Dwight Freeney thinks it’s funny that Eagles think he quit

Eagles tight end Brent Celek said this week that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney “kind of quit” and “was ready to give up” when the going got tough in the Eagles’ victory on Sunday.

Freeney scoffs at those comments.

“That was kind of funny,” Freeney said, per the Indianapolis Star. “The guy doesn’t block me one-on-one, he has two other guys helping him or another guy helping, and he’s talking trash after the fact. I wish I had heard some of that during the game, but I didn’t hear it.”

Obviously, Freeney doesn’t go one-on-one with Celek or any other tight end very often, and part of the point Celek was making is that Freeney gives up when he gets double teamed. But the fact remains that Freeney didn’t do much on Sunday against the Eagles.

The Colts and the Eagles won’t meet again in the regular season for four more years, but Freeney apparently sees a Super Bowl meeting in the future, and he wants to take on Celek if that happens.

“We’ll probably see them again,” Freeney said. “Hopefully he blocks me one-on-one to see how it really feels.”

19 responses to “Dwight Freeney thinks it’s funny that Eagles think he quit

  1. why do you need motivation…what does it matter if you heard it before, during, or after the game? 100% every play…this is what you get paid to do…if I am getting paid that much I don’t think i need too much motivation

  2. Great points Dwight, wow you really showed him! Too bad you lost, a scoreboard would’ve been a huge point in trash talking.

  3. Knew this would garner a reaction. Sorry, Dwight, but if you’re hailed as one of the scariest Defensive Ends in the league, you shouldn’t be getting shut down by the Eagles’ mediocre OL.

  4. if he’s drawing two blockers already, what more does he want the man to do? its probably best to conserve some energy for the one on ones. he’s doing his job, plus one, if he’s being double teamed. minus the tight end, that leaves everyone else singled up with no blitz

  5. Freeney,

    Can you *cover* Celek one-on-one? If not, you should probably shut up about him not blocking you one-on-one. He’s not an offensive tackle.

  6. Freeney apparently can’t read. Celek called Freeney out on giving up because he was being double teamed not because he thought he individually handled Freeney. Considering the OLine for the Eagles is average at best this gives other teams a great look at what they need to do against Mathis and Freeney as between them there was only one sack in that game. If Freeney wants another chance this year he better step up his game because at this point I don’t see either of these teams making the SB. Playoffs yes but not SB

  7. jpk6044 says:
    Nov 11, 2010 1:20 PM
    Celek blows. And I’m an Eagles season ticket holder.


    Well you might wanna pick up a copy of “Football for Dummies” then because you dont know anything about football by that statment and probably were one of the clowns who booed the pick of McNabb.

    And im an avid eagles fan.

  8. Freeney was usually drawing double teams and occasionally more. That is how much they respected and feared him. Did they stop sending extra help when he “quit”? No- because he did not quit, he kept being neutralized by superior numbers. Too bad someone else did not step up though.

    Celek, while a good all-around tight end, he is nowhere near the level of Freeney as a football player. Does the other team game plan around stopping him- no, he is not Antonio Gates. How often does he block someone like Freeney one-on-one, never. He would be beat like a rented mule.

    And I would take Freeney on Celek on a pass pattern far more often than anyone in their right mind would take Celek blocking Freeney on one one.

  9. Lol I like how Freeney’s response is basically lets see how that TE does against me one on one.

    I bet you could make DeSean Jackson or Shady McCoy look like a punk too, one on one.

    What’s his point?

  10. i think we are gonna beat the hell out those eagles they are not playing as great as most ppl think they barly beat a heavily injured colts team that we injured and almost beat had McNabb stepped up, they got stomped by a injured up Titans team, we should have beat the lions but gave them that win and punk rex grossman sealed it by playing scared!! i think we come out swinging and embarrass the eagles and hurt vick on monday gbirds-13 Skins-30!! HTTR!! WEAPON X ORAKPO AND THE HITMAN LARON LANDRY ARE GONNA CRIPPLE VICK AND KOLB BOOK IT!!! THE WOLVES ARE COMING!!! ITS GONNA BE A BLOODBATH AT FED EX ON MON NIGHT THE REDSKINS ARE GONNA SCALP THE FeAGLES

  11. Are you going to just copy/paste that in every thread involving the Eagles or Skins? You paint your face on game day even if you’re not going to the game, don’t you?

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