Texans move Brian Cushing back outside

With middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans out for the year, Brian Cushing has moved inside.  And his performance has suffered as a result of it.

Now, Cushing will be moving back outside.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that coach Gary Kubiak made the announcement after practice on Wednesday.

Cushing will still play in the middle at times, along with Kevin Bentley.

The Texans need Cushing to play like he did in 2009, when he earned the Associated Press defensive rookie of the year award.  From the middle linebacker position, he simply wasn’t getting it done.

The Texans visit the Jaguars on Sunday in a battle of 4-4 teams.

26 responses to “Texans move Brian Cushing back outside

  1. Does not matter if Cushing plays inside or out – only taking a needle again will make him play like 09.
    And tell his old man to STFU.

  2. “The Texans need Cushing to play like he did in 2009, when he earned the Associated Press defensive rookie of the year award.”
    He played a lot harder that year because he was pregnant. He was playing for himself, and the baby

  3. I’m surprised that there’s no reference to Cushing sucking because he’s not on PEDs anymore. I kind of expected one, especially considering that Florio posted the entry.

  4. I don’t understand the logic behind this move. Did the NFL make a special exception allowing outside linebackers to take steroids?

  5. He still won’t get it done…lets be honest when he is in the game I was watching him and he doesn’t seem to have that tenacity he use to.
    This also happened to me at work, I use to crank out reports when I was on steroids then I got caught and boy am I mediocre now.

  6. Dear Mr. Florio,
    Please share your sage advice on the HOU-JAX game this weekend. I have $1000.00 riding on the Texans.
    Thank you.

  7. Seems odd not to mention that he’s failing to duplicate his success last season without mentioning that he was found to be on steroids last season.
    I know they say modern journalism gets lost in constantly re-telling backstory, but withholding at least a sentence alluding to this fact seems borderline deceptive.

  8. The roids are an obvious variable but how come no one is pointing out how much of a beast Ryans is and that was another reason Cushing had huge numbers in 09?

  9. But, but, Cushing passed a lie detector! He’s clean guys.
    But not as clean as I am after Tom washes me with my favorite shampoo and conditioner in 1, Prell ftw!

  10. Really, other than a major injury, it seems like “getting busted for PEDs and then not playing up to the standards you had before you got caught” seems like just about the worst thing you can do for your football career.
    Unless Cushing can turn this around fast (and it may already be too late) he’s going to be dogged with “he was only good because of the roids” and if he returns to his previous high level of play it’s going to be “somebody test him, he must be juicing again.”

  11. His skill set is much better utilized on the outside, dude just isn’t a middle linebacker. Juice or not he is a great player and this spot allows his talents to shine.

  12. Why do you people continue to assume Cushing, or anyone who has never failed a drug test, is now clean? THERE IS NO TEST FOR HGH. Cushing was dumb to get caught, but the whole league is using something, dont be naive.

  13. Jojomelon, that was a poor bit of deflection there. The story is about Cushing, not other players. CUSHING was caught, not the other players. CUSHING is the liar here. Did you forget his tumor “concern” or his pregnancy or his “working too hard” excuses? Perhaps you missed his before and after pics with the man boobs. You’re the naive one here.

  14. Cushing is paying the price in the court of public opinion because Merriman’s play fell off so hard after his drug suspension. Now everyone sees Cushing looking more like a journeyman and there’s nowhere else you can go with it.
    Cushing didn’t do much right after the suspension (when he played on the outside) and he didn’t do much when he played alongside Ryans, either. When you watch the Texans play, he just rarely makes any kind of play. Last year he was beasting all over the field.
    And yeah, you can still use HGH ’til the cows come home but ask Victor Conte: There’s no cocktail like that particular “Bill Romanowski” assortment of steroids and HGH taken together via periodic cycles, with masking agents taken and other tricks done to avoid detection. When one of those agents fails and you can’t do the entire regimen — plus risk a full-year suspenion if you get caught again — HGH simply doesn’t provide the same punch. Ask Merriman and now ask Cushing.
    He’ll likely never be the same player, even if he plays next to King Kong.

  15. No more excuses about playing inside, Cushing. Better put or be pushed out of the league. This guy was a known juicer back to High School.

  16. # BAtkins63 says: November 10, 2010 5:26 PM
    Spot on, young man. I also have a feeling his PED co-hort, Mathews, is next.
    Matthews is the most glaring example ever. Six years ago, he entered USC weighing 166 pounds. Now, he’s built like the WWE’s Batista, another slab of steroid induced muscle.
    Yet Al Michaels gushes about how Matthews “came out of nowhere to establish himself as the NFL’s premier pass rusher!”
    He didn’t come out of nowhere. He came out of Jose Conseco’s bathroom with a needle in his ass.

  17. he was going nuts till they moved him inside…… which happened his 2nd week back
    people just be nutso

  18. 6.5 tackles per game, zero sacks, zero fumble recoveries, zero forced fumbles, zero interceptions. What game are you watching?

  19. Matthews was 165 as a JUNIOR in HS, not a freshman at USC.
    That’s been clarified many times.
    Look at his dad — he was huge.

  20. Maybe he should grow his hair out? That’s the only way he’ll ever be on the same level as Matthews.

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