Giants say goodbye to Sinorice Moss

Taken in the second round of the 2006 draft, Sinorice Moss probably only lasted five years with the Giants because he was known for a great work ethic and attitude.

His production and durability were problems, though.  The team waived him on Tuesday after reaching an injury settlement.  He was previously on injured reserve with a groin problem.

Moss, 26, has just 39 career catches.

9 responses to “Giants say goodbye to Sinorice Moss

  1. The end of an “era”. Thank God Giants fans don’t have to worry about him hanging on for no reason again next year.
    My ever-lasting image of him will be one of him having a Felix Jones fumble bounce right to him (on a 2009 kickoff return), and it bouncing out of his hands. He then proceeded to run off the field pumping his fist like he had ANYTHING to do with the recovery. Not what you want to see out of your “skill position” players.

  2. Likely to get a look in Washington. His brother could be a motivator to perform better. And let’s face it, the Skins’ receivers are not exactly lighting it up.

  3. This sudden waiver wire addition is who Clueless Klink really wanted. In other words, the Clueless mind wanted to have this Moss, due to excellent practices…….. It will only prove it in stone if Clueless is awarded this guy.

  4. Damn I thought he was maning the both at the parking lot had no clue he was still on the team
    Maybe now he can get the job he should working for the DPW

  5. maybe this is to make room for Al Harris?
    this was a long time coming. the only thing Sinorice was good for was a speedy slot wr in madden as madden is unrealistic and speed is all that matters lol
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  6. FINALLY! Victor Cruz and Duke Calhoun are more promising as undrafted FA’s…

    Maybe he will go somewhere and prove he’s better than Tim Carter. I’m just sad we didn’t trade Sinorice for Reuben Droughns again!

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