Bernard Berrian fined for bad cleats, Ochocinco likely next

Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian wore ugly yellow cleats on Sunday.  And he’ll be contributing some cash to the league’s charitable endeavors because of it.

Berrian told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he has been fined $5,000 for wearing non-conforming cleats.

Berrian, who had nine catches for 89 yards, said he’ll ditch the yellow shoes.

The next guy to watch in this regard is Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, who wore gold cleats on Monday night against the Steelers, along with a gold mouthpiece.  For Chad, the fine could be much more than $5,000, given his history of non-conformity.  In August, for example, Ochocinco was fined $25,000 for violating the league’s Twitter policy; others — including teammate Terrell Owens — have been fined only $5,000.

AFC information manager Corry Rush tells us that an answer will be provided on Friday.   We’ve got a feeling we’ll all hear from Chad before then.

25 responses to “Bernard Berrian fined for bad cleats, Ochocinco likely next

  1. He should get fined and it should be more than the Berrian fine. Chad will no doubt complain that he is being singled out.

  2. what an honor is must be to be one of the NFL’s fashion police. I mean you get to use a color chart, measure sock lengths and a whole lot of other fun stuff.

  3. What is it with the ugly gold/yellow cleats, and which ones ARE legal? They’re all over. It’s monkey see; monkey do.

  4. Two overrated WRs on the far side of the downslope. Chad Johnson is selling and no one has been buying for years.

  5. before people complain about how trivial this is remember; the playes are representatives of a franchise, and are expected to wear a uniform. you are asked to dress a certain way for 16 days of the year. if you dont like it you dont have to play….also, imagine what the league would look like if players didnt have to adhere to a uniform

  6. His socks look illegal too. I think there is a minimum amount of white that has to show above the cleats.

  7. If the players didn’t conform and were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, it would look like a bowl of fruit salad on the field.

  8. They look stupid and are worn to single themselves out from the rest of the team. Only the “me first; look at me” guys would do something like this. That being said, they look no more stupid than the ridiculous pink crap the players wears for 1/4 of the season. That garbage needs to go. Paint a ribbon in the end-zone and wear a sticker on the back of the helmets and be done with it. If 85 spent 1/2 as much time looking at game film and understanding the plays as he does trying to market his image and thinking of what ridiculous “celebration” he is going to do, he could be a decent player.

  9. I get that, but I think the NFL should release all its fashion fines next to its conduct fines each week. That would give perspective to what they are really protecting. The BRAND.

  10. ejtowne says: Nov 11, 2010 10:20 AM

    If the players didn’t conform and were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, it would look like a bowl of fruit salad on the field.
    Exactly. And besides, those shoes were downright fugly.

  11. A $5000 fine from the NFL and probably $20000+ from the shoe manufacturer to wear them. Lets be real….he didn’t wear them because he thought they looked great!

  12. Amen to finfan68!

    #85 should get a $50,000 fine for that mouthpiece–it was horrible. Every time they showed a closeup of him, I nearly gagged. Looked like some dreadful orange thing had collided with his teeth.

    @buffboss …

    The fine money is donated to the charities supported by the NFL.

  13. I couldn’t care less what color shoes these guys wear. I thought this was about football and making sure the games are played clean and are competetive. What are they going to fine these guys for next?

  14. @knucklebucket …

    It is about football, which is a team sport. They’re not playing on a sandlot. These are professional athletes playing in a league that pays them millions of dollars. One small requirement for those millions is that they wear uniforms–which by definition means they are the same. What if they decided they wanted to wear non-regulation helmets, regardless of the safety risks involved?

    In any group-based activity–whether it’s team sports, the military, or a construction crew–when you have people more concerned about showboating and Me Me Me than the welfare of the unit, that should be looked upon as an issue of playing cleanly and safely.

  15. stupid as hell who cares if he wears yellow cleats. it made him catch better id rather have him wear them and get fined again

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