Ray Rice avoids ticket with autograph

On Monday, Ravens running back Ray Rice posted on Twitter that he had been pulled over by a police officer due to the tinting of the windows in his vehicle.

Rice explained that he didn’t get a ticket after giving the officer an autograph for his son.

The tweet has since been deleted by Rice, but the image has been captured by the folks at InsideCharmCity.com.

We don’t know whether this rises to the level of offering or accepting a bribe, but something prompted Rice to think better of bragging about it.

31 responses to “Ray Rice avoids ticket with autograph

  1. This s the biggest non-story of the year….. the kind of thing that you wouldn’t have even seen here a year or two ago. It’s not like Rice was trying to get out of a dangerous moving violation, it was a window tint for Pete’s sakes.
    Yes, Rice could easily afford a ticket that might put a dent in the average reader’s budget, yes he was stupid to brag about it on Twitter (I swear, isn’t anyone advising these guys how stupid Twitter is for a public figure?), but come on

  2. Wow, what can you say, even little kids know what shouldn’t be posted on the internet.

  3. If someone gets in trouble for this it is kind of ridiculous. I doubt he would have gotten a ticket unless he was doing something else that warranted a ticket. Probably just stopped him because of the tint then made sure nothing else was a problem and told him about the tint problem and that he needs to get it fixed or he can be ticketed.
    Then after asked for the autograph.
    I’m sure some people will make a big fuss over it though.

  4. If that’s actually what happened, it’s definitely a code of ethics violation.
    NOW, it’s possible that the officer only ever intended to give him a warning, but while plausible, the original story on the record is that there was a quid pro quo.
    Way to mess up an officer letting you off, Rice. Never let a kind deed go unpunished, ya jackwagon.

  5. Gotcha! lol funny how people post such things on the internet without thinking. The cop will probably get in trouble now. I’m sure the autograph was worth it.

  6. Hopefully the officer simply tricked Ray into giving him the autograph on the bottom of the citation.

  7. The police man needs to be suspended. And a good lawyer like Florio, gag, will be able to get any prior major crimes such as DUI’s, drugs, etc set aside and dismissed due to improper conduct by the officer.

  8. You know for someone who was a lawyer Florio doesn’t know crap about the law.
    It is up to the officer’s descretion whether or not to right the ticket and since this was a minor offense(window tinting) I would venture to guess that a large percentage of those stopped (except in Virginia where cops are A-holes) would be let off.

  9. He’s a local icon. Tinting is not a crime in my opinion. If he can catch a break from a cop on a BS offense like that, then a tip o’ the derby to Mr. Rice.

  10. Who cares? My mom once got out of a ticket by flirting with the cop and giving him a fake phone number (I was about 10 and in the car). Cops can always opt to give you a warning.

  11. Now I dislike Rice simply for the fact that he plays for the Ravens, but you don’t think this hasn’t happened before? He was just dumb enough to bring it to everyone’s attention.

  12. How can Ray get in trouble for this? How would they even know who the cop was? Ray Rice probably posted it because he realized it wasn’t a big deal. He should repost it on “the twitters.”

  13. And this has what to do with Anything? My guess is the Cop Ran his tag, got his info, and pulled him over with the all the meaning in the world to get an autograph.
    Everyone in Bmore knows the Players drive their candy Machines all over town… The tint was just an excuse to bother a man for a signature who wasnt doing ANYTHING WRONG!!!

  14. Living in Baltimore and having been pulled over for window tints and also having friends that are cops I can guarantee u the worst that ray rice would’ve got was a repair order so everyone calling for this cops head and all that your stupid it must be a slow news dy otherwise we never would’ve heard about this

  15. Who cares? I get out of tickets with my Combat Veteran plate. Guys get out of them for having PBA cards, Law Enforcement Support plates/stickers, etc. It’s as American as apple pie.

  16. Tinting in Maryland gets you $70 fix-it ticket everytime, especially if your autograph is worth nothing.

  17. OMG, what a massive thug!!! He got out of the most minor of violations by doing something nice for a cop’s kid? Disgusting.
    He deserves 10 years minimum for this. Free Maddoff, free OJ, free whoever you need to in order to ensure there is a prison bed for this man.

  18. I wonder how this will be spun into it being a Steelers getting preferential treatment story?

  19. I’m famous! I’m famous! I’m famous! A copy just asked me for my autograph! I’m famous! I’m famous!

  20. I’ll file this story under: “Twitter may just be the worst thing to ever happen to the NFL.”
    If I was a team owner I’d prohibit any player on my team from having an account. Nothing good has ever come from an athlete’s random musings on their twitter account.

  21. Its actually standard procedure to issue a warning for illeagal tint in the state of Maryland. Car windows must allow at least 35% light through to be legal. Police in MD often carry a meter to gauge the darkness of tint. if it fails they issue a warning or repair order. failure to comply can result in a written citation resulting in a fine which can be reviewed by the court system.

  22. joetoronto says:
    November 9, 2010 7:40 AM
    Wow, what can you say, even little kids know what shouldn’t be posted on the internet.
    Little kids are smarter.

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