Hasselbeck to start for Seahawks; Losman returns

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The Seahawks saw what life was like without Matthew Hasselbeck for a week and they didn’t like it.

That’s why coach Pete Carroll happily announced Wednesday that Hasselbeck was medically returned to practice.

He’s ready to go,” coach Pete Carroll said via the Seattle Times. “He’s full-go and looking good.”

The Seahawks also welcomed J.P. Losman back to the team.  Seattle rolled with Charlie Whitehurst and called up practice squad player Zac Robinson to be the team’s backup last week against the Giants while Hasselbeck recovered from a concussion.   Robinson was claimed on Wednesday by the Lions when the Seahawks released him, so they needed another quarterback.

Seattle starts what will be a division-heavy second half of the season in the NFC West Sunday with a trip to Arizona.  The Rams are in San Francisco.  If the two favored teams win (Arizona and San Francisco), the entire division will be under .500 and all within a game of each other.

5 responses to “Hasselbeck to start for Seahawks; Losman returns

  1. Since they change so many other rules, maybe the NFL can change the rules and say no team from the NFC West allowed in the playoffs?

  2. J.P. Losman, one of the most athletic QB’s I have ever seen… Great arm, quick on his feet, but man does he make the most bone headed decisions when he is under pressure. Chan Gailey could have turned his career around if he was still under center in Buffalo. Right now as he is, no better than a practice squad QB.

  3. Mr. Rosenthall,

    My apologizes…I didn’t realize you had revised the original posting (which I thought was unfair to Robinson being released from the team…who only brought up off the practice squad due to Hasselbeck’s injury…The fact that Detriot snatched him off the waiver wire shows that multiple teams thinks he has POTENTIAL).

    Odds are Robinson won’t be a NFL starting quarterback, but he is an outstanding athlete that may eventually transition to another position (CB/WR) if wants to stay in the NFL.

    At any rate…Robinson would have had a MUCH more productive college senior year at Oklahoma State IF Dez Bryant hadn’t lied to the NCAA and his RB (Kendall Hunter) hadn’t been hurt for most of the season (although Keith Toston did a great job in his place and is now on the Rams I believe).

    Although in the end (in the spirit of full disclosure) Robinson’s bad Senior Bowl performance sunk his draft stock more than anything.

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