Ravens, Falcons get a head start on injury disclosure

With the arrival of Thursday night games comes the arrival of the Monday injury reports.  In many cases, the Monday reports provided by the teams slated to play on a Thursday night are approximations.

For this week’s Thursday night debut — a great matchup on NFL Network between the Ravens and Falcons — the two sides have issued injury reports without the “only an approximation” disclaimer.

Which means that the teams likely conducted walk-through sessions, and that the physical standard for participating is probably a little lower.

For the Ravens, the only name on the report is safety Tom Zbikowski, who missed the practice with a foot injury.  For the Falcons, tight end Justin Peele is out.  Center Todd McClure (knee), quarterback Chris Redman (not injury related), linebacker Sean Weatherspoon (knee), and receiver Roddy White (knee) did not practice.

Receiver Brian Finneran (knee/ribs), linebacker Curtis Lofton (knee), running back Jason Snelling (knee), and cornerback Brian Williams (hamstring) practiced on a limited basis.

As to White, coach Mike Smith said that he’ll “be ready to go,” per D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

10 responses to “Ravens, Falcons get a head start on injury disclosure

  1. Hate this Thursday game. You have to wait three days to see more football. Short rest and a clear disadvantage for the visiting team which also has to travel.
    Why not have the stupid Thursday games for two teams after a bye?????
    This is just to force everybody who does not receive the NFL network channel to write to their service provider, that is the only reason, to increase viewer ship for the NFL network.
    Ravens will obvioulsy not go 14-2, if they have to lose a game I would pick this one. Meaningless road game on short rest and out of conference. Which ticks me off because I at least want to go and watch the game with some aniticipation.
    Don’t know the exact record for the Falcons but I believe it is something like 11-0 at home.
    Hate this Thursday game.

  2. Why is it so obvious the ravens won’t go 14-2? Can u see the future or something? Look at the schedule it’s entirely possible I’m not sayin they will but any team can go on a run they’re playing a team that’s been beating up on bad NFC teams all year very winnable but I won’t be upset or surprised if they did lose

  3. @somesome: you are right. I don’t like this stupidly short week. Unfortunately, once you get later in the season, there are no more byes. Both Balt. and Atl. are one week removed from their bye, so at least they had the bye at the same time. But otherwise, I agree with you. Seems like a recipe for injuries and poor game planning.

  4. In all seriousness, can someone explain to me the reason for disclosing injuries? What’s the advantage/disadvantage? Please don’t say for the spread in Vegas.

  5. I love seeing guys complaining about Thursday Night Football…, as if they won’t be locked in to their TV’s watching the game like everyone else. Yeah.., it’s a lot of work to prepare for the game on a short week, but on the flipside, they get 10 days rest before the next game. I see that as a fair balance.

  6. Boy, get an extra night of football and people cry about that too.
    Some folks just aren’t happy unless they’re miserable I guess. The just need something to bitch about.

  7. yeah, thank god Com-munist-cast now has NFLN, otherwise, I’d have to slug up to my local bar to watch!

  8. Both teams are coming off short weeks. The travel from Baltimore to Atlanta is about 2 hours or less on the plane.

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