Send in the questions . . . there ought to be questions

Every Wednesday, we make a plea for questions.  We need questions.  Questions are a precious commodity.

Without questions, there can’t be answers.  Sure, we could make up questions.  But that would be lame.

And it would require effort.

So help us out.  Come up with questions.  And send them in.  The best will make their way into the video mailbag and the Saturday night long-form written mailbag.

12 responses to “Send in the questions . . . there ought to be questions

  1. “Sure, we could make up questions.”
    I often wonder how many user profiles Mike Florio, MDS, Silva, and the other guy have. The quote at the beginning of my post, i feel, is evidence backing my theory.

  2. What kind of questions?
    1. How is your son doing in school?
    2. Is your wife upset that you spend so much time on the Internet?

  3. Why is Matt Millen allowed to draft Drew Stanton early in the second round of the 2007(?) NFL draft, with LeMarr Woodley still on the board, and then allowed to go on ESPN and pretend like he knows something?
    Did anyone else find humor in him berating the Dallas Cowboys for taking accountability last week? He’s just about the only former GM I know of that has absolutely zero room to talk in that situation.

  4. I agree. How in the world did Matt Millen get hired as a media guy? I thought it was a real insult to football fans and if I lived in Detroit it would be a slap in the face everytime I saw him acting like he is credible when it comes to football.

  5. Well I do live in Detroit, and it makes any Lions fan want to throw up when he’s on TV. Thankfully he’s not on during the game. That rant he did on the Cowboys though was the capper. ESPN has no shame. I don’t know how Stuart and Steve kept from cracking up during that.
    Real question: What’s a better survivor pick this weekend – Tampa Bay at home over Carolina, or the Giants at home over the Cowboys?

  6. Would it be better for teams to offer rides to players to drinking establishments in addition to rides home?
    When somebody decides to drive to a bar or a party or to have a few drinks with dinner, they’re already making a conscious and sober decision to drive home after having a few drinks. If they can’t make a good decision while sober, they sure aren’t going to make a good decision after having a few drinks and call someone for a ride home.

  7. I would like to know why nobody calls out the NFL for doing so little to help the real fans get Super Bowl tickets.
    Each year they hold a “drawing” for fans to get tickets. 500 pairs are alotted. That is 1000 seats out of a stadium that holds at LEAST 80,000.
    The rest goes to the league, celebrities, politicians, and players/coaches who just scalp them.

  8. Wednes night Johnson said the Collie pass was ruled incomplete which made Collie a defenseless player. I would have liked to hear a follow-up question.

    If Reid (I think the Eagles were out of timeouts at the time) had challenged the call of being an incomplete passand the play gets overturned to a completed pass (which IMO it was):

    1. Does overturning the ruling on the field then make Collie not a defenseless receiver?

    2. Does overturning the play then make the penalty go away?

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