Cowboys' Jay Ratliff: "We fought like hell" for Wade Phillips

Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff says he and his teammates are saddened by the firing of head coach Wade Phillips, and he claims that the team worked hard to save Phillips’ job.

We fought like hell for him,” Ratliff said. “Things just didn’t go our way.”

Ratliff would be hard-pressed to find anyone who watched Sunday night’s loss to the Packers who would agree with that assessment. If that was what the Cowboys looked like when they were fighting like hell for their coach, I shudder to think what they might look like if they pack it in and stop caring over the second half of the season.

It’s easy to understand why Ratliff likes Phillips: Ratliff, a backup before Phillips arrived, has been a great fit in Phillips’ defense and has become a two-time Pro Bowler under Phillips. Ratliff said “it hurts a lot” to see Phillips go.

Asked whether Jason Garrett taking over as interim head coach will make a difference, Ratliff said, “I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.”

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  1. yeah… getting whooped every week by 30+ is fighting like hell… LMFAO!! Maybe you should stop hanging out with Irvin so much!

  2. What a disappointing press conference. Not one reporter asked Jerry if he felt that the GM was accountable as well as the coach and the players and if he had considered replacing the GM, not one.

  3. “We fought like hell for him,”
    If by “fought like hell” Ratliff mean “we gave a lousy effort and quit before the end of the games” he’s right on the money.

  4. Yes Jay, fought hard for a 1-7 record. Or fought hard for 12 penalties for 115 yards a game? Being the most undisciplined team in the league does not bode well for your HC dickhead!

  5. I watched the packers game and did not notice a cowboys effort problem.
    First: regardless of all the Romo haters here, Romo was an highly rated QB and his loss is killing the cowboys offense.
    Second: The cowboys talent level is not that high. Maybe they shud be better than 1-7, but they are nowhere near talented enuf for a deep playoff run.
    Third: They ARE snake-bit this season. Several losses seem to be pure bad luck.

  6. I have been a Cowboys fan for as long as I’ve been watching football which is longer than i care to count. For about the first half of the first quarter it looked like they were going to play the defense that has been expected all year. Once Green Bay scored twice, all the air had been taken out of them. I’m not sure what the problem is but the players better get their heads out of their butts unless they want to join Wade in the unemployment line. They have played more Un-inspired football this year than I have seen them play in all the years I have been watching.

  7. Ratliff, Ware and the DL fought hard…they cannot help that their secondary basically put them in a hole early every game for the most part.
    You can’t get pressure if your DBs cant cover a cold.
    Scandrick, Sensabaugh, Jenkins all quit on Philips. The secondary players suck.

  8. “We fought like hell for him,” Ratliff said
    Kind of reminds me when my coach said “unleash hell” and we continued to lose. Words mean nothing. It’s what happens on the field that counts–and it’s obvious that the Cowboys aren’t playing hard or making as much as an effort as they should.

  9. Mike Jenkins sure “fought like hell” on that TD pass he decided to not even attempt a tackle. I was praying to God when they gave him some camera time he was going to turn to the camera and give us a, “Hey Mama!” He turned, almost smiled but didn’t give in…
    That would have been All-Time Classic….

  10. “like hell” being the operative terms
    Finally – an NFL’er who isn’t afraid to speak the truth!

  11. Think I just ID’d one of the Cowboys’ biggest problems: the coaches apparently haven’t been showing them game tape.

  12. uh, PriorKnowledge, in case you do not remember, the COWTURDS were losing games with HOMO at qb also. Boy you COWTURD fans are stupid.
    Snakebit = Excuse

  13. He’s right. He’s one of the few players who did fight. Ratliff, Newman, Ware and Dez. That’s about it. What about the rest of 49 players on the roster?

  14. The cowboys talent level is not that high? Whoa whoa whoa! I thought they were one of if not THE most talented team in the NFL, and it was going to be a cakewalk on the way to the Super Bowl. How dare you question the talent of America’s Team!
    How ’bout them Cowboys?

  15. really,you may very well be the worst team in football….this team has played some of the most pitiful football i have ever seen in my entire life

  16. Fight like hell = we’re a slimy, greasy organization that plays football in an entertainment complex with stripper poles. We bought into the notion that despite winning one playoff game in over a decade, that we were some super-talented team that merely had to show up to win. We’re quitters….our owner is an enabler….but we don’t care because we’re still getting paid. As a matter of fact, we don’t mind our owner pacing our sidelines like some micro-managing harbinger. Our preseason was a spectacle of a traveling circus; paraded around like we were the Superbowl champs; charging kids for autographs and pictures. We sucked in the preseason, but “preseason doesn’t matter because we’re the Cowboys”. When asked about preseason concerns, the answer was always, “Meh, have you seen our new HD screen….it’s so big!”. When we lost in week one to the Redskins, it didn’t matter because beating the Cowboys is an opponents “Superbowl” and every team plays harder against us because we are the gold standard to which other teams try to be.
    In other words, WE ARE FAIL and are the best 1-7 in the league; talent will win out in the end because apparently the Cowboys are more talented than any other team in the league (?).

  17. I think he was misquoted – he must have meant to say,
    “Like hell, we fought for him”.
    I joke, but it’s too bad either way – if they didn’t play hard enough, or if they did try hard but it just didn’t work. It’s a tough situation for all involved – I hope they can right the ship.

  18. I can’t get enough of this drama.
    There is nothing better to me than watching that team gradually implode. Sunday night was the pinnacle.
    Colin Cowherd predicted this 3 years ago. Jerrah should have listened.

  19. So dumb question why has no one questioned the decisions by this management??
    TO is still playing to a high level, sure he had a mouth, he always will, but it shows that he’s producing big numbers in Cincy.
    They loose Flozell last year and have no backup for him. Steelers pick him up and he’s doing a serviceable job at RT.
    Roy Williams still hasn’t earned his paycheck or the number of draft picks given to the Lions. (although I think every Detriot fan should thank Jerry for helping to ressurrect that franchise)
    It’s the Gm. Just like Dan Snyder in Washington, Jerry needs to sit down and STFU. Even Al Davis is doing that and his team is doing better than the Boys.

  20. Asked whether Jason Garrett taking over as interim head coach will make a difference, Ratliff said, “I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.”
    Doesnt sound like they’re on board with the new coach. thats too bad that all this “fighting like hell” has caused the team to get a case of the “its not me, it’s you” disease…they caught it from Jerry

  21. Maybe fighting like hell is the problem.
    I think the better teams fight like champions and have better results.

  22. It’s understandable why Jay likes Wade, he brought him from the depths of hell, to being a starter. He’s a damn good DL, but it’s time to stop talking about Wade. Folks, the fact is Wade Phillips is not a head coach, he just doesn’t have the personality for it. Let it be known that this man is one of the best Defensive Coordinators of my generation(I’m 23) Anywhere he went you look at the stats and his defenses improved dramatically.

  23. Well, Ratliff.. Ware.. and Newman… fought like hell.
    Maybe Dez Bryant and Tony Romo too….
    but…. um… thats about it.

  24. @ priorknowledge
    Congratulations. You win the prize for the most delusional poster ever. You’re going to tell me that after seeing that play with Jenkins & Witten, that effort wasn’t the problem? I know you lost Romo but that doesn’t mean your offense can’t continue to play. All teams have injuries and losing your QB is tough but your dead carcass of a team can at least try. At least the Bills try and they’re winless and have more respect than your gutless team.

  25. Really Jay? REALLY? Maybe you can say YOU fought like hell along with Newman (OUCH! Shots in his chest!) and Ware on the D and Romo and Dez on the offense, but I can’t say anyone else did.
    This year has been abysmal.

  26. Fire the entire worthless team, plus the coaching staff and just start over. Jones needs to remove himself from the GM position and let some professionals who know what they are doing rebuild the organization.
    I’m serious. Fire every player right now at mid season and make them try out for a position against others around the league.
    Most of them wouldn’t make the cut.
    They play like they are afraid of getting hurt. Just there for the paycheck and nothing else.
    I know, it’s not going to happen, but one can hope.

  27. Sheesh, won’t you read my entire post. I said they lost mainly because they are way overrated.
    But they are 1-7 not 3-5 because of losing Romo and bad luck.
    Look at Romo’s stats. He is way up there. Look at Kitna. When did he throw that first interception? Was it his first or second pass. He really sucks.

  28. Cowboys are a great 2 minute team. . . . They play great for 2 minutes and terrible for 58.

  29. @ priorknowledge
    I did read your post…
    “I watched the packers game and did not notice a cowboys effort problem.”
    Hence my reply. What bad luck have they had? Their luck is no worse than any other teams.

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