Denzel Washington's wife run over while watching son in UFL

We noted a couple months ago that John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, is currently a running back in the UFL.

And now we can pass along that the Washington family was involved in one of the funniest plays of the football season, in any league.

Denzel and his wife were on the sideline when John David caught a nine-yard touchdown pass from Daunte Culpepper. Mrs. Washington, the proud mother, showed off some great speed of her own as she ran down the sideline alongside her son as he scored — and then an opposing linebacker who was giving chase drilled her.

The video is here, and we can laugh because Denzel informs us that his wife popped right back up and was fine.

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  1. And that is why this league can’t be taken seriously…’s like a JV High School set up – letting parents hang out on the sideline???

  2. I bet you she gets a contract in the UFL. Maybe the Patriots. They need some more tough players after the Browns whooped that tail Sunday.

  3. Well Michael David Smith looks like a reporter who doesn’t check his facts or edit his articles because JD is actually on the Sacramento Mountain Lions, not the Tuskers. Pepp is too. What makes this even worse for you is that it was on Letterman (Where I’m sure you got your hand on this little tidbit) last night and Denzel told you what team he was on, and it doesnt take a genius to realize which team is which. You and Florio put some stupid stuff up here sometimes.

  4. There has to be some better footage of that somewhere. I want to see her pop up before the defensive guy, like Denzel said. What a hoot.

  5. -5 for writing a headline that made me think the poor woman was hit by a car!
    -4 because there’s no clear footage of the incident.
    +10 for several minutes of Denzel 🙂
    Very glad Mrs. Denzel is okay.

  6. Another great example of top-notch journalism. Check your facts, John David plays FOR the Sacramento Mountain Lions and so does Daunte Culpepper. He does not play for the Florida Tuskers. And that touchdown pass was against the Hartford Colonials, the Florida Tuskers were nowhere in sight.

  7. Yeah, I agree with Deb. First glance of the headline leads you to think that she was hit by a car while watching the game.
    How about: “Denzel Washington’s wife collides with player while watching son in UFL.”

  8. bingobango says:
    November 10, 2010 11:32 AM
    Denzel informs us…
    Yea right
    Denzel informed “us” via the David Letterman show last night. So technically MDS told the truth in a roundabout way.

  9. How many facts could you get wrong on this story?? He is a running back for the Sacrmaneto Mt Lions. The team they played was the Las Vegas Locos last week.

  10. Wow even the video states that John David plays for the Mountain Lions.
    I also happen to remember reading a smart aleck post on this very site about Daunte Culpepper going from the Detroit Lions to the Mountain Lions.
    If you guys need a guy to cover the UFL, I am available and no which players play for which team

  11. # koch23jk says: November 10, 2010 12:10 PM
    I come to this site for NFL non-stories, not UFL non-stories…
    ~~Fixed that for you.~~

  12. I agree that the research and reporting on this article was weak.
    But for someone (marcduke) to say it can’t be taken seriously because mom was on the sidelines? What, is there some rule that says in order for pro football to be taken seriously, fans and family members must be kept 1000 feet away? That is just plain stupid and typical “sports snob” thinking.
    The NFL and many of their fans have become way too “stuffy” and “elitist” mentality when you hear comments like that. There are a lot of “sports snobs” who laugh at or riducule those who start up a business to pursue their passion (like a new league), and then riducule even more when they do things differently – they way they wanna do it – instead of like the status quo. Yet even the status quo NFL has it’s detractors who complain about it being the “No Fun League” and how the commissioner is ruining it, etc. So maybe we shouldn’t take the NFL so seriously either and just accept it for what it is: Entertainment — not life changing or problem solving educational material. Geez people!
    I like the NFL, and enjoy watching some games, especially come playoff time, but after being a fan of the NFL for most of my 50 years, and no longer having a team that I “live for” 🙂 I now prefer the UFL and hope it will be around for a long time. The big money is in the NFL and many of the players in the UFL are taking smaller paychecks with the opportunity to play and develop themselves in hopes of making it to (or back to) the big money. And who can blame them, I’m sure most of us would like a bigger paycheck. But in either case they are doing what they love to do, and that is play ball. In doing so they provide a lot of fans with a much more affordable alternative, and for the most part, very enjoyable and entertaining games to watch.

  13. ok, for all you tards talking about the title being misleading…. the title doesn’t just say “… over…..”, but instead says “……run over WHILE WATCHING SON PLAY….”. Doesn’t that indicate she is somewhere inside the venue in which her son is playing, which would lead a normal thinking person to deduce the fact that “run over” must be in the people colliding with other people version of the phrase, not the car over people version…. I haven’t seen too many cars inside the football venues in which I have watched games. Have you?
    What….did you think she was watching the game through the window of a best buy store that was right on top of the street or something and a car hopped the curb and hit her….just bad luck. Next time she’ll go to the Target that has a wider sidewalk and watch her son play on their tv’s through their windows to reduce her chances of getting hit by a car???? Come on. Take 3 seconds to think before posting comments on stupid things…
    That would be like me having a title along the lines of somebody “drowning in debt…” and then you getting on and posting comments about feeling mislead because there was no mention of water. I mean really? The fact that several of you wasted other people’s time by posting such moronic complaints is scary and sad.
    Read the full title, consider the context, and remove head from @$$ next time you want to participate in a public convo.

  14. This is how “news” is reported and Denzel didn’t inform you of anything – you watched David Letterman last night and just won’t give credit to a CBS show because your an NBC corporate hack.

  15. @getreal …
    What a jackass!
    First, the headline doesn’t say what you’re claiming it says–and it’s right above you. How do you get that wrong when it’s right there for your reference?
    “Denzel Washington’s wife run over while watching son in UFL”
    The word “play” doesn’t appear anywhere in that headline, doofus.
    Second, I’m an NFL fan and have NO IDEA where UFL games are played. But FYI, I’ve watched MANY football games while sitting on, leaning on, and standing beside cars. So that was a stupid observation, too.
    Third, we’re all clowning around. What is your problem? Take it somewhere else. We all have problems of our own.

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