Hakeem Nicks named by UNC for giving improper benefits

The University of North Carolina named former player Hakeem Nicks and two others in a press release on Thursday for providing improper benefits to football players at the school.

The benefits Nicks gave totaled $3,300,  which included  “gifts of cash and jewelry and impermissible assistance with lodging, travel, transportation and entertainment expenses.”

The school discovered the violations as part of a separate investigation at UNC looking into possible academic fraud and players accepting benefits from agents.

This entire depressing post was a good reminder why I like the NFL so much more than college football.

12 responses to “Hakeem Nicks named by UNC for giving improper benefits

  1. UNC is simply firing a pre-emptive strike to cover up their own violations. Auburn should have done the same thing with the Cam Newton fiasco. Just throw ANYONE you can under the bus.

    I don’t think you are going to see Nicks donating any “honorariums” to his Alma Mater from now on.

  2. Geez, at least Nicks isn’t a complete cheapskate. Vernon Davis “donated” a whole $20. What did he buy, Happy Meals for the Offensive Line?!?!

  3. How about capping the head coaches salaries??? I can’t believe what these schools are paying the coaches. The coaches make like what the entire educational staff makes. Of course the teachers do not bring any money into the school like the coaches… but the players sure as hell bring a ton of money to the schools.

  4. Sad part is that the 3,300 doesn’t mean Nicks gave them money or gifts that totaled that much. But seems a good deal of that amount includes , “…the estimated value of lodging provided in their homes,”. So Nicks let some players stay over? Wow. That just brings the whole integrity of college football into question.
    But hey UNC, good luck getting donations from Nicks in the future.

  5. athletes in colleges should be paid absolutely nothing. universities need all the sports revenue from games and tv, etc. to tenure leftist professors for life.

  6. These schools are gonna start pointing the finger at everyone but themselves to avoid sanctions. USC made off like a bandit.

  7. So Nicks isn’t allowed to go back to his college and take his friends out from the football team? How would this be any different if one of the football players at UNC had a rich father that took the team out?

    It makes no sense. What they SHOULD do, is just open everything up to everybody. BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE!

    Then the richest colleges will get all the good players and who the hell cares…

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