Sparano benches Henne

Shortly after noon ET, we shared with you rumors from the Dolphins locker room that quarterback Chad Henne could be benched for quarterback Chad Pennington.

And it’s happened.

Per multiple reports, Sparano made the disclosure at a Wednesday press conference.  As a result, Pennington is the new starter.

is not an indictment on Chad Henne, not an indictment on his future,” Sparano said, via Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “At this particular time this is something I feel I need to do.”

Sparano said that Henne was disappointed, as I would expect, but a tremendous professional.”

It had been suggested that Pennington would provide a bridge to Tyler Thigpen.  It sounds like Henne will still have a chance to become the starter again.

Until then, Henne becomes the latest second-round pick that the Dolphins have wasted in an attempt to find the next Dan Marino.  From A.J. Feeley to Daunte Culpepper to John Beck to Chad Henne to Pat White, the Dolphins have swung and missed on five second-round selection, via trading or using the picks.

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  1. It is sad when you look forward to the backup coming to the rescue.
    All the receivers need to adjust to the slower ball.

  2. Welcome back Chad. Hope the shoulder holds up. ……. He is not accurate past 15 yards. And does not ahve the arm strenght to throw it 25.

  3. Wow! Well, it will make it all the sweeter when we go into the New Loserlands and beat the Jets in December.
    How can he say with a straight face “this is not an indictment on Henne or his future” Of course it is!!! How can it not be?

  4. Guess that means Brandon will not see any 15 yard passes any time soon. I like Pennington, just wish he could throw a deep pass every now and then

  5. Henne was a game manager, not a playmaker. Can’t say that I’m happy about him getting benched, but I am pleased with the front office not settling for mediocrity considering they blew picking up moss to bolster their offense. Henne needs to learn how to play in the NFL before he starts for the Fins again (barring injuries).

  6. Pennington is not the future, though. This is a band-aid on a lost year that will do nothing for us.
    I’d rather give Henne the full year to know for sure if he’s the guy rather than yanking him midway through and leaving the “what ifs” out there.
    Pennington won’t take us into the future, and we’re obviously not competing this year being that we’ve lost to every team that we’d have a tiebreaker against in the playoffs anyway.
    If you’re going to bench Henne, put Thigpen in and at least see what you have with him too. We know what we have in Pennington and all that will do will make people think we might have a shot this year. We’ll ruin our draft position and still not make the playoffs – but on top of that our QB situation will be more muddied than ever.
    I hope this is just to push Henne more.

  7. Sad – Dolphins going into panic mode and throwing out long term improvement for immediate mediocrity. It’s hard to be a fan of this team some times.

  8. Did we mention that Parcells is overrated?
    He “built” this team, yet moves away from it when it flounders. He distances himself from the picks under his watch that are flaming out, and the team doesn’t have much to show for it other than 2008 which was largely due to the Jets putting Pennington in our lap. Outside of Marshall and Pennington (and maybe Dansby), our free agency moves have been the worst in football the last several years.
    Outside of Jake Long, our drafts have produced largely middle of the road players who are serviceable but not spectacular. We haven’t won anything under Parcells that we didn’t win under Wannstedt.
    People don’t want to hear that, but it’s all factual.

  9. I’ll take this moment to apologize for calling you an idiot in the previous post. I’d like to redirect that term toward Sparano.
    Perhaps Marshall will make Penny look like a stud, breaking tackles and what not, but Penny just doesn’t have any arm strength. It will be quick slants and screens all day, along with a heavy load of Ronnie and Ricky.
    This regime needs to wake up and realize that Henning is holding this team back.

  10. Funny how people are calling out accuracy here with Pennington… lol… do u realize he has the highest comp % of any qb in nfl history

  11. Thank GOD!!! Miami is playing small ball anyhow, so Pennington is perfect for the offense they are running. Henne is horrible. The line gives him more than enough time to make plays and he eats it everytime!!! Marshall is gonna catch 10 to 15 balls this week….LOVE IT!!

  12. # AlanSaysYo says: November 10, 2010 1:39 PM
    Marshall is going to need to generate major YAC now…
    going to be very tough to do with both safeties in the box

  13. Seen enough of Henne, 21 starts and its obvious, he is an above average Backup at this point. I prefer giving Penny his last shot. Henne is not going to sparkplug this team to the playoffs, but maybe Penny can.

  14. Henne will be back soon. Say the second half of the Titans game after Pennington is rocked and broke in half. 0-4 at home.

  15. Pennington is fine for now. Henne is awful, plain and simple. Every intangible you could want in a quarterback (and many tangible traits) just aren’t there. He has had more than enough opportunity by now to at least show a glimpse of the “IT” factor and it’s not there.
    He’s had a solid offensive line, strong running game (until they decided to abandon it) and they went and got one of the best receivers in the game to help his development and he’s just not getting better. Granted, Henning is awful, but Henne still doesn’t make enough plays and makes too many mistakes. They’ve gone pass heavy this year giving him ample opportunities to be the guy and he just plain sucks. He can throw it 80 yards in the air, but so what.
    The only question that remains now is whether Thigpen can be the long-term answer. Probably not, but who knows????
    And what’s wrong for playing for right now? Isn’t the whole purpose to try and win games? They’re not out of it, so if Pennington gives them a better shot to win, why wouldn’t you play him?

  16. This couldn’t be a worse move. How about evaluating the offensive line that overall can’t run block! The pass protection is pretty solid but you have a QB in Henne that can fling it and open up some space for the running game but they don’t like the downfield shots. I had hopes of tweaking the O-line and D-line next year and maybe getting a safety and a strong RB to put this team over the top. It looks like they don’t have a clue as to what they want to do. If you get a non-injury prone RB and someone can teach this O-line to run block this team could be a contender this time next year.

  17. This coaching staff is gone after the season and they realize it. Can you say panic mode. Sparano is done, bring in Cowher

  18. Nacho Nacho Cheez says:
    November 10, 2010 1:51 PM
    Let the implosion begin …..
    Tony Sparano for head coach in Dallas in 3..2..1
    God, maybe Sparano is tanking it on purpose to get his release so he can go back to his beloved Cowboys. Good riddance. I’m sick of signing all of their cast-off players and watching the crap that Sparano keeps putting on the field.

  19. If you don’t want to deal with the ups and downs of a young QB, then don’t put him in the begin with.
    This is disgusting. Henne hasn’t really been bad. It’s not his fault he has no running game and the receivers drop 3-4 huge passes a game.

  20. Everyone say Goodbye to the Dolphins…
    “Bye bye Dolphins, nice seeing for awhile, take care. Henne, we’ll check back in with you when Pennington doesn’t get the job done.”

  21. you mean Chad Henne MIGHT not be the franchise QB? and everybody was saying how much better he was than Mark Sanchez going into the season!

  22. Let’s be realistic, Pennington CAN throw the ball 20+ yeards. It just goes a bit slower when it’s 30+.
    Btw, it’s not like we were throwing the ball 30 yard down the field anyways. At least he’s more accurrate.
    Henne just needs more work with reading the defenses and going through his progressions. He has a rocket for an arm. With some more time, he may still be the guy.

  23. The problem you now face with Penny is ,corners are going to bump the WR’s and teams are going to send the house . 1. cause he has no mobility and will concede a sack majority of the time,2.he cant get the ball deep down the field to neutralize corners playing up on the line. 3..your usually safe 5-10 yard sideline out pattern is now a potential pick 6 with CB’s trained to jump routes with C.P. under center .Give him protection and he’s deadly accurate ,but for team that needs more offensive explosivness and big play ability this isnt the answer. 4. Henne or Thigpen shouldn’t get cozy on the pine ,cause C.P. is usually only 1 or 2 hits from being carried off…

  24. I should have known there was a reason everyone else in my fantasy draft was shying away from Brandon Marshall

  25. No one’s a bigger Chad Pennington fan than me, but I really don’t understand this move at all. I could see bringing Pennington in 2nd half if Henne isn’t playing well.
    Sounds like a desperation move to me..

  26. Yeah, Henne had a pretty poor performance against the Ravens.
    Anyone remember Chad “The Savior” Pennington’s last performance against them?
    25-38 252 yds, 1 TD and 4 INTs

  27. Not a fire starter at all. Hmm. This is silly to think but isn’t the kid .500?
    And didn’t several of the games come of the collapses of special teams and defense?
    Poor Henne gets the Axe? Does anyone actually think Pennington will do a different set of play calling from up above? hmmm chew on that idiots.

  28. living in south florida (im a giants fan)
    i must say the dolphins fan base is one of the most uneducated fan bases ive ever encountered.
    they all think their franchise is the greatest and 99% of the fans dont know about any other football going on besides the dolphins.
    99.9% of dolphins fans have horse blinders on.
    ever notice the dophins took down “the tradition continues” signs a few years back!?!?
    what tradition……they have been an average team for the last 20 years.
    as a Giants fan, im proud to say we have a great team, when is the last time a dolphins fan could say that?
    and dont give me the ‘we couldve had brees’ crap…..cause that entire offseason every dolphins fan wanted culpepper.
    i went to the steelers game a few weeks ago (field level seats) and 55% of the crowd was steelers fans.
    what a pathetic fan base dolphins fans are.

  29. Dayton Dolfan says:
    November 10, 2010 1:32 PM
    Wow! Well, it will make it all the sweeter when we go into the New Loserlands and beat the Jets in December.
    typical dolfan. so much hate. try focusing on the titans dude.
    i loved chad and was sad when we let him go, more sad to see him join the fish, but always cheered for him as a player even after that. has
    tons of class and heart just made of glass. there’s a reason someone wins the comeback player award more than once…
    good luck chad i hope you thrive and the dolphins lose.

  30. HOI says:
    November 10, 2010 2:12 PM
    Strange how SomeFans stop posting so much after Week 4. Where you at now coward?!?
    He only shows up on post about the Jets , to carry out his desperate attempts to hate on the Jets..

  31. Didn’t Henne say Tebow wasn’t a real quarterback? Now they’re both in the #2 spot.
    Real as you Chad.

  32. I’m just an impartial observer here and definitely haven’t watched as much Miami ball this year as some of you. However, I do want to remind everyone that the grass isn’t always greener. I have seen Pennington play enough to know that I wouldn’t be too excited about his play. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but the Dolphins are a team that I enjoy watching, so I hope I’m wrong, but don’t expect that I am.

  33. Pressure Defenses that play alot of man to man ,are Pennington killers, that’s why he always struggled against teams like B-More & Pittsburgh ..

  34. Too bad they can’t combine Pennington’s decision making with Henne’s arm strength. I think Henne could be good but they are not calling the plays that allow him to showcase his ability. Sending out Marshall as the only receiver on pass plays is just plain stupid. Not even looking his way in the red zone is even dumber. Henne stares down receivers and does not make quick decisions but that can be fixed. Many Dolphin fans will be quick to disagree with this but getting rid of Ginn was the dumbest thing the Dolphins have done this year. They have no speedster to keep the safeties out of the box and off of Marshall. They would have been much better with Ginn as the #2 and Bess in the slot on every down. The play calling is more at fault than Henne is. He has made som bad decisions but Henning has abandoned the run when it was working and abandoned the pass when Henne finally got a rhythm going. They bring in the wildcat package at the worst possible times and have not even attempted to score when in the red zone. The plays are there to be made but they need to call the right plays at the right time. Trying to be cute or sneaky has cost them dearly. DBs dropping sure interceptions haven’t helped either.

  35. Henne is a game manager because Dan Henning is a game managing O Coordinator. Maybe Miami’s subpar rushing game, run blocking, play calling and special teams disaster are more to blame than who is completing passes. Henne doesn’t take himself out of games after he gets a hot streak, Henning does to run the wild cat. Miami you benched Henne, so I’m benching you!

  36. That’s the sign that the new regime are in full survival mode. Ross is itching to clean house and put his guy, Peterson, in the front office now that Parcells is gone. It will happen unless Pennington does some amazing work the second half of this season.

  37. As a Packer fan I feel very lucky. Thank god that we have Aaron Rodgers as Favre’s replacement. This proves how difficult it is to find a QB to replace a legend.

  38. Alot of quarterbacks look bad against the Ravens defense. Especially young qb’s. McNabb was benched at halftime last year against the Ravens. I’ve lost respect for Sparano. Build, build, build-you ain’t going anywhere this year. Pennington’s not the future.

  39. the kid is very young
    but you also have to conform to what you have
    the kid has a cannon, i havent seen many throws down field
    the run game….where is it? you need a balanced attack, especially with such a young QB
    the O Line sucks
    bottom line, its not just Henne, and he’s getting the shaft here, about the O Coordinator? How about the O Line? How about the RBs? How about the HC?
    you can’t lay it all on Henne

  40. Looks like Sparano is worried about losing his job. Get rid of the OC. I really believe that he is a big reason why the team is 4-4.

  41. This is so frustrating. As a life long dolfan, I would rather see Henne go down in flames so that we at leasnt know for sure that he can’t be “the guy” for our future. I really like what Pennington brings to the table for the short term but I’m not sure sacrificing the experience that Henne stands to lose is worth it. So long as Pennington is under center Miami will remain in purgatory as far as Henne is concerned. Basically 2010 will be wasted as far as assessing Henne’s ability and we’ll be right back wondering again next year lockout notwithstanding.

  42. Sparano has lost the place. This is a desperate move by a guy trying to keep his job. I don’t know what this does for the team. Even if it gives them a spark, what then? We all know Chad Pennington can only take this team so far.

  43. Henne is a joke! But cp is not the awnser. All this garbage about leaving Henne in to evaluate him is trash like him. And to think Henne trashed Tebow saying he wasn’t a qb….. now like Tebow you can carry that clipboard. Henne was very overrated in college hiding behind a power line and mike hart. The truth set Miami free. Happy miami didn’t invest years in him. Realize he’s worthless and draft a good qb.

  44. “As a Packer fan I feel very lucky. Thank god that we have Aaron Rodgers as Favre’s replacement. This proves how difficult it is to find a QB to replace a legend.”
    Damn right Doral 4720. We’ve been looking for 10 years. I was just thinking a few days ago how lucky GB is to have back to back franchise QBs.
    For all the Colts and Pats fans out there, enjoy it while it lasts and hope your orgs are smart enough to look ahead to find that Franchise QB to replace Manning/Brady. Colts and Pats were perennial 3-13 to 6-10 teams before those guys came along. Its a QB league. The Colts woudl be worse than the Bills if they didn’t have Manning.

  45. When the OC will only call 15 yd plays max you only need an dink and dunk passer like Pennington. The problem has been play calling for a couple of years now and this doesn’t change the underlying problem.

  46. Chad Henne…… Chad Penne…ington…. 2 different Chads same old result. After reading some of these comments I laughed so hard I spit on my Screen… Oops

  47. Couple things after reading the comments:
    1. Henne’s ability has been assessed already. The guy is OK, not good or great. Most everything said about him to this point has been true – he locks on, stares down, has a great arm, makes terrible reads, etc. The offense has not played to his strengths (or Marshall’s for that matter), but we know what kind of QB Henne is because we’ve seen him for 21 starts, and 8 of those have been this season when he really, truly should know what he’s doing. The results have been mediocre.
    2. Based on the playcalling, Pennington is the better QB choice right now. Regardless of how you feel about Henning, he appears to be staying put. The offense he’s been running with Henne for the past 8 weeks isn’t anything Pennington can’t do better. The poor Henne plays that stick out in my mind are ones like the missed throw to Fasano in Baltimore, where he tried to put some touch on the ball and ended up shotputting it. Pennington makes those throws in his sleep. And if Henning’s gonna call them anyway, it may as well be Pennington throwing them.

  48. Nice to see the fin fans floundering. The Dolphins are a joke of an organization and will always be looking up at the Jets and Pats.
    Hope the Jets get to kick Pennington to the curb on our way to the Super Bowl

  49. “# AlanSaysYo says: November 10, 2010 3:50 PM
    2. Based on the playcalling, Pennington is the better QB choice right now. Regardless of how you feel about Henning, he appears to be staying put. The offense he’s been running with Henne for the past 8 weeks isn’t anything Pennington can’t do better. The poor Henne plays that stick out in my mind are ones like the missed throw to Fasano in Baltimore, where he tried to put some touch on the ball and ended up shotputting it. Pennington makes those throws in his sleep. And if Henning’s gonna call them anyway, it may as well be Pennington throwing them.”
    Very good point.
    Henning is calling an offensive gameplan that reaches to Pennington’s skill sets, not Henne. I’m sure we’ll do better in the win/loss dept with Pennington in there, but ultimately I’d like to see what Henne could do with an OC who’s willing to let him air it out a bit more. Yeah let’s call play-action on 3rd and 1, that will work! 🙄
    Now next year we might replace the OC and waste another year with Henne instead of drafting a QB this offseason. Tell me how this is progress?
    Ron Wolf status – we should be drafting QB EVERY year until we find our Manning, Brady, or Brees.

  50. blame goes to the OC here. henning was trying to use henne as though he is chad pennington–but clearly pennington is the better pennington and henne’s game is much different than his.
    the OC needs to go, theres no doubt about it.
    dont put too much weight on this decision. the home crowd likes pennington more than henne right now and its prob the only game of the year that pennington can showcase his trade value (lets face it, pennington, henne, and thigpen are not all gonna be on the roster next year). its honestly for that reason that i think pennington got the nod over thigpen.
    henne will be back. hes not a lil girl never has been and this wont “mess with his head.” OC just needs to get fired, and a new one that isnt afraid to utilize hennes strengths needs to come in. as ive said before, it really is unfair to henne that the OC refuses to do so.
    florio please read this. everything is true-and you should address some of these issues ive raised. I dont like how you compared henne to john beck and pat white. are you serious man? thats a joke. neither of those “players” even came close to sniffing a starting job.

  51. Btw, to those Jets trashing Henne, Sanchez is just above Henne in QB rating(barely), so don’t throw bricks in a glass house. The difference is Sanchez is allowed to throw the ball down the field.

  52. HOI says:
    Strange how SomeFans stop posting so much after Week 4. Where you at now coward?!?
    He’s still around. Well, at least he was until the Ravens beat his team’s arse this past weekend. We’ve been calling him out here and there, just for sh*ts and giggles. He’s not putting up much of a fight these days, though.
    Maybe now SomeFans finally gets it, like KosMisiFan did. If your team is playing like crap, shut your moronic mouth and wait for the upswing.
    As for benching Henne….terrible idea. Should let him play out the season, not make him warm a bench. You’re going to do more harm than good. A QB is the offensive leader of a team…and this is like pulling a Shanahan/McNabb on him!

  53. This move doesn’t make much sense to me. Sure Henne hasn’t progressed to where we all thought he’d be by now, and Pennington may be better suited to run Henning’s offense. But…
    1. I’ve defended Henning in the past, but after the last few weeks it has become crystal clear that he is the problem.
    2. This move means that Miami has already decided they are ready to move on from Henne. If they weren’t, they need to stick with him. A young QB should be given at least 1 full year as a starter to prove his worth.
    3. If they are in fact moving on from Henne, why not see what Thigpen is capable of? I say this because if Henne isn’t our QB of the future, the Dolphins must decide now whether or not they are using their first round draft pick in 2011 on a QB.
    4. Although this move came as a shock, I still find it very hard to believe that Sparano is doing this for fear that he will lose his job. I haven’t seen a Dolphins team fight for their HC week in and week out like they do for Tony since Jimmy Johnson. Also, his drafts and free agent moves haven’t been as bad as people are making them out to be. Sure there were some misses, everyone has them, but there have also been some HUGE hits… Long, Davis, Smith, Bess, Hartline, Dansby, Marshall, Starks, Langford, Odrik, Garner, Wake, Misi, Carroll, Fasano, among others.
    I’ve said it before… This team is a real QB (and it looks like they’ve decided that Henne won’t become one) and real OC away from being a true Super Bowl contender.

  54. Henne doesnt have it, plain and simple. Watch the games, he has 5 to 6 seconds of quality pass blocking and still cant read a deffense. Fins never go down feild so why not put Pennington in? Has there been a guy who is better than him at hitting targets under 20 yds???? NO.
    Fins have gave up on the run game which is stupid!! First drive against the Ravens, Ronnie Brown has 6 carries for 45 yds and a TD….then he touches the ball only 3 more times the ENTIRE GAME……WTF????

  55. Henne isn’t lighting it up, but he was a second round pick, who doesn’t even have two full seasons under his belt with a largely mediocre offense that relied on manufactured yards from gadget plays and wildcat and such… a team that is running the ball terribly and only really has one known WR, and another slowly emerging in Bess.
    You can teach accuracy, but you can’t teach arm strength. Hell, trade Henne to the Bengals for a 5th round pick. We’ll fix him up and teach him how to play the game. We need to replace Palmer, anyway.

  56. i was an avid supporter of Henne – but when he missed Fasano in the endzone on 3rd and goal from the one just before halftime with a horribly thrown ball – i was pissed and truly began to worry about his future – anyone in here could have made that throw – Henne’s was pathetic at best

  57. So does Pennington get his salary bumped up now that he is the starter? Was that the reason they waited so long to move him up? I think Pennington can and will get the job done for the Dolphins…just hope he can stay healthy.

  58. Finally back to a running game. Maybe we’ll continue to lose this season and end up with a decent draft selection this year. Build for the future, since its obvious the Offense at this point isnt worth keeping around.
    The defense however…

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