PFTV’s Week 10 game of the week

As Week 10 approaches, the best game of the week is a no-brainer.

Patriots at Steelers.  Sunday night.  (NBC.)

It’ll be the fifth time the two teams meet at Heinz Field.  Amazingly, the Pats have won three out of four there.

We’ve got a feeling that it’ll be four out of five.  And yet plenty of you will still accuse us of being Steelers fans.

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23 responses to “PFTV’s Week 10 game of the week

  1. I am DEFINITELY a Steeler fan but I have a feeling Roethlisberger will drag his usual 13 points or less into the fourth quarter and it just won’t be enough.
    The only reason the Steelers scored 27 on Monday night was the fumbled kickoff and blocked punt and interception and the Randle El TD pass. Without all that Roethlisberger hangs a sweet 10 ….. the 8 yard pass to Ward and the 53 yard Reed field goal.
    Unless the defense and special teams can come up with 17 points I predict …
    Patriots 24 Steelers 17

  2. ravens-falcons should be good, too. no-brainer? only if you work for NBC. otherwise there is room for thoughtful discussion.

  3. “We’ve got a feeling that it’ll be four out of five.”
    “I’m leaning towards the home team.”
    Does not compute.

  4. At least the reason why this game made game of the week is out in the open. (NBC).
    Ravens at Falcons will be a better game.

  5. After the humiliation in Cleveland.., be sure the Patriots will be attacking the hell out of Pittsburgh. I don’t care for either team, but it should be great game to sit back and watch.

  6. webjedi says:
    November 10, 2010 3:30 PM
    They can’t steal signals anymore – that accounts for at least two of those wins.
    Wrong, webjedi (boy, that’s an impressive handle), the Patriots CAN steal signals….as can all 32 teams……just not from a sideline camera.
    Nice (READ: WEAK) attempt at a jab, just factually (sp?) inaccurate.

  7. Should be a great game. A couple of weeks ago I had it as a loss but after the Browns beatdown, I think the Pats will bounce back .
    Fred Taylor will start this week.

  8. “We’ve got a feeling that it’ll be four out of five. And yet plenty of you will still accuse us of being Steelers fans.”
    Reverse psychology. Every fan does it. Oldest trick in the book. The goal……. Not to jinx your favorite team.

  9. Hard to see the Pats winning this one in the Burg.
    Decimated by Cleveland, new kicker, new long snapper.
    I just hope they represent themselves better than last week.
    You idiots referencing spygate and the big “advantage” – If you think a quarterback can effectively run his own offense, watch the defensive signal coming in from the other team, interpret it and call a play at the line of scrimmage to counter it, you’re a fool. Go back to your Wii.

  10. Falcons at Ravens more entertaining? C’mon. Ravens should win easily. The Steelers handled the Falcons and so will the Ravens.

  11. Kaz said: 0Reverse psychology. Every fan does it. Oldest trick in the book. The goal……. Not to jinx your favorite team.
    This is proof that people with an agenda remember whatever supports their stance and quickly forget the stuff that doesn’t.
    Just a couple weeks ago, Florio was saying the Steelers could run the table.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Also, he’s an admitted life long Vikings fan:

  12. Steelers fans?! After the way you harassed James Harrison and your unsavory insinuations towards the Steelers organization.
    Whoever called you a Steelers fan must have forgotten their Thorazine treatment!

  13. I’m sure Brady is sweating bullets seeing Hampton getting pushed into Palmers knee last week. Shredder!

  14. The whole thing about Florio being a Steelers fan is hysterical. A guy the other day posted that he’s an admitted Cowboys fan. Whatever. But no one in his right mind who actually read his coverage of the Steelers–especially his salivating over Ben’s situation this summer–would believe he’s a Steelers fan. Of course … there’s no guarantee the people who believe that are in their right minds.

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