if you do some research youll find out that the person who wrote the claim isnt willing to back it up now.
    we should have gotten moss- he wouldve freed up coverage for marshall and bess. After that acquisition if henne isnt throwing tds and still throwing picks i agree, hes not the answer. henne needs to be able to showcase his arm and accuracy, people cant use his lack of opportunities as the reason why hes no good.
    playoffs this year, not gonna happen. tough break. if that call in the pitt game goes the other way and the jets dont squeak one out of their as**es against the broncos AND the lions then its a different story (which btw please, jet bandwagon riders are you guys serious those jet games show flaws in the jets more apparent than flaws exposed in the dolphins when they lost against the 3-4 best teams in the league!!!). But hey, good teams are good enough to make the playoffs even with the bad breaks.

  32. Sure you will Brandon….and Nick Saban is not going to coach Alabama.
    Did you forget your playing at home where you have yet to win? Your playing at a stadium that brings more fans of the visiting team than your own? Your playing for a team whose cheerleader’s offensive plan is more potent to opposing teams than your OC?
    Little suggestion, give some of that good ol’ Ricky Greens your smoking to Channing. He sure does like to talk, but never backs it up. I would love to hawk lugi’s on him all day long to shut that loud mouth up. Florio….I have your back!
    Speaking of Ricky, where are you and Ronnie?
    We miss you guys, please come back. We are sorry so many of us turned away from you and acted like our QB and focused on only Marshall. I know your there, I saw a glimpse of Ronnie against Baltimore. Or was I dreaming of the past? Seems that’s all us Miami fans have…..the past and that’s it. Proove me wrong Marshall, your talking, now do the walk and give us something to cheer for, as in the present not the past.
    What the difference between a dollar bill and the Dolphins? You get 4 full quarters out of a dollar.
    Whoo Hooo! Super Bowl!!!! Go Phins 1972

  33. i love how all you flipper fans were hating on the jets all offseason and now you turds are pretty much giving up on the season halfway through. i cant say that i blame you though.
    hey, at least you guys swept the jets last year hahaha

  34. Btw, don’t anyone forget that the cops had to show up at Brandon Marshall’s house AT LEAST TEN TIMES when he was living in Denver because he couldn’t stop beating up his girlfriend. Obviously, Brandon Marshall is a beast on the field. Unfortunately, he never stops being a beast off of it, and I wonder if he is evil.

  35. OK…good thing for a player to think that but considering the current record and how they played in the last game it was a dumb thing to say. I like Henne but he needs to stop staring down his receivers…if all we are going to do this year is throw check-downs, then why Henne over Pennington? Throw the ball down the field. There are good players out there so take off the training wheels. Why abandon one of the best running tandems in the league in favor of check-down passes? I understand the O-line is a different dynamic but Ronnie was running well over 6 yards per carry against the ravens and then suddenly Ricky was in and they stopped using Ronnie. I didn’t notice any type of injury so that leaves play-calling to blame. If it works, do not try to fix it and stop trying to be cute. There is no reason that any of our receivers should be running a reverse…the hartline run was a fluke. STOP SETTLING FOR FIELD GOALS in critical points in the game and try to throw a pass or two that actually goes further than the end-zone line. A jump ball to Marshall has pretty good odds regardless of what CB has coverage. The Dolphins need to get their shit together very fast.

  36. Brandon needs to learn that the word “playoffs” isn’t in miami dolphins vocabulary. Especially if Chad Henne is QB. The guy can’t even hit a wide open tight end on a playaction pass on the goal line… pathetic. Its a QB league and miami’s QB just isn’t very good..

  37. PackerRube13 says: November 9, 2010 3:17 PM
    My favorite receiver in the game. The guy gets a bad rep for no reason and people villianize him. If he had a good QB, imagine what he would do!
    For me, he got a bad reputation when he was video taped in practice with the Broncos, kicking balls away , refusing to catch passes and refusing to run laps with the team in training camp.
    How can you say he didn’t deserve that bad reputation?
    I’m a Chargers fan, and when I saw the Broncos get rid of Gay Cuntler, I thought that was a huge mistake on their part. But when they followed it up with letting go of Brandon Marshall, I knew that was the right decision, because he was being a punk-ass.
    The same reason I’m supporting the Chargers for suspending Vincent Jackson… If you don’t play ball, you don’t play ball.

  38. # the_chosen says: November 9, 2010 4:39 PM
    If the fins make the playoffs, I will eat my turd with some fava beans and a nice chianti
    Try doing something different than
    what you do every day

  39. Are we cutting Chad Henne? Does Marshall know something we don’t know??
    Huge Fins fan here and I think Henne is a bust!!! Next time the Fins play grab your stop watch and see how much time the o line gives this guy…it is sick. They block their asses off for him and he checks down to the 2 yard slant EVERY TIME!!!! McCoy is getting chased all over the field and making plays like a champ and he is a rookie. Henne does not have it…..plain and simple.
    Another reason we wont make the playoffs….PLAY CALLING!!! Ronnie Brown has 6 carries on the opening drive against the Ravens,…he goes for 50 yds and a TD….after that he touches the ball a whopping THREE TIMES for the rest of the game.
    Sad state of affairs….I hope after this season that Ireland, Sporano, Hennig and Henne are all out.

  40. For those who think Henne is the reason this team is struggling don’t know squat about football. Yes, Henne is part of the problem, but there are a ton more problems on that team then just the QB.
    I have seen a girl scout tackle better then Miami’s defense, both Davis and Smith have been huge disappointments, special teams belongs in special ed and the play calling is done with a roulette wheel. Hell, the coaches don’t even know what they want from their players. They say they are a running team and did a great job of running the Ravens over in the 1st couple of series and then they abandon the run, ending the game with just 11 rushing plays. I mean no wonder Henne is struggling. He is being told to manage the game and not turn over the ball, then they put him in situations where he has to be Payton Manning. Marshall is also being given too much credit. Yes, he has a lot of receptions, but the guys YAC has taken a huge nose dive. He also up there in dropped passes. There was also one play that caught my eye in the Ravens game. Henne threw a bomb to him in the end zone, where he was shielded by the CB from the ball and the ball fell incomplete. As a elite WR, he should have been able to beat that man on man coverage. The CB was more physical and won on one of the few times he was single covered.

  41. Ron says: November 9, 2010 8:31 PM
    Try doing something different than
    what you do every day.
    Hey Ron Burgundy,
    You can have a piece if u get a break from slapping your 2 incher.

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