John Fox distances himself from “personnel people”

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John Fox has subtly criticized the direction of the Panthers’ front office before, but never as openly as last Sunday when the Panthers lost to the Saints.

Fox had just lost his starting quarterback Matt Moore for the season.  He watched two rookies Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike struggle badly. A reporter asked if the team might consider signing a veteran quarterback for help.

Fox snapped back, “You’d have to ask someone in the personnel department about that,” according to the Charlotte Observer.  He referred another question later to “the personnel people.”

We realize these quotes are now four days old and already created a stir in Carolina.  But they didn’t receive any attention nationally (or whatever PFT is) and they deserve notice.

Fox was obviously frustrated after losing 34-3, but it was a rare to see such out-in-the-open dysfunction from the reserved head coach.

“In other words, Fox was saying without actually saying it: This isn’t my fault,”  Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer writes.   “A lot of these guys aren’t the guys I wanted. When I go looking for my next job — which I’ll be doing in January — this season shouldn’t even count.”

Fox backed off the statements the next day, seemingly realizing this wasn’t the right road to go down.  He has to know it’s the wrong message to send to his team — and his potential future employers.

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  1. This isn’t his fault? Screw John Fox and his passing the buck on this, it is equally his fault. Yeah the ownership didn’t allow alot of wiggle room with the roster this year in preparation for a lockout next season but our team isn’t this pathetic. The Panthers have a fantastic defense and great players in key positions on offense. Deangelo Williams and Steve Smith alone could carry this offfense just like they did when we went 12-4 in 2008. Fox should keep his mouth shut and focus his attention on his job, he has allowed things to fall apart in Carolina. It’s clear by his play calling and decision making that he’s a big part of the problem.
    The “personnel people” didn’t try to create a passing team with a questionable QB and young receivers. While Williams and Stewart barely carry the ball. There is clearly no confidence on the offense and Fox has been too quick to pull Clausen both times. How is a rookie supposed to establish confidence when his coach clearly has none in him. Yeah he hasn’t played the best, but he didn’t start off that bad, and he was yanked after 1 really bad game.
    Mangini is beating the Patriots and the Saints with the freaking Browns for Christ’s sake! They have a rookie QB, no name receivers, and a white running back, come on! Fox should get creative instead of trying to blame someone else for how much we suck. I have been sick of Fox and his conservative approach for years. He should have been fired for standing by Delhomme for so long last year. Fox sucks, and I for one cannot wait until he is another fan’s problem. I don’t speak for all Panther fans, but this one will be happy to see him gone.

  2. ra56558?

    It will be fun when the Browns also beat the Plainthers in 3 weeks!

    PS-The Browns are winning because they’re playing as a team! When have the Plainthers played as a team?

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