NFL, union not meeting again until December

When Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed optimism last month that a new labor deal could be negotiated by the end of the year, we were intrigued.  Surely, an influential owner like Robert Kraft wouldn’t venture out onto a limb unless he knew it was going to happen — or unless he knew that he had the ability to make it happen.

For now, it looks like it’s not going to happen.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Associated Press that the next meeting between the league and the union is scheduled for December.


How can a deal get done by the end of February if the two sides won’t be meeting again until December?  And how can getting a deal done not be the top priority of both the NFL and the NFLPA?

We realize that a deal can come together quickly once both sides get serious about putting a deal together.  But when will that be?

It needs to be soon.

21 responses to “NFL, union not meeting again until December

  1. Can we please remember this until the labor situation is resolved? If there’s a stoppage, I want to be able to ask where everyone was in November.

  2. It ain’t gonna happen! Billionaires pushing around millionaires and fans are the ones who always get the short end of it! Bring on the UFL! Let ’em strike! I can live without the No Fun League.

  3. No need for them to meet.
    “Hello Union. This is the NFL speaking. This is how things are going to go. For those of you who don’t like it, you can leave now and be replaced by one of 3,000 enthusiastic college kids. Our fans don’t cheer for you, they cheer for what you wear. When you stop wearing it, they will forget you and cheer for the next guy who wears what you wear…and your number. Good night.”

  4. WOW. December is so far away… a whole 20 days. Less than 3 weeks and you’re making a big deal out of nothing as usual.

  5. This posturing along with the fine and foul deluge is just another way for the NFL to harass and intimidate the players. Adversarial to say the least. It could almost be described as bargaining in bad faith.
    Life goes on.

  6. Hello ! .. Mr. Goodell & and Mr. NFLPA …
    The USA is in trouble. A very bad economy.. much uncertainty .. way too many folks out of work … and political leaders who are going to fight like crazy until this is resolved. Who knows when.
    And in the interim, the billionaires vs. millionaires are going to whine and cry in PR induced temper tantrums ??
    Negotiate quickly. Get serious. Pull your heads out of your posteriors. GROW UP!
    We are the ones who pay for your existence.
    Be stupid and the market may have diminished for your brand ! We shall see !

  7. The players will cave. They have no leverage.
    They are all already overextended on all of their million dollar mansions, expensive cars, child support payments, etc.
    They will cave to the billionaires…….. and the old guys who played the game years ago will get screwed again.
    Zero leverage.

  8. # Rayven says: November 10, 2010 9:05 PM
    ….you’re making a big deal out of nothing as usual.
    Why bother coming here then, dick head?
    Or is the rest of your lonely existence even more meaningless?

  9. For the good of us fans, please, owners and players, get a deal done. I don’t know how i’ll make it through fall Sundays with no football. I know we have college football and the UFL, but with no NFL, at least for me, fall 2011 will feel very empty.

  10. Look on the bright side. If there’s no 2011 season, we can still gather around the digital campfire at “ProFootballTalk” to roast a few players and debate such profound, pressing questions as:
    • “Lord” Favre in 2012: Will he or won’t he?
    • If so, will the new Vikes Head Coach be agreeable to picking him up at the airport and chauffeuring him back to team headquarters to sign an even bigger contract?
    Relax. There will be football in 2011, and the re-built New England Patriots will be celebrating as Super Bowl XLVI champions in Lucas Oil Stadium. Just ask the Colts, Jets, and Steelers fans. 😉

  11. “When Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed optimism last month that a new labor deal could be negotiated by the end of the year, we were intrigued.”
    Unless someone changed the calendar, December is still before the end of the year……..

  12. Earth to 8man, earth to fans, earth to union busters, there will be no union after March 1 when the union decertifies. No more college draft, no more three year wait to play while in college, no more big fines on hits to head as all are only allowed by a union contract. Free enterprise at its best will reign in the NFL. NFL owners hang on to your wallets, that giant sucking sound you hear is your wealth being transferred to the non-union players.

  13. So what if we don’t have football next year. We may not have the NBA either. I say good! Lets re-prioritize all of this. Hell, nobody can afford to go to the games anymore, the ticket prices are so over the top.

    Open up the books owners, and show us the losses on an $8B industry. If you don’t want to be up front with the situation, then go the hell away.

    Oh and by the way, we aren’t going to fund your stadiums anymore. That BS has gotten old.

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