Tom Brady has a foot injury

For years, Tom Brady has been probable with a “shoulder” problem on the injury report.

That habit stopped for a while, but started up again during this season.  Now it appears Brady has another actual injury.  Brady sat out practice on Wednesday with a foot problem in addition to his right shoulder injury.

It’s hard to tell how serious the foot injury is.  Brady met with the media on Wednesday that’s usually a clear sign a player isn’t that hurt.

Brian Hoyer replaced Brady with 2:34 left against the Browns Sunday, but the score was 34-14.  It seemed like it was just a way to get Hoyer some time during mop up time.

Considering that Brady was loath to miss a single practice in training camp, the new foot/shoulder injury certainly looks more worrisome for Patriots fans than the old shoulder/probable routine was.

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  1. Looks like there will be a wooden indian at “Q” Sunday in Pittsburgh.
    Harrison will probably be held on every down…again.

  2. Bodden gone, Warren Gone, Gostkowski gone, Brady hurt………..wanna kick my dog while you are at it?

  3. Brady probably gave Favre a call after the blowout loss to the Browns to ask for advice on how to make up built-in excuses. Now, if the Patriots lose it’s because Brady is injured. But if they win, Brady is a warrior for playing through the injury. Favre 101.
    The Patriots are a terrible 6-2 team. Brady doesn’t throw the ball more than 10 yards anymore, and their defense made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana.

  4. BB is making this up hiding injuries and faking others as he has done for years.
    The problem is Tommy’s hair cut.

  5. xStatic, You mean the 6 and 2 team that beat teams like Baltimore, Minnesota, Sand Diego and Miami (in Miami). Hey, dipstick, 6 wins at the halfway point in the NFL is very good. You’re a knucklehead xStatic, a straight-up knucklehead.

  6. Interesting stat:
    Brady’s career TD/INT ratio against the Steelers is 9/3.
    Big Ben’s career TD/INT ratio against the Patriots is 7/1.

  7. “Baltimore, Minnesota, Sand Diego and Miami ”
    Baltimore is a pretty good team, I’ll give you that. Their defense is terribly over-rated, but yes they’re a good team. But you should have just stopped there.
    Minnesota is 3-5 and the teams they’ve beaten are the 1-7 Cowboys, 2-6 Lions and the hapless Cardinals. San Diego is medicore at best. They put up big points but they’re still 4-5. Miami is 4-4 and just replaced their starting quarterback. So, the Patriots beating those teams makes them elite? Okay, whatever. The Patriots also have wins against the 2-6 Bengals and the 0-8 Bills.
    6-2 IS very good at the halfway point. I’m simply saying the Patriots are not very good for being 6-2. They’ve had a ridiculously easy schedule, and are one dimensional offensively.
    Let’s see how they do against the Steelers, Colts, Jets and Packers in the second part of their schedule.

  8. Yeah, but Favre has a fractured ankle, and Brett Favre is a warrior even though he tells us about every injury, but he shows up to play and now his limping is gone and he had his arm cut off in a band saw and he’s so tough he grew another one back and when he was walking out of the doctor’s office he was cut in half by a back hoe so he dragged his torso right back into that doctor and he stitched him right up and Favre’s a warrior so he went back to practice right after chewing on a nine-iron for lunch and washed it down with some shards of glass because he’s a warrior.

  9. Pats come out with a chip on their shoulder atfer last weeks loss, Shitsburgh doesn’t get lucky like they did last week against Chincy (let’s face it, Pitt was no that GOOD last week, and the Bunguls were just THAT bad on special teams and O).
    Brady plays, lights up the Squealer secondary, and Rapistberger throws 2 picks and fumbles twice.
    NE 31
    Shtsbrg 17

  10. The Pats are down 34-14 and Brady leaves the game with about two and a half minutes to play.
    Sorry, but I just don’t think you can read anything into that.
    If they’d been down 34-31 or if he’d left in the third quarter, it would be significant. In this case, the game was over, Brady might be a little dinged, so they sent the backup in to mop up. No big deal.
    I expect he’ll start Sunday night.

  11. xStaticOnRadio says:
    November 10, 2010
    The Patriots are a terrible 6-2 team. Brady doesn’t throw the ball more than 10 yards anymore, and their defense made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana.
    He also did the same vs the Ravens D
    Nice try!

  12. Be nice to see Polamalu tackle this clown by his hair, then you’ll hear the calls about it being an issue.

  13. In related news, the league just passed a new rule that no defender is allowed within 3 feet of the Golden Boy for fear he’ll get his foot stepped on.

    I’m actually in favor of it, as the Steeler-Pats game will then be competitive, versus the beatdown that would have occured.

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