Jason Garrett tries to start toughening up the Cowboys

It didn’t take long for Jason Garrett to try to put his stamp on the Cowboys.

He made the team practice in full pads on Wednesday, something Wade Phillips rarely did in training camp, much less ten weeks into the regular season.

Garrett address the team for the first time and spoke about the message he wants to send when he met the media on Monday.

“Wade is no longer the coach,” Garrett said. “I am the coach.  We have to put the first eight games of the season behind us, we have
to learn from them and we need to go forward. One of the things that I
talk to the players about all the time is embracing the moment,
embracing the day, being great today.”

48 responses to “Jason Garrett tries to start toughening up the Cowboys

  1. It is a fight that he will not win. Meaning that the boys will have a different coach and offensive coordinator next year but from the way it sounds I applaud his effort. Those guys need a good swift kick in the ass to shake the dollar bills out of their eye lids. The entire cowboys team look like they own the place when they don’t to anything. They haven’t done a thing all year(except loose). I hope that Garrett kicks the shit out of those players because they need some kind of motivation.

  2. Right, the Offensive Coordinator who could not muster a good enough gameplan for the cowgirls to score more than 7 points vs. Green Bay is going to do a fabulous job as Head Coach.

  3. One of the things that I talk to the players about all the time is embracing the moment, embracing the day, being great today.”
    I’m sure that will thrill them…

  4. Maybe it would have worked out better if he would have stepped up and assumed some responsibility before his boss got fired. Wade is a good guy and I doubt he would have objected if this would have been suggested earlier in the year. Bush league move trying to throw Phillips under the bus after he is gone. It is much better to support the boss than to try and undermine him. Garrett is a chump and his players know it

  5. Great speach! should be just the thing to get the cowboys back to their winning ways…NOT! It is going to take more than simple words to fix this team…. should be interesting though..

  6. Garrett’s offense has sucked all year. He is one of the main problems. This team has no heart. They are a pack of turds that deserve to be where they are.

  7. Did you see Jerry Jones lips moving while Garrett “spoke his own words” or is Jerruh a kick ass ventriloquist?

  8. You can take one look at Jason Garrett’s pansy ass on the sideline and make a simple conclusion – That guy is NO leader of MEN!!
    If I’m in the foxhole, and I look to my right, and Jason Garrett is holding it down next to me – I would start saying my Hail Mary right then and there.

  9. If practicing in pads is the equivalent of ‘toughing’ the Cowboys.., than you might as well mark them down for at least 7 more losses.
    I like that Jason Garrett took the bold stand of telling the team and media that Wade Phillips is no longer the head coach of the Cowboys. “I am the coach” should be the rallying cry that bands them all together.
    I’m sure right now.., players are walking around the locker room reciting those bold words: “I am the coach…., I am the coach”

  10. You don’t need pads to run a tough practice, Jason — You’re in Texas. Bring your deer rifle and don’t be afraid to use it – that will get their attention.

  11. They had a quote from the boss of a Vegas sports book in the paper today. It seems the Cowboys odds to win the Super Bowl are now 1000-1. The man said that his place would give 2000-1, and added “it probably should be two million to one, but you can only put it up so high”. Man, I loved reading that.

  12. “Wade is no longer the coach, I am the coach” Sounds like JG has got himself a nice new power trip going…I’ll bet he was practicing saying this stuff in the mirror last night prepping for his first presser…GO GET ‘EM JAY BABY!

  13. the cowboys will still lose. its just not thier year. wade no wade, pads no pads its just not happening this year. sorry dallas fans.

  14. Wade got the short end of the stick. His hands were tied from day one. He wasn’t even allowed to pick his own offensive coordinator. Jerry’s the cause of this once proud franchise being in the shape that it is in. Good Luck Jason; but you might be better off coaching a college team because these “Boys” aren’t listening to you or anyone else. What are you going to do if they don’t respond? Take away their scholarships!

  15. Wow, I’m not here to stick up for JG or anything, but every play looks great when it’s run properly. The NFL is about execution, not play calling. You go in with a plan of attack based on hundreds of hours of tape on your opponent and implement a game plan. But all I hear from everyone is “He doesn’t like to run the ball”, or “He doesn’t know how to run”, seems to me in a league of equal talent if only 4/5 of your players are giving 100% effort you can’t win. What has the running game showed us this year? That our line isn’t up to it, Marion Barber is done, Leonard Davis can’t move, and the lineman who can block have been injured other than Free.
    If the Cowboys were getting the same effort as the Browns out of their players, this thing would look a lot different. I think that’s what JG is trying to accomplish to end the season, and it’s really the only place you can start.

  16. Be careful Jason or you will be considered a player’s coach. One wouldn’t want to have that label would one?

  17. # Heinekenfun says: November 10, 2010 3:14 PM
    I’m sure right now.., players are walking around the locker room reciting those bold words: “I am the coach…., I am the coach”
    Or as Emmitt would say, “He am the coach.”

  18. I was wondering… what are the odd’s that JG will become the 1st Cowgirls (boys) head coach not to win a GAME. I don’t even think they can BEAT Detroit.

  19. “Great speech, Coach.”
    If this is best that Jason can do, good luck Jerry.
    Time to open the checkbook for a huge payout to Bill Cowher along with sacrificing your ridiculous OVER-management/control of the team. I might say that is the best problem in Dallas. Stay off of the field… that is for players and coaches.

  20. Jason, the key is to get ’em ‘boys to actually play in pads, so I guess practicing in pads is a step in the right direction. You don’t have to worry about leaving it on the practice field, as the Cowboys never have anything left on game day anyway.

  21. Hate the Cowboys and their cockroach fans, but I’ve Garrett’s interviews and actions this far. I like his statement about how they are moving on. He seems like he’s not suffering from gun shyness because he’s the interim.

  22. The first thing they need to do is…………..
    1. No more manicures after practice.
    2. No more peticures after practice
    3. No more body lotions after showers..
    4. No more Hairdoos
    5. 10 oclock curfew……lights out !!!!!
    6. No interviews…..period !!!
    7. You make the team on performance at practice only. If you can’t handle that…..Ride the pine !!!!
    None of those premadonas will make the kind of money they make now if they get traded or cut next year. Good luck J.G…..you will need it.
    How bout them Cowpatties…..Ha.

  23. Jason needs to acquire Sean Smith to come on down and start grabbing packages. That’ll get ’em steppin’ lively.

  24. The Cowboys might as well wear their pads for practice ………. seeing they don’t need them for games anymore!
    Somebody tell Jerry a gigantic, new stadium does not a contending football team make. The product you put on the field is more important that the glitz and glamour that surround it.

  25. @ihateads – Is this the first one you’ve read? They’re all terrible when it comes to grammar and spelling…often times, that’s the allure, for me anyway!

  26. If Garrett wants to get the players’ attention, all he needs to do is have Mike Jenkins hit the sled from one end of the practice field to the other. Then back again. Then one more time.
    Then cut the guy.
    I’m no Andy Reid fan, but Reid did essentially the same thing to George Hegamin (a holdover from the Ray Rhodes era) after Hegamin left and returned to training camp.
    Big George took his medicine. And then was cut.
    The rest of the team got the message.

  27. How about replacing the GM with someone who actually knows how to play and evaluate football?
    Maybe the Ben-gals and Cowgirls could share a real GM?
    I don’t think it looks too good for Cowboy fans unless Jones can get a handle on his ego and stay off of the field.

  28. Sadly, I can’t see this team beating Detroit either. And that’s coming from a Cowboys fan. The problem is Jerry. That meddling old goat needs to just sit back and be an owner and not Al Davis 2.0.
    Hire a GM you cheap bastard!

  29. And on Sunday they will be wearing Depends because there going to get the shit kicked out of them by the Giants.

  30. Wow..The Cowboys haters are having a field day. Yes I am a fan and I love the fact that Wade got canned. It should have been done after the third loss of the season. Wade may be a fairly decent defensive coordinator but it was obvious that being the top guy was above his capacity. He is no multi tasker or leader of Men. He spent most of his time trying to be the players buddy. They loved him but did not respect him.
    I continue to hear folks talk about Jerry. The man have done more for the league in 20 years than any of the patsy non meddling owners have in 75 years. He put his all Mentally and finacially into managing the Cowboys brand and has done a good job. His team is the #1 valued team in America as reported by Forbes. Football is still a business and winning is the bottom line. How many SB wins do non meddling owners of the Cardinals, Vikings, Texans, Bills, Lions, Bengals, Titans, Chargers, Falcons, (you get my drift) Have? They hire football guys to run their teams and still have no brass to show for it. The one with the gold can make the rules…this is America. Keep doing it your way Jerry and don’t listen to the loser who have nothing at stake but bad advise on how to run your team. Great Stadium also. Most are just mad their non meddling owners don’t give back to the fans. They just move when the city refuses to build them another stadium.
    As for Jason, he deserves his shot at head coach. His offense has been among the leagues best for three years…not his fault Wades’s defense could not stop a pee wee leauge from scoring.
    So when Jason and his get tough approach starts to pay off and The Cowboys end the season at 8-8 you haters will probably call it luck.
    When is the last time YOUR team garnered so much attention win or lose?
    Oh Yeah…How bout them Cowboys!

  31. What does all this crap matter? The girls will be 3-13 at years end. The worst finish by an NFC East team since the cowgirls went 1-15. The cowgirls are the worst professional franchise hands down, and then jerry comes in and hires someone who actually knows what they are doing and everything is righted for a few years. The cowgirls will never be a good franchise again. They won’t win anything, they won’t be anything until jerry either dies or takes a step back. It looks like shit to have your owner on the sideline while a game is going on, and it is simply classless and unprofessional. Jerry is a piece of garbage and I for one am so glad it is happening to that crap franchise. Move them to LA. Now thats an idea.

  32. I’ve been a fan since 1960, and what has happened this year is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to the Cowboys Legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Landry, Schramm and the rest are rolling in their graves. The 70’s teams have to be mortified!!
    There are about 5 players on the field who deserve to be wearing stars on their helmets.
    I don’t see this bunch winning another game this year.
    But I still wear my Cowboys regalia and hold my head high- they are still the COWBOYS!!

  33. Jason I think I am Lobardi Garrett. That is priceless. Gmen are gonna lay waste to that fairy tale. Then what? Tony Robbins? John Wallace?

  34. @ DieHardSkinsFan21. HERE IT WHAT IT MEANS….as a deadskin fan you know failure all too well and Snyder is just a Jerry Jones wannabe. You will never win again as long as you keep snatching up every nfl east castoffs!
    Beside we own you dead skins bad team or not!
    After three years of Wade I needed a loser or a loser franchise to go off on….thank you!

  35. Hey, BigDogWes: not all of us ‘Skins fans agree with ol’ DieHard…21. BOTH of our franchises need help, consistancy and a return to sanity. I thought ours was going in the right direction…wasn’t thrilled to get McNabb, but at least he’s no Jeff George…will NEVER get over him! I think Danny finally has seen the light on too much meddling…hope Jerry does. A few Dallas losses warmed the heart…not now. Hope Garrett helps…but not in our next game against your ‘Boys!

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